Obama Fiddles With Stimulus While Economy Burns

Remember how we had to get the stimulus deal done so fast that if we didn’t we’d plunge into the Great Depression and we’d all starve and die?  Remember how it had to be done so fast that Republicans weren’t allowed the 48 hours they’d been promised to read it due to the urgency?  Remember how it was so critical that the deal get done that NOT ONE SINGLE representative or senator who voted for the package actually could have even possibly read it?  Remember the 60th vote – Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) – being flown in on a special plane by the White House from his mother’s funeral so he could sign the bill and get it passed?

Obama – aka “Chicken Little” – said:

ELKHART, Ind. — President Obama, highlighting what he says is a desperate need to boost the nation’s staggering economy, told this distressed northern Indiana city on Tuesday that if Washington politicians will just stop bickering, help will be on the way for this struggling community and others across the country.

“The situation we face could not be more serious,” Obama told a town hall-style meeting at Concord High School. “We have inherited an economic crisis as deep and as dire as any since the Great Depression.”

Obama was running around saying, “The time for thought is over; the time to act is now!”  We had to rush to get this done or the sky would fall.  Which is another way of saying, he was cynically using his “bully pulpit” power to negatively impact the economy in order to sell his massive package of liberal spending projects.

The largest government spending bill in the history of the world, passed so quickly that no one read it because of the imperiling crisis, then sat on the President’s desk for four days while he used Air Force One (at massive cost to the taxpayers) to fly to Illinois so he could play basketball:

CHICAGO — President Barack Obama dropped by the University of Chicago campus Sunday for two hours of basketball with friends.

Obama, who’s spending a long weekend in his hometown, headed out Sunday to indoor basketball courts where he has played before. Aides did not say who played hoops with the president.

After the game, Obama stopped at his barber’s apartment for a quick haircut.

Obama and his family plan to return to Washington on Monday.

Remember all those auto executives who got damned to hell for flying private jets to Washington from Michigan?  The private jet manufacturers’ business took a nose dive after all the outrage displayed by Democrats at their communist show trial. Well, it’s a hell of a lot farther from Michigan to DC than it is from Chicago DC, Barry Hussein.  And none of the CEO’s jets cost anything even ridiculously close to what Air Force One does.

Obama could have signed it after it passed on the 13th after Sen. Sherrod Brown was flown in by the White House to get that essential final vote before the world ended.  He could have signed it all day Saturday, or Sunday, or Monday.  But nope – after all that outcry for all that rush-rush no-time-to-read-no-time-to-debate-no-time-to-think urgency – Obama took a nice leisurely weekend and waited for Tuesday when the TV photo-op would garner more viewers.

And, of course, Obama flew off to Denver to do what he should have done in the Capitol to sign the bill in yet another waste of Air Force One.  Tooling around in private jets?  Scold everyone but Democrat hypocrites for that.  Global warming?  That’s for us little people to undermine the quality of our lives about.

Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi jets off to Italy (personally, I’m hoping she walks into the Vatican and bursts into flames) mayhap to lecture the pope on what real Catholics think about abortion.  Unfortunately for her, American Catholic bishops believe she’s the whore of Babylon.

It is fitting that the stock market dropped into the crapper while Obama leisurely stretched out his legs on Air Force One in Denver.   The DOW dropped 298 points to close at 7,552.60.

In all likelihood, this supposedly $787 billion porkulus mess will actually end up costing us $3.27 TRILLION.  It was passed on the fear-mongering that we had to act right away to prevent the worst disaster in world history, but that was nothing but a ruse to keep the American people from realizing what a giant trainload of pig crap this bill was.

And after all that panic and rush, President Barry Hussein shows us what a deceitful and hypocritical deception all his fear-mongering was by waiting four days to sign it.

Save us from the Great Depression?  How about CAUSE the Great Depression (see also here and here and here).

2 Responses to “Obama Fiddles With Stimulus While Economy Burns”

  1. hl Says:

    Hi Michael,
    “After more than doubling the size of the deficit in just one month, President Barack Obama will host a “fiscal responsibility summit” some time next week.”

    This was from The Heritage Foundation’s Morning Bell report. It is so rich in irony I wanted to make sure you saw it.
    I read the White House doesn’t like that the Theft Bill is not being reported as a “tax relief bill”. Pa-leez!!! These people have no shame!

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    I didn’t see it. I suppose I can add it to the Santa-sized list of all the hypocrisy that has come out of Obama.

    Not only is he spending $3 trillion, but he’s already planning on “stimulus II.”

    This is a man who has always been able to say one thing, even say five or six different things, and then be able to do something completely different yet.

    You have to have a sense of integrity to have shame. And these people don’t. All they have is a lust for power – and they are shameless in their pursuit of it.

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