As California Goes, So Goes The Nation – Straight To Hell

There’s an old saying, “As California goes, so goes the nation.”  That’s because California has a massive population (over 38 million, which is the combined population of the 22 smallest states) to go with the society-transforming megaphone of Hollywood (you know, where gay marriage – not Sean Penn – wins the Best Actor award).

Well, back on October 12, 2003, Fred Roe said:

Liberalism is a disease, and as a trend that will destroy California, so goes the nation.

Here, here, Freddy.  As California stares into the face of bloated-budgetary doom, we who watch our lawmakers do everything imaginable to avoid making meaningful budget cuts salute you.  Or perhaps it’s more like a toast raised from the tilting deck of the Titanic.

Today California passed a budget.  Part of the problem was dealing with a $42 BILLION shortfall.  Part of the problem will continue to be the fact that our massive debt grows by $1.7 million every single hour.

And Californians with the means to do so are leaving California the way rats leave sinking ships.

The Wall Street Journal has an article titled, “California’s Gold Rush Has Been Reversed: Entrepreneurs are fleeing heavy taxes in the state.”

The LA Times has an article titled, “Plan raises taxes on the state’s wealthiest: California’s tax rate is the nation’s highest, but budget woes are prompting proposals to raise it further. Tax foes say it could backfire by driving businesses and top earners out of the state.”

And the state – already the most heavily taxed in the nation – just raised its taxes again.

Colorado smells the blood-red of red ink in the water:

Colorado goes after California workers

by Rob Schmitz, Friday, February 13, 2009

Kai Ryssdal: According to the Los Angeles Times this morning, California officials are expecting about $26 billion in stimulus spending to come their way. That still won’t be enough to fix a whopping budget deficit and a state government that’s gridlocked even on a good day. And it’s not going to make it any easier to do business out here. The high cost of running a company in the Golden State has been driving firms away for a while. And now other Western states are trying to capitalize. From KQED, Rob Schmitz reports.

Rob Schmitz: Tomorrow, 400 of California’s top CEOs — at companies from Google to Amgen — will receive Valentines from the state of Colorado. This morning, an airplane circled over L.A. with a banner proclaiming “Colorado Loves California.” It’s all part of a $100,000 campaign to court heart-broken businesses looking for a better suitor. Tom Clark is with the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation.

Tom Clark: We’re not going in to steal companies, we’re going in and offering an option for folks who have cost issues, that they need to get into a new market. Because if we lose California, the entire West gets hurt.

Last year, a billion dollars’ worth of venture capital flowed into Colorado. Half of it from California. The state of Nevada has spent millions to lure businesses across its border. Nevada Development Authority’s Somer Hollingsworth, says he’s heard from quite a few California CEOs lately.

Somer Hollingsworth: People have finally said, “I can’t be here. No matter what happens, I’m going to be sunk, so maybe I need get out of Dodge.”

And it’s not just businesses looking for a way out. Public Relations manager Heather Clisby recently moved to Denver from San Francisco, initially for a boy. A week later, the relationship was over.

Heather Clisby: Well, once I stopped crying, I looked up, I’m like, ‘Oh! Mountains! And, I don’t want to say anything bad about California, but I also felt it was just getting really, lifestyle-wise, it was just getting very crowded.

And expensive. Now she’s got her own business, and she’s saving money. And she’s so over her fling with the debt-ridden Golden State.

Californians can beg their elected leaders – “Please don’t screw us” – all they want, but the pleas fall on liberalism-deafened ears.  The state is a socialist people’s republic, and lusts for more and more money to spend for all of its many redistributionist programs.  Nancy Pelosi lives here, you know.

California could have had $5 billion of free money and created a ton of good paying private sector jobs, but that aint the California way:

California blocks state waters oil project
By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, Feb. 11 — The California State Lands Commission voted not to approve an extended reach drilling project that would have recovered nearly 100 million bbl of oil and brought as much as $5 billion to the financially insolvent state.

Plains Exploration & Production Co., Houston, had proposed in 2005 to drill 17 wells from shore and from existing Platform Irene to develop the Tranquillon Ridge prospect. Drilling was to start in 2009 and continue 5-6 years, and production would last 14 years.

Lt. Gov. John Garamendi, commission chairman and a former deputy Interior secretary under former US President Bill Clinton, said the plan “would signal that California wants to open offshore drilling.” Garamendi also said US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other members of the California congressional delegation had concerns the lease would have undercut their attempts to reintroduce a federal moratorium on offshore drilling.

Oh, well.  Who needs oil or gasoline, anyway?  We’d just drive around and waste it on things like going to work, shopping, and heading off to spend money on recreation.  And businesses would waste it on about a quadrillion different products, goods, and services to help “lubricate” the economy.  Thank God those Democrats saved us from that demon-juice oil!

I wrote an article the day Democrats – after fighting against any oil production for more than a quarter century – finally blinked against an onslaught of public pressure and agreed to allow an offshore billing ban to expire.  In my concluding paragraph I predicted:

If you want to put gas in your car’s gas tank, and if you don’t want to keep paying OPEC $700 billion every year for the privilege, you have to vote Republican.  Don’t think that Nancy Pelosi won’t still try to save the planet, or that Harry Reid has stopped thinking that oil is ruining our world.  After the election, you can rest assured that they will be right back to their old tricks.

Democrats are lying weasels.  That’s the one thing about them that you can depend upon.

California’s unemployment rate is 9.3%, third worst in the nation behind other liberal socialist peoples republics Michigan and Rhode Island.  And it’s the highest it’s been in 15 years – you know, when Republicans clobbered Democrats back in 1994.

And California is one of five states (Michigan, Florida, Nevada, Arizona being the others) with the highest rate of foreclosures.  And thanks to Obama’s subsidizing of bad and stupid behavior, you’ll be seeing more foreclosures in your own state real soon.  Spreading the misery is at the heart of socialism.

Ignore the economic solutions that work; and instead turn to failed socialist policies dictated by ideology rather than reality.  That’s the California way.

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