Liberal Racism And Hypocrisy On Display

This from Radio Equalizer:


Caught On Tape: Libtalk’s Racist Anti-Jindal ‘Humor’


Continuing an alarming recent pattern of utilizing racism and overt bigotry to neutralize political opponents, two syndicated liberal radio personalities have been caught on tape disparaging Governor Bobby Jindal.

This time, the culprits are libtalker Mike Malloy and producer / wife Kathy Bay Malloy. During Wednesday’s show, Kathy used a mocking impersonation of an East Indian to ridicule the Louisiana governor.

First, the transcript, followed by our exclusive, caught-on-tape clip of the incident:

KATHY BAY MALLOY (50:34) in mocking East Indian voice: Hello, my name is Bobby, how may I give you excellent customer service today, I hear you are having problems with hard drive. I am so very sorry this is happening to you, ma’am (Mike Malloy laughs throughout)

MIKE MALLOY (50:49) (Laughing): You’re getting a bit racist in your middle years, aren’t you?

And here’s our clip [of the Mike Malloy radio show]:

Were this an isolated incident, it would still be disturbing, but combined with a peculiar pattern of liberal and Democratic Party racism aimed at East Asians, it calls into question their supposed “tolerance” of others.

In the past, Democrats Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton have also ridiculed Asian immigrants, particularly those from India.

In fact, in recent days, other liberals have been caught using racism to disparage the GOP’s rising star. Early Wednesday, for example, longtime liberal stalwart Helen Thomas of the White House Press Corps made an unfortunate “Slumdog Millionaire” reference.

MSNBC wacko Chris Matthews also carelessly used the word “outsourcing” to describe Jindal’s selection to deliver the Republican response, an obvious reference to the use of Indian labor by American corporations.

In addition, Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger was caught comparing Jindal’s eyes to that of Charles Manson, which if not racist is certainly a slimy personal attack.

Now that they’ve elected Barack Obama, white liberals apparently believe they’ve been immunized against future criticism, even when they resort to racism to attack opponents. But the very people who routinely make the same charges against conservatives are mistaken if they believe we won’t hold them accountable for their bigoted and hypocritical antics.


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