How Do Marines Feel About Obama? When Silence Is Golden

Watching this video contrasting the reception given by Marines to George Bush with that given to Barack Obama  is a gift that just keeps on giving:

Reading the comments on Atlas Shrugs was kind of fun, too.

I got a tear in my eye seeing the jubilant, heartfelt outpouring of love and support the Marines had for the President who put them into harm’s way.  They believed in their President, and they believed in the mission he sent them to accomplish.

And I got a pain in my side laughing at the contrast in response when Barack Obama visited Marines.  If you listen real hard, you can hear the crickets chirping.

Obama may as well have been appearing in a silent movie compared to the outburst given to Bush.

I was laughing hard enough at the excruciatingly polite reception the Marines gave to Obama before the video footage cut to the CNN reporter who said:

“Uh,the President’s Iraq speech at Camp Lejeune.  And many may, uh, take note of the mostly – you would have to say – tepid response.”

I wrote a predictive article back in October.  I’m glad I was right.

May God bless and protect our troops.   They are our magnificent warriors – and we should be so proud of our men and women who have chosen to put on the uniform in time of war and sacrifice.

It turns out that, besides being heroic, they aint stupid, either.

23 Responses to “How Do Marines Feel About Obama? When Silence Is Golden”

  1. KansasGirl Says:


  2. Michael Eden Says:


    I’m sure you’ll eventually see this – since you sent me the video to begin with.

    I posted it elsewhere (like many of my articles). You might enjoy seeing the enthusiasm it’s getting at FreeRepublic.

    Thanks again for bringing it to my attention.

    If we want to have a country left, we’re going to need to discredit Obama on the areas of defense and the economy. Otherwise he’ll continue to be able to do more and more and worse and worse to destroy this country.

    If his support goes away, Democrats will run away from his agenda. Otherwise… Well, you know.

  3. Michael Eden Says:

    Kansas Girl,

    That has got to be the best one-word summation I have ever seen.

  4. hl Says:

    Well done, Michael! This article is powerful. I cried too when I saw those warriors heart felt response to their Commander and Chief. I don’t think those who put their lives on the line are easily hoodwinked!
    You’re right, keep exposing the “Imposter’s” utter ineptness on the economy and defense. Both affect everyone sooner or later.

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    I’m a social or moral conservative which ultimately includes how one handles money. But I’m not all about money and laissez faire economics. I’m about people doing the right thing, and using a functioning moral barometer and compass upon which to make decisions.

    That said, I realize that most people just don’t care about abortion, or the radical gay or feminist or even socialist agenda. People don’t care. You shout from the rafters that Obama is literally guilty of supporting infanticide, and few bat an eye.

    But they care about economic stuff because it affects THEM. And the care about dismantling our defense because it can affect THEM.

    So punch them where it hurts, and if we get rid of economy-ruining, defense-gutting Obama, we’ll get rid of baby-killer Marxist Obama too.

  6. R. Parkinson Says:

    I’m a Blue Star Mom that is completely disgusted with the Dems and their so called imposter leader. When it comes to our ‘Hero Troops’ I well up with pride and gratefulness. I can’t even walk up to one of our Troops in the Airport to thank them for their service without getting choked up. When I think of what BO and this Dem administration has up their sleeve (besides their little armies) I get sick. Please, correct me if I’m wrong, but they are wanting federal bucks by billing the private health care of our wounded heroes for combat related injuries, while voting for 1.8 million to study why pigs in Iowa have a odor!!! I can tell them why and it won’t cost a red cent…’s called a lot of pig poop!!! This is abominable (Obamanable) as far as I’m concerned. How dare they even think of treating our beloved heroes like throw aways!!

  7. A 1-In-100 Blogger Says:

    I’m a former Marine who served in Iraq during the 2003 invasion, but I’m shocked that we can elect a president who is so disrespectful to veterans. Barry could not care less about the sacrifices we make for our country, which he smugly reminded to us every day before becoming president.

    The troops might be ‘respectful’ to our new president, but you can tell by their enthusiasm in this video what we think of the man who ridiculed veterans and our sacrifices the past six years. Former president Bush loved us and we loved him in return.

    I’m sure Barry felt the same awkwardness as the Marines felt sitting there listing to the guy who thinks what we do is a “mistake.” Shame on Barry – earn our respect and you’ll be respected in return.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    The moment I heard those Jeremiah Wright tapes, I knew that Obama was an evil man. I didn’t know a whole lot about politics, but I DID know that had I been sitting in a church like that, and heard sermons like that, I would have got up and left. We elected the president of “God damn America,” pure and simple.

    The military represents the best: men and women who dedicate their lives to the defense of the country. They put their lives on the line, ready to leave their homes and families for long stretches to keep Americans safe. The NCOs and officers who make the military a career could “make it” in the “world” – but they have a mission that they are willing to live for or die for. They are the finest there is, or there ever was.

    And they think Obama is a dirtbag.

  9. Michael Eden Says:

    I’m the same way, R. I walk up to every service member – and every Iraq/Afghanistan veteran I can identify – and thank them for their service. And I get choked up, too. Imagine hearing about a war in the arm pit of the world, and then going to sign up to serve. Our troops have been magnificent. They are the finest military in the history of the world, and I am so proud of them, and so thankful for their sacrifice.

    Democrats hate the military. They have since Carter (if not even earlier, when the anti-war movement took over the Democrat Party in the mid to late 60s). They don’t look at the military the way our warriors – or society at large – looks at it (our defense against tyranny); they look at it as a social re-engineering project.

    The problem is, they are sick, depraved people. And they will break the military for years to come with their policies. We won’t be invaded or anything, but we will be unable to act in the world against tyranny and terrorism.

    I know the economy is tough, but I hope our best officers and NCOs leave rather than be forced to exist through the malaise that is to come. They deserve better than Obama as CiC.

  10. R. Parkinson Says:

    I agree Michael. They are a sicko bunch that only care about feathering their own nest. I guess the way I feel about the medical business they are talking about doing to our Veterans and injured military really hits home. Our son is an NCO(been in for 24 1/2 years) and has now had two major back surgeries to repair a broken back he received in Iraq, from being hit by an IED. He’s the first one to tell people that if it were not for the grace of God and a lot of prayers going up continually for him, he would not be here today to tell about it. Many of or returning heroes, injured ones too, can’t even afford to make their house payments, pay their utilities, etc. let alone pay for their combat related injuries. They don’t or won’t have any private health care to fall back on, If they aren’t active duty.
    It just really breaks my heart when I think of them having fought a war on foreign soil and then have to come home and fight another war here, because of all the bunk that the selfish idiot elected officials in DC are doing to this country!
    As for leaving the military rather than serve under BO for CiC, I don’t know if our son would leave. When CO’s and NCO’s were bailing out because they didn’t want to serve under Slick Willie, our son stayed. He felt he had an obligation to young soldiers to give them proper training that down the road, would save their lives and the lives of others. If you remember, this nation was having a rash of unnecessary service related accidents because of the lack of good experienced CO’s and NCO’s to properly train them and the proper equipment. Between Carter and CiGrief (Slick) they did everything they could to decimate our military. Now, BO knows even less than the other two about being a CiC and been listening to bad advice coming from Pelosi, D.H.Reid, and their ilk. Many in our military already do not trust BO and think he is a fraud, that is really a very sad thing to think of a Cic, but they hold Bush in the highest regard. Personally, I think of him as a forerunner of the AntiC!! As a Born-again Christian, my personal feelings are……Jesus is coming soon.

  11. A 1-In-100 Blogger Says:

    Obama is the the current Generation’s Carter. While Barry is taking to foreign relations like a joke, he’s also decreasing our military spending. Meanwhile, China just boosted their military spending by 14.9 percent in 2009.

    …And how can they afford to spend more on their military? We can thank Obama and Congress for their generosity in debt payments of about $1 billion per day.

    The next question is, since we all know Obama’s horrifying waste of money is going to do nothing in the long run but steal generations of opportunity from Americans, what happens when the U.S. defaults on our loans?

    Personally, I have no idea; however, we can begin the countdown to a meltdown while Barry takes this country deeper and deeper into its recession.

  12. Michael Eden Says:

    Allow me to provide you with another terrifying economic scenario created by Obama’s massive spending programs:

    We’re looking at hyperinflation triggered by too many dollars chasing too few goods and services; we’re looking at a devaluation of the dollar; and we’re looking at a country conditioned to believe in government as its savior unable to stop spending even after its obvious we’ve gone off a cliff.

    George Washington warned us about a military-industrial complex; and Eisenhower’s warning (armed with more recent facts) was even more on-target. There is an industry that feeds off the government, and it uses its influence to buy more and more contracts. I hate that, like any true conservative should.

    At the same time, we need to have intelligent and significant investment in our nation’s military and intelligence in an age when terrorists can kill millions with one attack.

    Defense spending is one of the few truly legitimate programs the federal government has any business investing in, at all (based on that little thing called the Constitution).

  13. Michael Eden Says:

    R. Parkinson,
    First of all, I honor your son for his valor and his service; and I honor you as his father. And I would NEVER tell a veteran to leave the military. He or she have earned the right to decide whether to continue serving, or leave in the face of a terrible CiC. That is their choice to make, and I respect their decision either way. I don’t even attack LIBERAL veterans; they’ve earned the right to their views, haven’t they?

    As a former NCO myself, I can only say that if I had served under Obama, I would personally leave at the end of my enlistment unless economic reasons forced me to stay.

    NCOs and junior officers are the backbone of the military, and whether they stay in or leave is the ultimate determinant of whether our military will remain great or plunge into dysfunction as it did under Carter (and to a lesser extent) Clinton.

    I too am a disabled veteran. And I know what it’s like. I’ve worked for more than one company since getting out of the Army that excluded my service-connected “preexisting” conditions for coverage in their health plans. It really sucks. But I have found the VA to be excellent; one of the few government-run entities that does a lot of good. I think they can be a lot better, but I think they provide great care, and I’m truly grateful for them.

    Our veterans – especially our combat veterans – deserve far more than the nation can ever give them. Sadly, that generally means to give them them nothing.

    As a fellow Christian, I’m joining with you in saying a prayer for your son’s back, and for his future.

    As for your last two sentences, amen, and amen! Obama isn’t the antichrist (see Daniel 9:26 – Obama is not of the Romans who destroyed Jerusalem); but I completely agree that he is the forerunner. My view is that Obama will so mess up the USA and the world that the antichrist will come into power to “solve” the crises that Obama creates. And, yes, maranatha! Jesus is coming to take His saints before the divine judgments of the tribulation occur.

  14. JACK Says:

    We Air Force vets think the very reason you’re a Marine is the same as it always has been. You’re too stupid to get into one of the better Armed Services, something which that has been proven for many, many years. There’s every reason in the world, we need non-thinking idiots who love to kill at will. There’s NO reason to blindly follow orders that make no sense. Enjoy, Rednecks!

  15. Michael Eden Says:

    Your open contempt for Marines – who have done more suffering and sacrificing for the defense of this nation man-for-man than any outfit in the military – ESPECIALLY the Air Force, btw – is proof that some rodents have learned to type.

    You would be ashamed of yourself, if you possessed the capacity for personal introspection.

  16. Tony Says:

    JACK, I don’t know how you can live with yourself. You think because you joined the Air Force you’re better than the Marines? Horseshit. ANYONE who puts on one of our country’s great military uniforms deserves better, I personally know several Marines who hold Bachelor’s, Master’s, and even Doctorate degrees. The same goes for my fellow Soldiers in the Army. Because a person chooses to do a job you may not want does not make them stupid, it proves they have the courage you or others may not.

    You make me ashamed that I would probably call you brother if I met you, unknowing of the things you spout on the internet. Besides, your post makes no sense after the Marine-bashing-
    “There’s every reason in the world, we need non-thinking idiots who love to kill at will. There’s NO reason to blindly follow orders that make no sense. Enjoy, Rednecks!” How do those sentences even fit together? First, we need the idiots, as you call them, to do the jobs nobody else will do. Then, there’s no reason to follow the orders given to do these same jobs?

    You are a discredit to your uniform, your service, and your fellow servicemembers. Please keep your future opinions to yourself.

  17. Michael Eden Says:

    Thanks for helping me “jump on Jack.” What he said was despicable – and the overwhelming majority of USAF vets would agree with US in condemning him.

    When I was in the Army, I took my part in the interservice rivalry. We made fun of “jarheads” and their brain power. But as anyone who has EVER served alongside Marines knows, they gave as good as they got. It was far more pride in MY branch of service than an insult to THEIRS, though. And deep down I always respected Marines as outstanding warriors and fellow defenders of American security and sovereignty. We were fighting for the same team, and doing the same job.

    These days, I’ll take my hat off to ANY man or woman who puts on the uniform and goes into harm’s way.

    I fly a flag now (in place of the American flag as long as Obama is undermining the country) that features the flags of the five branches of service plus MIAs. They’re all doing their part in protecting their country.

  18. Timmy B Says:

    What is wrong with some of you people? As a 3 time Vietnam War vet., I can tell you that I paid my dues. I am a disabled vet who loves his country; and at times, I do criticize Her. We as Americans need to get rid of all this hate that we have. Most days I still see fellow Americans with hate twisted faces. The same hate twisted faces that were seen during one of the darkest chapters in OUR history, when people rightly demaned civil rights for all… I supported Bush and I will support Obama.You don’t blindly suppot anyone or anything; but as an American you have a duty to support the president weather or not you voted for him. Why you may ask…Because He is Your President, the president of the United States of America. Michael won’t fly the american flag while Mr. Obama is president and another clown says “Mr. Obama is the president of” God Dam America.” And out the other side of your hate twisted faces you say that you are a true patriot. What a joke. Let us loose the hate and gain more love. Peace be unto you and unto your families and May God continue to Bless The United States of America.

  19. Timmy B Says:

    Sorry, I mis typed my e-mail address. It is

  20. Timmy B Says:

    That is sorry…

  21. Michael Eden Says:


    I honor you for your service. I’m likewise a disabled vet with a purple heart and a CIB. I’ve paid my dues as well.

    If I want to “hate” Obama, I think I have earned that right. I understand you are not telling me I need to raise my right arm and say ‘Heil Hitler’ to the next Fuhrer, and I appreciate that. But I don’t believe that I have any obligation to support what is increasingly being revealed to be not only a socialist but in fact a fascist replacement for our economic and political system.

    As an example, we are beginning to see the Cloward-Piven Strategy – which “seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse” – at work. And we’ve got the organization that is the philosophical heir to this strategy –
    ACORN – having more power and access to Obama that we’ve ever seen. We’ve also got Obama’s Chief of Staff saying [quote] “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” You’ve got Obama’s Secretary of State saying [quote] “It will be difficult to convince some governments and the people that they represent that now is the time given the crisis. I think from our Administration’s perspective, this is a propitious time. If we approach it as an opportunity to make these investments through our stimulus packages, we can actually begin to demonstrate our willingness to confront this and have some positive experiences that we can take with us into Copenhagen.” And if I may point out to you to complete the picture, we’ve got Obama’s energy czar having been a leader of a socialist group, the Commission for a Sustainable World Society, “which calls for “global governance” and says rich countries must shrink their economies to address climate change.”

    I’m going to fight that agenda with everything I’ve got. And I won’t let any criticism from you or anyone else change that. In fact, Tim, I call upon you to join me.

    Since you are a vet, I will give you the benefit of the doubt in having supported both Bush and Obama equally. But you are one of a very few. And I would submit to you that if I threw a rock in a room filled with Democrats I would hit one who suffered from “Bush Derangement Syndrome.” I was like you once: while a Republican, I considered Bill Clinton my president, and told conservatives to give the man the respect due his office. But 8 years of unrelenting hatred of Bush and every aspect of his agenda have changed me. Now, I am routinely told by the VERY people who so utterly despised Bush that I am a terrible person for treating Obama the SAME WAY they treated Bush. And that is just crap.

    And I am also outraged as a veteran. Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, said, “The war is lost” even as our troops were fighting to win it. 60% of Senate Democrats voted for the Iraq War. Here is what they said about it when it BEFORE and shortly AFTER before they politicized and demagogued the war.

    That was BEFORE the “General BetrayUs” days.

    Sorry if you think I’m wrong to bitterly oppose that party. But oppose it I will.

    I’M “the clown” who said Obama is president of “God damn America.” I was quoting Obama’s pastor for 23 years, who shouted those words as Obama’s congregation leaped to their feet and cheered and applauded.

    When I saw those Jeremiah Wright tapes, I knew that Barack Obama was a dangerous and evil man. It was those videos that got me into blogging. I would have punched my preacher in the mouth if he’d said that and then walked out of that church never to return. And I will neither follow nor respect any president who would not have done the same.

  22. Mike Says:

    As I see there are no people that were actually there I was here on Camp Lejeune in the horrid mini city we have Jacksonville North Carolina. I’m a Cpl in the Marine Corp out here and I was there. The command definately told every Marine to shut the hell up and just stand there. We are looking at two different scenarios in this video at two different times in history and to compare the two and fall into the propoganda this video is displaying is just plain stupid. I’m a Marine and you have to be a Marine to understand what the dude in the Air Force is saying and believe it or not at the low level that makes up 65% of the Marine Corp everyone is counting down days to get out of this insane institution and many wished they would have gone to another service or never joined at all. It’s not the commercial folks and here is a place where liberty, freedom, and the constitution do not apply. Join the service some time and live the bullshit before you go blindly praising everyone in this place the majority do not want to be in. Shocking.

  23. Michael Eden Says:

    First of all, I praise you for your service. I also served in the Army, and in the infantry.

    Second of all, I congratulate you for being a fellow “Mike.”

    I feel truly sorry for our soldiers, airmen, sailors, and Marines (not necessarily in that order) today. Many would LIKE to leave, but have nowhere to go.

    When I was in the Army, I had the pleasure of training often with Marines as a member of the Rapid Deployment Force. We had all the banter and inter-service rivalry. We often traded friendly put-downs.

    But it WAS friendly.

    Marines earned my admiration and appreciation. And I’ll always be proud to have a Marine’s back.

    As for your specific point about “two different scenarios,” I’m sorry, but you can’t know that. Even if you were at ONE of them, you weren’t at BOTH of them. Or perhaps you can tell me you know for a fact that the Marines who were there at Bush’s event weren’t ordered to “shut up and just stand there” too – but cheered anyway.

    I again cite the words of the CNN reporter who said:

    “Uh,the President’s Iraq speech at Camp Lejeune. And many may, uh, take note of the mostly – you would have to say – tepid response.”

    Are you seriously suggesting that CNN is out to get Obama? That CNN joined Fox News as evilmongers out to deliberately undermine Obama with propaganda?

    The Marines are not the only service that “suffer” from being in a completely different status from the civilian world. It has always been so. That said, I have a feeling that it’s more “Bozo” than it ever was, thanks to our Failure-in-Chief.

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