Obama Appoints Catholic-Bashing Open Homosexual To Faith-Based Office

Anyone who didn’t think the most radical presidential candidate in history would appoint the most radical people to staff his agenda were fools.

Obama appoints open homosexual to faith-based office
Jim Brown and Jody Brown – OneNewsNow – 4/7/2009

Harry KnoxThe head of a conservative activist group says President Obama’s appointment of a leading homosexual activist to his faith-based council is an ominous sign that he may enforce a “pro-homosexuality orthodoxy” on religious groups receiving federal funds, which is itself a form of bigotry.

Barack Obama has appointed outspoken homosexual activist Harry Knox to the White House Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Knox, who is the director of the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) Religion and Faith program, will serve a one-year term on the 25-member Council.

Two years ago during an appearance on MSNBC, Knox argued that scientific evidence supports the notion that certain people are born homosexuals. “What’s clear from our experience and from science is that being gay or lesbian is an immutable, unchangeable gift from God — one for which I’m very grateful,” he said. According to the HRC website, Knox is a former licensed pastor of a United Methodist Church in Georgia, and was denied ordination because of his sexual orientation.

Last month, Knox was critical of Pope Benedict’s statement that condom usage increases HIV infections. That stance, said Knox, “is hurting people in the name of Jesus.” He has also referred to “lesbian and gay” ministerial candidates as “gifted ministers.”

HRC cites Knox as “instrumental in creating a national network for 22 progressive state clergy coalitions” across the U.S. But Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, says the HRC staff member is at the forefront of a movement that seeks to rewrite the Bible to support homosexuality.

Peter LaBarbera”Harry Knox is part of an organization which is fundamentally bigoted against Christians and promotes the exclusion of Christians from various fora,” he contends. “For example, Human Rights Campaign used its influence to kick me off a diversity panel that I was supposed to be part of on dealing with faith and controversial issues, including homosexuality.”

While the HRC staffer claims he “will support the president in living up to his promise that government has no place in funding bigotry against any group of people,” LaBarbera says Knox will be “using his influence to keep Christians out of government-funded programs.”

Take a moment to consider Harry Knox’s statement that, “What’s clear from our experience and from science is that being gay or lesbian is an immutable, unchangeable gift from God — one for which I’m very grateful.”  If this is true, then it is ALSO true that people are born pedophiles – and that sodomizing small boys is likewise an immutable, unchangeable gift from God – for which we should all be very grateful (including, presumably, the parents of the abused boy).  And the people who fly into violent rages for no apparent reason?  Yep, there’s an “anger gene” to match that “gay gene,” too.

Which means that homosexuals who buy into the “we were born like this” argument should respect that people who commit what they call “hate crimes” were ALSO “born like that.”  And therefore be “tolerant.”

Peter LaBarbara says that Knox will be “using his influence to keep Christians out of government-funded programs.”  That would just be an accusation, of course, if he didn’t have the fact that he’s already experienced Knox’s ilk to kick him off diversity panels in the past.  That amounts to the fact that proves the theory.

“Diversity” to homosexual activists means a celebration of everyone who think exactly like themselves, and a demonization of everyone else who doesn’t.  It is artificially-constructed “diversity” as political weapon.

Andrew Klavan made the following statement to liberals in an op/ed published in the LA Times over the weekend: “You’re not tolerant of a wide range of views; you are tolerant of a narrow spectrum of variations on your views.”  If you think exactly like we do, you’re “tolerant.”  But if you won’t tow the hard-core liberal line in every way, shape, and form, we will come after you and show you just how “tolerant” we really are by demonizing you so that others will know that they had better follow our brand of “tolerance.”

And let us also realize that “faith” for Barack Obama means bashing Catholics, bashing the pope, bashing the bishops, and bashing the Knights of Columbus.

Just last month, Knox described Pope Benedict XVI and certain Catholic bishops as “discredited leaders” because of their opposition to same-sex marriage.In addition to his remarks about the Pope, Knox also criticized the Catholic Knights of Columbus as being “foot soldiers of a discredited army of oppression” because of the Knights’ support of Proposition 8 in California last year.

More than 1,500 years of Catholic history and tradition is “discredited.”  Just ask Barack Obama’s new guy for White House Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

The people voted and they didn’t want homosexual marriage in California, even though California is one of the most liberal states in the nation, and even though the uber-liberal Attorney General Jerry Brown stacked the deck against Prop 8 by wording it so that it “eliminated a right” rather than “defined marriage.” But homsexuals activists like Obama’s man Harry Knox frankly don’t give a damn about the will of the people.  What Obama and Knox want instead is for judidal activists to impose their will upon the law and arbitrarily force homosexual marriage on states like Iowa.

Just like Barack Hussein Obama is trying to impose his view of “faith” upon the country.

2 Responses to “Obama Appoints Catholic-Bashing Open Homosexual To Faith-Based Office”

  1. truthisliberty Says:

    Obama’s a reprobate …a lawless corrupt wicked leader.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    That about sums it up.

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