Did An American President Actually Bow Before A Saudi King?

One picture is worth a thousand words:

And here’s the link to the video, so you can watch the whole thing over and over while screaming, “THIS IS YOUR IDEA OF RESTORING AMERICAN PRESTIGE?”

It didn’t take long before the official denial: “Barack Obama did not show subservient fealty to that king, Mr. Abdullah…”

My favorite answers to Obama’s “I wasn’t bowing, I was…” are: 1) “I was just looking for the floor teleprompter.”  2) “I was preemptively ducking out of the way of flying footwear.”  And 3) “I only bowed because that French jerk Sarkozy told me that that’s what I was supposed to do!”

But Barack Obama’s handler’s may be right about Barry Hussein not bowing.  At least technically.

From Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language:

Curtsy: a bow by women in recognition or respect, consisting of bending the knees and lowering the body.”

Let’s see: bent knees – check.  Lowered body – check.  Woman?  Well, that’s really pretty darned subjective, given Obama being our first true metrosexual president, and all.

Obama didn’t bow down before Saudi King Abdullah, contrary to the accusations by “the vast, right-wing conspiracy.”  He curtsied, which is the new metrosexual version of “a bow by any other name would smell as submissive.”

Many are saying Obama bowing down before the Saudi king shows weakness.  Like everyone didn’t already know Barack Obama was weak…

I suppose we can look to the bright side of all this: by figuratively placing himself – and therefore the United States of America – under the rule of Saudi Arabia, maybe this president won’t have any shoes thrown at him by angry Muslims.

Update: I’ve heard liberals claim that “Bush bowed, too.”  So I went to a liberal site and came across the following video offered as the “evidence.”

The video shows Bush leaning over to receive a medallion, not a bow.  It is no different than when I went to Hawaii and had a girl place a lei around my neck.  Then the SAUDI KING kisses Bush on both cheeks.  Afterward, Bush nods to the king, and to an unseen person off camera, the way I’ve seen him nod to friends on the White House lawn.

If this is all the liberals have to prove Bush bowing to the Saudi king, they are being disingenuous to the point of outright deceit.  Little Green Footballs, in an article entitled “Bush bowed too” provides the same video footage as the source above as their “evidence.”

When you go to Hawaii, do you “bow down” in homage before the girl greeting you?  Then Bush didn’t bow, either.

The last thing I would say is to those who don’t think it’s a big deal that Obama become the first president to bow down before a Saudi Arabian king.  Let me say this: it IS a big deal; bowing before a king is not merely a gesture of respect, but an acknowledgment of submission.  And given that Obama went on a global “apologize for America tour,” given that he announced that he believes American exceptionalism to be no more meaningful or valid than “British exceptionalism” or “Greek excetionalism”;  and given that he ceded much of American financial soveriegnty over to European control, Obama’s display of subservience to the leader of the Islamic world is beyond problematic.

8 Responses to “Did An American President Actually Bow Before A Saudi King?”

  1. A 1-In-100 Blogger Says:

    I duuunnnnnnnnnnnoooo … the Obama administration has made it pretty clear he didn’t bow.

    If you don’t believe him, just ask the White House!

    I’ve heard if asked nicely, an Obama ‘Official’ will be with you shortly to wash your brain with some prObamaganda about world peace and … something about money? ..Whatever it is you’re told by Congress AND/OR the White House, there’s one thing I’m absolutely sure of: it’s probably a lie.

    Our government has no integrity. This is a problem.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    And it never will as long as Barack Hussein is leading it.

    Sadly, even when a president DOES have integrity, there are so many entrenched thieves and ideologues that “the government” will likely NEVER have integrity. It has become a monster, and there is no integrity in monsters.

  3. hl Says:

    The pictures in this post prove further the lies coming from the White House spokesperson. The WH stated Obama was giving a double handed handshake to King Abdullah and because O is taller he bent over
    These pictures clearly show O’s left hand at his side during the BOW!
    A picture is worth a thousand words and facts are stubborn things.


  4. Michael Eden Says:

    You should believe Barack Obama instead of your lying eyes. And you should believe Obama’s explanations rather than paying attention to reason or rationality.

    Obama’s left hand was clearly photoshopped in as part of the vast, right wing conspiracy.

    When your weasel-in-chief speaks, you must bow down before him (or at least bow down to the Saudi he bowed down before).

  5. Adam w Says:

    I watched the Movie 300 where this king was promised the world if he simple bowed down and kiss the hand of the ruler. The King refused because he felt it was beneath him. Obama is bowing to a Saudi King which i lost 100 respect for Obama.. I am disgraced that Obama is sitting down and has the time to call Basketball games and make pick selections in sports. the Democrats could of been strong for the next 20 years but Obama will give the presidency back to the Republicans in 3 more years. Bush screws up this country and we put a president who only wants to bow to Islamic Kings and play basketball. Nice Obama maybe you should of applied to be a ref in a basketball game not a freakin president. What a sad day!

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Yeah, Obama would have had no problem grovelling before the Persian king.

    Obama has now bowed down before FOUR leaders – one of them a city mayor in Florida!!!

    At best this is a form of racism (the mayor is ASIAN – “those people” like to bow to each other).

    I hope you go back and look at the record of the Bush presidency with a new focus. It is certainly fair to say that the country was screwed up under Bush. But when you look at what happened to the economy in 2008, please realize that Harry Reid assumed control of the Senate and Nancy Pelosi assumed control of the House in 2006. When we needed to deal with the housing bubble and regulate Fannie and Freddie – whose implosion and liberal policies CAUSED the crash – Democrats repeatedly blocked any attempt at regulation.

    The same people who screwed up our country are doing the same damn things now.

  7. moon light Says:

    Don’t you know that Arab is not PERSIAN?

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    moon light,

    Are you THAT freaking much of a rabidly stupid ideologue? I mean, REALLY???

    I had to go back and try to figure out just what the hell you were ranting about. I nowhere mentioned “Persian” in my article and finally saw my usage in the last comment. Someone had brought up the movie “300” which was about the Spartans defying a PERSIAN king and his massive PERSIAN army. And I commented that Obama would have – unlike King Leonidas – bowed down before the Persian king. Because he’s already done it so many times and what’s one more.

    My usage of “Persian” is ENTIRELY correct. NOWHERE do I say or suggest that “Persian” and “Arab” are the same thing.

    The only idiot here is YOU for being such a rabidly biased leftist that you can’t see fact from fiction.

    Now please go away.

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