Re: $250 Stimulus Payment For Service-Connected Veterans

This post is intended purely as a service to veterans, rather than as a commentary.

There will be a $250 stimulus payment made to all VA service-connected veterans beginning in June, 2009.  According to the VA representative, ALL veterans receiving disability compensation – regardless of their rating (although I’m not certain if this applies to 0% ratings) will be eligible for this automatic payment.

Veterans receiving disability benefits do not need to file a tax return to receive the payment, as they had to in order to qualify for the $300 stimulus payment last year.  This years’ payment will be handled automatically through the VA payment system to all eligible veterans rather than the Treasury.

For more information, call the VA 1-800-827-1000 and press “0” to get to a live representative.

Now for my comment: Personally, I am opposed to these “stimulus” payments.  I would vote against them if I could.  However, since they are already being paid, and since so many others are receiving the payments, I want my little slice of the pie, too.

If we’re going to bankrupt our country, veterans might as well get their money, too.  Frankly, we deserve it more than anyone else, anyway.

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  1. hl Says:

    I hope you and all our veterans get all they need to take care of themselves. Thank you all for your service and God Bless you.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Thanks, HL.

    I merely posted this so that some confused veteran might be able to find out more about this stimulus payment.

    I wish it was extended to all active duty personnel who have deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. They deserve it more than anyone.

  3. thomas horne Says:

    i feel everyone deserves the stimulus money not just active duty personnel who have deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan.they don’t deserve it any more than i do as a disabled vietnam era veteran or any other one person is better than the other to get it.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    I agree with you. My main points would be the following:
    1) These stimulus payments are (in general) stupid transfers of wealth that will be paid by our children and grandchildren. I would vote against them all if I could. But since I can’t vote against billions in stimulus payments, I might as well take my money.

    2) If ANYONE deserves stimulus payments, veterans deserve it most. Veterans (even non-combat veterans) have suffered for this country more than anyone else, and so deserve the most back in return. For example, you didn’t say you served a combat tour in Vietnam. So let’s say you suffered your injury in non-combat duty. You STILL forfeited rights you would have had if you had been hurt in the private sector versus the military. You can’t sue no matter how culpable the military was in your injury. Further, who but a veteran has endured something like boot camp? Who but a veteran has had their freedom so taken away from them, and been so subject to doing what they don’t want to do and going where they don’t want to go with NO choice in the matter after raising their hand to swear an oath? No one. Not even our police.

    3) EVERY combat veteran from EVERY war or “conflict” deserves this money more than non-combat veterans. Having fought for your country against an armed enemy deserves special status. But a Vietnam veteran (and going all the way back to WWI) fought as much or more as our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan today.

    Veterans are the heart of the nation. And will continue to be the heart of the nation.

    Thank you for your service, Thomas. You deserve the best.

  5. SJL Says:

    The $250.00, isn’t nothing compared to the billions that our government has tossed out to the greedy corporations.

    The billions would have been better in placed in the hands of the taxpayers, they could have gotten out of debt, bought new cars and homes.

    Over the years of being a Disabled Veteran since 1985, I can say that getting the $250.00 makes one feel lucky!

    The stimulus packages should have be made to the people.

    In the end the stimulus might be good but the taxpayers are left holding the bag, while the greedy corporations get rich again, just to fall short again in a few years and come begging again to the government

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    I’ll agree with your logic to this extent: if the government was going to do hundreds of billions of dollars in “stimulus,” it should have gone to the people rather than to the banks.

    But I am someone who would never go into my neighbor’s house and steal his stuff because he’s “rich” and he should “share his wealth.” I’m someone who thinks that would be stealing. And I don’t see how it’s different if the government goes into my neighbor’s garage and takes his stuff and gives it to me.

    Someone has to pay for all this “stimulus.” We’re A) stealing from wealthier people, taking what they worked for to give it to ourselves; and B) stealing from the next generation, and reducing the quality of their lives so we can have “good times” now.

    I view both as wrong.

    But, as a fellow disabled veteran (from the same era, too!), I wholeheartedly affirm that if ANYONE deserves a check, it’s you, SJL. Unlike the majority of Americans, you SACRIFICED for your country and you EARNED a reward. And I hope it helps you out, and that good things come your way.

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    Oh, and btw, SJL, I posted this as a service to my fellow veterans.

    I wanted veterans have access to what they needed to do (and DIDN’T have to do!) to qualify for and receive the stimulus payment. In particular, I didn’t want vets worrying about needing to file a tax return in order to qualify if they didn’t need to file.

    My opinions about “government stimulus” in general was purely secondary to my intent.

    A number of my conservative colleagues who believe that these stimulus payments are problematic have committed themselves to donating the money to an organization/cause of their choice. Which is great.

    And if you are a disabled veteran, you are more worthy of ANYTHING the government offers than anyone else. And as far as I’m concerned, disabled vets should be placed at the head of every line (and I’d say that even if I weren’t one myself!).

    May God bless our veterans, and may He especially bless our disabled veterans.

  8. JR Says:

    Indeed this is nice, but Uncle Sam should have given our veterans more. Perhaps double their monthly disability pay! After all, welfare and foodstamp LOVERS got multiple times more than our veterans! Go figure! What ever happened to “it’s not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”?. $250 is only pennies for what veterans (ALL veterans) did for this country.

  9. Michael Eden Says:

    I never went in expecting anything beyond the college benefits I was promised (and used).

    I’ve always been grateful for the care I’ve received through the VA, and view the Veterans Administration as the ONLY example of a government bureaucracy that has actually been successful. I attribute that success to the fact that the organizations is focused on the “higher goal” of providing for veterans and their needs.

    But I want to make one thing clear: I didn’t fight for a future socialist/fascist all-encompassing state; I signed up to defend the United States of America as our founding fathers envisioned it. We need less government and fewer handout goodies, not more.

    But you’re sure right: veterans deserve benefits a whole lot more than illegal immigrants, addicts, homosexuals who got AIDS via a diseased lifestyle, etc., etc.

  10. Mike Says:

    All good posts here, my 2 cents is as a retired submarine crewman with 50% disability, I initially felt guilty about taking this sort of handout. But when considering how obammy is completely handing out $$ to people who have done absolutely nothing to earn it, I feel fine.

    We veterans might as well get something back from uncle while its there, because before too many yrs go by, our nation will be a 3rd world nation and nearly bankrupt with this sort of “leadership” in the WH. What a sad situation….

  11. Mike Says:

    The entire stimulus situation is a sad sad joke that won’t fix anything! If the congress were serious about fixing the problem, the taxpaying citizens would have been each given some sort of $, say 100,000 each to go buy a car, house, furniture, whatever. THAT would have fixed the economy and sparked employment across the land.

  12. Cheryl Waldrop Says:

    I am a disabled vet & am glad to see that the disabled vets are being given a chance of some of the stimulus money. Granted, why is the government putting our nation more in debt by giving out money they don’t have? Isn’t the nation in enough debt from government spending? This money would be better spent on getting our government out of debt. How can they expect the citizen’s to pay off their debt when the government won’t do it themselves? We have learned from our government that spending is okay & not paying it back is okay as well. That is the example we are given here. Like parents with their children.

  13. Michael Eden Says:

    We’re both Mikes. So clearly we’re on the same page.

    Exactly how I feel.

    I don’t want “handouts” or “bailouts.” But if everyone else is getting one, why not get in line, as my not taking the money is a drop in the bucket of the hundreds of billions it will cost our the next generation. And, heck, If I want to, I can give the money to a good cause that will get this terrible president out of office.

    And veterans deserve EVERYTHING more. NOBODY served the country or sacrificed for it more than her veterans.

  14. Michael Eden Says:

    The people who voted for Obama don’t realize that they won’t really “get” anything from him. They are selfish, self-absorbed people who only care about themselves, but what they won’t understand is that Obama will confiscate the wealth of producers and squander it on useless bureaucracies.

    Government cannot give anything to anyone until it takes away something from someone else.

    Jobs will go away. Fuel (can’t say ‘gas’ anymore, because Obama will do away with it) will be dramatically more expensive. Energy will be dramatically more expensive. The quality of health care will go down, and the care will be rationed so fewer people will be able to get the care they need in a timely manner. And so on and so on.

  15. Michael Eden Says:

    I think you already are aware, but the veterans “stimulus” money is just part of a larger program that gives away money to dang near everyone else. The only thing that is different is that the VA rather than the Treasury will give away some veterans’ money. But veterans aren’t getting any special deal at all.

    And I’m glad to see that most veterans “get it” that “stimulus” in general is a bad idea that will hurt the country.

    We need sane fiscal responsibility from our government FAR more than we need a couple hundred bucks.

  16. Oxnard Says:

    It’s not for just service connected BTW. It’s anyone who is getting a pension or benefit from the VA. You should get it by the first week of June.

  17. Michael Eden Says:

    Thanks for the additional info, Oxnard.

  18. Afghan Vet Says:

    Having fought in combat does not warrant us any special status when it comes to stimulus. The divide that some vets like to create between combat and non-combat vets is childish if you ask me, and has long harmed the quality of veterans rights as a whole. A female veteran friend of mine just passed away recently as a result of complications created by exposure to agent orange. She was exposed on a US base, and never left the country once in the line of duty, yet her death was a direct result of her service. This isn’t the boy scouts. You shouldn’t judge veteran’s sacrifice based on their decorations and/or deployments they have. Any salty vet knows better to do that because 90% of medals are awarded for BS reasons anyway.

  19. levi Says:

    shut yer face and take the you all have a choice.i served in NAM.’69 the year u.s.a. put us on a shelf for woodstock and moonwalks.ok then give it back.send it to paralyzed

  20. Michael Eden Says:

    I don’t know about poetic eloquence, but you’ve got legitimate points, Levi.

    The government is hell bent on spending, and veterans might as well take their share of the stimulus pie., the DAV, or the Military Order of the Purple Heart (my own favorite organization) would all make great candidates for donation.

  21. Michael Eden Says:

    You make some good points, Afghan Vet.

    Every soldier, Marine, airman, or seaman who takes the oath of office has to be aware that he or she may be called to go into battle. On that level, all veterans are equal.

  22. Michael Eden Says:

    You make a good point, Afghan vet.

    I could argue that there’s something called “paying one’s dues.”

    But on the other hand, every veteran who has ever raised his or her right hand and taken the oath to protect and defend their country has done so not knowing whether he or she would be called to serve in a combat zone. That makes us all equal.

  23. Michael Eden Says:


    Won’t give you too many points for poetry, but you do make some good points. Whether we want the government spending trillions of dollars or not, the money is pouring out of the printing presses anyway. Veterans might as well take their slice of the stimulus pie.

    And giving donations to organizations like, the DAV, or the Military Order of the Purple Heart (my own organization of choice) is a terrific idea.

  24. Cheryl Waldrop Says:

    I served in peace time & ended up with a service connected disability. My disability is justified & service connected just like thos vetnam vets who was in battle & came home hurt & disabled with a service connected disability. Each disability is EAQUAL due to the fact that both served in the military. I didn’t serve in war, but my war with the military was hell for me with my disability. Mine doesn’t discount the hell those that served in war time & came home disabled. If it weren’t for ALL military in peace & war time, then our Nation would NOT be here like it is today. We vets of any branch with or without a disability need more recognition than what we get along side those who are serving now.

  25. paul Says:

    i am a 20 year coast guard retiree that hurst my back real bad and the va gives me a chicken crap 10 percent disability rating sight unseen, then then to top that off i have to pay for my own disability out of my retirement lol, isnt that putting the screws to veterans, i am at the point now that i need a cane and walker to get around. so i dont fell a bit quilty about this measley peice of change they are giving us, ill take it, cause if i dont some illewgal or some welfare ass will. i salute all you veterans god bless you

  26. Michael Eden Says:

    You’ve got a good point, Cheryl.

    If it weren’t for the peacetime American military machine some scumbag nation would make us their slaves.

    And whether one is disabled in combat, or disabled in the performance of peacetime duty, an injury is an injury.

  27. Michael Eden Says:

    I hope that you read this.

    What you need to do is refile your claim. Often times you get one rating, and then another higher one as your injury/condition worsens.

    You can go to any American Legion Post, or go the DAV or the Military Order of the Purple Heart, and they have specialists who will help you in any way you need.

    It certainly sounds like you clearly deserve more than 10%.

    God bless you for your service, Paul.

  28. Kenneth Davenport Says:

    As a 100% disabled veteran, I’m not taking the $250 dollar payment, neither did I take the hand out the last government gave. It’s an insult to those that have served and to those that have lost everything due to greed and bailing out failure. I sent an e-mail to the Department of Veterans Affairs and they responded rapidly by stating I could either send it back to the treasury or have my bank send it back via direct deposit. It took me three years to get my disability benefits, and I’m grateful to have them. But on the other side of the coin, I see actually what’s happening to this country and how the people who are running it are taking it down bit by bit. When you get rejected for Social Security Disability three times and have to get a lawyer to get the benefits you earned, while illegal immigrants who have not served this country but it’s masters walk right in and get what ever they need over a disabled veteran is a disgrace. How much did Banking get? The Automotive Industry get? The Insurance Industry get? Enjoy spending your $250 dollars on what? Your overdue light bill!

  29. Michael Eden Says:

    Respect your opinion – and your service.

    I’ve heard several different options presented by veterans. One has been to give the money to veterans groups where it will do a lot of good. One has been to donate the money to political action committees who will use it to get the politicians who are spending us into extinction out of office. And one is to accept the money and be grateful for it, realizing that veterans deserve government payouts more than anyone, as WE are the ones who have served our country more than anyone. You offer a fourth: send it back.

    Personally, I believe all four options are honorable. That veteran who needs electricity should be able to use that $250 to pay the light bill. And God bless that veteran both now and in the future.

    My comment on the article was that I would accept the check, because to not accept it would only hurt me given it was going to everyone (and a lot of illegal immigrants included, I don’t doubt). But if I could have opposed the bailouts and the stimulus programs, and the massive spending, I would have done so.

    Personally, Kenneth, I hope you reconsider. Don’t just refuse it, as the government will just piss it away. I trust YOUR judgment as to who should have that money FAR more than the government. Give it to a great veterans cause like the DAV or the American Legion or the MOPH. Or even the VA itself. I would sure rather it went to some place like that than the to the next payout program for illegal immigrants (paid as political patronage so more Democrats will get elected).

  30. MMC Kevin R. Miller Says:

    Sure wish they’d take the money and fix the VA health care system. I’d gladly give them the $250 if they’d give me the arm I had and not the clusterf*** I got from Portsmouth Naval and the quack who butchered it so bad that I cannot use it(7 surgeries and counting). Maybe then they could add pain to the list when deciding VA disability. As of today, pain is NOT a consideration. So, if they can take two people, and plenty of drugs to stretch the arm out despite my screams of pain, it’s all good…

  31. Michael Eden Says:

    The medic who worked on me in the field when I was wounded made my injury worse, I have been told. I was angry for awhile; now I realize that he was scared, just like me. And when I had surgery, the Army hospital employed an experimental technique that subsequently was determined to be a BAD technique. Which made my bad luck even worse.

    I am truly grateful to the VA. I believe they have given me outstanding treatment. But mistakes have been made in my own care, and so I understand how you feel. I too experience a great deal of pain as a result of my injuries, along with the fact that my healthy leg went bad favoring my bad leg, and then my back began to give me troubles as a result of my bad legs. Some days I’m glad I’m not a horse (they’d shoot me); some days I wish I was a horse.

    Kevin, I’m saying a prayer for you. I hope you are able to reduce your pain. I know what it’s like: sometimes my own pain is so bad I get nausea.

  32. Mike Says:

    As of today I haven’t received any $250 payment yet am 50% disabled and draw disability each month from the VA.

    Has anyone else NOT received the ballyhooed $250 that our gracious king socialist has decided to bless us with? Or aren’t we all supposed to get it?

  33. Michael Eden Says:

    If you are working, you would likely have already received the stimulus as a tax credit.

    If not, you will receive the check (or a direct deposit) from the VA some time in/around June.

  34. gunner44440 Says:

    I received my disability comp check via direct deposit and no extra $250.00 I think this has been all a hoax to get us exited to be able to eat this month. I was really planning for it, but after dealing with this govt. as long as I have I kind of expceted to not get it.

  35. Michael Eden Says:

    It has been my understanding that veterans who aren’t working will receive their checks sometime during or shortly after the month of June. Veterans who are working should have already received it as a tax credit via the Treasury.

    Keep your eyes on your your bank account and be ready to complain if you don’t get a check. But hold yer fire a little longer, Gunner.

    Here’s the VA number: 1-800-827-1000

  36. Denny Keplinger Says:

    It’s amazing – 307,000,000 U.S. population

    number of those who ever wore a uniform for even one day…
    23,600,000 (or .07%)

    Number of Disabled American Veteran’s
    2,600,000 (or .008%)

    Talk about a minority….yet this is a silent minority… I’ve never heard any of them complain that 93% of the population relied on the freedom they enjoy from the patriotism of just 7% of the population….or that they have been mistreated or that they deserve anything…

    I thank each and every one of them…..They DO deserve.

  37. Michael Eden Says:

    Great point, Denny.

    And I fear that fewer and fewer Americans are going to be willing to stand up and make sacrifices – whether in the military or any other way – as our society continues to degenerate.

    Which is why I continue to find our young men and women in uniform so amazing.

  38. Jennifer Holland Says:

    Micheal….Do you know of any website that states whether a disabled veteran will recieve it as a tax credit or a payment? I’ve heard from the local veterans office that every veterans who is recieving benefits will recieve it as a payment on June 1st. Then I’m hearing elsewhere that some will get it as a tax credit and some other as a payment. I haven’t seen any definitive proof of either and was wondering if there was somewhere I can get actual info.


  39. Jennifer Holland Says:

    ok….so I called the VA number listed above and they said that anyone receiving VA benefits will receive the $250 dollar payment in June. They didn’t say anything about receiving the payment as a tax credit if you are employed.

  40. Michael Eden Says:

    I haven’t heard that the actual payment date for all veterans would be June 1.

    But what I can tell you is that if you are working and/or filing income tax forms, you should (probably already) have received your $250 as a tax credit. If you are not filing income taxes, the VA will be sending you your check directly sometime around June.

    Basically, if you are working and filing taxes, you are eligible for the stimulus AS A WORKER, rather than as a veteran. However, if you are on Social Security, or a disabled veteran, or served in the railroad or a couple of other agencies, you qualify as well. Non-working/non-taxpaying people don’t get a check unless they fall into the above special categories.

    The VA is making the payments to disabled veterans who DIDN’T receive a check as workers, and is beginning disbursement in June.

    That is my understanding.

  41. Aaron Says:

    That is untrue, Michael. I just spoke to a VA Representative, and they confirmed that no matter if you are employed or not, if you receive any benefits from the VA you WILL be getting a $250 payment.

  42. Michael Eden Says:

    Just to make sure you understand, I NEVER said veterans would NOT be getting a $250 payment. But NOT every disabled veteran will be receiving his payment through the VA.

    As an example, if you are a retired disabled veteran collecting SSI, you will receive the payment through Social Security, rather than through the VA.

    The program is NOT only available to disabled veterans. It is NOT a question as to whether disabled veterans will get a check; merely a question as to which government entity will be sending it.

  43. Jennifer Holland Says:

    Here’s the pdf for the Department of Treasury American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Agency Plan.

    On page 8 it says that the Veterans Affairs payments are going out June 9th.

    Click to access ARRA%20Agency%20Plan%2005_15_2009%20Department%20of%20the%20Treasury.pdf

  44. Michael Eden Says:

    Thanks, Jennifer.

    I’m sure that THAT little factoid is what most veterans probably care about most!!!

  45. Jennifer Holland Says:

    You’re very welcome.

  46. cletus bush Says:

    well here we are entering the second week of june and no payment yet I am using my stimulus to buy all the ammo i can get for my ak47 before the dumbass liberals take it all and give it to the people who bought the last election for them

  47. jack Says:

    Well its June 9th and no stimulus

  48. Rick Edwards Says:

    It’s amazing how the liberals in government can so liberally give away our sovereignty and our childrens freedom and future just to get their utopian, socialistic one world government of Babel or should I call it Babylon! I served in Vietnam and worked all of my life. Three days before my 55th birthday July 25th of ’07 I had three brainstem cerebellum strokes and found I couldn’t walk, or chew and swallow without choking, I developed an acid regurgitation and memory problems along with various problems like not being able to sleep because my mind would do weird stuff, like repeat numbers over and over again as I lay down. This madness kept me up until I passed out from sleep deprivation. Lots of problems..well I started rehab and learned to walk..kinda. I still have balance problems. Social security turned me down in January of 08. The ssa doc said I was toast because of my disability and my age he said it wouldn’t be a problem to get it on the first try…uh-huh. I got a lawyer and the put in for me in March of 08 and was summarily turned down in April of ’08. I am on appeal now but its been 21 months since the first filing and 14 months since the lawers filed for a court hearing but I still have no date. Meanwhile the VA tested me and found out I have insulin dependent diabetes type 2 and peripheral neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome and kidney damage from the diabetes. I am being awarded a 60 percent disability for the diabetes and related troubles. But I put in for related brain stroke from un-diagnosed diabetes and the VA turned me down although my neurologist said that made sense because they coundnt figure out what caused the stroked. Well I put in for unemployability because the kidneys and long nerve damage in January of this year and I am still waiting (I actually was diagnosed with the kidney thing in March during a c&p hearing at which time it was added to the list for unemployability) Nobody in my family has diabetes except my mom who got it in her mid 70’s but she takes a pill. I shoot up twice a day. They said it was probably from my service in nam and that’s why I get compensation. So now I get just over 1000 bucks a month, I had to rent out my home, put my stuff in storage and move in with my brother after running out of savings in December of 08. But uncle sugar has enough money to give GM 50 billion bucks and Chrysler 8 billion and who knows how much the mortgage and banks and insurance companies got..yet I can’t get enough to stay in my home. I told my doc I could go back to work if someone would hire me and put up with retraining me at the age of 57 (soon to be) to maybe do office work, but I would never be able to work full time..She said she wouldn’t even put me on a treadmill for a stress test! So here I am stuck in neutral..just waiting…and waiting..and waiting.

  49. Rick Edwards Says:

    Oh by the way…I just want to thank the man who’s favorite saying is “We need to hurry up and pass this bill” (what ever liberal spending bill it is at the time and don’t bother to read it and don’t ask why Murtha needs more money for his friends working on the airport) for the $250.00. Oh boy, Oh boy! The friendly folks at the White Castle have our best interest at heart!

  50. Michael Eden Says:

    For what it’s worth, I’ll be praying for your benefits AND your body.

    Conservatives don’t want a socialist system; but it’s not guys like you who served their country whom we want to shut out of benefits we can’t possibly sustain; it’s illegal immigrants and drug addicts and lifelong convicts and people who live parasitic lives. And it’s the millions of otherwise productive people who would turn to the government rather than to their own resources.

    Don’t give up, Rick. You made it through the Nam and you can make it through this.

  51. Michael Eden Says:

    It’ll be our little secret. People who live near inner cities in particular may want to have an ample supply of ordinance when the drain plug gets pulled out of this country due to socialist policies.

  52. Michael Eden Says:

    In a way the $250 is a form of one of those T-shirts that say, “I went to Afghanistan, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.”

    The $250 is less than chicken feed compared to the massive spending and the massive bailouts. Democrats spent trillions on their special interest groups and pork projects and social programs that produce nothing but more social programs. Trillions. And they threw the American people a crumb.

    Murtha should be forced to spend the rest of his life with his head up a whale’s ass. Because if anyone is lower than whale poop, it is surely Jack Murtha.

  53. hl Says:

    “Murtha should be forced to spend the rest of his life with his head up a whale’s ass. Because if anyone is lower than whale poop, it is surely Jack Murtha.”
    Michael, being a lady I could never say this but thank you for saying it…..I laughed out loud!

  54. Michael Eden Says:

    My mother has told me many times that she planned for me to be a girl. She even had a name picked out: Michelle Renee.

    Let me just assure you, HL: it is a VERY GOOD THING I wasn’t born a girl.

    Jack Murtha is a truly despicable and truly evil man as well as a traitor. I would not be responsible for what would happen if I were put in a room alone with him.

  55. Gunner Says:

    No check yet

  56. Gunner Says:

    Obama must have it.

  57. Brian Says:

    Just called the V.A. inquiring about my stimulus check. They said everyone should receive their check by JULY 10th. Of course the letter they sent me said June 10th. Go figure.

  58. Jennifer Holland Says:

    cletus bush and jack…
    I think June 9th was the date that they were going to start sending payments out. On the US treasury’s site it says that the completion date for the payment would be June 30th.

    Click to access ARRA%20Program%20Plan%2005_15_2009%20-%20Economic%20Recovery%20Act%20Payments.pdf

  59. Michael Eden Says:

    I don’t remember the precise date, but it was my understanding that the government agencies were required by law to distribute the stimulus checks on a “no later than” basis (something like within 100 days of receiving the funds or somesuch). And that hard-fast date occurred sometime in June (NOT July).

    Mind you, we are living in a time when the one entity that is not required to act legally or lawfully is our own federal government.

  60. Susan Says:

    I would not hold my breath, still trying to get reimbursed from them (VA) for taking money from benefit check that they immediately admitted that I did NOT owe them from Jan/Feb. They not only took money once but repeated the action again the next month. E gad, such actions could make someone homeless, how absolutely uncaring.

  61. Cheryl Waldrop Says:

    I am still waiting for the $250 and will believe it when I see it either direct deposit or by a check when it is here. I know that some do not want this stimulas money & I respect their feelings on that. I have mixed feelings about it but won’t turn the money down since it will help pay some bills that need paying.

    I appreciate all those who have served in the armed forces. It doesn’t matter if you are disabled when you got out or not, all have their stories to tell, good or bad. Veterans and current military just have a different perspective on life than the rest of the world.

  62. Michael Eden Says:

    I don’t know when it is supposed to arrive in June, but I believe you will get the payment sometime this month.

    My view has always been this: If there had been a national vote on the stimulus, I would have voted “no.” But there wasn’t a vote: the government is just doing it. And since everyone else is getting it, and since virtually no one will be returning THEIR checks, I see no reason to return mine. Because any “message” to the government would be like spitting in the ocean.

    So for those who need the stimulus to pay debts or buy necessities, I’m glad it’s coming to you, and hope things go well for you.

  63. Cheryl Waldrop Says:

    I agree that if there had been a national vote, I would have voted no as well. It’s like taking money that the government doesn’t have. They should pay off their own debt before sending it out to the people. But, that isn’t how they operate. Our current president, who I did not vote for, has spent more in his first 100 days in office than any other president. That is a shame to say the least.

  64. Michael Eden Says:

    We are “on the same page” of a very sad book.

    Here is the sad truth about America’s spending and debt:

    There’s little question that the anvil will fall on the US economy due to the near doubling of the national debt as Obama adds a projected $9.3 trillion to the $11.7 trillion hole we’re already in. Obama is borrowing 50 cents on the dollar as he explodes the federal deficit by spending four times more than Bush spent in 2008 and in the process “adding more to the debt than all presidents — from George Washington to George Bush — combined.” And most terrifying of all, Obama’s spending will cause debt to double from 41% of GDP in 2008 to a crushing 82% of GDP in 2019.

    What will be the result of all this insane spending, and not very far off? A quote from a CNS News story should awaken anyone who thinks the future will be rosy:

    By 2019, the CBO said, a whopping 82 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) will go to pay down the national debt. This means that in future years, the government could owe its creditors more than the goods and services that the entire economy can produce.

    We are spending ourselves into extinction. We will end up as a banana republic at the rate we’re going.

  65. faithkeepers59 Says:

    My husband is a vietnam vet and now I’m disable,we have not received a 250.00 check yet,when he came home from the war he was called a baby killer,rapist among other names,he didn’t rape anybody,killed because he had to protect his company,oh by the way he was in combat duty,very hard on him,he fights in his sleep,if there’s a loud tire blow,he gets shaky and get down,he has PST,he finally got a disability check after months of waiting,I was in a car accident which left me on a cane among other injuries,I can’t work,I’ve worked since I was 16 and can’t get ssi or social security,if I leave my husband,I was informed I can get ssi,because I was going back to college two years prior to be disable,I can’t get ssi,so the 250 will be great for us,we are staining just to make ends meet,maybe if Obama had given the vets or disable some that money that was given to the large companies,we could have paid some of out bills off,but we are two people who has struggled to raise 7 children working and now ,my husband deserve to get get more as well as all our vets who has served this country.I’m almost in tears just thinking,I could have lost my husband,I lost my brother in the war.

  66. Michael Eden Says:

    Please thank your husband for his service from me. And thank you for staying with him. Like you said, he deserves it.

    Vietnam veterans were thrust into a terrible situation. The average age of WWII veterans entering the war was 26; the average age for Vietnam soldiers was 18. The earlier generation’s warrior’s already had their identities formed; the too-young Vietnam generation did not get that needed time before being thrown into an environment FAR more foreign than anything the WWII generation experienced.

    On top of that, the political left proved that they were entirely evil in their treatment of our noble men and women whose only “crime” was answering the same call to serve that previous generations had. After demonizing our soldiers and our country and undermining the war (a war we COULD have won, btw: the Tet offensive resulted in the annihilation of the Viet Cong; from that point on, it was an increasingly conventional war. But the left turned Tet – which was an incredible military victory, into a political defeat for the US.), the people who caused the US to pull out with tail-between-legs just shrugged their shoulders and walked away when the very communist governments they had praised proceeded to murder 2.5 million Asian people. May they rot in hell for that, and for how they treated your husband.

    I hope – and will pray – that your family gets what it needs to stay above water.

    My condolences for the loss of your brother. All we can do is honor those who have fallen in their service for the goal of an ultimately better world.

    Vietnam was one battle in the Cold War. At a time when it was madness for the world powers to war in a nuclear age, wars such as Vietnam became the “battle fields” for the Cold War. In Soviet and Chinese communism, America was fighting an ideology every bit as hateful and as evil as Nazism. And thanks to your brother’s, and your husband’s, service and sacrifice, democracy prevailed. I hope you can take pride in what they did, even in your sense of loss of what was taken away from your family.

  67. Terry Says:

    I was 18 when I was ordered to go to Viet Nam. That was in 1965, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

  68. Michael Eden Says:

    I presume you are commenting on my last comment (to Faithkeepers) regarding the destruction to identity that being thrust into war too young produces.

    I had a guy once say that Vietnam vets were “pussies” because unlike other generations, they couldn’t “hack it.” That seemed so wrong to me, but I didn’t know what to say. Which led me to find out why that guy was so wrong.

    The average age of WWII soldiers was 26; it was about the same with Korean War soldiers. Vietnam was so different, with much younger men being transported to the most alien environment in the world for Americans into a totally and radically different form of war than any we had ever fought. Add to that that our political leaders wanted us to fight, but wouldn’t let us win (i.e. couldn’t invade North Vietnam or interdict the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Cambodia), and you’ve got all the makings for a form of insanity that only a Vietnam Vet can truly understand. And then you add to that the hateful reception vets got when they returned home (the closest thing most Vietnam vets got to a ticker tape parade was having bags of feces thrown at them), and one can only imagine.

    When I joined the Army in 1983, all my senior NCOs were Vietnam vets. Every single one I ever had, from boot camp to my infantry unit, with every school in between. And I admired those men. I admired their service, their courage, their perspective, and their sheer toughness. And I have admired Vietnam vets ever since.

  69. justanotherbody Says:

    I’m spending my $250 on military arms clearance weps and ammo….if the government doesn’t run out of money before they get my money to me….

  70. Keith G Buell Says:

    I was just checking on information concerning the $250 stimulus check and when I should receive it. Most of all I would love to thank the US soldiers who are serving their country both at home and abroard Good Luck and best wishes in all you do. I served with Aco 2/7 Cav out of Fort Hood TX from 96-04 and miss all of the FANTASTIC men and women soldiers that I served with My heart goes out to you all. Thank You

  71. sid Says:

    I just got off the phone with a va rep and he said they will start printing checks next week .

  72. faithkeepers59 Says:

    To Michael Eden and others,thanks for your kind words,help to know people care,it has not been easy,but I do thank God for my husband’s life.I do thanks all our men and women in service for their service,the 250 will be a blessing to us,I will not leave my husband in order to get ssi or any other disability,he need someone who love him to stick by him,better or worse,sickiness,til death do us part,I do believe that,will everyone who can pray send a pray for my husband to get better.I know he will never forget but hope he can at least live a normal life sometimes.Again God bless everyone for your kindiness

  73. Michael Eden Says:

    That’s good to hear, Sid. Thanks for coming here to post that.

  74. Michael Eden Says:

    Thank YOU, faithkeepers.

    We talk a lot about the heroism and sacrifice of the soldiers who fight wars.

    We talk way too little about the heroism and sacrifice of the wives who have to help their husbands during and in the aftermath of those wars.

    A “war-wife” has to be a warrior herself; she has to fight to preserve her family; she has to bear the brunt of the effect of war – which is a maddening combination of ruthless organization and total insanity – that her husband takes home with him.

    I will be praying for you, faithkeepers. Keep up the faith! God will honor your remaining by your husband’s side, and hear your prayers.

  75. sid Says:

    Just thought I would share what I know with other disabled veterans and every veteran out in the world waiting for their well deserved stimulus check.

  76. Mike Says:

    Great point made earlier about the wifes who stood behind us all when we were in uniform….whether you were in armor, infantry, aircraft maintenance or even submarines at sea like I was, you couldn’t do your job properly if you had to worry about the home front too much.

    This big deal $250 we still haven’t seen yet, will be shared with the better half in our household. She made it possible for me to complete 20 yrs of active duty and kept the 2 kids pretty straight. At times its tempting to just tell obama where he can shove his 250 peanuts compared to what he’s handing out to so many non achievers who only spit on the nation and blame America first, regardless. Then you realize you might as well take what you can get before the dollar completely collapes….which IS coming!

  77. lostveitvet Says:

    I seen on the following information.

    We are uncertain as to the exact date you will receive your American Recovery and Reinvestment Act stimulus payment. The VA anticipates that the $250.00 payment will be issued around June 22-June 30, 2009. We ask that you allow until July 10, 2009, to physically receive this payment.

    We will issue the payment separately from your regular C&P benefit payment. You will receive the payment the same way you receive your current VA benefit, whether by direct deposit or mail. No action will be needed by you to receive this one-time payment.”

  78. Michael Eden Says:


    Thanks a lot for posting that. It sounds like that extra cash is just around the corner for vets who really need it.

  79. Michael Eden Says:

    Agree with your last thoughts re: the government’s pissing money away and the collapse of the US economy/dollar.

    And wives are, of course, the queens of the household, and should be accorded such honor.

    That said, it IS Father’s Day Sunday…

  80. John Says:

    received mine today

  81. Thomas Horne Says:

    Michael Eden,it doesn’t matter if i am a combat disabled veteran or not.
    one is no better than the other.which is more important in a car.ENGINE,TRANSMISSION,REAR END.none is more important.each one does its part in getting the car from point A to point B.same as the military.
    i wasn’t one but a cook is as important as any one else.each one and each branch does its part.i developed cancer along with heart problems,plus my ship i was on had a collision in 1969 with another and i was injured.not all people get to go into the military either,but they are just a important.our people here in the USA are our families when we are over seas.they took care of our everyone is equal to get the stimulus.i agree that we need rid of Obama.he will ruin us and rip us a new one before gets out.

  82. Thomas Horne Says:

    oh,it’s the 19th and still haven’t gotten my stimulus either.but it will come some day.

  83. Marvin Says:

    hope it makes it soon.

  84. ABerg Says:

    Well, just wanted to give an update! Got my credit this morning!
    I don’t know how the system works, but I’m on 60% disability and the last two numbers of my social. are under 20, so who knows how they’re doing it!

    I hope all of you guys are coming up soon!

  85. Michael Eden Says:

    Good to hear!

  86. Michael Eden Says:

    I won’t argue with anything you said beyond this:

    In the world of buying insurance, it’s the people who pay their dues or the beneficiaries of the policy (e.g. spouses and children) who deserve to collect the benefits.

    Veterans, more than any other group of people in America, are the ones who “paid their dues” to the country. And while a lot of other people helped to make this country great, there are and have been millions who never contributed squat, but rather leeched off of the system. And I believe those who contribute are far more worthy than those who leech.

    There are some interesting comments preceding yours and mine on this article. I actually agree that soldiers should not necessarily get “more” because of combat (beyond the respect due those who took the fight to our enemies) – because we never know when there will be a war. And ANYONE who enlists can find himself/herself in combat. It is the job of every American soldier, sailor, airman, and Marine to be prepared to fight.

    Personally, I believe that the US should be more like Israel in being a citizen and being a soldier. The two should be more related. I also think that service in the military should be a pathway for citizenship for the foreign-born. That’s just my own view.

  87. Michael Eden Says:

    John got his. If you don’t have yours by Tuesday, I’d give the VA a call.

  88. John Says:

    My last 4 are 5722 so i wonder if that helps

  89. justanotherbody Says:

    hey, well guess you all know us vets have been pushed to the back of the bus on this stimulus bill. I think they just put us vets in there as an afterthought…as in “after” social security, “after” railroad retirees, “after” SSI people…heck I’m surprised they didn’t have us wait until after everyone filed taxes NEXT year before we got ours…still waiting to see if mine’s gonna make it in…

  90. tom Says:

    I am 10% on VA, i got it this morning. everyone should have it this week.

  91. Daniel Brown Says:

    I checked my bank account and saw that this morning, Monday 22 June 2009, the $250 was Direct Deposited !!! As you can see, my last name starts with “B”. My last two od my SSAN are “07”. Hang on, the money is en-route.

  92. Michael Eden Says:

    No question about the “back of the bus” analogy. Vets are the last of the last to get stimulus checks.

    Could it be mayhap that veterans – always overwhelmingly Republican – are being put at the back of the bus because we matter LEAST to Obama? Just a theory.

  93. Michael Eden Says:

    Hope everyone gets their checks this week.

    Frankly, I’m appalled that so little information has been made available by either the VA or the federal government while there has been so much wondering going on.

  94. justanotherbody Says:

    yeah mike, the VA said they’d be “informing the public and veterans when they are about to release the funds” – as per the recording @ 1-800-827-1000 V.A. toll free number, option 6 from the main menu. The recording goes on to say that they “will post on their website @ as more information becomes available.”

    Seems the funds are going out to some, but the V.A. is keeping quiet about it on their website… anyway…hopefully I’ll get it in a few days…hopefully all of us Vets will get it this week….seems like it’s been forever since they first announced this thing was going to happen and we’re just now seeing it come about…I suppose they’ll want us to thank them for it…..

  95. lostveitvet Says:

    Still waiting as others are…I gave my 3 years 38 years ago and have been suffering the bureaucratic runaround for the last 38 years so what is a few more days?

  96. Michael Eden Says:

    It really is amazing. If you try to find official information, you end up at blogs like this one: because the VA and the federal government haven’t released ANYTHING.

    I might not have thought about how bad it is, but read through the comments to this article: there are a lot of really desperate people. And I have one rule for dealing with desperate people: DON’T JERK THEM AROUND.

  97. Michael Eden Says:

    Ah, you haven’t forgotten, even after 38 years, the #1 rule of serving in the military: “Hurry up and wait.”

    The sooner one realizes that the government is always going to make one hurry up, only to make them wait, the better off one is.

  98. Cheryl Waldrop Says:

    Well, I got my $250 deposited today. and I am guessing that everyone who has a VA disability will get theirs by the end of this month. Be patient and as Michael Eden said the “Hurry up and wait.” is so true when it is the government & military especially.

  99. sid Says:

    Just wanted to let all of you veterans to know that I have recieved my stimulus money of $250 this morning. I hope you all get stimulated soon and thanx for your wonderful forum .

  100. Diane Says:

    I have been checking the VA website everyday for updates as well as my bank account. No new info or payment.

    I called the 800# and spoke with a representative to find out about payment status. I stated the website has not been updated about release of payments. She stated that payments have slowly been released since mid June, the process that payments are released (name, ss#, etc) is unknown at this time, and to call back if I don’t receive it by 7/10. She did check the status of my payment to see if it was processes yet, and of course no it was not.

    She was very nice, but unfortunately the information given to her to relay to us is extremely limited.

  101. PAUL Says:


  102. sid Says:

    Hi , just thought I would let you all know I got stimulated this morning, I had posted this information this morning but someone deleted it , oh well I wsh you all a stimulated day.

  103. Michael Eden Says:

    Glad to hear that you finally got that $250.

    And you’re most certainly welcome.

  104. Michael Eden Says:

    Maybe THAT’S why vets got their money last. The government knows we’re USED to hurrying up and waiting, and they figured we’d be shocked if we didn’t have to.

  105. Michael Eden Says:

    Thanks for supplying that “complain if you don’t get your stimulus check by July 10” info, Diane.

  106. justanotherbody Says:

    Well, still haven’t gotten mine yet, wondering if anyone else is still missing theirs. Just FYI my last 2 ss numbers are 58.

  107. Marvin Says:

    Just read this today. Guess I will not get one after all. Why did they not say this before?

    To be eligible for the $250 payment, VA beneficiaries must have received compensation, pension, dependency and indemnity compensation (DIC), or spina bifida benefits at any time between November 2008 and January 2009. Also, beneficiaries must reside within the United States or Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. No application is necessary. VA will use its existing payment records to determine eligibility for the $250 payment.

  108. Thomas Horne Says:

    Diane,i’ve been checking the website and my bank every day as well and this morning june 25th,and nothing as of yet.i have been getting my disability pension since 1989.i got last years.and got a letter back on may 26th this year about this one.But that’s the last i have heard.when it’s a direct deposit,it’s a computer program function,so it ain’t like hand writing or printing out a bunch of’s just a matter of a few seconds to do the i don’t understand what the problem is for it taking longer for one person than it is the other.stimulus is suppose to in order to do it.looks like they would have released all of them at once so the people could flood the economy with what little they get.seems like they are doing like Obama said.spread the wealth,only over a long period of time.he ain’t no more than a black Jimmy Carter.useless in other words.his approval ratings are dropping like a one egg custard.i cannot stand looking at him let alone listening to him.

  109. Mike Says:

    Well my handout arrived yesterday in my bank account….

    Never asked for it, never requested anyone to hold my hand but it came anyway….so, I will give half to the disabled veterans association of america and hold the rest to pay the income tax next April. How sad that we have no grownups in charge in Wash DC that are willing to say STOP with the spending!!

    The value of the dollar is going to crash and burn and we all will suffer in the time to come….but no one seems to care!

  110. Michael Eden Says:

    I noted that Thomas Horne (who commented today) hadn’t received his either.

    I’m frankly not sure whether the SSNs have anything to do with distribution or not. If it was, it would have been nice for the VA to post the info so veterans could know when to expect it.

    Be patient: not because the government deserves it, but because it’s the best way to stay happy, healthy, and sane.

  111. Michael Eden Says:


    There’s a LOT of things they should have said, but for some reason never bothered to say.

    It’s weird: the more bizarre and untrustworthy the government becomes, the more they want to enter into every aspect of our lives and control everything.

  112. Michael Eden Says:

    In the hierarchy of insanity, giving the people “stimulus” money is at least better than most of the things they end up doing with it.

    When you think about the $787 billion stimulus package (which actually will cost $3.27 TRILLION), you realize that the overwhelming majority of it has been and will be just pissed away. It will go into the pockets of Democratic powerplayers for political patronage. Or it will get wasted on bizarre projects.

    Had they dropped the “stimulus” over the country by high-flying jets, it would have been more intelligent and more useful than what is being done with it. It is both amazing and sad.

  113. Thomas Horne Says:

    i just learned why they said if you don’t receive it by July 10th to contact them on the stimulus.once asked about it she said they will investigate it.this is so they can put you off til august on asking about it again.

    it is so strange from the way we are all treated,the government can’t figure out why we have lost all respect the elected order to get respect,you have to give it.the main qualifications for being an elected official is two faced and cheat the ones who elected you into office.

    how many remember years ago when members of congress all had thousands upon thousands of dollars in hot checks out and nothing was done about it.all was forgiven.if we write a $5 hot check we could end up in jail.if prices of things go up out here,they write their own pay raise to make up for it.members of congress shouldn’t be allowed to hold office as long as they do.two terms like the president is how it should be,not for life.JMO.i am sick of them.

  114. Thomas Horne Says:

    i spoke to an official at the VA this morning.and was informed that it was going by the last two digits of our ss number.mine being 78 made it rank next to last she said but i was in process of being credited the $250 stimulus she said.she said it takes about four or five steps in the computer system to finalize the deposit.the computer checks with other agencies such as ss and railroads and other places to make sure we don’t get paid double.she said some may get by the system and get two deposits,but it will be caught later if the person doesn’t report it.and it may be considered fraud if someone gets it double and doesn’t report it and return one of the a word to the wise.if anyone out there has gotten it twice,i suggest doing the right thing and call them before your caught up with.we don’t want to be like the ones in congress and rip off the government.

  115. Gil Almodovar Says:

    Hello to all veterans, and thank you for your service!

    I’m going to keep it short, I received my $250 today. I plan to take my family out to dinner with this money.

    One more comment, this country is changing too fast and we all must be vigilant about what’s going on with this government.

    Keep America green!

  116. Michael Eden Says:

    Obama sent your check to a guy who has been dead for fifty years. And who was never even a citizen of the US to begin with.

    Sorry for the clerical error. But we’re the government; what do you expect?

  117. Michael Eden Says:

    No, Thomas. Don’t cheat the federal government. Leave that to your government officials, like “Turbo Tax” Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Tom Daschle, and a host of other bureaucrats instead.

  118. Michael Eden Says:

    Don’t know if you’ve already taken your family to dinner. $250 ought to buy quite an evening! Trust that it will be a great event.

    I’m not worried about keeping America green; I’m worried about keeping America “in the black” (i.e. solvent).

  119. justanotherbody Says:

    Well, like I said, didn’t get mine friday, waiting to see if it comes monday..probably gonna skip over me as usual…make me call and cuss someone out, then they’ll have a bed for me at the V.A. hospital

  120. Michael Eden Says:


    Don’t go and cuss yourself crazy. The people at the other ends of the phone are usually just ordinary people who are trying to help. Some of them USED to be ordinary people who started out trying to help, and gave up when the bureaucracy was too much for them.

    Now me, if I got a “chance” to yell at one of the policy weasels who made all the rules that screwed everything up, I probably WOULD yell myself crazy, and end up getting “medicated” in a bed somewhere myself.

  121. Thomas Horne Says:

    Michael Eden,if you have any strings you can pull any where read and think about this.
    this may or may not be a good idea,i haven’t really thought it thru.but what if the government had all three credit reporting agencies to delete every ones bad credit files that is on their lists and let everyone start over.if the big ones like general motors and others are given a second chance,why not let the citizens of the united states have another chance.let people get credit again that got over loaded just like they did is what i am saying.the should just wipe the slate clean for everyone.just a thought

  122. Diane Says:


    I am still waiting too. I am not sure if I received last years VA stimulus. I file jointly with my husband and we did receive a stimulus, but I am not sure if my VA status was considered in the process. I was unaware about last years VA stimulus until a few weeks ago. I have been collecting VA compensation since 1996.

    I voted for Johnny boy. I will admit if I knew back then what I know now Mikey Mouse would have my vote. I was raised in a Republican house with conservative views. I find myself at crossroads with Democrats and republicans. They are one in the same guilty of robbing our tax payers money for generations to support their bogus agenda.

    The recent bill they are trying to pass is nothing more than a tax on carbon foot print. Like the book Chicken Little “the sky is falling” they are ensuring to never let a disaster go to waste. One of my pet peeves are those they cry wolf and our government has become a pro at that. The government does not have a pot to piss in nor a window to through it out. Is this because of bad luck, a mishap, not enough regulations, too much regulations, or design?

    I would rather be prepared and hope for the best then find my self in worse case scenario down shits creek without a paddle.

  123. Thomas Horne Says:

    would you believe what i just heard on FOX NEWS.Obama is already considering a 2nd stimulus package this year.and i haven’t even gotten the first one yet. now if they do it,and he really wants to boost the economy i have a suggestion. i have no idea what the amount is going to be,but lets say $500 per.if they would give it to everyone at the same time and say spend it as soon as you get it,do not leave it in the that may do something.and the way to handle that is to issue everyone a debit card for the amount and have it to expire in say 30 days from activation.that would give folks a reason to hurry and spend it.probably wishful thinking,but that’s how i would handle it.

  124. Michael Eden Says:

    The difference between McCain and Obama was the difference of being stabbed in the gut versus having your throat slit wide open. The former hurts real bad and could kill you; the second is guaranteed to kill you fast.

    Personally, I am proud of my vote for McCain. Bad for the country, but not catastrophically bad the way Obama is.

    A vote for Mikey Mouse – while I understand the feelings – would have amounted to a vote for Obama.

  125. Michael Eden Says:

    They’re being coy about it, saying “not yet.” But, yeah, if the first stimulus is proven to be bad, the liberal solution will be to have MORE of the first thing that was bad. That is ALWAYS the way liberals think.

    First they create a disaster, then they take advantage of the disaster by doing more of the very thing that was disastrous in the first place.

  126. Michael Eden Says:


    I’m sorry, but I am one of those who believe that people are responsible for their own debts, and their own bad decisions.

    How would it be fair to all of those who only bought what they could afford, and who saved and scrimped rather than spent and splurged, suddenly being expected to pay for people who ran around with brand new cars every couple of years, and houses they could never afford, and toys to play with on the river, and motorhomes, etc. etc.? How would that be fair?

    I often go for walks in my community. It’s amazing: of the people who went under, and whose houses are now sitting empty, most of them had all the toys in their garages. I drive a 10 year old car that is bought and paid for (although I have a couple old “classics” as well), and find the people who constantly lease new cars (and pay 2-3 times as much in the process) irrational. Why should I pay for their excess?

    My grandfather was wiped out during the Great Depression. He refused to take bankruptcy because he believed it was right to pay his debts, rather than have them erased.

    Personally, had I been him, I would have taken the bankruptcy, and then offered to pay the debts, rather than lose my farm. But I remain my grandfather’s son. People should pay their debts, not expect someone to bail them out so someone else gets stuck with my tab that I ran up.

  127. anthony Says:

    He i just called the Va they said i would be recieving my stimulus payment tommorow and my last 2 of my ss is 59. i had a question if anybody could answer. i blew my knee out in fort polk. while training to go to afghanastan in 2002. i was stationed at ft. drum. i ended up tearing my mcl and my acl. the army grafted from my hamstring and after my surgery my knee still popped out i they gave me the option to get medically discharged 5 months before my ets because my company was heading out so either i get medically dicharge or i deploy with them and stay an extra year past my ets in the desert. they rated me 20 percent because i had hardware put in my knee. well the VA only gave me 10 percent since than ive had another surgery replacing my acl and mcl and removal of my miniscus. should i be getting more than 10 percent?

  128. Michael Eden Says:

    It sounds to me like you should file a new claim with the VA.

    You can go to a VFW post and they’ll help you in every way. Or go to the Military Order of the Purple Heart and they’ll work with you.

    No harm trying.

  129. John J Says:

    I would say you should be getting at a minimum 20 %. I got out on a medical discharge when I injured my right knee and my back. I have had no surgery, only physical therapy and I am rated 20%. Keep Trying!

  130. Thomas Horne Says:

    Anthony,a blown knee can be serious later on in life,trust me.
    Michael is right.go to the VFW or and contact you VA representative,and if you don’t know who it is,call 1-800-827-1000,and speak to someone about who it is in your area.and file a new claim.
    I’m in Arkansas,so i go to Ft.Roots where mine is.if you happen to be in Arkansas,go to building 65 room 120 or ask once you get have to stay on top of them about it.good luck.
    my last two is 78,so maybe my stimulus will be in soon.hope so i could use some things for my computer and some odd and ends.

  131. justanotherbody Says:

    Ok, called V.A. again today…they said they were going to be dispersing the money until the 10th of July….if I don’t get it by then, call back…lol

    Guess it’ll be Christmas before I see it the way this is going…

    msnbc has an article here

    In the table at the bottom, it says the V.A. has 35.1M to spend and they’ve only spent 1.7M as of 6/19/09 so they’re dragging their feet on this…

  132. Thomas Horne Says:

    i agree Michael,however GMC is getting a break,and we are just as important.
    they should have been made to file chapter 13th.instead of our taxes bailing them much for that.

    if something ain’t done quickly,Obama is going to put us so far in debt we will never get out.he has got to be the worse president i have ever seen and i have seen 4 decades of them respectively .even as much as i disliked Jimmy Carter,i liked him better than i do Obama.he is about as next to nothing as you can get.i don’t think he could do anything bad enough to get booted out,even if he was an axe will cause a war if he gets ousted for anything no matter what it is.

  133. justanotherbody Says: sent me an email with a link to a press release dated June 29th that states that the V.A. started releasing the payments Monday, yet some Vets say they received theirs before Monday.

    The article states also that the remainder of payments will be released Tuesday. (not holding my breath). So hopefully this is true, but we’ll see. heh Oh, here’s the link.

  134. Thomas Horne Says:

    well i got my stimulus this morning,and a letter on line from saying all veterans that have it coming would get it by today june 30th.

  135. Thomas Horne Says:

    VA Begins Stimulus Payments to Veterans

    Week of June 29, 2009
    The first $250 payments to veterans as part of President Obama’s recovery plan were sent Monday, and officials at the Department of Veterans Affairs said all payments will be distributed by June 30. As part of the recovery plan, VA is making one-time payments of $250 to eligible veterans and survivors to offset the effects of the current economy. VA estimates $500 million in payments will be made to approximately 1.9 million veterans and eligible beneficiaries as part of this measure. To learn more, read the full article on

  136. lostveitvet Says:

    06/30/09 US TREASURY 220 VA ERP 063009 $250.00

    Yep I finally received mine this morning around 3AM, the last 2 digits of my SS# are 91.

    Hope the remaining veterans that have been waiting also received theirs.

  137. Michael Eden Says:

    I most definitely agree that GMC should have declared bankruptcy and either been broken up or restructured. They shouldn’t have received a bailout. That said, two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Also totally agree with your take on Obama. Bottom line: he has never loved this country. He wants to reshape it and make it in His image, rather than restore it in the founding fathers’ vision. He HATES the founders’ vision. Which is why I hate HIS vision.

    There’s not much time left to save this country. The debt will crush us, and turn us into a banana republic. And not very long from now.

  138. Michael Eden Says:

    Very glad that veterans are finally starting to get their stimulus money.

    Kind of a shame they were last, rather than first. But better late than not at all!!!

  139. Mike Says:

    A bit off the topic but all the posters here should be aware. The rough plan for Obama’s “free” healthcare includes provision to severely restrict the retired military TRICARE for life benefit, due to “overuse”. It effectively ends the legislated benefit the armed forces earn during their active duty, and installs a $4000 per yr deductible fee, per family…among other things.

    His staff sees this as a major way to recoup money for the freebies to hand out to the publc, at the expense of the military community. Don’t forget, his administration also floated the idea last spring, that returning veterans who lost limbs or suffered severe injuries in the terror war be forced to pay for their own health care instead of the VA. He backed off that real quick, but this guy hates the armed forces and will screw us any chance he gets…..the obama voters should be very happy.

  140. Tim C Says:

    Still Nothing. Wow sometime in June turns into End of June. Glad the government gives two craps about Disabled Vets. I’m still angry Chpt 31 benefits didn’t go up with GI Bill.

  141. justanotherbody Says:

    Welp, didn’t get mine, guess i’ll call them again tomorrow…argh!

  142. Michael Eden Says:

    From another Mike, let me add this: the VA is a form of government health care; but there is NO reason to think such care could be extrapolated out to the entire population. For one thing, vets EARNED their health care. They were paid substandard wages for their work effort (as any grunt who discovered he was being paid way under minimum wage figured out), and he has no rights whatsoever to sue to be compensated for any kind of failure on the part of government. Veterans Administration health care is part of the contract that the government makes with veterans. As one final thing, I personally believe that VA health staff are motivated by a “higher calling” that makes them do their jobs BETTER (and thus more efficiently) than they would if they weren’t caring for veterans.

    But when we try to add millions of people to health care, it will get worse – not better. When we consider that the same government that invented the $12,000 toilet lid is going to take control, we realize that it will become less efficient, not more. And you have to realize that rationing, and the denial of health care resources, WILL take place. If we socialize medicine, I guarantee that VA care will suffer as a result.

  143. justanotherbody Says:

    Ok, called the V.A. today. They said it’s being held because of a 20 year old student loan that the IRS has been withholding my taxes for for 18 years.

    Anyway, some deadbeat dad’s got theirs from Social Security…he didn’t get the $300 last year, so I’m thinking something is stinking at the Treasury Dept. concerning vets….g’dam government…

  144. Thomas Horne Says:

    justanotherbody,you should call them and see if you owe any more.or go and talk to a VA can file a request for a waiver for any debt other than a student loan.but if you owe any more set up a payment plan with them so,so much a month will come out to take care of ain’t the government it’s our own fault when something like this can bet.if i owe the government any money i will go to them and get it fixed before it gets out of hand.if you think you may owe any more,that’s what you should do.go to them,don’t dodge them,that make it worse.

  145. Thomas Horne Says:

    maybe another stimulus by christmas.

  146. Michael Eden Says:

    If anyone thinks things are bad now, wait until September, when the first unemployment bennies run out. Unemployment went from 6.7% when Obama was elected to its current 9.5%. It is expected to rise to 11% by next summer.

    When the unemployment benefits run out, what is going to happen? What are we going to do?

    Another stimulus? Why will IT work when the last 2 failed to do anything?

    We SO need to lower taxes to give businesses incentives to grow and hire, and use tax policies WISELY to encourage businesses – which are the REAL and ONLY source of jobs – to hire.

    As long as we have people in government who think government is the answer to our problems, we are going to fail and remain in failure.

  147. Thomas Horne Says:

    does anyone know of a good health care plans.i can go to the VA for my health problems,but i have no insurance coverage on my wife.i have looked on line and most want $180 to $300 and up monthly and $2,000 to $5,000 deductible.on a fixed VA pension,it just aint enough to cover premiums.i’m already insurance ins.utilities.
    nothing left to eat on much.

    too bad disabled veterans couldn’t take their wives to the VA,and pay so much co pay and so much for the medicines.

  148. jackie cox Says:

    i naver received any stimulus, and got an email that obama had declared me a right wing extremist for questioning the unavailablity of birth certificate, so I signed an email for impeachment , on the grounds he is not born in america

  149. Michael Eden Says:

    Obama decided that the Constitution and the founding fathers who wrote it had an “enormous blind spot.” So he basically decided to ignore it and fundamentally transform America into something entirely (and, of course, radically) different.

  150. Anonymous Says:

    My husband never received this “stimulus” and if he had, I’d send it back because I refuse to pay taxes on another “stimulus” check! Mike was in Vietnam for 3 years as an Army Ranger and came home with a permanent rash all over his body as a result of living in the jungles for 3 years and living in the rain for months on end. No thanks for any of what he did over there…..

  151. Michael Eden Says:

    It sounds like your husband was affected by Agent Orange (although I am hardly a doctor and clearly am not able to diagnose anything). Agent Orange was a defoiliant that was used to try to clear large sections of the jungles of Vietnam. They said it was harmless, but they were wrong about quite a FEW things.

    You probably already have heard of this, but here’s a link to Agent Orange and some of the effects it has been documented to produce

    Under 7 it has this:

    increased sensitivity (heat)
    increased sensitivity (sun)
    altered skin color
    loss of hair
    brittle nails

    The decision whether to accept a check is yours and your husbands. I would never tell you either way.

    P.S. Your husband has MY thanks for what he did over there. Vietnam was a long and battle in the Cold War. It demonstrated our resolve in the face of a global communist menace that had REPEATEDLY stated world domination as its goal.

    Prior to US troops getting deeply involved in Vietnam, Soveit Premier Nikita Khrushchev shouted “History is on our side! We will bury you!”

    Our veterans who fought in Vietnam were our answer that shouted back, “Like hell you will!”

    I know that Vietnam veterans never really got the homecoming they deserved. That was partially due to the way the troops came home in so many stages (versus WWII where they stayed until the war was won), and partly due to the way too many Americans turned on their own warriors due to war-weariness.

    But your husband’s service and sacrifice mattered. He bought years of time and sent the Soviet and Chinese communists a message. And I honor him for it.

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