Obama Air Force One Terrorist Route Fly-By Example Of His Hypocrisy And His Pre-9/11 Mindset

Today terror struck thousands of New Yorkers.  A large passenger jet, taking much the same route that terrorist hijackers used to strike the twin towers of the World Trade Center on 9/11, flew over them at extremely low altitude.


Just not the kind of thing you want to see if you endured the horror of 9/11.

Why on earth did this happen?

Updated, 5:52 p.m. | An Air Force One lookalike, the backup plane for the one regularly used by the president, flew low over parts of New York and New Jersey on Monday morning, accompanied by two F-16 fighters, so Air Force photographers could take pictures high above the New York harbor.

But the exercise — conducted without any notification to the public — caused momentary panic in some quarters and led to the evacuation of several buildings in Lower Manhattan and Jersey City. By the afternoon, the situation had turned into a political fuse box, with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg saying that he was “furious” that he had not been told in advance about the flyover.

At 4:39 p.m. Monday, the White House issued an apology for the flyover.

This is a mindset of “Grecian columns”-style  arrogance.  You can almost hear the words, “So let it be written.  So let it be done” uttered with all the self-worshiping imperiousness of Yul Brynner as Pharaoh.

And of course, we learn:

When President Obama learned of the episode on Monday afternoon, aides said, he, too, was furious. Senior administration officials conveyed the president’s anger in a meeting with Mr. Caldera on Monday afternoon.

So resign, Barry.  You’ve blamed George Bush for everything that happened under his administration and then continued to blame him for everything that has happened in yours.  Take a little responsibility for your own damn mess for once in your life.  This is YOUR team screwing up, and using YOUR damn plane to do it.  Is this fiasco supposed to be Bush’s fault, too?

Some in the crowd were undoubtedly terrified of a terrorist attack because they didn’t know that it was actually Air Force One flying around for a photo op.  But I wonder how many Americans looked up and saw Barry Hussein’s jet  barreling down on them and thought, “I knew it!”

This IS the guy who just released memos showing terrorists how to resist future interrogations, after all.

Now, one thing this incident shows is Obama’s blatant hypocrisy.  His administration could have easily photoshopped Obama’s fancy new jet against the Manhattan skyline, and nobody would have been the wiser.  But no.  Instead, the people who perennially lecture the rest of us on energy consumption and greenhouse gasses spend several hundred thousand dollars on jet fuel that dumped dozens of tons of greenhouse  gasses into the atmosphere for a stupid photo op.  Kind of like the one Obama took when he flew to Iowa so he could stand in front of a damn windmill on earth day.

Apparently, the worst thing that can happen to our environment is for Barack Obama and Al Gore to preach about the threat of global warming doing their version of “the midnight ride of Paul Revere” from carbon-spewing jets.

Keep that in mind the next time you hear a finger-wagging lecture.  Make Obama buy his own damn cap-and-trade carbon credits.  With his own damn money.

But, far more, this is a case study in a PRE-9/11 mentality.  Nobody at the Obama White House is thinking about a terror attack.  It won’t happen; no one would DARE attack the messiah’s country, after all.  The world is wonderful again because that evil Bush is gone and Obama is leading the world into freedom and happiness.  So we can bare our collective throats knowing that the terrorists would NEVER saw our heads off while Obama is president.

I think it is safe to say that absolutely nobody in their right mind would even contemplate flying a passenger jet at low altitude over New York if they were even remotely thinking about 9/11.

I guess the administration had ONE thing right with all its politically correct euphemisms: Obama’s fly-by wasn’t a “terrorist attack”; it was a “man-caused disaster.”

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10 Responses to “Obama Air Force One Terrorist Route Fly-By Example Of His Hypocrisy And His Pre-9/11 Mindset”

  1. idea4u2 Says:

    Scare Force One – The photo op flight conducted by the White House over NYC on Monday morning has been described as a “mistake”. Not only did it scare the pants off the NYC residents and workers… it now has an estimated cost of $328,835. Seems to me a lesson in Photoshop would have been much cheaper. http://pfx.me/Ka

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Thanks for providing the dollar figure. I heard the number (released by the Air Force), but didn’t jot it down.

    It’s a “Dumb and Dumber” moment. Apparently, the feds KNEW it would cause panic, and did it anyway – even insisting that the information be kept under wraps so that MORE panic would be created.

  3. Jerome Garcia Martino Says:

    Obama didn’t have anything to do with this….and he was furious about it. The Department of Defense, mainly Cheney’s left over cronies, pulled this stunt on their own, using a back-up Air Force One that Obama was not aboard.

    They even threatened local goverment agencies to keep it under wraps.

    Who are the real terrorists?

    Obama will get them weeded-out though.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    It’s too bad that people like you didn’t have that same “fair” attitude when Bush was President. Bush wasn’t responsible for Abu Graihb (sp?), but he got demonized for it anyway. Bush, Cheney, and Scooter Libby got demonized for “outing” Valerie Plame, but they got demonized for it anyway. Libby got convicted in the most rabidly liberal region in the country for being a Republican. Bush wasn’t responsible for the total failure of New Orleans, its surrounding country, and the state governments, but he got demonized for it anyway. Mayor Ray Nagin was so incompetent that he allowed 2,000 school buses to be parked and locked in neat rows (to be ruined) when there was plenty of time to use those buses to save poor residents – but he just blamed Bush for his own criminal stupidity.

    The mantra was, “It’s Bush’s watch; he’s responsible for everything.”

    Well, now it’s Obama’s watch. Liberals demonized Bush for every “failure” in North Korea (Bush alienated and divided the world); but now it’s OBAMA who “ALIENATED NORTH KOREA” such that they are about to go fully nuclear on OBAMA’S watch. And suddenly it’s not Obama’s fault when EVERYTHING was Bush’s fault.

    The guy who made this decision was an Obama political appointee. Bush had allowed the MILITARY to determine Air Force One’s use. Obama kicked the military out and stuck his own political hack in there.

    And you want to say Obama isn’t responsible?

    Don’t you dare whine to me about not blaming Obama after the last 8 years, you hypocrite. The only thing Obama will “weed out” is conservatives because he’s a hard-core political ideologue rather than any kind of legitimate leader.

  5. Durned Furriner Says:

    If it is indeed true that New Yorkers were, ahem, “terror-struck”, then it reflects very poorly on them. London, for example, suffered through an entire war and much of it was flattened; it also had to deal with the recent bombing of the London Underground. Yet you won’t see Londoners running in panic every time a jet flies over. Where’s New York’s “blitz spirit”?

    Quite apart from which, the chances of a terrorist cell using that particular attack vector again are virtually nill. Successfully hijacking a plane requires keeping the passengers calm; they have to believe they’ll get out alive or they won’t cooperate. If some punk tried that stunt with the boxcutters today, they’d be mobbed instantly. Not to mention the asinine levels of airport “security” that stop you from taking tweezers and toothpaste on aircraft, of which I might mention JKF is one of the worst offenders.

    I am not scared of commercial jets, and neither should you be; “evacuation of several buildings” indeed.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    My goodness.

    You DO know that WWII is over, don’t you? You DID read that somewhere? And you ARE aware that the terrorists are STILL trying to kill us any way they can?

    During the Blitz over London, do you seriously think that the sight of German bombers wouldn’t have created panic? You don’t think people would have ran for cover?

    Only a few years ago, New Yorkers suffered the most terrifying and devastating attack in American history when 3,000 human beings were murdered when a 747 flew into the World Trade Center. That part of New York has been OFF LIMITS to such air traffic ever since. And then New Yorkers saw a 747 flying low over the SAME area that had been hit?

    I’m betting that if Mike Tyson punched you a hard shot in the mouth, and then later made a move like he was going to punch you in the mouth again, you’d flinch more than just a little bit.

    I’ll agree with you that some of the things that are confiscated are rather silly. I have myself lost a couple pair of fingernail scissors before I got it through my head that I couldn’t take them on airplanes. But to use that as an analogy to low-level 747 flyovers over 9/11 territory is just crazy.

    I’ve really got to marvel that there are people who drink SO much Kool-Aid that they feel compelled to defend even the most stupid and irrational Democratic actions. I Really do.

  7. Edward J. O'Neal Says:

    Why do we just keep on taking this kind of CRAP from the Obama family? Have we not already had enough of what they are really like!

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    One day the angry villagers will storm Castle Obamastein with pitchforks and torches after he’s ruined the country.

    But until then, I’m very much afraid that most Americans will keep swimming around in Obama’s crap-filled fishbowl.

  9. Robert Dodson Says:

    Hmmm… wonder if this was a little “return to the scene of the crime” arranged by those with the power to command it, for a former regular occupant of that most first of first class seats…? gee…

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    “Obama Akbar!”

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