Obama Backlash Beginning: Montana Defies Administration With In-Your-Face Gun Law

The state of Montana has drawn a line in the sand by passing a new gun law that virtually thumbs its nose at the federal government’s encroachment on state and individual rights.  If the tea parties were the first shot across the bow of liberal fascism, this is surely the second – and it’s being done with heavy artillery.

Liberals have been employing “sanctuary cities” across the nation that flouted federal immigration laws.  Now conservatives are taking that same idea to have “sanctuary states” to protect their citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights against liberal tyranny.  And Montana, Utah, and Texas are leading the nation in standing up to the federal government’s unconstitutional laws in direct violation of states’ rights.

Montana Governor Brian D. Schweitzer, for what it’s worth, is a Democrat.

Montana fires a warning shot over states’ rights
State is trying to trigger a battle over gun control — and make a point

updated 4:54 p.m. ET April 29, 2009

HELENA, Mont. – Montana is trying to trigger a battle over gun control — and perhaps make a larger point about what many folks in this ruggedly independent state regard as a meddlesome federal government.

In a bill passed by the Legislature earlier this month, the state is asserting that guns manufactured in Montana and sold in Montana to people who intend to keep their weapons in Montana are exempt from federal gun registration, background check and dealer-licensing rules because no state lines are crossed.

That notion is all but certain to be tested in court.

The immediate effect of the law could be limited, since Montana is home to just a few specialty gun makers, known for high-end hunting rifles and replicas of Old West weapons, and because their out-of-state sales would automatically trigger federal control.

Legal showdown
Still, much bigger prey lies in Montana’s sights: a legal showdown over how far the federal government’s regulatory authority extends.

“It’s a gun bill, but it’s another way of demonstrating the sovereignty of the state of Montana,” said Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer, who signed the bill.

Carrie DiPirro, a spokeswoman for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, had no comment on the legislation. But the federal government has generally argued that it has authority under the interstate commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution to regulate guns because they can so easily be transported across state lines.

Guns and states’ rights both play well in Montana, the birthplace of the right-wing Freemen militia and a participant in the Sagebrush Rebellion of the 1970s and ’80s, during which Western states clashed with Washington over grazing and mineral extraction on federal land.

Montana’s leading gun rights organization, more hardcore than the National Rifle Association, boasts it has moved 50 bills through the Legislature over the past 25 years. And lawmakers in the Big Sky State have rebelled against federal control of everything from wetland protection to the national Real ID system.

‘Made in Montana’
Under the new law, guns intended only for Montana would be stamped “Made in Montana.” The drafters of the law hope to set off a legal battle with a simple Montana-made youth-model single-shot, bolt-action .22 rifle. They plan to find a “squeaky clean” Montanan who wants to send a note to the ATF threatening to build and sell about 20 such rifles without federal dealership licensing.

If the ATF tells them it’s illegal, they will sue and take the case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, if they can.

Similar measures have also been introduced in Texas and Alaska.

“I think states have got to stand up or else most of their rights are going to be buffaloed by the administration and by Congress,” said Texas state Rep. Leo Berman.

Critics say exempting guns from federal laws anywhere would undermine efforts to stem gun violence everywhere.

Hot Air has the text of the law, titled:


This is defiance as a thing of art:


It is a determination to keep fighting for one’s freedom no matter how hopeless things might look:


And why is this level of defiance necessary? An image worth a thousand curses suffices by way of explanation:


Don’t think this isn’t a direct response to Barack Hussein.

Gun and ammunition sales have soared out of naked fear of Obama.

And for good reason: Obama is pushing a treaty to ban reloading. Liberals are trying to regulate the components of ammunition as explosives and thus restrict ammunition. Liberals in California are nakedly attempting to circumvent the 2nd Amendment by regulating ammunition, hence making guns useless.

And the liberal campaign to deprive Americans of their 2nd Amendment guarantees (even as they discover “penumbras and emanations” in the Constitution that let them kill babies) is only a distant side issue in the massive government takeover of American society. Obama’s massive spending – more than every president from George Washington to George W. Bush COMBINED – will leave this country with an insurmountable national debt that would exceed 82 percent of the overall economy by 2019 and threaten this country’s very survival. We are now on the hook for $12.8 TRILLION dollars in government spending and commitments in the brave new world of the Obama economy.

We’ve got a president who is firing CEOs, stacking boards of directors, changing the rules for the auto manufacturers’ bankruptcy filings in order to favor the unions that supported him over the secured creditors. And if they don’t like it, they are met with frightening threats from the administration and death threats from union members. If that isn’t bad enough, we’ve also got card check on the horizon, which would allow union thugs to intimidate workers into unionizing with the union allowed to know exactly how each worker voted.

We’ve got a president who won’t let banks repay bailout loans (which in many cases were literally forced on them in the first place) so he can continue to impose onerous terms and conditions on them and control what they do and how they do it.

We’ve got a president who is planning to nationalize health care – and the one-sixth of our economy that it represents – even as he moves to impose costly and burdensome cap-and-trade regulations that would (in Obama’s own words) necessarily cause energy prices to soar.

And we’ve got a president who is attempting to nationalize student loans such that private lenders are phased out altogether. If Obama gets his way, the government will loan directly to families and students, making them directly indebted to the federal government. The government will necessarily get to decide which students, which schools, and which academic programs get loans.  An option for students is to repay their loans by means of “national service,” which already precludes any type of religious service whatsoever. The potential of liberal big government harnessing student labor to staff liberal organizations such as ACORN is becoming all-too real.

We have a new administration that moved to criminalize political differences by targeting Bush officials as war criminals, even as returning veterans and pro-life Americans are labeled as “rightwing extremists” in a DHS report sent out to the nation’s law enforcement agencies and police departments.


I’ve been saying something over and over in different ways. What the liberals are doing now will ultimately result in a “rightwing” backlash. What is true in physics is true in politics: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Liberals are pushing and pushing and pushing through one new massive spending program and one new policy after another that will change and undermine this country forever afterward.

Under Obama, terrorism is now called an “overseas contingency operation” and terror attacks are now nothing more than “man-caused disasters.”  In attacking the CIA as a means to attack Bush, Obama has created a depressed, sullen, and angry morale which promises to transfer into “cover your ass” caution and bureaucratic gamesmanship.  He has undermined our security to a shocking degree.  If we are attacked, this country will swing so far to the right so fast it will be absolutely unreal.

But even if we are not attacked, our country will likely implode under its own weight: trillions of dollars of reckless spending will have that effect as our dollar devalues and our interest payments on the debt begin to soar when inflation begins to take its toll.  Ultimately our taxes will skyrocket due to all of this spending.  CBS News has an article from March entitled, “If China Stops Lending Us Money, Look Out.”  Well, guess what?  They’re doing exactly that.  They’re canceling our credit card.

In a poll of chief executive officers taken prior to the election, 74 percent of the executives said they feared “that an Obama presidency would be disastrous for the country.”  And some of the CEOs predicted that “some of his programs would bankrupt the country within three years, if implemented.”  And with the Congress in nearly total Democratic control, they ARE being implemented.

When Obama and the Democrats bankrupt the country and undermine our entire social structure with massive spending programs and massive bureaucracies that cannot be undone, which direction will the country turn?  And how complete will that turnaround be?

Liberals are ignoring one ominous warning of popular outrage after another, claiming that conservatism and the Republican Party are dead.  And they will likely ignore what is going on in Montana – which is led by a Democrat governor – as well.  They are doing so to both their party’s and their country’s peril.

Montana, you’ve done a great thing for liberty, which is freedom from the growing tyranny of the smiley-face-fascist nanny state.

The backlash against big government liberal tyranny is beginning.  And it will become larger and hotter as Obama’s policies take their toll.  Let us hope that the spark turns into a fire before – rather than after – Obama has done too much damage to recover from.

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14 Responses to “Obama Backlash Beginning: Montana Defies Administration With In-Your-Face Gun Law”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Great Post. I hope more states will enact similar legistlation (on a variety of issues, not just gun legislation). I firmly believe the Fed Govt has gone WAY beyond it’s proper role. They need to be attacked from every angle–by individuals voting, writing, speaking out, tea parties, states reasserting their rights, alternative media exposing corruption, and ordinary people waking up and keeping an eye on Congress. Blogs like this one are a great resource–thanks.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    There’s discussion (just theoretical now) for what would happen if 30 states (60%) voted to cut the federal government off by withholding taxes. If a substantial movement in the states began to occur, the threat ALONE would be enough to force Congress to dramatically alter its ways.

    That may not happen, but the Montana gun right story at least provides hope.

    You are entirely right. Something has to be done to force the government to stop its spending. A liberal agenda is always bad enough; but when you couple it with a government that is willing to spend literally trillions of dollars to implement that liberal agenda, you are looking at a truly terrifying entity in the state.

  3. hl Says:

    Great post! GO MONTANA!!! May many states follow your lead.


  4. Michael Eden Says:

    I just found out and added the fact that Utah is following Montana’s lead, and Texas has its own version going.

    I never thought I’d say this: “Thank God for these legislators.”

    This could be HUGE, as states either finally have their rights recognized, or states flout the Supreme Court and say, “You want our guns? Come and take them from us!”

  5. bydesign001 Says:

    God bless Montana, Utah and Texas. It may not seem like much, but it is a start. Obama and company, i.e., the government is out of control. They are refusing to heed the message and voices of the American people. Therefore, we must find another way to get it to them, by hook or by crook.

    No doubt, government will try to fight back. Obama is a vengeful man and a thief. Our government has been overrun for far too long by con men and scam artists.

    See, http://pumabydesign001.wordpress.com/2009/05/08/obamas-proposed-budget-pulls-funding-for-nypd-nuclear-threat-anti-terror-pilot-program/.

    Michael, you did a great job put this together. Thank you for sharing and God bless the honest politicians, no matter how few.

  6. Foxwood Says:

    Add Tennessee to the list. I’m working on the Louisiana front.

  7. Greg Says:

    How ironic that a Dem gov signed this while our “Republican” legislature in Florida keeps stripping away our voting and petition rights while giving away the farm to their developer campaign contributors. It is time for the Regan people to walk from the Republicans and join good Democrats at the Big Tent of the Libertarian Party.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    Thank you, bydesign. And thank you most of all for being one who recognizes the truth and who is willing to stand up for it!

    Obama WILL fail. His plan for the country heads us in the absolute wrong direction. The only question is whether we will be able to bounce back from the calamity he is leading us toward.

    People say, “The stock market is looking better! Things are improving!” And I remember my history and realize that the stock market improved following the October 1929 crash as well – and then plummeted.

    Others say it was all the stimulus that did it. All the money HAD to have some kind of impact (like electricity; you can make a corpse jump up and down with enough voltage). But what about the following years when our currency devalues, our debt interest payments skyrocket, and our currency deflates?

    Someone somewhere has to draw the line. Thank God for Montana, Utah, and Texas finally drawing one.

  9. Michael Eden Says:

    I’d rather have thirty good Republicans in the Senate than 50 weak and waffling ones who won’t stand up for conservative principles even when they have the numbers.

    Right now we have only a few states on our side, but every one is beautiful. I’d like to leave California like a rat leaving a sinking ship and go to a decent state.

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    I’m not quite ready to leave the Republican party yet, but I’m more willing to consider doing so than ever before.

    It largely depends on how Republicans react to the present going into the future.

    If they stand up for conservative principles and oppose Obama, I’m with them. If they act like Arnold Schwarzenegger and give into the Democrat’s agenda at every front, I’m with the libertarians.

    I’m not a Republican ultimately; I’m a conservative. And Republicans better remember that if they want my support.

  11. bydesign001 Says:

    I agree, the stock market maybe looking better, but it’s just a momentary break in the madness. Just like the stimulus plan is a band-aid, not a solution.

    Obama’s plan was to emulate the Japanese, but he failed to look further than his nose because the Japanese has been stimulating their economy since 1990 and to date are still fighting an uphill battle.

    But then for Obama and the rest of his crew, stimulus plans, TARP, TALF, the economic crisis, etc. is an opportunity for the ultimate power grab.

  12. Michael Eden Says:

    Interestingly, the Japanese began to STOP the “stimulus” madness and move toward free market systems as they realize the government band aids were failing.

    It’s just like socialized medicine. As Canada and other European countries increasingly begin to realize that such socialized bureaucracies don’t work, American liberals are saying, “Damn the failures! Full speed ahead!”

  13. kyle Says:


    Amendment 1 – Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression. Ratified 12/15/1791. Note

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Amendment 2 – Right to Bear Arms. Ratified 12/15/1791. Note

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    Amendment 9 – Construction of Constitution. Ratified 12/15/1791.

    The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

    Amendment 10 – Powers of the States and People. Ratified 12/15/1791. Note

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.




    Section 1. [Inherent and inalienable rights.] All men have the inherent and inalienable right to enjoy and defend their lives and liberties; to acquire, possess and protect property; to worship according to the dictates of their consciences; to assemble peaceably, protest against wrongs, and petition for redress of grievances; to communicate freely their thoughts and opinions, being responsible for the abuse of that right.

    Sec. 2. [All political power inherent in the people.] All political power is inherent in the people; and all free governments are founded on their authority for their equal protection and benefit, and they have the right to alter or reform their government as the public welfare may require.

    Sec. 6. [Right to bear arms.] The people have the right to bear arms for their security and defense, but the Legislature may regulate the exercise of this right by law.

    Sec. 15. [Freedom of speech and of the press. Libel.] No law shall be passed to abridge or restrain the freedom of speech or of the press. In all criminal prosecutions for libel the truth may be given in evidence to the jury; and if it shall appear to the jury that the matter charged as libelous is true, and was published with good motives, and for justifiable ends, the party shall be acquitted; and the jury shall have the right to determine the law and the fact.

    Sec. 25. [Rights retained by people.] This enumeration of rights shall not be construed to impair or deny others retained by the people.

    Sec. 27. [Fundamental rights.] Frequent recurrence to fundamental principles is essential to the security of individual rights and the perpetuity of free government.

    we need to try to git the states to declare independence from the federal government under the tenth amendment by protesting in each and every one of the states and going out and letting people know what is going on and that the federal government is trying to take are rights away by keeping the citizens of are country seared so that there willing to let the government take there right away to fill safe i think its should be considered high treason for any elected official to take bribes doing special favors for individuals companies or serene groups of people that want more money and power so that there in control of are government after all the government is WE THE PEOPLE but be hind it all the federal reserve is in-control of are government because are government is so far in debt for all the introits from the money that are or should i say we the people barrow from the federal reserve our government has how power or authority over the Federal reserve its a privately owned bank that has nothing to back up the money that it prints thats why they call it legal tender more or less monopoly money this has happened once before when are founding fathers created this beautiful country and are 3erd president tomes Jefferson seen what the banks were doing and how they were trying to control the government and he put a stop to it he striped the banks form there power to making and controlling our governments money and started the greenback ore should i say the gold standard the first time and only time our country was debt free and our money hod no introits attached to it we have come full circle for what our founding fathers fought so hard the git away from we need to start letting people know that they have right and what are government is doing is wrong and there violating our rights as citizens and want to punish us for us protecting our rights and letting people who brake the law by come here ill-legally citizen ship to them and more or less telling them good job and giving them a pat on the i think thats bull crap and the elected officials that want to promote people that commit any crime or people being here ill-legal should be healed accountable for those people how commit those crimes its time we take our country back from this cropped government that says that there representing the citizens of America when there representing the big banks, corporations and illegal immigrants in our country they need to start doing what the citizens of our country or should i say you and me tell them what to do they need to stop spending our money taking our rights away and dictating the states what to do they have the right to govern them-self’s as the people see fit in that state

    the email i sent obama
    i what to know what the hell your thinking wanting to legalize ill-legal immigrants they still billions of dalliers for us tax paying citizens, still are identity and destroy are credit, rack up medical casts for us citizens and 40% of are prisons are full of illegals but u think we are so stupid that we do know what is going on and you call us extremist for believing in what are founding fathers stood for and they are are founding fathers not your you dont know what being an American is its not about big government controlling everything and every thing the states are to control themselves as long as they abide by federal law i truly dont believe you are representing the American people because if you were you suer the hell wouldn’t be spending trillions of are dalliers and raising are taxies so you can legalize people that are braking are laws you care more about what are enemies think about u and wanting to change america to soot are enemies and the illegal immigrants then the American people
    Therese a reason why America is so different from the rest of the world it is because its WE THE PEOPLE that controls are government not the government that controls the people you are destroying every thing that my founding fathers fought and died for but you will never under stand why we americans are willing to fight so hard agents you and any one els who tries to take are rights liberty and freedoms away from us i dont know if your just stupid or just plane retarded but you better wake up and relies the american people wont take this much longer we will take are government back and restore are constitution i am sick and tired of you corrupt government officials trying to control the American people and calling us extremists for telling you we will not tolerate this insubordination amy more

  14. Michael Eden Says:

    The late great USA.

    We voted for the worst disgrace for President and Congress in this country’s history, and now we’re going to pay for it.

    Obama has taken out a third mortgage on this country’s future to fund a massive socialist takeover of the country in the present. We will be less and less productive until the bottom drops out of our economy.

    And sadly, liberals will try to use the very failures they are creating as a ruse to create still more failures. We are looking at the next failed Marxist utopia.

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