Wicked Witches of ‘The View’ Lie by Calling Glenn Beck a Liar

Glenn Beck made the collosal mistake of appearing on a show I call “The Poo.”  It features a gaggle of wicked step sisters (and the Cinderella stand in Elizabeth Hasselbeck) – only in this version the wicked step sisters win and Cinderella loses.

In any event, Beck is on the program for all of 90 seconds before Whoopie Goldberg says she’s pissed at Glenn Beck.

Why is she pissed?

Watch for yourself (youtube):

Aside from the admittedly snotty tone Beck uses to parody Barbara Walters (and don’t think for a nanosecond that Bah-bah Wah-wah didn’t inspect Glenn Beck much the same way that Queen Victoria would have inspected a brothel), the “lie” that Joy Behar, Whoopie Goldberg, and Barbara Walters chime in to accuse Glenn Beck of committing was that Barbara came over to him, when in reality HE went over to her.

And this is suddenly a monumentally important deal.

And Glenn Beck was so shell shocked by the vicious attack that he didn’t even realize: he hadn’t actually said any such thing.

I wasted about seven precious minutes of my life that I will never be able to get back to watch the Youtube footage from “The Poo” episode.  At about 2:44 into the video segment, we get the CLOSEST thing to Glenn Beck saying Barbara came over to him:

“Clear the path.  It’s Barbara Walters and Whoopie Goldberg.  Oh, and Steve Croft.  How did they reserve seats on Amtrack when you can’t reserve seats on Amtrack?  Now, as the train took off, and Barbara said, “Glenn Beck.” And I said, “Yes, Mrs. Walters.  How are you?”

Notice, Beck doesn’t actually say anything about Barbara Walters coming over to him.  Nor does he say he went over to her.  He merely parodies the conversation that they have when they did in fact meet.

Now, the View’s wicked step sisters all proceeded to accuse Glenn Beck of lying because he said Barbara and Whoopie came over to him, when in fact he came over to them.   Whoopie Goldberg not only called him a liar to his face, but she actually called him “A lying sack of dog mess.”

And Glenn Beck – clearly taken aback – admits he came over to them, and has no idea why he would have said otherwise.

The thing is, though, Beck NEVER said they came over to him on the clip they showed him.  It was Joy Behar, Whoopie Goldberg, and Barbara Walters who were actually doing the lying.

Whoopie demands of Glen Beck, “Why did you say that with that voice, “Come over here”!?!?  But watch the damn footage: he DIDN’T say that.

It’s Whoopie Goldberg who is “the lying sack of dog mess.”

The wicked step sisters spent seven minutes torturing Glenn Beck with accusations of a lie that was itself a lie by THEM.

Then, on top of that, Barbara Walters – who I would have thought was smart enough and experienced enough to know better – calls Beck “an investigative reporter.”  And Beck responds that he isn’t an investigative reporter.  He rightly corrects her:  “I’m a commentator.”  And then the nasty witch haughtilly proceeded to conclude that Beck therefore thinks he must have no commitment to check out his facts.  Which is absurd.  Barbara Walters herself hasnt been an investigative reporter for years; does that mean SHE doesn’t have any commitment to check out her facts either?  And the answer in her case – given she’s the one who is entirely wrong about her facts – is apparently “yes.”

It was nothing but a cheap-shot rhetorical attack from the beginning.

And Cinderella wasn’t allowed to get a word in edge-wise.  Not when her pit bull step-sisters were attacking a piece of meat.

The wicked step sisters also claim that they hadn’t reserved a table.  But they offered nothing to prove that.  And Glenn Beck had THREE witnesses with him to defend the fact that a table WAS in fact reserved; and that the police escort seated Walters at that table.

The only thing Glenn Beck seemed to be wrong about was his assumption that Steve Croft – who entered the car with Walters and Goldberg – was with them.

This is exactly the kind of dishonest nastiness that we should respect from the mainstream media today: a vicious and petty attack based on lies, pursued with an attitude that indicates, “I’m outraged, therefore I must be right.”

“The Poo” lived up to its billing.  Because that show genuinely stinks.

Hopefully, the next time Glenn Beck – or any other conservative – considers going onto “The Poo,” he or she will stop, take a moment to gouge out both eyes, and then decide against it.

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12 Responses to “Wicked Witches of ‘The View’ Lie by Calling Glenn Beck a Liar”

  1. hl Says:

    I read your commentary and am so grateful I don’t have to watch the video. Watching the women of The View is unbearable to me. The very few times I have seen short segments of the show most of the hosts were so viscious to their Conservative guest it was horrible.
    I enjoyed Ann Coulter’s comment about one of her recent visits to The View, she said it was like going to a spa, she felt so young and beautiful in comparsion to those women! I laughed long and hard over that comment.

  2. Satori Says:

    Just a note for the future? “Witch” is not synonymous for the word “bitch”, which is what you’re implying these women are in your little article here. You’re insulting those of us who embrace the word Witch — no surprise, it’s gone on forever, but still………..

  3. Michael Eden Says:

    Ann Coulter is a brilliant woman – no question about it – and as a comedienne she is a genius. But she is also a shrew – which is why the left hates her so much (after all, THEY’RE all vicious shrews, as well!). I wouldn’t want to be married to Ann Coulter (imagine that sharp tongue being directed at you!), but I’m glad she’s out there.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    I didn’t intend “witch” to be a synonym for “bitch.” Nor did I mean it to attack Wiccans. I really used it in the “cartoonish” sense, i.e. the green old lady with warts on her nose who flies around on a broomstick and tries to put Bugs Bunny in her cauldron or in her stew. I see Whoopie Goldberg and Barbara Walters in THAT sense of “witch.”

    In the strict sense, I think we agree that “witches” and “bitches” are not necessarily synonymous at all. While I believe Wiccans are seriously wrong in their theology, I have met several who have been very pleasant and caring people and not “bitches” at all. Years back, I dated a girl whose mother was a Wiccan; and enjoyed her company and even her mystical view of the world. That said, I have also met a number who would meet the latter very crass term if truth to be told.

    In any event, I apologize for comparing ‘The View’ as witches. If I were a witch, I wouldn’t want to be associated with them, either.

    As I earlier said, I believe Wiccans and other witches are genuinely wrong in their worldview. But I have known enough to know a number of nice people, and I truly have no intention of insulting anyone who so identifies themselves.

    If it helps, I did specify “WICKED” witches rather than “WICCAN” witches.

  5. Dee Says:

    Actually, it doesn’t matter that Bah-bah and Whoopi were wrong because they really don’t care if it was true or not. What matters to Bah-bah is that people talk about “The Poo” and that the ratings stay high.

    It seems like the more attention they get in the media, the louder they get. Since announcing that “The Poo” is on Time’s 100 most influential list for 2009 they have become positively giddy during the show… And positively giddy = positively annoying.

    Barbara is beginning to remind me of the elderly character on ‘Saturday Night Live’ who wanders around during different skits with a deer in the headlights look while muttering to herself.

    Joy Behar reminds me of George Costanza’s mother on ‘Seinfeld’, just screeching and shrieking. Plus, she has to laugh at her own jokes… I guess to be sure that others know that she made a funny. Joy admitted recently on the show that she doesn’t really care about the guests on the show, she just wants to make “good TV”.

    Poor Sherri… I’m embarrassed for her a lot of the time. Just before Christmas they were talking about ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ song. Sherri thought that the part of the song that said ‘Eleven Pipers Piping’ was referring to plumbers working on pipes.

    But, back to Glenn Beck… He was set up.

  6. hl Says:

    Michael, On this Memorial Day weekend, I wanted to say thank you for your service to our country and to all the other service people and veterans who visit this site, thank you as well.
    Thank you for defending America’s freedoms.
    Michael, thank you also for using your talents to fight with the written word.

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    You can tell the degree to which a culture is poisoned by how – and by how much – it entertains itself.

    As brutal as boxing has always been, it is not violent enough for today’s generation. We need “cage fighting” and “ultimate fighting” now that is simply mayhem.

    Civilization went from Mozart and Bach to “gangsta rap” and hip hop.

    Our Westerns used to have a moral: the good guys ultimately stop the evil bad guys. Now our action movies routinely depict evil as prevailing – or even erase any real distinction between good and evil (with “flawed” heroes and “complex” villains). And our war movies used to depict America as hero – and now America is the engine of evil.

    And of course, as these and other outrages festered like a cancer upon society and upon the fabric of civilization itself, “The Poo” came out. The criterion for being on the panel was to be either a) ignorant, b) shockingly liberally biased, or preferably c) both a) and b).

    As commentator James Twitchell pointed out, “So television dulls perception, flattens consciousness, manipulates desire, breeds decadence, fosters escapism, insulates the senses, rebarbarizes, infantilizes, is a narcotic or a plug-in drug, mediates experience, colonizes, pollutes, encourages commodity fetishism, leads to psychic privatization, makes us narcissistic, passive, and superficial, and also increases aggression.”

    Today we have a class of lumpen professionals whose salaried wisdom walls us off from the necessity of thinking through or understanding issues – letting alone attempting to articulate them – for ourselves. Rather, they spoon feed our opinion to us like a babysitter giving a baby pablum via “the airplane game.”

    And in this day and age, the media has discovered the shocking secret that there is far more money to be made out of cashing in on the wreckage of civilization than there is from the building up of civilization.

    “The Poo” is just another example of the massive reciprocating engine of mainstream media that drives culture ever further downward and ever dumber and dumber with every single stroke.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    Thank you, HL.

    As a veteran who has become old ‘n busted, I can’t join our incredible warriors on the battlefields of Afghanistan or Iraq; but I can still fight with the power of the pen (or the corresponding keyboard and mouse).

    To quote one of the memorable lines from “Independence Day,” “We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive!”

    Liberals Statists think they have us down on our backs – and that should be our queue to fight harder for our culture than we have ever fought before. We have to fight to keep these people and their despicable amoral values away from our kids.

    And this is a fight that needs warriors as much as the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan. And in this war, mommas and grandmas make for some of our best and fiercest fighters.

  9. Reuel Sample Says:

    I disagree. I think conservatives should continue to go on shows like The View. The truth will come out. I guarantee that folks went to Glen Becks website, and that some started reading his material. As long as conservatives have their facts straight they should never fear the Left.

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    I agree and disagree.

    You present a serious point, so let me respond at some length.

    I agree that conservatives should be willing to go on different forums to try to reach new audiences. I agree that conservatives have the arguments on their side.

    But I disagree in that I think some forums are simply not either fair or conducive to intelligent discussion.

    I came to that realization watching Bill Maher’s program. If a conservative came on, he or she would have four liberals surrounding him, plus a hostile audience, and not be able to finish a single sentence, let alone a point. And on top of that, Maher – whose roots are in comedy – was able to use comedic cynicism and sarcasm to skewer the conservative so his or her arguments would be panned by default.

    I think you’ve very much got the same thing with the View. Three angry women. And two of them are trained comedians. An Ann Coulter can come into that and give a lot better than she gets (on either show). But most people don’t know how to argue with someone who uses ridicule and rhetoric rather than rationality.

    I also think that Glenn Beck provides another reason. How was he supposed to prepare to be attacked over something he clearly couldn’t believe he was being attacked with even after the attack happened? He was stunned; taken completely by surprise. Yeah, he COULD have come back at them – by pointing out that THEY were the ones who were lying, rather than him – but he was too shocked to be on his game.

    By blogging, I’ve at least learned what liberals do in their argument style. For instance, they immediately personalize an argument, and use rhetorical judo to present themselves as the offended victim and the conservative as the nasty person, just to name one. Another is to use anger/outrage, and to simply come unglued – so they can win by default when the conservative walks away.

    I certainly agree with you, Reuel, that your right that conservatives need to get out and mix it up, and learn to improve their ability to debate and argue.

  11. glennbeckbulletin Says:

    Newsflash: they’re not lying. Get the facts at The Glenn Beck Review, sharethisurlaboutglenbek.wordpress.com

  12. Michael Eden Says:

    They’re lying. I proved they were lying in my article.

    And now you’re joining them in lying.

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