Don’t Blame Jesus For the Murder of Dr. Tiller

I liked the cut of the gib of this article, accessed from the Phoenix Conservative Examiner.

Christianity in no way Responsible for Murder of Abortion Doctor

By Scott Martin
June 1, 2009

Renowned late-term abortion doctor George Tiller was murdered yesterday while attending service at his church. You’ve probably already noted that the pro-abortion crowd is making political hay blaming anti-abortion groups for the actions of the lone, nutcase-anarchist who killed Tiller.

Talking Points Memo is known as a top-shelf liberal blog (liberalism at the top lefty blogs is so complete that it extends to taking liberties even with spelling). The doctor’s body had barely hit the ground before Talking Points made the usual idiotic case that you, if you believe abortion is murder and have the temerity to speak about your belief, are responsible for Tiller’s death.

No one is fooled Reverend. No one is fooled Father. The time for your dishonet (sic) distancing of yoursevles (sic) from the logical outcome of all your rhetoric is over. Ultimately, you are guilty of this crime and need to take responsibility for the murder you have caused to be committed in your names and in the name of Jesus. Confess and repent before you kill another innocent man or woman and disgrace yourselves any further and before you bring further disgrace to your churches.

Here we see one of the more blatant problems with liberalism, the idea that the insane machinations and actions of a raving lunatic represent “the logical outcome of all your rhetoric.” I’m not quite sure how an ideology that believes that man can be made perfect fits with the idea that lunatic acts are the logical end result of preaching opposition to government policy. But only this particular policy. Perhaps you have to believe that man is only perfectible outside of God to get it. Or perhaps you have to be a nitwit.

The murder of anyone is sad. Loss of life, even when justified – which this was not – is not a happy occasion. Unless you happen to have your Talking Points Memo ready and waiting for the occasion.

The murder of an abortion doctor is news. Big news. Because it almost never happens. The loon that did this should be killed, immediately after a very brief trial finds him guilty. But liberals won’t allow any of that, especially not the speedy trial part. Not even for an eee-vil Christian.

But the left is right about one thing. This is an occasion to look at the bigger picture. As far as dangerous political groups go however, abortion opponents and their ideas don’t kill anywhere near the number of people that, say, enviro-wackos do. See malaria deaths in Africa thanks to criminalizing the use of DDT for just one example that has killed millions of people.

Likewise, the people who think it’s a good idea to promote single motherhood are responsible for far more deaths than anti-abortion activists. So are the people who want to legalize heroin. Trade unions (particularly their bosses) kill more people, as do those who oppose capitalism, like Lenin… Perhaps you get the point.

Once every year or so one of our loons kills someone or a group of someones over abortion. But anti-abortion is not an ideology founded in death, as the other side’s is. There is no cause and effect.

A person not acting on the principles of his religion, which in no way allows a person to bring another to justice without the use of law, is not a religion-motivated killing. It is the act of a maniac.

The murder of Doctor Tiller was such an act. And the left uses it to urge more people to not follow the principles of their religion?

Makes sense.

If you think Jesus would have told St. Peter to run into some Lutheran church with a gun and shoot George Tiller or anybody else, please put on this dunce cap and sit in that little stool facing the corner.

Not His style.  Not His way.  And you’re just not going to find it in anything either He or His apostles who preached His gospel taught.

As author Scott Martin points out, it’s kind of hard to compare the number of deaths attributed to the pro-life movement with many liberal movements, such as environmentalism, Marxism, or even trade unions.  And with the nearly 50 million dead human beings attributed to the pro-abortion movement, one certainly needs to include George Tiller’s own field.  On the other side of the equation, the last time an abortionist was killed in the United States prior to Tiller was in 1998.

The logic of killing abortion providers is this: “Would you kill a man who was beating his wife to death with a baseball bat?  Of course you would.  Just like you would kill a mugger who was holding a knife to your child.  All we are doing is the same thing: we are killing someone who is about to murder an innocent human life.”

The logic is simple and straightforward.  But it does one thing: it cites examples of illegal behavior (beating one’s wife to death and mugging someone with a deadly weapon) versus something that is legal albeit immoral.  As Scott Martin points out, Jesus and the Apostles taught that God appointed to human governments the right to judge and punish evil, and not vigilante citizens.  The fact of the matter is, St. Peter and St. Paul were murdered under one of the most brutal regimes in the history of the world – that of Roman Caesar Nero.  And as brutal and immoral as Nero’s regime was, neither Paul, nor Peter, nor any other writer of the New Testament ever once urged for the violent overthrow of the government, or the violent attack against any individual who was carrying out a policy (however immoral) that carried the legitimacy of law.

When the Romans came to arrest Jesus, Peter drew a sword and sliced off someone’s ear.  Jesus healed the man and commanded Peter to put away his sword, telling him, “For all who take the sword will perish by the sword.”

It is good and right to protest and decry the immoral sin of abortion.  It is even good and right to be arrested for peaceful protest against this dreadful practice.  But it is not good and right to take up weapons against those who perform abortions.  And we will never be able to end the practice of legalized homicide by means of illegal homicides.

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