Laying To Rest The Myth That AIDS Is Not A Gay Disease

There’s an advertising campaign that goes by the mantra, “There’s no LOL in HIV.” The ads are your typical “public service announcement” caliber: you watch them, and figure a pack of hyperactive ring-tailed monkeys with a video camera could have pulled something off that was at least as good.

But the ad perpetuates the constant liberal stereotype that AIDS is not a gay disease.  Sorry, but the facts speak otherwise.

I normally don’t read my paper so thoroughly that I cover the obituary section, but I saw a headline that made me stop and read this one from the Los Angeles Times.  What I would like you to do is see firsthand the chronology of the very first AIDS cases:

Dr. Joel D. Weisman dies at 66; among the first doctors to detect AIDS

Dr. Joel D. Weisman was a general practitioner in Sherman Oaks in 1980 when he noticed that three gay male patients had the same constellation of symptoms. He wound up referring two of them to UCLA immunologist Michael S. Gottlieb, who had a gay male patient with a similarly strange array of afflictions. The two doctors then wrote a seminal report that signaled the official start of the AIDS epidemic.

The Los Angeles physician went on to became a national advocate for AIDS research, treatment and prevention.
By Elaine Woo
July 23, 2009

Dr. Joel D. Weisman, who was one of the first physicians to detect the AIDS epidemic and who became a national advocate for AIDS research, treatment and prevention, died Saturday at his Westwood home. He was 66.

FOR THE RECORD: An obituary about Dr. Joel Weisman that ran in Thursday’s Section A had the first name of AIDS-research pioneer Dr. Michael S. Gottlieb incorrect as Martin. An earlier version of the online caption also contained that error.
He had heart disease and had been ill for several months, said Bill Hutton, his domestic partner of 17 years.

Weisman was a general practitioner in Sherman Oaks in 1980 when he noticed a troubling pattern: He had three seriously ill patients with the same constellation of symptoms, including mysterious fevers, rashes, drastic weight loss and swollen lymph nodes. All were gay men whose problems seemed to stem from defects in their immune systems.

The physician wound up referring two of the patients to UCLA immunologist Martin S. Gottlieb, who had a gay male patient with a similarly strange array of afflictions. Recognizing that these were not isolated cases, Weisman and Gottlieb wrote a report that appeared in the June 5, 1981, issue of the Centers for Disease Control’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. That report signaled the official start of the epidemic that the federal agency later named acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

“Joel was a very astute physician,” Gottlieb said in an interview Wednesday. “In his practice he was alert to unusual symptoms in his patients. He had a sense that something out of the ordinary was happening.”

Gottlieb, who later treated perhaps the world’s most famous AIDS patient, Rock Hudson, received most of the credit for identifying the disease.

But Weisman “contributed his open eyes. He felt right away he was observing something that was never seen before,” said Mathilde Krim, a research scientist who, with Gottlieb, founded the New York-based nonprofit amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research.

Born on Feb. 20, 1943, in Newark, N.J., Weisman graduated in 1970 from the Kansas City College of Osteopathy and practiced in New Jersey for a few years.

In 1975, he acknowledged his homosexuality and ended a three-year marriage to start a new life in Los Angeles.

He joined a medical group in North Hollywood, where in 1978 he was presented with some puzzling cases: a gay Anglo man in his 30s who had Kaposi’s sarcoma, a cancer usually seen in old Mediterranean men, and several men with shingles, another affliction normally seen in much older patients. Weisman also had a number of patients with swollen lymph glands, often an indication of lymphoma, a type of cancer that originates in the immune system. But in these cases, no lymphoma was detected.

In 1980, he opened his own practice in Sherman Oaks with Dr. Eugene Rogolsky. Weisman’s sense of foreboding deepened with the arrival of two patients who had a panoply of confounding problems: persistent diarrhea, eczema, fungal infections, low white blood cell counts.

“On top of these two cases,” Randy Shilts wrote in his definitive AIDS chronicle, “And the Band Played On” (1987), “another 20 men had appeared at Weisman’s office that year with strange abnormalities of their lymph nodes,” the very condition that had triggered the spiral of ailments besetting Weisman and Rogolsky’s other two, very sick patients.

“It was dreadful. We didn’t know what we were dealing with,” Rogolsky recalled Wednesday.

In early 1981, a colleague put Weisman in touch with Gottlieb. Two decades later, Weisman recalled that he “had a feeling going into the meeting that what this represented was the tip of the iceberg. My sense was that these people were sick,” he told the Washington Post in 2001, “and we had a lot of people that were potentially right behind them.”

He sent his patients to UCLA Medical Center, where Gottlieb found they had pneumocystis pneumonia. Gottlieb had earlier found the same pneumonia in his own patient. He later diagnosed it in two gay men referred by other doctors.

A few months after their initial meeting, Weisman and Gottlieb wrote in the CDC bulletin that “5 young men, all active homosexuals, were treated for biopsy-confirmed Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia at 3 different hospitals in Los Angeles, California. Two of the patients died.” Eventually, the other three patients died too.

The report sounded an alarm heard around the world. AIDS deaths in the U.S. rose exponentially, from 618 in 1982 to almost 90,000 by the end of the decade. By 2002 the death toll surpassed 500,000 and was still climbing.

Weisman began to press for services for people with HIV and AIDS as founding chairman of AIDS Project Los Angeles in 1983. He also helped organize the first dedicated AIDS unit in Southern California at what is now Sherman Oaks Hospital and Health Center. He advocated for research dollars as an original board member of amfAR, which was formed in 1985, and served as chairman from 1988 to 1992.

Described by Shilts as “the dean of Southern California gay doctors,” Weisman continued to see patients, building his partnership with Rogolsky into the Pacific Oaks Medical Group, which became one of the largest private practices focused on the treatment of AIDS and HIV.

As soon as he became convinced that AIDS was sexually transmitted, Weisman began to warn patients that they needed to change their sexual behavior. But during the early years of the crisis, his warnings too often were ignored. “I couldn’t even make some of my friends listen, and they’re dead now and that’s disconcerting,” he told The Times in 1988.

Among the casualties was his partner of 10 years, Timothy Bogue, who died of AIDS in 1991.

Battling the epidemic on the front lines “made me look at issues of death and dying in a very different way,” Weisman said in 1988. “What makes somebody a good physician in this situation? Is it just winning? Keeping people alive? If I looked at every death as a defeat, I would not be able to continue.”

In 1997, he stepped away from the battle, ironically just as new drug cocktails were extending the lives of AIDS patients. In 2000, he moved to New York, where he ran a bed-and-breakfast with Hutton, but he returned to Southern California about five years ago. He was an active ambassador for AIDS Project Los Angeles until illness overtook him this year.

In addition to Hutton, Weisman is survived by a brother, Mark; a daughter, Stacey Weisman-Bogue Foster; a granddaughter; and two nieces. Memorial donations may be sent to amfAR, AIDS Project Los Angeles or the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Plans for a memorial service will be announced later.

Now, before I say anything else, I would like to say that Dr. Joel D. Weisman was a truly decent and compassionate man who heroically tried to make a positive difference with his life.  And I am sorry that such a great man has passed, and extend my sympathies to his family and friends.

This article does not attack Dr. Weisman or his work in any way.  Nor does it even attack homosexuals or homosexuality, per se.

It only tries to point out an important truth: AIDS is a gay disease.  It started out ENTIRELY as a gay disease – as the obituary article clearly testifies –  and it still IS a gay disease.

It is a documented fact that the liberal mainstream media falsified a myth that AIDS was a heterosexual boogeymanMichael Fumento is merely one among many who have documented the fact that there was a clearly deliberate effort to frighten the national population to fund AIDS research and further legitimize the homosexual lifestyle.  I read Bernard Goldberg’s book BIAS: A CBS Insider Exposes How The Media Distort The News, which goes into detail to describe both the fraud of heterosexual AIDS and the media disinformation to market the fraud as fact.  And the sheer number of previous efforts to document what were clearly homosexual men as heterosexuals makes any present claims of “heterosexual AIDS” dubious at best.  It’s like the boy who cried wolf.

To the extent that heterosexuals do get AIDS, there are at least two clear primary culprits: 1) bi-sexuality, and the spread of AIDS from men who have sex with men and then have sex with women; and 2) Drug use, particularly involving the sharing of hyperdermic needles.  A 3rd culprit would be the “down low” phenomenon in which men have sex with other men and yet do not regard themselves as homosexual.  Good luck getting them to tell you about their little secret lives.

It’s interesting.  In years past, I have heard homosexuals describe the terrifying devastation of AIDS in the gay community.  I have heard homosexuals describe the fact that literally dozens of their friends had become infected with HIV or died of AIDS.  And yet I have never known a single friend or family member who has ever had AIDS in my entire life.  And some time back, when I found the question interesting due to some propaganda media report, I proceeded to ask virtually every friend and acquaintance I had if THEY had ever personally known anyone who had ever had AIDS or HIV.  And there were only two friends/acquaintances who had EVER known such people – and it turned out that both of the friends knew that the men who had contracted HIV/AIDS were homosexuals.

I would not wish AIDS on anyone, except perhaps truly evil monsters such as Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein.  I would most certainly not wish it on a gay man merely for being a gay man.  There are simply too many homosexuals who are decent and kind people – like Joel C. Weisman – for me to ever wish such a terrible thing.  And while I believe that homosexuality is a sin – as God’s Word teaches – I also realize that I, too, am a sinner.  And I confess that sin has bested me very nearly as often as I have bested sin.

God Himself will one day judge every sin and every sinner; He did not commission me to do this work for Him.

But it’s one thing to sympathize with people bearing the result of a terrible, disfiguring, life threatening disease, and quite another to participate in propaganda for the sake of advancing the gay lifestyle.  I want to do the first; I most certainly have no intention of doing the second.

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34 Responses to “Laying To Rest The Myth That AIDS Is Not A Gay Disease”

  1. pregnancy termination Says:

    I have just checked this website and I have found this website to be very useful and effective. The information that you have given about Dr. Joel D. Weisman in the article is very important. The way you have described the start of AIDS and the works of Dr. Joel D. Weisman in this field is very impressive.
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  2. Foto Bugil Says:

    Nice info, useful for my job.. thanks a lot… :)

  3. Fred Conwell Says:

    If homosexuality is a sin, as you claim, then how does it apply in regards to Jesus’ definition of sin (Mt 22:36-40). If homosexuality is a sin, who is the victim ? All sin must hurts someone by its unloving action or condition. Where is there a sin in the marriage of two Gay people? Has any legally married Gay person sued for divorce based on a homosexual act?

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    The answer to your question about Jesus is the answer to the question, “What Bible did Jesus read” and the fact that Jesus said, “Do not think that I have come to abolish (Gk: kataluo) the Law or the Prophets; I have not
    come to abolish (Gk. kataluo) them but to fulfill them” (Mt. 5:17-18). I would further point out to you that Jesus passed on His teaching through His apostles – and His apostles clearly teach that homosexuality is sin.

    It’s interesting you cite Matthew 22:36-40, because Jesus Himself is referring to the Book of Deuteronomy, written by Moses. Moses in Deuteronomy wanted to keep men men and women women (Deut 22:5), but he had a LOT more to say about the subject of homosexuality in Leviticus.

    You ask “Who is the victim?” First of all, I conclusively demonstrated that AIDS was the result of homosexual sex. Did that disease create any victims? I could go on: homosexuals have shockingly high rates of domestic violence, drug use, and suicide. The average homosexual man lives to the ripe old age of 45 years.

    And, according to Paul, human society itself becomes a victim: read Romans 1.

    God commissioned and sanctified the institution of marriage. And there are MANY marriages recognized in the Bible. Do you find even one mention in which God sanctions homosexual marriage?

    Let me say something else. Homosexuality is clearly described as a sin. Adultery is likewise so described. If a man or woman goes into a Christian church and openly celebrates adultery, I will loudly and strongly condemn and denounce that person as a despiser of the Word of God which clearly teaches otherwise. And in that same spirit, I denounce what you are trying to do: justify what God has clearly condemned as sin.

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    Joel D. Weiseman was a truly heroic figure in his work against AIDS, and should be praised and honored for his contribution to medicine.

    And yet, is story from the very epicenter of the AIDS disease is also itself a testament as to how this terrible disease started: through homosexual male sex.

    My project was to demonstrate that fact that without attacking either Dr. Weisman or homosexuals.

  6. S Says:

    Michael, The only thing this proves is that you’re an idiot. Unfortunately some people will read this bulls–t and accept it as fact.

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    Well, I’m sure they will.

    Even after that mountain of evidence you provide in your comment that so conclusively disproves everything I present.

    I get ten comments a day like yours from liberals. They have no facts, merely a lot of bitterness and a lot of assertions.

    I would submit that the very fact that I believe I need facts to justify what I say, versus the very fact that you don’t feel you need to appeal to any facts at all to justify your opinions, rather proves which one of us is an idiot.

  8. Augmata Says:

    “It’s interesting. In years past, I have heard homosexuals describe the terrifying devastation of AIDS in the gay community. I have heard homosexuals describe the fact that literally dozens of their friends had become infected with HIV or died of AIDS. And yet I have never known a single friend or family member who has ever had AIDS in my entire life.”

    1. Homosexuals are socially discriminated against, so they tend to hide their sexual orientation.
    2. Because they tend to hide it, they don’t have the same range of social settings, and thereby opportunities, to find partners. To help them find partners, they create settings specifically for that purpose.
    3. These settings result in social convergence among homosexuals.
    4. Once AIDS enters, the societal correlation that comes with the setting leads to a over-average infection rate.

    What do you think about that concept? Did I get something wrong? What do you think is right?

    “You ask “Who is the victim?” First of all, I conclusively demonstrated that AIDS was the result of homosexual sex. Did that disease create any victims? I could go on: homosexuals have shockingly high rates of domestic violence, drug use, and suicide. The average homosexual man lives to the ripe old age of 45 years.”

    Couldn’t all this be explained by the discrimination they face and its social and psychological effects? The population of african-americans, for example, also has a much higher rate of crime and drug abuse. I think you’ll agree that widespread discrimination can lead to higher suicide rates, which then lowers the average life span.

  9. Michael Eden Says:

    I’ll respond to you in three ways:

    Way 1) You begin your entire point by claiming, “Homosexuals are socially discriminated against.” Well, so are child molesters. Does that somehow justify what they do, or the damage they cause, either to others or to themselves?

    To whatever extent AIDS has extended into the heterosexual population (and pro-gays have tried to say AIDS is NOT a gay disease by asserting that many heterosexuals get it to), the fact remains that all that would demonstrate is that homosexual men inflicted a terrible plague upon society.

    Do you think you can justify the harm they have done to innocent people who have been infected and sickened due to this lifestyle?

    Way 2) Many groups of people have been terribly discriminated against. Christians can certainly claim such status; both in history, in the world today, and even in America. Among many others, I can cite examples such as Bill Maher and Joy Behar – who have said terrible things against Christians in America. Then there are organizations such as the ACLU and NOW who attack Christians. And there are many court decisions which single out Christianity for condemnation and discrimination.

    That’s just in America. When you go to many places in the world today, Christians are terribly discriminated against. In Muslim countries, for instance, it is virtually a crime to be a Christian. Many communist countries literally regarded being religious as a form of mental illness, and institutionalized Christians. And do I need to mention the millions of Christians who perished under Roman persecution?

    If you can’t show me gays being thrown into pits with lions as thousands cheered their gory deaths, I don’t think you can maintain a claim of terrible discrimination against gays.

    And yet, somehow, Christians past and present have managed not to murder themselves in suicides and drug addiction.

    Another thing to point out is that homosexuality is more accepted and even embraced than ever before, and yet the suicides and drug addiction continue to soar in the gay community.

    And there have been many other marginalized and discriminated-against groups that similarly have not so destroyed themselves that the average age of death due to their destructive behavior was 30 years younger than the general population.

    This leads to way 3.

    Way 3) I would submit to you that homosexuals hide their “orientation” because they are ashamed. And they are ashamed because they know that deep down what they are doing is shameful.

    There is a rhetorical jujitsu that many on the left embrace: they desperately seek to make themselves the victim (of discrimination or hate or whatever), and then they essentially claim, “I’m a victim; therefore I’m right, and those who disagree with me are wrong.”

    It is a twisted, and in fact depraved, form of reasoning. Let me give one example:

    Adolf Hitler (who committed suicide, btw), was sitting in his bunker. “People are attacking me. I’m a victim. Therefore my cause is clearly just, and my attackers are evil.”

    It is morally sick to make that argument. And yet I see it constantly.

    Maybe gays are “discriminated against” because their incredibly destructive lifestyle merits discrimination. But we aren’t allowed to have that debate today. It is just not politically correct.

    This young man who committed suicide after having his sex acts put onto the internet is an example of what I’m talking about. The people who did that were obviously wrong. But his suicide was a pathetic act. And yet he has been transformed into some kind of tragic hero. And his act of killing himself has been turned into a cause to lecture everyone that we must all agree that homosexuality is just fine and dandy. Which itself is part of the very discrimination against Christians (who condemn homosexuality as a matter of their faith and tradition) that I was talking about above.

    Popular culture today constantly tells me that I’m a bad person because of who I am and what I think. But don’t think for a second I’m going to kill myself if I’m “outed” as a Christian. Because deep down I know I’m right, and I know that God will one day vindicate my faith.

    You mentioned African Americans. There’s nothing about the color of black people’s skin that causes them to kill themselves or poison themselves with drugs. And they were FAR more discriminated in past eras than they are today. FAR MORE!!! And yet they weren’t killing themselves in anywhere NEAR the numbers that we are seeing today.

    It’s not the color of their skins, and it isn’t discrimination; it is a poisonous and toxic worldview that the overwhelming majority of the black community today accepts, such that blacks murder more than 60% of their own babies in what amounts to self-genocide. (Go here, and here, and here, and here).

    I’m going to submit to you that deep down, gays and liberal progressive blacks know that what they think is profoundly wrong. And it is that awareness that something is wrong in their hearts, and not anything else, that leads to their incredibly destructive behavior.

  10. Katie Says:

    Look, the evil nasty liberals are not trying to push a gay agenda with this one. Saying that AIDS and HIV is a “gay disease” has confused many uninformed people (especially young people) into thinking that they are not at risk of getting AIDS or HIV if they are only having heterosexual sex with other heterosexuals. The facts are that a person with such a mentality is more likely to get the disease.

    Please, before you go trying to politicize every little thing, examine the consequences of your choice. I think it is much wiser to warn against what you say as risky behacior, while also denouncing the terminology “gay disease”. If people would stop calling it that and realized what is at stake, the situation would probably be a lot better.

  11. Katie Says:

    *say is risky behavior

    Excuse me, I had a little typing-spasm there.

  12. Katie Says:

    Michael Eden.

    I was not initially going to even respond to your comments, but your accusations baffled me so much that I had to ask some things so that hopefully you would settle my curiosity.

    I understand that the Romans, and several other groups of long-passed history, have discriminated against Christians and have done terrible things to them.

    But you said the Christians still face discrimination today here in America. The first part is true, in the middl-east. And the second part is probably true too on a very small scale. But I’m still confused. Last I knew, the majority of Americans, and the majority of both Liberal Democrats and of Republicans in government are Christian.

    In America:
    Does the law prohibit Christians from building and attending to churches?
    Are Christians not allowed to preach against homosexuality in favor of the traditional family?
    Are Christians not allowed to make and suggest Bills that refuse to financially support abortions?
    Are faith-based Crisis-Pregnancy-Centers not funded through certain subsidies by the government?
    In the past few centuries of this country’s existence, has there been mass killings of Christians for their beliefs?
    How about small localized incidents, aside from the recent Columbine Shootings (that ripped my heart to pieces), of killings of Christians?
    Like how groups of people in small southern communities killed gay men by tying them to the back of a truck and dragging them by their genitals.
    Have any Christian people been put on trial for commmiting a crime based on their lifestyle, such as reading the bible or preaching (like how gay men were put on trial for committing sodomy)?
    Have non-Christians or gay people made any proposition or bill that suggested a vote on whether Christians should be allowed to marry in their churches (other than a satirical response to Prop.8)?
    I know that Seperation Of Church & State certainly hasn’t stopped local Christian groups from advertising “Jesus Camp” and the “YMCA” or “The Evangelical Teen Youth Group” in the local public school. And noone here is waving signs and shouting out that they are abominations outside their churches or at the schools.
    Has anyone EVER even made a THREAT to murder a Christian man or woman working at a CPC (or in their own church), like how George Tiller was murdered?
    Has anyone ever harassed people walking by a CPC that look like they might just walk into it?
    Has anyone ever bombed or threatened to bomb a Crisis Pregnancy Center?
    Is teaching Creationism in the home or at religious or private schools illegal?

    No, no, no, and no!
    So, what discrimination, pray tell?

  13. Michael Eden Says:


    Responding to your 9:14 comment.

    You know, frankly, I had not considered that saying “AIDS is a gay disease” was in any way tantamount to saying, “Only gays can possibly get AIDS.” I still DON’T think that, but you raise a valid point.

    The overwhelming majority of people who get AIDS – particularly in the US – are homosexuals and IV drug users who share needles. And while AIDS BEGAN exclusively as a “gay disease” – and that is factually proven in this article – people who share needles, people who have sex with bi-sexual men, and to a lesser extent people who get blood transfusions, could get AIDS even though they are not having homosexual intercourse.

    Homosexual intercourse is an INCREDIBLY risky behavior.

    And out of political correctness we have allowed homosexuals to FALSELY describe their lifestyle as non-threatening and harmless, when in point of fact it was completely responsible for a terrible plague upon the world. And homosexuals continue to have shockingly high rates of other terrible STDs, such as gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis and pretty much everything else you want to name.

    Homosexuality was condemned as depraved in the Bible. But that condemnation is borne out in biology – because the homosexual “lifestyle” is a biologically FILTHY lifestyle. And people should be warned about it.

    So while you accuse me of “politicizing every little thing,” perhaps you should look in the mirror. And perhaps you should consider what the ramifications of refusing to accurately describe the consequences of homosexuality upon society and upon the human body.

    Having said that, let me further say that I am a strong supporter of abstinence in unmarried people in general, and certainly in teenagers. Rather than allowing false impressions to be “understood” about sex, I am all for warning children of the terrible consequences of promiscuous sexual behavior with people who are not your spouse. Are YOU???

    Are you falsely relying upon the liberal notion that condoms cover all sins, and that as long as you “use protection” go ahead and “express yourself” with any “partner” you choose? If so, you are FAR more guilty of putting young people at risk with your views than I am with mine.

  14. Michael Eden Says:

    “So, what discrimination, pray tell?”

    First of all, your issue here has virtually nothing to do with my article. I made the remark you are writing against in regard to the argument of someone commenting. So your post has virtually nothing whatsoever to do with this article. That said…

    I would begin with your own citing of “the separation of church and state” – a concept that occurs nowhere in the American Constitution, but ONLY occurs in the officially state atheist constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – as anti-Christian and anti-religious discrimination.

    There is no question that the founding fathers had NO such understanding severing religion and government. Not only do you find George Washington saying, “Of all the habits and dispositions which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars.” Not only do you have John Adams saying, “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”, but there are NUMEROUS references to our founding fathers embracing religion and Christianity in public life.

    If that doesn’t make it obvious enough, most of the original states had established churches or official religions for going on a full century after the Constitution was ratified. Virginia and New York were officially Anglican; Massachusetts was officially Congregational, etc.

    There is simply no possible way whatsoever that our founding fathers wanted any “separation of church and state.” George Washington clearly said you didn’t even deserve to call yourself a patriot if you thought like that.

    A reading of “Men in Black” by Mark Levin provides ample documentation to the fact that many of our Supreme Court Justices have been profoundly hostile to Christianity and Catholicism.

    ALL KINDS of Christians in America have been discriminated against over that “separation of church and state” crap.

    So I don’t have to look any further than YOU to find persecution.

    Furthermore, I have PERSONALLY been persecuted for my faith. Years back, I worked at California State Compensation Insurance Fund. I had a couple of Christian items on my desk. A supervisor demanded I remove them. When I pointed out that a woman in the same department had Buddhist items on her desk, and she wasn’t being asked to remove them, not only was I singled out as a Christian, but I was verbally reprimanded for cultural intolerance. I ended up leaving that job (in spite of great benefits) because I knew what was coming. So don’t you dare lecture me about there not being any persecution of Christians in America.

    Moving on, YOU YOURSELF provide an example of a Christian martyr. At Columbine. The two killers recorded themselves making comments such as “We are no longer human, because we have evolved beyond human morality.” They were hard-core atheists. A girl named Cassie Bernall was singled out and murdered after answering “yes” about her faith. Another girl named Valeen Schnurr was asked if she believed in God and shot when she said she did. She survived.

    Jennifer Keaton was a university student who was literally told to engage in a “reeducation camp”-style “thought reform” for having Christian views.

    Google the words “churches,” “zoning,” “cities,” and “taxes” and see how many hits you get. There are all KINDS of churches being denied permission to build by cities all over America today in the name of maximizing tax revenue. Here are a few:

    There are HUNDREDS of such instances going on all over the country. So you’re just wrong when you mockingly ask, “Does the law prohibit Christians from building and attending to churches?” The answer SHOULD be no, but it’s being done in the name of the law all the time.

    You mention George Tiller and mockingly ask if any pro-life people have been similarly murdered. Well, guess what? The answer is YES. Try “Jim Pouillon.” From CNN:

    Authorities have charged an Owosso, Michigan, man with two counts of first-degree premeditated murder in the Friday shooting deaths of an anti-abortion activist and another man, a prosecutor’s office said.

    Authorities say the suspect, Harlan James Drake, was offended by anti-abortion material that the activist had displayed across from the school all week.

    Drake, 33, is accused of shooting anti-abortion activist Jim Pouillon, 63, and Michael Fuoss, 61, who were killed in separate locations Friday morning, the prosecutor’s office in Shiawassee County said.

    I don’t blame you for not knowing about that. And you why I don’t? Because the reason you don’t know about that is because the mainstream media routinely persecutes Christians by selectively reporting stories.

  15. Gert Says:

    Hello Michael Edin,

    I was following some trails of correspondence (regarding “Laying To Rest The Myth That AIDS Is Not A Gay Disease”)with great interest and I am so blessed with your responses. You are clearly a born-again child of Jesus Christ and I want to encourage you to stay true to Jesus in the way you handle critics. Keep sowing the Truth, my brother and friend, and be blessed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, the King of the universe!

  16. r pretorius Says:

    Very informative. As much as HIV may have started in the homosexual community, in Africa, where homosexual behaviour is quite low, it has spread amongst men and women. As you have rightly pointed out, it is not exclusive to gay people anymore. Many of the FACTS presented here are extremely useful and enlightening, especially those concerning the persecution of Christians. I can confirm that the bias toward gay people is not just in the US, it is in most western countries where the thinking exists that we’re ignorant and backward people holding onto outdated ideals.

  17. Gerhard Says:

    Hi Michael, a word of encouragement to you from Ezekiel 2:4-8; Ez 3:8&9 + 3:18-21. God hated sin so much that He allowed His only Son to take our iniquities upon Him, so we may go free. It is free to us, but it cost Him His life. God yearn for ALL sinners to Repent, Turn from their wicked ways and call on Him; homosexuals or whatever sin it may be. Paul’s charge to Timothy is my prayer for you: ‘As for you, do the work of an evangelist (2Tim 4: 5)’ and Ex 4:11-12 The LORD said to him, “Who gave man his mouth? Who makes him deaf or mute? Who gives him sight or makes him blind? Is it not I, the LORD? Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.”

  18. Michael Eden Says:

    Thank you, Gerhard.

    Believe me, I confess my sins and lay them before Christ every single day. And thank God that Jesus Christ paid the price for my sins, and gave me eternal life.

    And I also pray that God make me like His Son, change my heart and the desires of my heart; which I pray in the confident knowledge that one day soon God will give me a new body with a new heart that will always seek after my Father’s heart along with it.

    For those homosexuals who know that their desires are sinful, I offer only my genuine sympathy. I don’t know your struggles, but I will do anything I can (including give my prayers for you) to help you find your way through your struggles. I too am a sinner; I’m not one iota better than you are. For those who refuse to hear the Word of God, all I can do is point out the errors in your thinking and warn you of the wrath to come.

    Liberal churches are just outright bizarre about homosexuality. It seems to be one of those sins that they are determined to celebrate. You cheated on your wife five times, and are going to cheat on her five more times? Way to go, you magnificent adulterer! Adultery is just another way to love!!! You commit adultery because you have so much love in your heart!!! You beat your child? That’s wonderful! You’re a thief? We all shoplift and burglarize people’s homes, too!!! We just don’t hear the lame and wicked defenses of most other sins.

  19. Michael Eden Says:

    Thank you, Gert.

    I treasure your encouragement, and take your words as to how I deal with critical posts to heart.

    I get a lot of heat, and – to my own discredit – I tend to give a lot of heat, too.

    I guess it’s “WWJB” – “What Would Jesus Blog?”

  20. Michael Eden Says:

    Here in America, African-American males are doing the so-called “down low” in incredible numbers. They have sex with other men, but don’t consider themselves “gay.”

    I won’t argue with you that AIDS in Africa may have other causes because I’ve never studied that issue. I DO know that one of the things that is going on in Africa is that EXTREMELY young girls are being turned into sex objects, which explains a great deal of the infection rate among women there.

    And, of course, IV drug use remains a huge component of AIDS. You “shoot up” with someone who has AIDS, and you use the same needle to share drugs as often happens, guess what is going to happen?

    As for your last couple sentences, I find it simply amazing that “Christians” are supposed to be defensive for standing up for the entire history of human civilization. There has never been a single case in history of a civilization that embraced homosexuality that did anything other than quickly go the way of the Dodo bird. And yet when gay marriage is proposed, somehow “You’re denying the right of gays to marry.” Even though gays NEVER had the right to marry to begin with, and it should be “You’re trying to impose your depraved lifestyle on my society and on my kids!”

    If a durable and sustainable civilization is outdated, then by all means, I’m holding on to “outdated ideals.”

    It is no coincidence that gay marriage is making such inroads into American culture even as we are clearly on the path to societal and national implosion. Because “the gay way” is the way of the Dodo bird.

  21. Fred Conwell Says:

    Neither Jesus, His Gospel writers nor the prophets (all of them) spoke of homosexuality. And any Epistle of Paul’s that uses the word “homosexual” is a lie because that word was not coined until about 1865. A re-translation is well overdue. Remember – Jesus said ALL sins are lacks of love (Mt 22:36-40) and I see no lack of love in a homosexual relationship. I am sorry if your homosexual experiences were so one-sided.

  22. Michael Eden Says:

    First of all, you couldn’t be more wrong. You say “nor the prophets (all of them) spoke of homosexuality.”

    Not only was Moses a prophet, but Moses was called “THE prophet” (see John 1:21) And Moses said that one day “the Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me” (Deuteronomy 18:15). In that very same book of Moses, we find that “There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel” (Deuteronomy 23:17-18). The PROPHET Moses also specifically condemns homosexuality in Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13.

    So you’re just wrong.

    Jesus said that He came to fulfill the Old Testament law down to the smallest stroke (Matt 5:18). To make the argument that if Jesus didn’t specifically condemn homosexuality, then that part can be thrown out is a lie from hell. Jesus came to deliver us from our sins, and EVERY SINGLE JEW in Jesus’ day knew that homosexuality was a sin.

    Then you actually argue that since the ENGLISH word “homosexual” is not used, that Paul isn’t talking about homosexuality? There is no point arguing with a naked ideologue like you, because you are determined to twist and pervert anything in any way.

    Paul uses the GREEK word (because English had not been invented yet) “arsenokoites” (Strong #733a). It is a compound word: “arsen” means male (see Strong # 733b), and “koite” refers to sexual promiscuity (see Strong # 2845). It is, quite obviously, the word from which we get the English word “coitus.”

    Hence we have male on male sex, or sodomy. The King James Version, written in 1611, uses the phrases “abusers of themselves with mankind.” Like you said, the word “homosexual” hadn’t been coined yet. But EVERYONE knew what it meant.

    Let me use another passage in Scripture where Paul makes it perfectly clear: Romans 1:26-27 (and I’ll use that 1611 King James):

    “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.”

    You have to be so determined to avoid the plain meaning of God’s Word that it is positively unreal.

    I would feel sorry for you, if you weren’t so dangerous to the truth.

    You say that “all sins are lacks of love,” and then say you see no lack of love in homosexual relationships. Fine. There is also no “lack of love” in child molestation (e.g. “The North American Man/Boy LOVE Association”), and there is no lack of “love” in rape. Turn in your Bible to Genesis 34:1-12. I mean, yes, Shechem rapes Dinah, but I mean, man, he really loved her, dude.

    Don’t accuse me of being a rapist. Just call me a “lover.”

    I wrote an article that mentions some of the “loving” things we see from the homosexual community. I suggest people read it:

    Finally, it isn’t my “experiences” – one-sided or not – of homosexuals that makes homosexuality a sin. It’s the Bible, the book you are clearly determined to twist and pervert to mean what you want it to mean.

  23. Tomd Says:

    Heavens. I guess there is no point in mentioning that your entire argument is based on a correlation not causation logical fallacy. Just what does “gay disease” mean anyway? A disease affecting mostly gays? A disease initially caused by gays? On both counts science and evidence (two things which are probably strangers to you) would prove this to be wholly incorrect.

  24. Michael Eden Says:

    There comes a point when logic is not your friend.

    And it clearly isn’t yours.

    I gave you all your friends a substance to drink, and they all died. But what the hey, that’s just correlation and not causation. How DARE you refuse to drink my drink. That would just be so illogical of you!!!

    I provide an article in which EVERY SINGLE PERSON who first had this disease was homosexual. Not some of them. Not even most of them. ALL OF THEM.

    And I obtained that plain-as-day evidence from the findings of a scientist.

    Twist what I’ve clearly demonstrated any way your warped mind will, Tomd. If we didn’t have a “homosexual community” in the United States, we wouldn’t have been inflicted with AIDS in this country.

  25. Ashley Says:


  26. Michael Eden Says:

    You’re truly pathetic, Ashley.

    You don’t have a word to say about the FACTS that I provided. You don’t like the truth because you’re a hard-core ideologue who prefers to live in your politically-correct theories rather than reality.

  27. Farber Says:

    I do agree that AIDS, IN NORTH AMERICA and EUROPE, is largely a gay and intravenous drug-user disease. In Africa and Asia this is not necessarily the case. It is strange that the hard facts support this but people insist on trying to deny it.

    And the Band Played On, written by Randy Shilts (who was mentioned in the above article) highlights all these facts in a straightforward and honest way. Shilts was gay and did die of AIDS, and he was vilified for many in the gay community for daring to discuss the behaviours of gay men that led to the rampant spread of AIDS in their community.

    Oh, and BTW, I identify on almost all political issues as left-wing/liberal…

  28. Michael Eden Says:


    There is no question that AIDS began entirely as a disease among homosexual men which then spread. Since a great many homosexual men are also IV drug users, it is rather obvious how AIDS spread into that population.

    I would also submit that AIDS as well as the INCREDIBLY HIGH rate of sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) that homosexual men have and pass on is just one of many reasons why homosexuality is a “lifestyle” that should be rejected and discouraged in every way possible in a free society where we don’t kick down doors.

    I’m not one to say that therefore AIDS is the curse of God and that we shouldn’t do anything to help people with AIDS. Rather, I believe it will be a great day for the world when we can cure or at least stop the spread of this terrible disease.

    What we so often get from the left is the treatment that Cory Booker got when he said that it was “nauseating” to demonize Bain Capital and private equity firms that do a great deal of good in society. What happened? He was clearly threatened and he has clearly been demonized into “walking back” the truth even though the cat is clearly out of the bag. And you’ve got your Chris Mathews types in the media just going ape-poop on a guy who made the mistake of telling the truth. Mathews literally is taking on the role of the Taliban thug who beats the crap out of the heretics. I bring that up because what happened to Booker seems rather analogous to what you point out happened to Shilts.

    I applaud ANYBODY who is willing to talk about the TRUTH. That includes Randy Shilts to the extent that he revealed the truth and it includes you for being able to stand against liberal orthodoxy and agree with FACTS.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    You are a sick pig.

  30. Michael Eden Says:

    Yeah, yeah, and the guy who travels around having no arguments, no facts, nothing but naked hate calling me a “sick pig” is completely mentally healthy.

    I’ll never understand how morally stupid and wicked people think that by typing five words of hateful name-calling somehow think they won the argument. But I’m not a liberal, which is why I don’t go to your site and comment to your articles about what a “sick pig” YOU are, do I?

  31. Lauren Says:

    I’d just like to point out that there are millions of young women in southern Africa who have contracted AIDS as the result of rape, or from their husband who refuses to wear protection. Those men are clearly not gay, and the women are clearly not gay men. In the 80’s, AIDS was in fact “a gay disease”. But 30 years into the future, almost half of HIV/AIDS victims are female. And even though AIDS is still most prominent in the gay community, it has clearly penetrated the heterosexual community worldwide.

    I’m not going to call you an idiot or say everything you said was wrong just because I disagree with your main point. I was just making my own point. Also, I’m glad that you say it is God’s job to judge, not your own. So many “Christians” take the task of judging upon themselves. I’m glad that you do not take that stance.

  32. Michael Eden Says:

    In the 80′s, AIDS was in fact “a gay disease”.


    THAT was precisely my “main point.” AIDS originated with homosexuals, came about by homosexuals, and spread to the heterosexual population from homosexuals who “switch hit.” We have homosexuals and homosexuality to thank for the scourge that is AIDS. And, yes, it is a very terrible curse they gave ESPECIALLY TO WOMEN. Thank you for agreeing completely with aforementioned main point.

    I’m glad you don’t call me an idiot, particularly given that you actually completely agreed with the major point of this article: that AIDS in fact WAS a gay disease spread by homosexuals.

    Obviously, I agree completely with your description of what has happened in the progression of AIDS since it was inflicted on the world by homosexuals. Yes, it is a terrible scourge of women, particularly in Africa.

    I get the sense when you assure me that the African men who had sex with women were somehow clearly not “gay” that you don’t know that much about the crisis in the black world with bisexuality. I have a feeling you have absolutely no idea whatsoever what a crisis bisexuality is among black men – who by the way call it “down low” and most certainly do NOT consider themselves “gay” even though they routinely have sex with other men. I wonder if you are aware that it is precisely this sort of behavior that has resulted in black men having the world’s highest risk of HIV transmission.

    I don’t get the sense that you know any of that.

    I also wonder if you know about what Christians and conservatives – especially the man who epitomized the hatred of both “conservatives” and “Christians” in George W. Bush – did in Africa with the victims you describe.

    Did you know that the hated George W. Bush saved more human lives than ANY American president??? And that he saved those lives in Africa???

    And that George W. Bush did more for Africa than any other president in memory because of all the AIDS victims that he helped??? And that George W. Bush was the best friend Africa ever had???

    I get the sense that you are a liberal who is trying very hard to be “tolerant” of me. How “tolerant” have you been to George W. Bush and those who thought like him??? I can only wonder, of course.

    It is such an incredibly typical thing for liberals to be spectacularly INTOLERANT of people they disagree with even as they pat themselves on the back for their “tolerance” and demonize the “intolerance” of those who do not agree with them. It is amazing how many liberals take the task of judging upon themselves even as they demonize “people who judge.”

    I’m glad you do not take that stance.

  33. Nightowl2548 Says:

    Don’t forget the “heterosexual aids epidemic” has now been edited to only occur in places very few of us will ever visit to see for ourselves. NGOs are incredible liars, these people make a living $$$ off of others to spend their lives having exciting adventures traveling off to distant far away lands to play “the great white hero” or whatever and have very selfish motivations to misportray events. Turns out a positive HIV virus test isn’t needed for these people to diagnose someone as having aids, just a series of generic symptoms compatible with the same tropical diseases endemic to the region. Frightening predictions of 50% infection rates made in the mid 80s are assumed to have come true despite the fact these nations are now even more overpopulated than before. When actual studies were done the infection rates went down into the single digits, explainable by male homosexuality, and the wives they go home to as it’s all on the down low over there, while homosexuality goes on, a public “gay” lifestyle doesn’t so gay men maintain a normal family life as a matter of tradition. Add to that quack medicine men who routinely inject people with unsanitary needles and much of the epidemic looks not too different from that here.

    Reality is the main route other than having infected blood injected right into your body is receptive anal intercourse. Straight men by definition don’t have receptive anal intercourse so no epidemic will take route and spread in that community. Half you body’s immune system is located in your lower intestine, makes sense when you think about it, your body in that area is literally filled with poop and filth and your lymphocytes have to be on scene to screen out any germs in the fluids and nutrients being uptaken in that area. No more perfect area for a virus affecting the immune system to enter the body and have immediate access to it’s specific host cells. Never heard of anyone personally having aids until two gay Mexicans came to work at my job, one of them got sick with Shingles and anal abscesses, sure enough, exactly what we all suspected it was. Coincidentally he was the highly effeminate member of the two and the more dominant one was tested and found negative. They broke up over this as the effeminate one said he didn’t want to see the other fellows life ruined by getting infected too. So if this guy didn’t get it, I highly doubt that Harry Highschool is going to catch it from Sally the Homecoming Queen in Smallville Kansas as the fearmongers creating the afternoon specials 30 years back wanted you to believe.

  34. Michael Eden Says:


    Homosexuality is a “biologically filthy lifestyle,” pure and simple. Which is why the disease rates, the abuse rates, the depression rates, the suicide rates are so sky-high compared to heterosexuals it is frankly beyond unreal. But what is even MORE beyond unreal is that Democrats actually want to – much the same way they want us to get used to terrorist attacks as Obama becomes responsible for a 1,900 percent increase in deaths by terrorism around the world – make homosexuality “normal.”

    Democrats are evil people who like their father the devil want wicked things for people and for nations.

    When it comes down to the “rights” of homosexuals – NOT that homosexuals deserve “rights” any more than pedophiles or rapists – a homosexual man has the right to marry any woman who will have him. The same as the rest of us.

    Giving this depraved, ugly, obscene “lifestyle” privileges is the death of a culture and the death of a nation. Which is why the beast is coming.

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