Sarah Palin Continues To Confound Bitter Left

Remember the avalanche of political obituaries journalists wrote following Sarah Palin’s decision to step down as governor?

Sarah Palin was 14 for 14 defeating one trumped-up “ethics” violation after another from unhinged leftists who were using the courts as a means to attack her.  But in today’s caricature of justice that liberalism has created, one can win big and lose huge: she was at least $500,000 in debt – and I’ve heard figures close to $1 million – fending off these frivolous lawsuits.  With her own children under vile personal attack, with her family deep in debt through no fault of her own, and with her very ability to govern hamstrung by “Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome,” she stepped down and left the governance of Alaska to her trusted lieutenant.

And it was revealing how the very same people who unrelentingly dumped on Sarah Palin as some kind of inbred hill-billy chick who wasn’t qualified to manage a 7-11 were outraged by her decision to step down as governor.

In any event, if I had a nickel for every mainstream media entry into the “Sarah Palin is finished” narrative, I’d be so filthy rich it would be unreal.

Sarah Palin redefined the entire debate on ObamaCare with a single Facebook entry submitted while she was on vacation.

Not bad for a political has-been who destroyed her platform and popularity by stepping down.

Now we learn another little factoid about Sarah Palin’s ongoing relevance:

Palin worth $100,000 per hour; over 1,000 invitations so far

August 31, 9:57 AM Fresno Political Buzz Examiner Nicco Capozzi

Many pundits, Alaskans, and simple political observers have pondered why Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin resigned from office. One answer now seems apparent—money. Since her resignation, Palin has been offered over 1,000 invitations to make paid speeches, appear, and campaign on behalf of politicians and political groups.

She has received offers from numerous speakers’ bureaus (scouts for speechmakers) and has reportedly signed with at least one of them, the Washington Speakers Bureau. Washington Speakers Bureau’s clientele currently consist of Former President George W. Bush and Laura Bush, Bob Woodward, Katie Couric, Colin Powell, Rudy Giulianni, Alan Greenspan, and many others. For a full list of speakers click here.

Nearly all of the over 1,000 invitations include request for speeches. On top of the speeches, over 120 political candidates from all levels of federal and state government have requested Palin to appear on their behalf at various political events. She will also make cameos for charities, Christian organizations, and other related social causes and groups.

So when Palin beckoned to Alaskans that she would better serve them not as their governor but as a private citizen, what she really meant was, she will raise a tremendous amount of money so that she could have a better chance of running for President in 2012.  Or, she could have resigned simply to make money without having any plans to run for higher office.  Of the 1,000 speech invitations, almost all will be bring the former governor $100,000 each.

Palin has not yet confirmed where she will be speaking or campaigning, but responses to the invitations are expected to begin this week. However, one cannot expect Palin to hurry in confirming such invitations as she has her book to finish (reported to be 85% complete), and a giant file of other offers ranging from cable to business ventures that she is still considering. With all the possibilities, it is no wonder Palin left a $100,000 government job as she can now make that in one hour of work—a sum to which soccer moms and plumbers can certainly relate.

Now, of course, that last sentence immediately above is just pure bitter leftist showing through.  Sarah Palin could be the most successful human being who ever lived, and the leftwing wouldn’t allow her so much as one yoctogram of praise or credibility.  Comprehending reality is just not in their nature.

Not only has Sarah Palin not lost her relevance; but she has gained more than she had when she was serving as governor of Alaska.

You know who really SHOULD step down?  Every single “journalist” who discredited himself or herself trying to tear Sarah Palin down.  How much credibility do the people who wrote Sarah Palin’s obituary deserve?


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6 Responses to “Sarah Palin Continues To Confound Bitter Left”

  1. hl Says:

    I hope Sarah Palin makes lots of money, runs for POTUS in 2012, wins and keeps smiling that beautious smile every step of the way!
    It would drive the liberals insane which would be so fun to watch!

    Michael, how is you mom doing this week?

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    I hope so, too.

    She gave a bad interview to Katie Couric the same day her son deployed to Iraq. I don’t think there’s any question she was emotionally distracted. She shouldn’t have given that interview that day, but her performance was in no way an indicator of her intelligence or her ability.

    I think she’s been impressive going all the way back to her high school days. And I hope she is able to make a difference.

    Mom is all through with her radiation. She’s got a real sore spot in one area where they irradiated that needs to heal, and would appreciate your prayers for that. But she came through the process very well.

    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my mom.

  3. hl Says:

    Thanks for the update, and I will continue to pray. Your posts continue to be great analysis and documentations of the TRUTH.
    Have you ever felt called to serve in public office???

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    I truly appreciate your prayers.

    If I were in public office, I would probably do something like watch Barney Frank speak and forget he wasn’t on television when I threw my shoe at his head.

    I lack the spirit of compromise that makes for politicians. Maybe after people start hunting liberals down with dogs my brand of genuine conservatism would become suitably popular. I’d be one of those guys who wanted to abolish the Department of Education and the Department of Energy and a whole bunch of other agencies and pretty much chop our federal government by about 2/3rds.

    I remember when I was selling an old car, and I’d tell everyone absolutely everything that was wrong with it. My girlfriend would say, “I hope you never run for office, because you’d make a really lousy politician.”

    I think she was probably right.

  5. hl Says:

    You sound like just the sort of person I have been praying for to run for office. But I do understand your point.
    I am praying the Lord will raise up God fearing leaders who will do what is right! I know it probably sounds naive but it is what I truly believe is needed.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    I will join with you in praying that prayer. The kind of politicians we need will need the support of people at the most local level. They need to come from the people, serve the people, and then return home to the people.

    Instead what we have are a class of brown-nosing cronyists who rise by participating in the favor-trading culture. There is far more rung-climbing up the patronage ladder than there is true servant leadership by men and women who care about their constituents (rather than their special interests) and their history and Constitution (rather than their power bases).

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