A Time to Ponder: If US Attacked Again, Will We Still Favor Obama’s Dismantling Of Bush Safeguards?

9/11 should be a time for every American to ponder the events of that fateful and horrific day in 2001.

We had just suffered more casualties from a foreign enemy in an act of war than had ever been sustained by America on its own soil in its entire history – including the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Most Americans were angry and demanded action.  Fully 90% supported George Bush as he laid out his plans to respond to the attack.  And that support was still above 70% when President Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq in March, 2003.  We passed the Patriot Act with wide margins in both branches of Congress in October of 2001.  Only ONE Senator – Russ Feingold – voted against it.

And then, slowly at first, and then precipitously, Americans began to turn against the president they had supported, against the wars they had supported, and against the Patriot Act they had supported.

You can see in collections of quotes from Democrats regarding Iraq and the underlying justifications of the war how Democrats were “for that war before they were against it” as declining American support made undermining the war effort itself more and more politically advantageous.

Truth or Fiction
Freedom Agenda

Democrat Jack Murtha denounced as war criminals and murderers Marines who were later proven to have been innocent.  Democrat House Majority Whip Representative James Clyburn said that good news in Iraq amounted to a problem for Democrats.  Democrats openly attacked Bush’s “surge” strategy that proved to be the difference in turning the war around and providing victory for the United States.  And Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said, “Now I believe myself that this war is lost” even as our military was valiantly fighting on foreign soil to win.  Barack Obama joined Democrats in voting to defund the troops fighting overseas as a means of politically undermining George Bush.  Democrats denounced the credibility of General Petraeus even as liberals ran a New York Times ad entitled, “General Betray Us?”

Today, as we pause to reflect over 9/11, we no longer have a “war on terror.”  Now we have an “overseas contingency operation.”  We no longer want our Central Intelligence Agency to aggressively pursue terrorists and seek out any and all information to help us prevent the next attack.  Now we want to criminalize those operatives who tried to keep us safe as a warning to any future CIA personnel who might be so foolish as to violate liberal morays.  Better to lose a city or two than to waterboard a terrorist.

As I reflect on the hours of that terrible day of 9/11, I remember Palestinians cheering and dancing in the streets and holding up ‘V for Victory’ gestures.  I remember people leaping to their deaths from the top floors of the skyscrapers rather than endure the heat that would have murdered them even more agonizingly.  I remember Democrats and Republicans arm-in-arm singing “God Bless America” on the steps of the Capitol Building – at least until Democrats determined to undermine virtually everything they had previously supported.

On the anniversary of 9/11, I just wonder what will happen if we are attacked again.  How will we respond?  What will we want?  How will we demand our president act?

Will Americans say, “We agree with President Obama.  Let us hasten our dismantling of our intelligence apparatus to show the world our good will.”  Or will there be a dramatic swing back to the strategy envisioned and implemented by former President George Bush, based on aggressively taking the fight to the enemy, remaining in those fights, and winning them?

I hope that Americans soberly reflect how they would respond to the next massive terrorist attack today.  Because virtually every expert agrees that another such attack is surely coming.  And rather than swing wildly and frankly psychotically between extremes, perhaps we might come to a considered and committed path based on the real will of the American people.

Ask yourself this: if we are attacked again, would you want a President Bush, or would you want a President Obama?  Would you want to handled the next massive attack in which thousands, or tens of thousands (or even more) Americans die to be handled as an act of war, or as a law enforcement investigation?  Would you prefer to go to war against any nation that threatens us, or would you prefer to talk and negotiate instead?  Would you prefer a president who fights our enemies, or a president who voted against fighting and who in fact voted for undermining the war effort in order to stop it?

Just what is it you want your commander in chief to do in response to a massive terrorist attack?  What is it you expect your commander in chief to do in order to prevent such an attack from ever happening in the first place?

Let us realize that the next “Iraq” is rushing toward us in the form of a nuclear-weaponized Iran.  Is such a country a threat?  Should we allow them to develop their weapons of mass destruction, or should we use all means – including military power – to stop them?  The media first reports that Iran’s nuclear weapons program has been dramatically slowed down, then reports that they can literally make a bomb whenever they want within the space of a couple of weeks’ time.  One thing seems quite sure: Iran is inexorably working toward nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.  What do we want our president to do about it?  Everything?  Nothing?

To the extent that the American people are even capable of genuine self-reflection and wise contemplation of the future, I hope we take this opportunity to do so today.

I also hope that every single American – regardless of political party – takes a moment to thank God for our troops and pray for their safety and for their victory.

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4 Responses to “A Time to Ponder: If US Attacked Again, Will We Still Favor Obama’s Dismantling Of Bush Safeguards?”

  1. Bj Says:

    Good post! I can’t believe how fast eight years has flown by. I still get chills and bumps whenever I see images or sounds from 9/11. I remember saying over and over for months “Thank God Bush is president and not Gore”! I still feel that way. Just the thought of being attacked again brings fear into my heart – as I do not trust Obama or any one of his flunkies. He may have bought the presidency but I can’t handle the look or thought of him. He is not my president. His beliefs are not mine, and I have a hard time believing the the cra* he says. Who continues thinking this guy is a ‘brilliant communicator’??? He can’t speak at all! Sorry if I say it like I feel but I can only hope the next 3 & 1/2 years flies by too. So this commie hoke will be gone from our sight. God Bless America, Land that I Love…….

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    About the “who continues thinking this guy is a ‘brilliant communicator???’

    I abandoned such notions the first time I heard him without a teleprompter. The man might as well have been speaking in tongues. Now he literally uses the damn thing everywhere he goes. Vanity of vanities.

    For what it’s worth, I can pass myself off as someone who understands the deepest mysteries of relativity theory, as long as I’m reading something a physicist/speechwriter team wrote off a teleprompter screen. Left to my own, I’d sound, well, pretty much like Obama without a teleprompter.

    The only thing that worries me more than Obama in charge of our economy is Obama our commander in chief in a time of real crisis. Either way, this chump is going to take us down if he gets the chance.

  3. hl Says:

    Good, sobering and thought provoking post.

    I miss President Bush, he worked hard to keep us safe. I feel terrorized on a daily basis by Obama and his thugs.

    My hope and trust is in the Lord who made heaven and earth.

    Michael, in another comment somewhere on your blog, you stated the fact that only 10% of Americans at the time of the Revolutionary War were ‘Patriots.’ That was stunning and interesting to me. Do you know how many people were living in ‘America’ at the time of the Revolution?

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Some conservatives think the Patriot Act was as awful as what Obama is doing.

    Maybe they know more about it than me, but I would say that a lot of it needed to happen. I know that I don’t have a problem with the NSA eavesdropping on calls made from identified terrorists abroad to US residents. If a terrorist called me, I’d hope the government would eavesdrop.

    And I’d also kind of like the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. etc. to be able to communicate, share information, etc. Bill Clinton actually made it HARDER for that to happen, and Bush opened it up. Now Obama’s bringing back the same screw-ups that Clinton enacted. Go figure.

    Bush/Cheney had the mentality to keep America safe, and to keep the enemy on his heels. They also wanted to make the enemy think twice about attacking the US.

    I think the terrorists ARE thinking twice about attacking the US, now that we have a weakling appeaser for a president. Of course, the FIRST time the terrorists thought about it, they thought they’d maybe better not…
    The population of America was about 4 million in 1775.

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