Ready To Go To Jail For Not Buying ‘Free’ Government Health Care?

Liberals have oft exalted communist Cuba’s “free” health care system.  Isn’t it wonderful?  Why can’t we do that?

Of course, for one thing, the “free” system in Cuba isn’t nearly so wonderful as “Sicko” Michael Moore made it in his propaganda film.  Frankly, I wouldn’t take my dog to a Cuban hospital.

It isn’t just Michael Moore; CNN depicted the Cuban system as a model for America, too.

Most Americans would only go to Cuba at the point of a gun.  But Obama is trying to bring Cuba to us.

The sad reality – as the “public option” makes its way back into the Democrats’ plans – is that the system that they are so determined to impose is neither “free” nor anything other than a giant step down from the system we have.

When you factor out deaths by accidents and homicide – which say nothing about the quality of a health care system – the U.S. system is the best in the world measured by life expectancy.  One teenage gang-banger blown away in a drive-by shooting does serious damage to mortality-rate tables.  It would be nice if the mainstream media actually quit serving as Michael Moore-like propagandists and started telling their viewers and readers that fact.

You’ll be getting a whole lot less.  But don’t think you won’t be paying a whole lot more for the privilege of getting a whole lot less.

And you may even be going to jail for the “privilege” of ObamaCare.

The Provocateur explains how the mushrooming lies surrounding the Democrats’ health care plans will actually end up in jail time for many Americans:

Anyone that’s still not convinced that the Baucus bill is rotten should be convinced after they read this latest discovery.

Under the health care bill being considered in the Senate Finance Committee, Americans who fail to pay a penalty for not buying insurance could be charged up to $25,000 by the Internal Revenue Service or face up to a year in jail, according to congressional analysts.

To understand how this can happen you need to follow the wonky nature of the bill and our tax code. It’s important because the so called logic reveals just how perverted not only the Baucus bill is but the Democrats’ philosophy on health care.

Under the Baucus bill, health insurance is no longer optional. It’s not even a right but rather a mandate. In other words, if you’re living, you have to heave health insurance. If you don’t have health insurance, the government penalizes you. The penalty has been changed once and currently that’s as much as $1900. This penalty will be assessed by the IRS.

This is no small point because the president argued that this penalty is NOT a tax. That’s important because the President ad nauseum promised not to raise taxes on anyone that earns less than $200,000 yearly. Of course, if this penalty were considered a tax, then this would break his promise. Of course, if the IRS is the one imposing the fee/penalty, it’s hard to see this penalty as anything but a tax.

Now, let’s follow the logic. Health insurance is now a mandate. If you don’t pay it, you pay a penalty. If you don’t pay the penalty, you are now evading your taxes. Tax evasion is a crime, just ask Al Capone. So, all those that refuse or can’t pay for their health insurance and refuse or can’t pay the fine for refusing are now considered the same kind of criminal as Al Capone once was. Such is the logic of President Obama and the Democrats.

Let me return to Cuba–and all the other communist totalitarian dictatorships along with it.  Do you seriously believe that the millions of human beings who have been oppressed and dehumanized under these systems knew what they were going to receive?  Do you believe that the supporters of Marxism told the truth, and explained to the people what the system was going to yield?

They were fed lies, and when they believed those lies, they fell prey to an oppressive yoke that they could not throw off.

And lies abound about this takeover of 1/6th of the American economy:

Last Sunday, Barack Obama proved that he is a liar by refusing to call what is clearly a tax a tax.  And Obama’s own hometown newspaper proves the obvious.

Last Tuesday, the Democrat-approved Congressional Budget Office laid out Obama’s lie that Medicare would not be cut:

Congress’ chief budget officer on Tuesday contradicted President Barack Obama’s oft-stated claim that seniors wouldn’t see their Medicare benefits cut under a health care overhaul.

Last Thursday, Republicans exposed the Democrats in their lie that Americans could keep their health care if they were satisfied with it.

And the real catastrophic fruits of those lies – such as actual jail time under IRS tax evasion statutes unless you pay something that we’re assured all the while isn’t a tax at all.

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11 Responses to “Ready To Go To Jail For Not Buying ‘Free’ Government Health Care?”

  1. Bj Says:

    We MUST vote all of them out of office. Ther isn’t an honest one up there. Will you be writing to me from jail?

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Well, I might be in the next cell!

    As of this moment, 58% of the uninsured are supporting ObamaCare, stupidly believing that they will get a free ride.

    As much as I’m working to defeat this terrible health fiasco, if the monstrosity passes, I WOULD like to be around to see the face on each of those idiots as they say, “What do you mean, I’M supposed to pay for it? That’s not FAIR!”

  3. Bj Says:

    I am not insured. I do not want government messing with healthcare. I think there is MUCH to be done with the insurance giants (who would want to charge me, alone, $1300. per month, and of course all of the companies who charge us in this country so much more than anyone else in the world! Some drugs are 3-4 thousand % more here than in any other country. DC has lines of lobbyists standing in lines to get through to our (supposed) representatives. I have been in pain for a month, and went to my dr. who is a real doctor and cares about all of us uninsured. There are many people out here like myself who could pay for insurance but not that amount! I have an ulcer and he gave me the option of going in to be scoped ($2000) and I declined. I will buy my medicine today at Walmart which has the cheapest drugs anywhere. I have a paid for home and car so therefore – I can not get any help from anywhere. This topic just gets me more angry than anything! I pay my way. Thank God I haven’t had any major injury or illness but my daughter has! Another uninsured working soul. She almost died waiting for a stomach ache to go away and by the time she saw the doctor he wanted to call an abulance to take her to the hospital. She had to have 3 units of blood and stayed overnight. She made arrangements to pay her bill before she was discharged. She sent in her first three payments wondering why her checks were not being cashed/posted. The next month the bill collectors began their assault on her. She is still making payments on time and they still are not being posted. OH – And I have to tell you her bill for overnight stay ?????? $14000. Not including the blood which was $1500 per unit and they even charged for it to be delivered – $800. I too friend am waiting for the ‘wake up’ and hear all the hollering for their free healthcare. They do deserve what they will receive. Do we get the chance to call them extremists? Can we call them just plain dumb? I will. PS.. It will be my pleasure Michael to share the cell next to you. ;)

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    I hope that you are able to find affordable quality health care – sans Obama. And I am saying a prayer for your and for your daughter’s well-being.

    I few things we have to realize. First, that there are SO many things we can do to lower the cost and maintain our quality and our freedom. In Mississippi they have reduced premiums by a total of over 60% just by enacting meaningful tort reform. And allowing insurers to compete across state lines (due to massive regulations) would create COMPETITION which history proves provides the best service at the lowest cost. Another thing is to require citizens of other countries to get their “free health care” there rather than here.

    John Stossil explains what is great about competition – and what is lousy about government takeovers, in this six minute video. In Canada, PETS are getting better and faster health care than humans – because IT’S private and the government hasn’t taken it over yet.

    The thing we need to make people realize is that – when the government gets involved – things almost ALWAYS GET WORSE RATHER THAN BETTER. Because of their NEED for massive bureaucracy, they pay FAR more and generate FAR less.

    Bringing down the cost of health care is an excellent goal. But what ObamaCare does is the equivalent of stopping a headache by shooting the patient in the head. Only in this case, the patient STILL has the headache in addition to the massive head wound.

    The ONE nice thing about sharing a jail with you, BJ, is that THEN YOU’LL GET HEALTH CARE.

  5. Bj Says:

    Thanks Michael, prayers are very much appreciated. You know, John Stossil wasn’t one of my favorites, but I’ve seen a change in him in recent months. I’ve changed my mind about him and follow him now on Twitter and FaceBook. He’s moving to Fox business channel. I think he has changed his mind about many things. I did too – when I grew up and realized how wrong I’d been. I almost caused my parents heart attacks – as they were GOP and I was not. The parties have changed too. And not for the best. I can’t handle all the name calling and lies now. Have you ever noticed how the left talking heads always wave their hands around as if that will help them make their point? And those simple goofy smiles do me in. You’re right about everything the government touches turning into dog doo (my words). I also agree with all you said. But I’m not thinking we’re going to get any of it. Just one healthy dose of a bill each month, to watch it go from bad to worse. Going to check on Stossil link. You are the best my friend.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Irving Kristol had been a liberal, but came to realize that something was wrong. He introduced the concept of a “neo-conservative” and defined one as “a liberal who has been mugged by reality.”

    There’s also Proverbs 22:6 – “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”

    Sounds like one (or both?) of those things happened to you (though NOT to suggest you’re “old” or anything ;)

    I am a firm believer in the adage, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Which means that someone can mean well, but start doing things that will ultimately lead to the greatest of evils. But far too often, disagreement today means that the one disagreeing must be evil, rather than well-meaning but wrong. It gets to the fact that conservatives as a general rule examine the consequences of liberal policies and believe that liberals are wrong, while liberals as a general rule demonize conservatives’ motives and believe they are evil.

    I agree with you about all the anger and name calling – but also realize that we are in a genuine culture war, and we have to fight with the weapons at hand. Liberals introduced the politics of personal destruction when they destroyed first Robert Bork, and then Clarence Thomas with the most hateful and deceitful of campaigns. And it has escalated year by year by year as the same angry radicals who spit on Vietnam veterans began assuming power. And the Democratic Party has essentially embraced political postmodernism: they don’t believe in objective and transcendent truth, favor subjective transitory and constantly changing “values,” believe in the Nietzschean “will to power,” and have pursued identity politics as a way to pit racial/gender groups against one another.

    Tragically, as we have become more and more apathetic and ignorant as a culture, a presentation of the facts in an objective manner has diminished in its power and ability to reach the masses. Now the loudest and shrillest voice gets heard, and more people respond to anger than to sound and logical arguments.

    As distasteful as their methods are, there comes a point in a war that when they firebomb your cities, you’d better start firebombing theirs. It’s the only way to make them think twice before firebombing more of your cities.

    What we need to do is return to the wisdom of our founding fathers. Unfortunately, we are racing away from everything they said — and racing right off a cliff.

  7. Rapid Health Says:

    Nice blog you have…
    Thanks my bro.

  8. Michelle Says:

    The reason people are not buying health insurance is because they can not afford it. It is too expensive now. I thought Obama’s plan was to provide a free government health care option? This does not sound like it is free to me. This is just forcing people to buy health insurance who do not want it.

  9. Michael Eden Says:

    I agree with your basic point, Michelle. But I take significant issue with something you said, namely, that Obama planned to offer a “free” government health care option.

    I realize that you might just have essentially used a bad word choice. But I want to clarify this “free” thing.

    It wouldn’t have been free. It would have been VERY expensive. It just would have been paid for by somebody else, at their loss and their expense.

    I hope that’s not your idea of “free” or of “freedom.” Or you need to explain to me why somebody who doesn’t even know you somehow owes YOU your “free” health care.

    we need to reduce the COST of health care so that average people CAN afford it. The problem is, Democrats – who want power and control – have refused to allow any of the measures (such as tort reform to reduce lawsuits, which in turn would reduce liability insurance, which would in turn dramatically reduce doctors’ and hospitals’ costs; such as mandates that require insurers to provide expensive coverage that often don’t even benefit patients (i.e., they were mandated as a special interest payoff to certain groups); such as allowing insurance companies to cross state lines and offer low-cost packages; etc.). The Democrats have stood AGAINST lowering the cost of health insurance.

    And now they are trying to take the very “crisis” that they themselves created and now want to benefit from.

    Now, as to your major point which I DO agree with, yes. ObamaCare will use the power of government to FORCE people who didn’t want or can’t afford ObamaCare to buy it anyway. It will be the FIRST TIME IN OUR NATION’S HISTORY that Americans were forced to buy something.

    When Bill Clinton tried to do the SAME THING in 1994, the CBO pointed out the following:

    “A mandate requiring all individuals to purchase health insurance would be an unprecedented form of federal action.”

    Why do Democrats like vast, sweeping new government power over the peoples’ lives so much?

  10. Mike Says:

    I have my tooth brush packed

  11. Michael Eden Says:

    That’s the attitude. They can TRY to force us to junk our Constitution.

    Btw, You probably shouldn’t bring fingernail scissors. You know how liberals are with “deadly weapons.”

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