Liberals Glorify Their Messiah Obama By Defiling American Flag

The Gateway Pundit had this genuine gem to provide yet another “live-and-in-color” moment depicting what a truly sorry state we are sinking into.

It’s a cult.

As seen in Indiana, the left is now honoring this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner by desecrating the American flag… again.
Hat Tip Larwyn

Personally, I am looking for someone to put this on a flag in Obama’s honor:

[Just imagine THAT fluttering majestically in the breeze].

Or this, to honor Barack Obama’s job creating skills:

I found the author’s suggestions for alternate flags utterly brilliant.

Think of it: we’d be the first country to ever use a bar chart or a graph as a flag design.  We’d at least be innovative trend setters then, which we certainly haven’t been for a long time, and certainly won’t be in the future any time soon.  History shows that taxing everything in sight and creating innovation aren’t exactly best buddies.

If you go with the red-and-white striped red-ink version, we might contemplate a new name for our country to go along with the flag: maybe something like “USedebtistan.”

If we go with the unemployment graph as our flag, we can call ourselves, “Willworkforfooda.”

We’ve got government school children being taught Obama Worship songs, with songs about written about God and the former glory of a nation that once worshiped Him having the words changed to be all about Obama: The Battle Hymn of the Republic, Jesus Loves the Little Children.

And now we have our new flag for government children (because they hardly belong to their own parents anymore) to pledge allegiance to.

Remember when Barack Obama’s pastor for 23 years said:

“No, no, no! Not God bless America; God DAMN America!”

There’s a dialog exchange in the movie Wild Bill that comes to mind:

Charley Price: This town reminds me of something from the bible.
James Butler ‘Wild Bill’ Hickok: Which part?
Charley Price: The part right before god gets angry.

And ladies and gentlemen, this what “God damn America” looks like.  It looks like something from the Bible – the part right before God gets angry.

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