AP Gives Yet Another Lesson On How To Slant A Story

The mainstream media never ceases to be able to slant stories to confirm their liberal ideological biases.  Here’s yet another example:

Ending death penalty could save US millions: study

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Even when executions are not carried out, the death penalty costs US states hundreds of millions of dollars a year, depleting budgets in the midst of economic crisis, a study released Tuesday found.

“It is doubtful in today’s economic climate that any legislature would introduce the death penalty if faced with the reality that each execution would cost taxpayers 25 million dollars, or that the state might spend more than 100 million dollars over several years and produce few or no executions,” argued Richard Dieter, director of the Death Penalty Information Center and the report’s author.

“Surely there are more pressing needs deserving funding,” he wrote, noting that execution was rated among the least effective crime deterrents.

In just one death penalty trial “the state may pay one million dollars more than for a non-death penalty trial. But only one in every three capital trials may result in a death sentence, so the true cost of that death sentence is three million dollars,” the study’s author said.

“Further down the road, only one in ten of the death sentences handed down may result in an execution. Hence, the cost to the state to reach that one execution is 30 million dollars,” Dieter added in the report entitled “Smart on Crime.”

That’s right.  Big government liberals really do want to prevent government spending.  So let’s end the death penalty, ban guns, and increase abortions.

Let’s never consider reducing the endless legal procedures that Democrats’ campaign contributors get rich performing.  Or reducing the liberal legal activist groups’ that fight to the last lawyer to prevent even the most heinous monster from being executed.

I’ve got some other ideas as to how to make the death penalty more cost effective:


You really COULD make the penalty a lot cheaper, you see.  I for one am willing to do so.

There’s another big problem with the death penalty:


In today’s pathetic and perverted society,  a death sentence means a long and healthy life.  And most death row inmates die of old age.  We could change that, you know.

And if liberals REALLY want to reduce the massive government spending, here’s the best idea of all:


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