The Nuclear Option: Will Yet ANOTHER Obama Promise Go Up In Smoke?

It is amazing how many promises Barack Obama has broken since taking office.  The man literally began his presidential path with a lie, having promised on Meet the Press not to run for the White House, but to finish out his Senate term.

Obama has a huge documented record of liesGoing back for years.  And he has taken his deceit train to healthcare land.

Looks like you can add another lie to the list.

From Freedom’s Lighthouse:

Here is audio of Barack Obama as a candidate in 2007 where he said flatly “we are not going to pass universal health care with a fifty plus one strategy.” Obama said “you can’t govern” if you go about things in that way.

But now, of course, the Democrats are contemplating the use of just such a “Nuclear Option” to ram ObamaCare through.

Go to Freedom’s Lighthouse where the audio is embedded.  Or click on the link here to hear yet another Democrat health care lie.

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2 Responses to “The Nuclear Option: Will Yet ANOTHER Obama Promise Go Up In Smoke?”

  1. Peter Andrew Says:

    Great post. The Lie counts are amazing. We have a list of Obama administration broken promises, lies, flip flops and scandals that is 770 long and counting! See it at

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Like the list. I was too blind to see it on the top right side of the page for a couple minutes, but finally found it.

    Obama is an amazing hypocrite, demagogue, and liar.

    The magic moment for me was when I heard Jeremiah Wright say, “God damn America,” and realized that Obama had been in that toxic church for 23 years. To make it even worse, Obama said he hadn’t been in church the day Wright said that – but continued to defend his relationship with Wright for months after he KNEW Wright HAD said it. I realized that had I been in that church, I would have stood up, given Wright a big piece of my mind, and walked out never to return.

    And any honest American would have done the same.

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