Sanity Prevails: Scozzafava Drops Out of NY-23 Race

A lot of conservative attention is focused on defeating the Democrats’ health care “reform” that would put one-sixth of the economy – and literally peoples’ very lives – under the domination of a partisan, corrupt, and power-hungry federal government.  And that is clearly a good goal.

But the best way to accomplish that end may very well be to secure victories in the three major races in 2009, and allow Democrats’ own fears to jar them back to common sense.

To that end, the news that Dede Scozzafava has dropped out of the race for the 23rd district in New York is welcome indeed.

“In recent days, polls have indicated that my chances of winning this election are not as strong as we would like them to be. The reality that I’ve come to accept is that in today’s political arena, you must be able to back up your message with money—and as I’ve been outspent on both sides, I’ve been unable to effectively address many of the charges that have been made about my record,” she said in a statement.

“It is increasingly clear that pressure is mounting on many of my supporters to shift their support. Consequently, I hereby release those individuals who have endorsed and supported my campaign to transfer their support as they see fit to do so. I am and have always been a proud Republican.”

Her decision came as a Siena Research Institute poll released Saturday confirmed that her support has all but collapsed over the last month. In her statement, Scozzafava acknowledged that while her name will continue to appear on the ballot, “victory is unlikely.”

The Siena poll conducted Oct. 27-29, in line with other recent polls, showed Democrat Bill Owens holding a razor-thin lead over Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman, 36 percent to 35 percent.

Scozzafava trailed far behind at 20 percent, with 9 percent of voters still undecided.

I take my hat of to Scozzafava.  She did the right thing for the right reasons.

What could have happened is my personal nightmare scenario, in which conservatives – who easily have the numbers to win – divide themselves rather than unite for the common good.

Obama won Virginia, won New Jersey, and won the New York 23rd district.  Now he is in danger of losing them all, standing as a strident referendum against his agenda.

Hopefully, the quite liberal Scozzafava’s example of withdrawing as the handwriting appears on the wall will be followed by other candidates running against Democrats — whether they be “Republican” or “Independent.”

The New York 23rd district is somewhat strange.  It hasn’t had a Democrat representative since the Civil War era, and yet Obama won it by 5 points in ’08.  The question in this race was clear: would Republicans be able to reassert control, or would Democrats use the momentum from the Obama election to take control?

One thing needs to be pointed out: one of the major reasons that Obama appointed John McHugh to become Secretary of the Army was so Democrats would be able to seize his district from the Republican Party.  Obama won the district in 2008, and the White House believed New Yorkers would say, “Yes, we can!” to Democrat rule.

Time Magazine had this to say:

But then, the race in the 23rd is no longer about local issues. It’s about a Republican Party with little power in the Beltway searching for a way out of the wilderness. And it’s about conservative Republicans sending a message: the future of the party is the conservative base. (It’s also, incidentally, about money; according to the Federal Election Commission, more than $650,000 has flowed to the candidates from independent groups just since Oct. 24.) “The 23rd has as little significance as Gettysburg. It’s just where the armies met,” says Bob Gorman, managing editor of the Daily Times and my old boss. “Everybody was looking for a fight, and that’s where they found each other.”

Well, it turns out that Lincoln’s Union defeated the Democrats’ Confederates at Gettysburg — and the Party that fought to preserve the union ended up winning the war against the Party that wanted to radically change it.

After Lincoln prevailed at Gettysburg, he was able to turn his attention to taking the war to the enemy in the South.  Gettysburg – that little nowhere locale – was the turning point.

I see such a turning point again.

Virginia, and now NY-23 (thanks to Dede Scazzofava’s doing the right thing), are now locks for the Republicans.  And I believe that Chris Christie will hang on to defeat Jon Corzine in the Democrat bastion of New Jersey.

No one can say with confidence what’s going to happen in the race for the New Jersey governorship, but I believe that Scott Rasmussen – who was the most accurate pollster in the 2008 election – will prove right again.  He has Christie up by 3.

Frankly, the right thing for independent candidate Chris Daggett to do is put the interest of the country over his own interest and do the right thing as Dede Scazzofava did.  Scazzofava dropped out to help push an independent over the top; it’s time that independent Daggett did the same to push a Republican over the top.

Ronald Reagan correctly pointed out that conservatives could not win if they divided against themselves.  It’s time we get back to basics and take his advice.

If you think that Chris Daggett staying in the race with his 8% support is more important than stopping the Democrat juggernaut’s drive to impose socialized medicine, then please don’t call yourself a “conservative.”

Dede Scozzafava was liberal on a whole host of positions, and incredibly, she was even more liberal than the Democrat candidate on many issues.  But I have a lot more respect for her integrity and character than I do Chris Daggett if he doesn’t put himself aside and put his weight behind the most conservative candidate who has a chance to win.  I can only hope that Daggett will demonstrate his own character and willingness to put the interests of the nation ahead of his own, and drop out and put his support behind Chris Christie.

What’s at stake in these races is whether we embolden Democrats to pass a liberal domestic agenda, or let them know that they will do so at their gravest peril.

It is widely believed that if Obama loses these races, Democrats will quit following him and start looking to their own political survival.  That will derail Obamacare; it will derail Cap-and-trade; it will put the kibosh on a whole host of incredibly destructive Democrat agendas.

If you are a Glenn Beck-style “conservative independent,” please realize that.

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8 Responses to “Sanity Prevails: Scozzafava Drops Out of NY-23 Race”

  1. hl Says:

    I am THRILLED Scozzafava withdrew. I have been praying and donated for Hoffman to win. You are right, Daggett should withdraw NOW!
    I have been yelling at the walls FURIOUS ( thankfully, my beloved husband was out of errands a week ago Saturday when I read Gingrich’s stupid, lame position on NY-23). My response was not pretty.
    The leaders of the RNC and their ilk had better listen to CONSERVATIVES, endorse and support CONSERVATIVE candidates or they are going to lose their Conservative base. That is a fact I believe. THEY will be responsible for R losses if they do not give us Conservative Republican candidates. They are the ones that need to change. Not those of us who live by principle and convictions. WE MUST TAKE BACK THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!
    Another example of their out-of-touch stupidity is endorsing Crist instead of the true Conservative Republican Marco Rubio in Florida.
    Come on guys, just do the right thing and endorse the true CONSERVATIVE or the most CONSERVATIVE candidate, not these proven RINO”S or even worse truly Left Liberals with an R behind their name. ENOUGH OF THIS BS!
    There is no reason whatsover to endorse and then try and ‘bully’ Conservatives to vote for RINO’s.
    Hoping, praying and working toward Hoffman, Christie and the R in Virginia to win.
    Michael, why do you think Gingrich did what he did???

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    I think Gingrich went too far with a particular mindset in endorsing Scozzafava, just as Glenn Beck goes too far in undermining Republicans in general.

    Gingrich has two beliefs: 1) the local GOP should be able to choose their own candidates, and then Republicans should support their choice; and 2) conservatives should rally around even liberal (i.e. “moderate”) Republicans in order to build a national party movement that can wrest the country from Democrats.

    Gingrich is right in both beliefs, TO A POINT. The local Republican Party should elect the people who will serve THEIR district. And the fact of the matter is that we can’t get conservative Republicans in office in every district. In liberal regions, we’ve got to run Republicans who are well left of the platform, and then hope they give the conservative GOP enough support to get most of what they want accomplished. I agree with that.

    Glenn Beck, on the other hand, wants every Republican to be a hard-core doctrinaire conservative across the board, or else be defeated. And if the Republican Party itself isn’t perfect in its conservatism, he wants us to support some undefined and undeclared third party that will never win. In other words, the Glenn Becks want us to have ideological purity to the extent that we have even less power than we have now.

    Here’s where Gingrich went wrong with Scozzafava. She WASN’T elected by the local Republicans in her district. Rather, she was APPOINTED by a clearly out-of-touch party apparatus. The fact of the matter is, Scozzafava – who might have been fine running for Barney Frank’s Massachusetts district – did not in ANY WAY represent the NY-23 district, which is clearly quite conservative.

    If Scozzafava were running against Frank, I would support her. I would endorse her. I would much rather see her in that seat than Barney Frank. But in the NY-23 district? No way. We can do better. We SHOULD do better.

    The other thing is that I’m FINE with the Glenn Beck conservatives who want pure conservatives to run. I HOPE they run AND WIN. But they should either a) run in the primary as Republicans and let the winner move on; or b) run as independents, and then quickly DROP OUT if they aren’t likely to win.

    Now, since I praised Scozzafava, it has come out that she actually has now thrown her weight behind THE DEMOCRAT. I’m glad she’s dropped out of the race, because her running as a Republican was a complete joke to begin with — and her endorsing the Democrat is the proof in the pudding.

    Daggett has 8% of the vote. There is absolutely no way he can win. All he can do is help Jon Corzine win. As far as I’m concerned, every single voter who supports Daggett is supporting Barack Obama, the Democrat Party, the liberal agenda, socialized medicine, cap-and-trade, and Marxist/fascist crap right down the line. Either that, or they are dumber than bricks.

    All that said, Gingrich was wrong for endorsing such a liberal as Scozzafava in a district that WANTED a conservative. And the fact that she has now come out in favor of the Democrat in the race ought to be like salt rubbed into his eyes. It should burn him with shame.

    I support the Republican Party. I support the fact that we need to be a national party that runs appropriate candidates for each district/region. But I don’t support thrusting liberals into races that conservatives could win, and then say that we have to support that candidate because there’s an ‘R’ after their name.

  3. hl Says:

    Thanks for your insights, Michael. I just read that Scozzafava is endorisng Democrat Owens instead of the Hoffman. So much for loyalty to Republicans on DeDe’s part. Hoffman has been an R his whole life and is only running as an I because Scozzafava was so liberal.

    I hope Hoffman wins and that Gingrich and others learn a valuable lesson from this race. He went way to far, was stubborn and out of touch.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Yeah. Amazing, isn’t it? I mentioned that Scozzafava had endorsed the Democrat in my last. The news was being reported as I wrote my reply to you.

    I think Gingrich has said and done enough good things that we shouldn’t burn him at the stake for this Scozzafava thing. But he did screw up royally here. And I think he needs to finally ADMIT he screwed up and TELL us the lesson he LEARNED from screwing up.

  5. hl Says:

    It appears Gingrich has seen the error of his ways, at least that is what he is saying now. Passing this along in case you had not read it.

    “The age of party picking people is over”, Newt Gingrich.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Kind of seems like Gingrich is grasping for the horse’s tail before it totally leaves him in the dust, doesn’t it?

    Like I said, I’m not going to throw Newt under the bus for this mistake, but it remains that it was a HUGE mistake.

    Personally, I think he should apologize to conservatives AND Republicans and explain WHY he was wrong. Because I’m a lot more willing to forget about this Scozzafava endorsement if he truly conveys the reason that nothing like this will ever happen again.

  7. hl Says:

    That would be very noble of him if he would do as you suggest. When I heard last week that he was traveling with Howard Dean holding meetings about Heathcare, it was the nail in the coffin for me. That info on top of the Scozzafaza idiocy was just to much to take.

    I think we need people to govern who know who they are, what they believe and why and REFUSE to ‘cross the aisle’ and compromise with leftist Liberals and there disastrous agenda for America.
    Have you noticed we’re always the ones that are supposed to be bi-partisan for the good of the country and submit to their wrong ideas?
    We are where we are in part because a lot of R’s lost their Conservative convictions IF they ever had them in the first place.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    Well, since I made that comment, I found out that Daggett is a “ringer” funded by the Democrats. So there’s no nobility in him to DO anything noble. And, when he’s traveling with Howard Dean, what can you say? What you have is two poos in a pod.

    Christie will win in New Jersey, as he has the numbers. The only thing that can stop his win is the fact that he is in New Jersey, and Democrats – who are as corrupt as can be – have run the most corrupt state for years. Any close race will be STOLEN by fraud. That’s just who these people are.

    I write about both of the above in a newer article here.

    And, yeah, it’s funny how the liberals demand their people march in goose step to their agenda, but – in an act of simply shocking hypocrisy – gather around the mainstream media like a bunch of cockroaches swarming over something dead to denounce the Republicans for being in any way like they themselves are. Joe Lieberman gets threatened, practically mob-style. But Republicans are evil for favoring a candidate who actually represents them.

    Republicans are bad. The only way to make a Republican politician look good – for the most part – is to put him or her next to a Democrat. A lousy Republican looks good when the alternative is a loathsome Democrat.

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