Obama Administration Continues To Set Records In Incompetence

This is rather surprising – and that’s coming from a guy who is convinced that the Obama administration is a ship full of fools moronically leading us into every iceberg in their path.

Behind Schedule

Nearly 200 top positions in the administration remain vacant a full year after President Obama was elected. USA Today reports the backlog puts President Obama behind his predecessors in terms of the amount of time taken to fill key jobs.

The Senate has confirmed 366 Obama nominees, compared with 421 at this point for President George W. Bush and 379 for President Clinton. New York University professor Paul Light, a federal bureaucracy expert, says: “Obama is well on pace right now to set a new record in terms of lateness.”

There is no one permanently in charge of Medicare or Medicaid at a time when the president is pushing health care reform in Congress. Mark McClellan, a former administrator for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, says the timing isn’t good, “without a permanent administrator in place.”

Obama has czars coming out of his ears.  He’s got more democracy-ignoring czars than 19th century Russia.  But apparently no time to appoint the people whom he actually SHOULD have appointed.  Go figure.

Given the fact that he has larger margins of control in the Senate than anybody since Jimmy Carter hamstrung the country in 1976, it is appalling that he has been so unable to send quality nominees to a body that would quickly rubber stamp them.

I mean, they even confirmed John Holdren, the guy who wants to put sterilants in your drinking water and forcibly abort your children under the population-control laws he wants to impose.  And I kid you not.

The biggest joke of all is in the last paragraph.  I mean, think about it: Barack Hussein is so eager to totally transform the health care system into the next apparatus of the Marxist state he’s dreaming about that he hasn’t bothered to actually put anyone in charge over the government health care that we already HAVE.

This should be a further tip-off that Obama is disinterested in running the country.  He’d much rather radically change it altogether.

Pretty appalling stuff from a pretty pathetic leader.

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4 Responses to “Obama Administration Continues To Set Records In Incompetence”

  1. hl Says:

    Obama as President is an absolute embarassment to me as a partriotic American. It just goes from bad to worse and we are not even at the one year mark yet!
    I have never felt this way about any president in all my life.

    Michael, how is your mom doing???

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    She’s doing great, thank you for asking. Last week she had her blood looked at by her oncologist, and the oncologist was happy. Thank you for your continued prayers and concern.

    The message of “change” and “hope” was something right out of ACORN – a giant deceitful fraud. And Obama has been revealed to be a radical liberal, rather than the president who would heal the divide.

    Take away his talk, and you get an empty suit.

    I’m looking at his Afghanistan troop decision. Amazing how this narcissist can make everything about himself. It’s supposed to be about our troops, and the support they need. But, not with this guy. With Obama, it’s all about his Hamletesque angst as he dithers around unable to make even the most obvious decision imaginable (either send the 40,000 + troops McChrystal says he needs or bring every single one of them home now).

    As I’ve said before, My “Obama” moment came when I heard all those sermons from Jeremiah Wright and realized that he had willingly made himself part of an evil church, an evil spiritual Svengali, and an evil Marxist agenda.

  3. hl Says:

    Great to hear your mom is doing well.

    Happy Veterans Day to you and thank you for your service to our country.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Thank you, HL.

    May God bless our troops and keep them safe (from the policies of their CiC as well as from our enemies abroad).

    Today should be a time of remembering – and said remembering should serve to remind us that we don’t successfully appease evil; we only successfully defeat it.

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