Iran Invades Iraqi Territory, Seizes Major Oil Well

Boy, those Iranians sure are afraid of our strong and courageous president, aren’t they?

They’re moving full-steam ahead in their quest to develop a nuclear weapon.  They just successfully test fired a medium range ballistic missile that could carry nukes to Israel, Europe, and a number of vital US bases, in an in-your-face gesture.  And just in case Obama failed to see Iran’s defiance, they just seized an oil well from a country where Obama still has 100,000 troops.

DECEMBER 18, 2009, 12:16 P.M. ET

Iraqi Oil Officials Accuse Iranians of Holding Iraqi Oil Field


Iraqi officials said Iranian troops occupied a disputed oil well along the two countries’ border, the latest in a string of sometimes-contradictory statements Friday about the incursion, fueling worry about an escalation in tensions between Baghdad and Tehran.

Iranian and Iraqi oil officials have frequently tussled over territory along their shared border, and in particular they have traded accusation about oil resources at the shared field at the center of Friday’s reports.

Still, some reports indicated gun fire had been exchanged and Iranians were still holding one well, representing a significant escalation if those reports were confirmed. The reported incursion also comes as Iraqi politicians, many of whom are campaigning on platforms critical of Iranian influence, prepare for parliamentary elections slated for March. That timing could enflame political rhetoric over even a relatively minor incident.

International oil prices spiked briefly on the reports, but appeared to settle back down in midday trading in New York.

Attempts to reach the Iranian mission in New York for comment weren’t immediately successful.

Iraqi Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammed Haj Aziz told the Associated Press late Friday that Iranian troops seized the area around an oil well in the Al-Fakkah field. He said he didn’t know if the Iranians were still in control of the territory. Earlier in the day, Iraqi officials had denied any incursion had taken place.

Mr. Aziz said late Friday the Foreign Ministry and the Oil Ministry were coordinating over what steps to take and were considering summoning the Iranian ambassador to discuss the issue on Saturday. Iraq’s state-run Iraqiya television reported the National Security Council, headed by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, was meeting Friday night to discuss the issue, according to the AP.

Senior oil ministry officials weren’t immediately available to comment late Friday, the start of the weekend in Iraq.

Deputy Interior Minister Ahmed Ali al-Khafaji, reversing statements made earlier in the day, told Reuters that Iranian soldiers had crossed into Iraqi territory and had taken up position at the field. The minister said the incursion on Friday was the latest in a series this week, further muddying the waters.

A local oil official in the area where the field is located said Iranians were still in control of Well No. 4 at the field. The official said a group of less than a dozen Iranian soldiers occupied the well, but did so two weeks ago. They opened fire briefly, raised the Iranian flag and continue to occupy the area, the official said.

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It strikes me as very interesting that this development almost immediately followed an admission by Hillary Clinton that Obama’s foreign policy (which she personally opposed and even mocked as a candidate for president) has been an unmitigated disaster:

US outreach to Iran has ‘produced very little,’ Clinton says
Posted : Mon, 14 Dec 2009 18:16:00 GMT

Washington – US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday that more international pressure will be needed to rein in Iran’s nuclear programme, acknowledging that US efforts to reach out to Tehran have not worked. “I don’t think anyone can doubt that our outreach has produced very little in terms of any kind of positive response from the Iranians,” Clinton said.

Since President Barack Obama took office, the United States has sought more dialogue with Iran, hoping to resolve the nuclear stalemate. The administration has wanted to see progress by the end to the year or pursue additional UN Security Council sanctions to persuade Iran to comply with demands to clarify its nuclear activities.

“Certainly additional pressure is going to be called for in order to do that,” Clinton said during a press conference with Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos.

Clinton’s comments came following a report in the Times of London saying documents it obtained show Iran is seeking to develop a device that his used in a nuclear bomb to trigger an explosion.

But no true liberal would ever have been able to imagine that a presentation of utter weakness would not have worked.

Soon this already failed president will have to contend with a belligerent nuclear-armed terrorist state.  He (and we as a result of our idiotic vote for him) will have to contend with the fact that the Iranians have no fear of or respect for Obama at all.

Then we will truly begin to experience the “blessings” of the Chinese curse that we live in ‘interesting’ times under the Obama era of hype and chains.

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6 Responses to “Iran Invades Iraqi Territory, Seizes Major Oil Well”

  1. HL Says:

    It’s stunning how liberals ignore the REAL threats to us yet spend time crammimg a non-health care reform bill down our throats and promise OUR MONEY on climate hoaxes.

    I heard Senator DeMint state that he is ‘outraged out’ with what he is experiencing from this administration.
    I know exactly how he feels!

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Obama said he was going to “fundamentally change” America, but too many people failed to listen.

    People like Bill O’Reilly said that Obama ran as a moderate. Not really. He ran as a populist demagogue, saying one thing to one group of people, and a completely different (radical) thing to another. Anybody who paid even a little bit of attention would have known that Obama would be the most radically leftist president in US history.

    Iran will get nuclear weapons under and because of Barack Obama. I’ve been preaching that for over a year and a half.

    Democrats screamed at Bush whenever he did the least bit of “saber rattling” toward Iran. They gave him no chance to do anything. Bush said that Iran was building toward nukes basically throughout his presidency; Democrats screamed that he was lying. Now we see who was lying.

    As a student of history, it will be interesting to see one particular outcome: remember that Democrats have screamed that Bush was wrong about Iraq’s WMD (I believe the evidence shows that Saddam had it, and sent it to Syria in convoys). And the Democrats pointed to the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate to “prove” that Iran wasn’t working on a nuclear weapons.

    What we’re going to see is whose “mistake” is worse: Bush/Republicans, who were willing to preemptively go to war with an enemy on intelligence that pointed to their developing WMD; or Obama/Democrats, who refused to go to war until after an enemy had already developed such weapons.

  3. Rick Says:

    >I believe the evidence shows that Saddam had it, and sent it to Syria in convoys

    No, the lack of evidence shows that Saddam had no WMDs, and the Bush administration knew it, and lied about it, repeatedly.

    Likewise, the left is lying about climate change to further their agenda, repeatedly.

    Both sides — right and left — are guilty of reckless exaggeration that costs our lives and wealth. It’s a point of view that says, “If there’s even a 1% chance this bad thing could happen (Saddam could have WMDs, Global Warming could destroy our lives), we HAVE to spend tons of money and risk lives and strike now!”

    The answer is neither conservative nor liberal — because they’re both irrational, overreact, and cost all of us dearly.

    I think what we need is to return to the center.

  4. J.W. Wartick Says:

    Yeah this is quite scary. I agree with HL here, what’s with these people moronically ignoring “real” issues and instead pushing for socialism!? There are wars going on and all they can think about is spending trillions of dollars we don’t have on a system we don’t need!

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    Among the evidence that Colin Powell displayed at his UN speech prior to the US attack was large truck convoys bound for Syria. We have since had reports that Russian Spetsnaz and elite Iraqi units moved the WMD to Syria.

    Israel tracked that shipment to what turned out to be a nuclear weapons facility in Syria, which they ultimately destroyed. (See also here).

    * Every single major intelligence service in the world believed Iraq had WMD. They believed that because they knew he had it, and there had been no evidence/record that he got rid of it.
    * Every prominent Democrat in the world (e.g. Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John Edwards, Nancy Pelosi) believed Saddam had WMD. I have their statements to prove it (and please believe there are a lot more where that came from).
    * Saddam had actually USED WMD on his own people. That is simply a scientific fact.
    * There is no documentation to verify that Saddam destroyed his WMD. There were no witnesses to the destruction of of Iraqi WMD. Saddam kicked the UN inspectors out of Iraq for four full years prior to the invasion.

    Thus, I believe Saddam sent his WMD to Syria, a fellow Ba’athist regime. You, on the other hand, must believe that Saddam out of the sheer goodness of his heart destroyed the weapons, but innocently and naively forgot to have any witnesses to the destruction. And that it was just a simple trivial unimportant mistake that he kicked all the arms inspectors out.

    “Return to the center.” You DO realize, of course, that our founding fathers were so pissed of by what seems by today’s standards to be a trivial tax, that they started a war over it? You DO realize that since that revolution, we have had literally thousands of tyrannies that dwarf the one our founding fathers fought over imposed on us by the left?

    And you DO realize that “moderation” is a philosophically empty and gutless platform. Where does it get its strength? Where does it derive its moral foundation? Where does it even get its ideology, apart from looking at the left, and then the right, and doing whatever is in the middle? Most of the time the people on the middle are the ones who are the most ignorant, uninformed, and apathetic. They simply don’t care enough, or have courage enough, to make a stand one way or the other.

    Is there a God? Should our laws and societal norms have anything to do with Him? The left says no, the right says yes. What does the “middle” say? How about moral issues such as abortion? The right says that taking an innocent human life is immoral; the left says that it’s fine, as long as momma wants to kill her own baby. What does the “middle” say? And upon what basis? Homosexual marriage? The right says along with the Bible that marriage is a union between a man and a woman. The left says it’s whatever they want it to mean. Which is it, and why? There are a myriad of issues where you just can’t have it both ways, or half way to something and half way away from something else.

    I’ll stick with my conservatism, thank you very much.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    It’s not that leftists are pacifists. Believe me, they are anything but. It’s just that they always want to start with totally controlling their own country before taking over anybody else’s. The Nazis and the Marxists were all about peace (which is defined as murdering and terrorizing only your own people) until they were ready to start terrorizing the rest of the world.

    Somebody has to stand up to evil. The American left certainly won’t. Europe certainly won’t. Russia and China (true to their roots) protect evil, and won’t allow the United Nations to fight it (even if the gutless UN would have otherwise done anything to begin with).

    That leaves the U.S. to stand against Iran – and the UK would join us if we made the move.

    But we won’t make the move, because we have liberals running things.

    And when it is too late, and the world explodes, the left will figure out some way to blame the right for yet another of their failures.

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