The Utter Farce of ‘Green Jobs’

A few questions to ask yourself as you’re reading this article.

If green energy is so good, or is in any way the ‘wave of the future,’ then how come it has to be so massively subsidized with government money?  Why aren’t private businesses putting their own money into this?

Another question I want you to consider is how expensive green energy is when compared to the energy produced by fossil fuels (I will answer that after the article below).  And a final question you might ask might be, when are people going to finally wake up and stop believing idiotic liberal lies and wake up to reality?

Boston firm shifts ‘green jobs’ to China
By: Mark Tapscott
Editorial Page Editor
11/06/09 8:35 AM EST

President Obama and the Democratic majority in Congress are spending billions of tax dollars to subsidize development of “green jobs” – positions for people and companies designing and manufacturing alternative energy sources such as biomass, wind and solar.

One of Obama’s buddies, Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, is also a vocal advocate of such subsidies. Last year, Patrick put Massachusetts taxpayers’ money where is mouth is by backing a $58 million package of incentives and subsidies to Evergreen Solar, which manufacturers collector panels used in solar energy units.

Now barely a year later, Evergreen has announced that it is moving its final assembly phase to a factory in China, according to the Boston Globe. The firm’s Devens, Massachusetts, plant currently employs 577 full-time and 230 contract workers in designing and manufacturing the silicon wafers and cells that are then assembled into panels.

A company spokesman declined to say how many jobs will be shifted to the new assembly plant in China, according to the Globe.

“In exchange for receiving $58.6 million in grants, loans, land, tax incentives, and other aid to build in Massachusetts, Evergreen pledged that it would add 350 new jobs, a goal that it has, to date, far surpassed. However, the company disclosed in a financial filing yesterday that it would write off $40 million worth of equipment at Devens because of the production shift to China,” the Globe reported.

“The company has been a poster child of the Patrick administration’s efforts to develop a ‘green energy’ industry cluster in Massachusetts. But it has been struggling financially because of increased competition from overseas producers and rapidly falling prices for solar products. It recently persuaded the state to lend it another $5 million to cover equipment purchases, though the state has not yet released the funds,” the Globe said.

Evergreen has lost at least $167 million so far in 2009, according to the Globe. Last year during the same period, the company’s losses totalled only $33.6 million. Following announcement of the move to China, the company’s stock closed at $1.42 per share, down six cents per share.

So let’s see.  The poster boy for ‘green jobs’ got a $58 million handout, managed to lose $167 million in 2009, and is outsourcing its labor force to China.

If you think that’s the ‘wave of the future,’ then vote Democrat.  And may your children freeze in the dark at night for your moral idiocy.

Take a moment to ponder what Obama said about the impact of his own plan:

“Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

Why is that?  Why is it that green energy has to be subsidized, even as fossil fuel energy – even when it is regulated and taxed and outlawed – is still so much less expensive than the green energy that Obama wants to impose on America?

Fossil fuels are so much cheaper, so much more efficient, so much more powerful, and so much more superior, to Obama’s green energy it is utterly unreal.

Here’s a graph of the difference (the accompanying article is available here):

This should start to explain why ‘green energy’ has to be massively subsidized, and is still a dud even when fossil fuel energy is massively taxed.  This is why nobody with a clue would put his own money into green energy, apart from the belief that a socialist government will impose insanity on the energy system.

Barack Obama wants to bankrupt coal – which costs less than one cent per kilowatt hour – and wants to impose in its place something that will cost more than forty times more.  How will you like it when your energy rates go up forty times higher?

And the only way to avoid your energy costs going up beyond your ability to be able to afford it – under Obama’s own announced plan – is to massively, massively subsidize the cost of that green energy.  At the cost of far more government debt, and on the backs of your children’s children’s children’s children’s children.  Assuming that we don’t economically implode into a banana republic first, which is far more likely.

And Obama is selling this load of crap to you based on two lies.  Lie one is the giant load of hooey of global warming.  And lie two is the bogus economic advantages we would supposedly get from replacing our energy source with one that would cost us eight to forty times more.

We’ve been told for well over a decade that we had reached a tipping point where the earth could no longer handle the CO2 humans were creating, such that we would experience a massive increase in global warming.

Yeah, right:

(ChattahBox)—Brrrr—-meteorologists are predicting that the United States, particularly the entire eastern half of the country, will experience record-breaking blasts of frigid cold weather this winter. The nearly nationwide swath of cold and stormy weather has not been seen since January 1985, when freezing cold temperatures reached as far South as Georgia. Chief Meteorologist and Expert Long Range Forecaster Joe Bastardi, believes our current winter weather pattern is reminiscent of the long and bitterly cold winter of 1977-78, when the Eastern seaboard experienced the great blizzard of 1978. Bastardi predicts that the winter of 2009-2010 is shaping up like the snowy winters experienced during the Hippie-Vietnam War era. “It’ll be like the great winters of the ’60s and ’70s,” he said.

And this historic cold is a global phenomenon.

It’s like a desert out there, Al Gore.  But at least it’s a dry heat.

CO2 did go up, but there has never been a demonstrable link between CO2 and global temperatures.

We recently found out that the climatologists who were preaching global warming to line their own pockets were liars, frauds and demagogues.

Environmentalists and leftists want to seize $40 TRILLION of your money to “solve” the “crisis” of global warming.

From Time Magazine:

This is an enormously ambitious goal, but many experts agree it could make a real difference. The problem is that the cure may be worse than the disease. In a paper for the Copenhagen Consensus Center, climate economist Richard Tol, a lead author for the U.N. climate panel, determined that to cut carbon emissions enough to meet the 2° goal, the leading industrial nations would have to slap a huge tax on carbon-emitting fuels — one that by the end of the century would reach something on the order of $4,000 per metric ton of carbon dioxide, or $35 per gallon of gas ($9 per liter). According to Tol, the impact of a tax hike of this magnitude could reduce world GDP 12.9% in 2100 — the equivalent of $40 trillion a year. In other words, to save ourselves $3 trillion a year, we’d be giving up $40 trillion a year. No wonder we’re not getting anywhere.

So make that $40 TRILLION PER YEAR.

This is nothing but a socialist redistributionist power-grab, intended to secure the leftist agenda and ensure leftist totalitarian domination for a century to come.

And the Democrats attempt to seize control over health care is no different.  They don’t want to improve anything but their dominance.  And they will use any means to secure that dominance.

Don’t believe these transparent lies.  Fight these people.  Vote them out of power.  Vote them right off the island.  Or you will pay dearly for the agenda they impose upon you and your family.

Update, January 8: Obama is pitching billions more in funding for green jobs while our unemployment rate climbs.  I guess he wants to piss more billions down the toilet.

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4 Responses to “The Utter Farce of ‘Green Jobs’”

  1. Mark Says:

    Maybe a study of history is in order. When petroleum was discovered, no one believed it would have any value, then or in the future. Same for telephone, railroads, automobile, airplane, internet. Why fight the future, just to be ‘right’? Rightists just don’t like change, regardless of benefits to people.

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    A study of history IS in order – and I suggest you take your own advice and start studying.

    I presume by “rightists” you mean conservatives. A rather trivial and superficial criticism.

    So let’s think historically and consider your points. Because it turns out you are just profoundly wrong.

    Petroleum has been used by man since ancient times. I won’t bother to describe their uses; go here to see. If you can go back to the earliest days of civilization and show me writings saying, “This stuff won’t go anywhere,” I’d like to see it. Otherwise you’re kind of full of crap.

    Obviously, we didn’t NEED giant supplies of oil until the invention of machinery and mechanical transportation; but it ALWAYS had value.

    The telephone, railroads, automobile, airplane and the internet weren’t “discovered”; they were INVENTED and DEVELOPED. And they were invented and developed by people who – contrary to your claim – very MUCH believed that they would have value. The airplane? Man has dreamed of flying since the ancient Greeks. You haven’t heard of Icarus? And what of Leonardo Da Vinci and his many attempts to build a flying machine? All that was waiting was for someone to be able to produce a machine that actually flew, and then the capability to build them at an affordable price, and it was guaranteed to “take off.”

    Railroads. Do you have any idea how much effort and what an expense it cost to build a trans-continental railroad? Do you know that America was basically the first country to do it – and that it was the vehicle (literally) that enabled America to leap ahead of the world??? Just who in the world was saying it wouldn’t ever have “value”? People put their whole fortunes into building the railroad – and got rich beyond imagination for having done so.

    The internet was developed (sorry Al Gore) by the military to fulfill a need for communication. While there would certainly have been those who wouldn’t have wanted it to go “private” (for security reasons), it was developed IN RESPONSE TO A NEED.

    Your whole argument is simply full of crap for anybody who has a CLUE about “history.” Too bad you don’t know history to know that.

    But I’m not done yet. The internet aside (which was still developed by the military, which progressives despise), everything you mention was invented NOT by the government – which “progressives” want to grow giant and invent EVERYTHING; but by private groups of people and by the wealthy investors who funded them. And progressives have punished those people for generations. In point of fact, if progressives were running everything, we’d NEVER have had many of these fabulous products. Let’s just take petroleum, railroads, the automobile and the airplane: if your damn progressive environmentalist whacko side had it’s way, we’d DISINVENT these things and make it so people never got to have them in the first place.

    Meet Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid – apparently for the first time, since you make such a profoundly ignorant point:

    Senate majority leader Harry Reid let the cat out of the bag again this week, in case there were still any skeptics on this issue. He said “oil is making us sick” and it is “ruining our country”. He apparently believes that no oil is preferable to any oil and therefore adamantly opposes more oil drilling. He and Congressional Democrats who control both houses of Congress have voted to keep America’s oil and energy assets off limits to Americans.

    Harry Reid said, “Coal makes us sick, oil makes us sick; it’s global warming. It’s ruining our country, it’s ruining our world.” And Nancy Pelosi in shutting down the petroleum you give “progressives” credit for said, “I’m trying to save the planet; I’m trying to save the planet.” Both quotes are available in my article here.

    Thank GOD progressives weren’t able to screw up our country back then the way they are trying to screw it up now.

    And the AUTOMOBILE? Do you have any idea how crazy that is to give progressives credit for this, given the fact that Henry Ford spent his whole career at WAR with progressives who were constantly trying to undermine him???? Fist it was the Smoot-Hawley tariff act. Then it was FDR’s NRA codes which tried to impose price controls and keep him from selling his cars at a fair market price. Read pages 52 and 53 here and LEARN history, you ignorant boob. And Henry Ford fought tenaciously against the damn unions (the UAW) which were imposed on him by progressives. Ford was ADAMANTLY opposed to labor unions. You know, the unions that have driven our industry out of America.

    Small Businesses today – the ones that actually develop MOST of the new innovations – are firmly on the side of conservatives and firmly opposed to the progressive agenda. The National Federation of Independent Business and the Chambers of Commerce are firmly on the conservative side. And why are the Democrats so shrilly hysterical against the Surpreme Court decision that allows businesses to contribute campaign money? Because they know that conservatives will benefit from businesses to give to the pro-businesses party – the Republicans.

    You couldn’t be more historically ignorant – or more wrong.

    Go and learn history. Don’t lecture others to do what you clearly have never done yourself.

  3. Heather Says:

    There’s no doubt that green energy only generates “green” for the elites and serves their ultimate agenda – bringing about their precious New World Order. However, please understand that both parties in this country are on the same pay roll. Republican and Democratic “leaders” are paid well to work in tandem by playing good cop/bad cop in order to keep this nation’s people fighting each other, and it obviously works. So by choosing up sides and engaging in any and all forms of politics, you are all unknowingly serving the same master and he is an ungrateful lunatic. Your votes are meaningless, but the elites know from experience that the bait and switch helps keep you busy, and will eventually give them an excuse to inflict martial law on the populace who are being encouraged to physically revolt against them, due to the rising frustration and anger their antics are causing.

    History for the most part has been sanitized of the truth by the people who have the money to do it. Even so, God won’t allow them to erase everything, the truth always comes to light eventually. By studying the history of Freemasonry, it will reveal that most of America’s industrial movers and shakers were psychopathic 33 degree Freemasons, and many of them profited heavily by providing goods to both sides of the war, a war that they started on purpose. That includes Henry Ford. Why would Freemasons fight Freemasons you might be asking? To bring about their precious New World Order. You see, the end, in their mind, justifies the means.

    Is green energy crap? Yes. Should Christians know the times they are in? Yes. I would like to point out that Jesus didn’t get political and patriotic in an attempt to remove Roman oppression from Judea. Instead he preached the gospel, and that is what really matters; that is what will really and finally defeat evil, not votes. We are living in the days when it looks like the New World Order just might be over the next bend in this world’s crooked road, just make sure you aren’t following it.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    However, please understand that both parties in this country are on the same pay roll. Republican and Democratic “leaders” are paid well to work in tandem by playing good cop/bad cop in order to keep this nation’s people fighting each other, and it obviously works


    I’m in basic agreement with most of your post, but cannot agree with you on the quote above. Boy, that’s a cynical attitude toward ALL politicians!!! (And I thought I was cynical about politics!).

    No, I would argue that just as people like you and I have basic attitudes, beliefs and ideas about government and how it should work, so also do the politicians who are elected to office as well as the politicians who aren’t called politicians in the bureaucracies but clearly ARE politicians. We have a sizable block of people who believe that government is an intrinsic good and the more government the better; that when the government seizes power and seizes money and then imposes its power by picking winners and losers and who gets government dole and who gets screwed by government, more is better. And you have your limited government, laissez faire, free market, individual responsibility people.

    And these two sides are at fundamental disagreement with each other. They have completely different worldviews.

    While I believe that many – MOST – of our politicians become increasingly self-serving and yes “political” as they serve more and more terms in office, and while I believe that they become cowards who are afraid to do the right thing lest they lose an election, I do NOT believe that the far right “tea party” Republican conservatives and the far left socialist Democrat liberals both think alike and are merely assigned which role they’re going to play.

    But that is some kind of grand conspiracy theory you’ve got going on there – that Harry Reid and Ted Cruz both think exactly alike and secretly yuck it up as they play their assigned roles in the grand jest that is America.

    I would also disagree on your attitude that results from your view I quote above, that “Your votes are meaningless.” I believe that if anything it is that very attitude that has resulted in our having the worst leaders we have EVER had. Because when good people sit back and do nothing, evil triumphs. And to not vote is to sit back and do nothing.

    But I should also point out that you are right about quite a few things, such as your statement, “History for the most part has been sanitized of the truth by the people who have the money to do it.” I would say that it’s not just “money,” but misplaced trust in the academic sector and in the journalism sector. These people – particularly in journalism – have NEVER been anything other than propagandists. And I have documented in some of my articles how “journalists” such as Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays were literally the PRODUCT of propaganda right out of the WWI mindset that “the masses” are sheep who need to be guided by the elites – and that facts are frankly irrelevant toward that end. I have also documented how higher education was EXCLUSIVELY started by Christians. And that there was a point in time when Christian leaders wanted to focus on more “spiritual” goals such as missions, and turned over their universities to people who falsely promised to continue in the Christian trajectory that they began. 106 of the first 108 universities founded in America were Christian institutions established to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ. That includes ALL of the Ivy League schools that are THE most hostile the Christianity today.

    We have increasingly become a bad people, and bad people not only tolerate lies, but increasingly SEEK lies in place of the truth. And we are therefore ripe for deception and fully deserving of the wrath that is coming upon this once great nation.

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