Have To Admit, It’s Kind Of Nice To See Democrats Get Treated Like Vermin

Ben Nelson is persona non grata to go with being Slimeball of the Year.

Democrats have been hell bent on spending us into oblivion, passing the health care destruction act, passing amnesty for illegal aliens, passing cap-growth-and trade-productivity, and blithely ignoring that people are getting mad as hell.

Republican Scott Brown is leading Democrat Martha Coakley in Massachusetts – a state in which Democrats outnumber Republicans three-to-one – by three percentage points according to Coakley’s own internal pollingIn Massachusetts.

I am praying for a Scott Brown victory, but c’mon: NOBODY predicted that Scott Brown would even be CLOSE in this race only a few months ago.

In a way, Scott Brown defeating Coakley and taking away the filibuster-proof majority eight months before it would have happened anyway may be the salvation of Democrats.

Because if they had passed all this crap, I truly believe that one day after the collapse of America, the people would find voter registration rolls, and start individually hunting down Democrats with dogs and burning them alive.

In any event, Democrat Senator Ben Nelson is getting to experience being burned a little bit early.

Ben Nelson tries to repair damage at home
By MANU RAJU | 1/14/10 4:55 AM EST

Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson and his wife were leaving dinner at a new pizza joint near their home in Omaha one night last week when a patron began complaining about Nelson’s decisive vote in favor of the Senate’s health care bill.

Other customers started booing. A woman yelled, “Get him the hell out of here!” And the Nelsons and their dining companions beat a hasty retreat.

“It was definitely a scene in there,” said Tom Lewis, a 41-year-old dentist and registered Republican who witnessed the incident. A second witness confirmed the incident to POLITICO.

It’s a new experience for Nelson.

He used to be a popular figure back home, a Democrat who served eight years in the governor’s office and was elected twice to the Senate by a state that’s as red as the “N” on the University of Nebraska’s football helmets.

But Nelson has seen his approval ratings tumble in the wake of his wavering over the historic health care bill, his deal-cutting with other Senate Democrats and, ultimately, his support to break a GOP filibuster and send the bill to a House-Senate conference committee.

Nelson, who has a track record of brokering bipartisan deals, said for months that he was unsure whether to back a Democrats-only bill, and he criticized language in the measure that would impose taxes and cut Medicare costs in order to pay for extending coverage to most Americans. But after weeks of negotiations, Nelson made his peace with the bill by striking deals on his state’s Medicaid costs and on abortion language — and, in the process, incited a furious backlash in Nebraska.

Anti-abortion activists who have supported him in the past have abandoned him; he’s been the target of a fierce campaign by opponents to push him to block the bill on final passage; and the GOP now sees the opportunity for a pickup in 2012.

Meantime, Nelson is still viewed warily by more-liberal Democrats who distrust his conservative leanings and remain upset with his opposition to a public option.

“He’s kind of a man without a state,” said Julie Schmit-Albin, executive director of Nebraska Right to Life, an influential anti-abortion group that had endorsed Nelson’s previous election bids but has “pretty much cut [its] ties” with the senator over the abortion deal in the health care bill. The group plans a rally Jan. 30 in front of the state Capitol in Lincoln and will weigh whether to use its influence to go after Nelson ahead of 2012, when he is up for a third term.

The state Republican Party has set up a website calling for voters to eject Nelson from office, and it has already raised “tens of thousands of dollars” for advertising, according to Mark Fahleson, chairman of the state party.

And Democrats in Washington worry that the pressure may cause Nelson to defect in the end, particularly since the senator — once again — has made clear that his final vote on the bill is not guaranteed.

Nelson, who declined requests for an interview, is responding to the blowback with a major effort to reverse public opinion, criss-crossing the state county by county and holding interviews with a slew of local newspapers and TV and radio stations. He has explained his vote and the deals he made in several newspaper op-eds, held a news conference outside his home in Omaha and made a “sizable number” of calls to individual voters who have written him to express their concerns, according to his spokesman.

I’m sure that liberal activists are going to say that the anger Nelson experienced is the result of “rightwing Republican extremists.”  But it isn’t.  It’s Republicans, Independents, and Democrats who are as mad as hell, and just won’t take it anymore.

Better to be a piece of dog poop than it is to be Ben Nelson right now, as far as his voters are concerned.

Nelson is saying he wants to take back the provision (i.e., the $100 million bribe) that he accepted to give Nebraska a sweetheart Medicaid deal for life.

Does anybody think that’s going to make Nebraska happy?  For Nelson to take back the deal he made to undermine the will of the people to begin with?

Rather than taking back the unconstitutional $100 million Nebraska Purchase, what Nebraska voters want is for Nelson to take back his vote.  Or else they want to take back his head.

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