As Democrats Lament Voting For Obama, I Have To Ask: Who Are The ‘Wingnuts’ Now?

Democrats don’t seem to be finding any “hope and change” in their messiah.  You know who is?  Republicans.  After all, it is really an incredibly amazing – frankly a miraculous – “change” that a Democrat president could actually turn Camelot Republican.  That’s FAR more than we ever could have “hoped” for.

How’s THIS for a title from a Democrat regarding Barack Obama?

He’s Done Everything Wrong

Obama punted on the economy and reversed the fortunes of the Democrats in 365 days.

He’s misjudged the character of the country in his whole approach. There’s the saying, “It’s the economy, stupid.” He didn’t get it. He was determined somehow or other to adopt a whole new agenda. He didn’t address the main issue.

This health-care plan is going to be a fiscal disaster for the country. Most of the country wanted to deal with costs, not expansion of coverage. This is going to raise costs dramatically.

In the campaign, he said he would change politics as usual. He did change them. It’s now worse than it was. I’ve now seen the kind of buying off of politicians that I’ve never seen before. It’s politically corrupt and it’s starting at the top. It’s revolting.

Five states got deals on health care—one of them was Harry Reid’s. It is disgusting, just disgusting. I’ve never seen anything like it. The unions just got them to drop the tax on Cadillac plans in the health-care bill. It was pure union politics. They just went along with it. It’s a bizarre form of political corruption. It’s bribery. I suppose they could say, that’s the system. He was supposed to change it or try to change it.

Even that is not the worst part. He could have said, “I know. I promised these things, but let me try to do them one at a time.” You want to deal with health care? Fine. Issue No. 1 with health care was the cost. You know I think it was 37 percent or 33 who were worried about coverage. Fine, I wrote an editorial to this effect. Focus on cost-containment first. But he’s trying to boil the ocean, trying to do too much. This is not leadership.

Obama’s ability to connect with voters is what launched him. But what has surprised me is how he has failed to connect with the voters since he’s been in office. He’s had so much overexposure. You have to be selective. He was doing five Sunday shows. How many press conferences? And now people stop listening to him. The fact is he had 49.5 million listeners to first speech on the economy. On Medicare, he had 24 million. He’s lost his audience. He has not rallied public opinion. He has plunged in the polls more than any other political figure since we’ve been using polls. He’s done everything wrong. Well, not everything, but the major things.

I don’t consider it a triumph. I consider it a disaster.

One business leader said to me, “In the Clinton administration, the policy people were at the center, and the political people were on the sideline. In the Obama administration, the political people are at the center, and the policy people are on the sidelines.”

I’m very disappointed. We endorsed him. I voted for him. I supported him publicly and privately

I hope there are changes. I think he’s already laid in huge problems for the country. The fiscal program was a disaster. You have to get the money as quickly as possible into the economy. They didn’t do that. By end of the first year, only one-third of the money was spent. Why is that?

He should have jammed a stimulus plan into Congress and said, “This is it. No changes. Don’t give me that bullshit. We have a national emergency.” Instead they turned it over to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who can run circles around him.

It’s very sad. It’s really sad.

He’s improved America’s image in the world. He absolutely did. But you have to translate that into something. Let me tell you what a major leader said to me recently. “We are convinced,” he said, “that he is not strong enough to confront his enemy. We are concerned,” he said “that he is not strong to support his friends.”

The political leadership of the world is very, very dismayed. He better turn it around. The Democrats are going to get killed in this election. Jesus, looks what’s happening in Massachusetts.

It’s really interesting because he had brilliant, brilliant political instincts during the campaign. I don’t know what has happened to them. His appointments present somebody who has a lot to learn about how government works. He better get some very talented businesspeople who know how to implement things. It’s unbelievable. Everybody says so. You can’t believe how dismayed people are. That’s why he’s plunging in the polls.

I can’t predict things two years from now, but if he continues on the downward spiral he is on, he won’t be reelected. In the meantime, the Democrats have recreated the Republican Party. And when I say Democrats, I mean the Obama administration. In the generic vote, the Democrats were ahead something like 52 to 30. They are now behind the Republicans 48 to 44 in the last poll. Nobody has ever seen anything that dramatic.

Mortimer B. Zuckerman is chairman and editor in chief of U.S. News & World Report and publisher of the New York Daily News. He is also the co-founder and chairman of Boston Properties Inc. He is a trustee of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Washington Institute for Near East Studies, and the International Institute of Strategic Studies.

It’s nice to finally see such wisdom from the Daily Beast.

Back when Obama was adored as He-Upon-Whom-The-Sun-Rises-And-Sets, the Daily Beast took me to task for urging conservatives to take this clown down:

Ironically, some wingnuts on the right are blaming Democrats’ techniques on their newfound commitment to tear down the next President of the United States. Take one particularly unhinged culture warrior, Michael Eden of, who writes: “Barack Hussein Obama and his Democratic lackeys get to wear the bullseyes on their foreheads for the duration of the next election cycle…don’t let a bunch of appallingly blatant hypocrites tell you that you owe Obama one more iota of respect than they gave Bush… It’s time to start burning down their houses and salting their fields.”

I didn’t like being referred to as a “wingnut,” but I couldn’t help but think that “one particularly unhinged culture warrior” had a rather nice ring to it.

The article I wrote was entitled, “Do Unto Obama As Liberals Did Unto Bush.”  I was livid that this man – whom I knew would be a miserable failure and a danger and disgrace to my country – was actually being elected to the highest office in the land through demagoguery while Republicans cowered in fear.

And, of course, the Daily Beast was infuriated that a conservative actually suggest that Republicans stop accepting the constant double-standard of the past 25 years and actually do unto Obama as liberals did unto Bush.

My very first entry into blogging revolved around the outrage that was Barack Obama’s reverend, mentor, and spiritual guide, Jeremiah Wright.  Barack Obama had spent 23 years in a Marxist, anti-American, racist church; a den of vipers otherwise known as Obama’s fellow congregants leaped to their feet by the thousands and cheered wildly while Rev. Wright spewed one vile line after another.  And nobody at the top ever bothered to talk about it – either out of partisan ideology or out of fear of violating some insane and morally idiotic norm of political correctness.

Now finally someone at the Daily Beast is beginning to understand something that I understood exactly 22 months ago last night.

I was that “wingnut” and “particularly unhinged culture warrior” who saw with crystal clarity that Barack Hussein Obama was a genuinely evil man with a radical agenda who would bring this country to ruin if his agenda got off the ground.

I’m very disappointed. We endorsed him. I voted for him. I supported him publicly and privately.

I’m sure not the one who’s lamenting his vote.

And the only thing that leaves me “very disappointed” is that so many of my own countrymen proved to be so utterly blind as to the unmitigated  disaster an Obama presidency would be.

And now, to cite Barack Obama’s demonic preacher for 23 years, “The Democrats’ chickens are coming home to roost.”

Who are the “wingnuts” now?

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8 Responses to “As Democrats Lament Voting For Obama, I Have To Ask: Who Are The ‘Wingnuts’ Now?”

  1. J.W. Wartick Says:

    Obama has completely lost touch with the people who got him into office to begin with. He and the democratic party have taken this elitist turn to a new level. They act as though they are entitled to the positions they hold, and that, because they got voted into office, they are allowed to do whatever they want. Screw the voters, screw the American people, they only care about themselves.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    I’m sure that Obama is very confused, to go along with “frustrated.”

    If people actually paid attention to what Obama said, they would realize that Obama is largely doing pretty much everything he said. And if they paid attention to his Chicago background, and the nature of sweetheart deals that Obama benefited from in Chicago, they would realize that Obama is playing the same backroom, bribery-based, corrupt, Chicago-style games that we should have known he’d employ.

    The media refused to cover the REAL Obama, and allowed Obama to define himself as the next messiah.

    Independents don’t follow politics – to their own hurt. They didn’t know the real Obama.

    What is interesting is that DEMOCRATS and even LIBERALS are starting to leave Obama. That’s the amazing thing.

    By the time Obama finally leaves office, people will want to tar and feather him for the damage he did to the country. But it was largely their own fault for voting for someone they should have known would be a total failure.

  3. HL Says:

    NOTE TO OBAMA; This patriotic American is specifically mad as a hornet at YOU, YOUR policies, administration and agenda for me, my posterity and this country I love!

    Does that clear things up for YOU???

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Obama and his fellow liberals have willed themselves to be complete idiots. They have a desperately flawed worldview that simply doesn’t work in the actual world.

    It doesn’t matter how high one’s IQ is if one puts on ideological blinders. It doesn’t matter how much education one has, if one reads only far left propaganda.

    Obama views the world through a kaleidoscope. His view of the world is as clear as mud (and more accurately, the still brown but very stinky stuff).

  5. Michael Eden (lol adam and steve get it) Says:

    There is nothing remotely far left about the most moderate, compromising president in the last year. And yes it does matter how much education you have, it always does, because it is education that lifts you up out of small town superstition and the beliefs promulgated in your mind that the very rich create businesses out of their own personal income every weekend, that everyone in the social safety net is there due to their own actions, that illegal immigrants and that you can solve the problem of terrorism through military intervention, carpet bombing, kidnapping, torture and humiliation.

  6. Also you can't be a leftist and be a wingnut Says:

    The far left side of the spectrum is populated by ‘moonbats’, you wingnuts.

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    And worst of all, those moonbats in the People’s Republic of Californiastan are going to re-elect a Governor whose nickname was “Moonbeam” at a time when we need someone who can actually see REALITY.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    I wrote this article what, nearly a year ago now?

    And here we are today, with more evidence that I was right than ever before.

    Bush is now recognized to have been a better president than Obama – the hated GEORGE W. BUSH – by 48% of Americans. Versus only 43% of the truly stupid people who still think Obama was a better president than the man everyone used to say was the worst president ever.

    But that’s nothing: now, nearly HALF OF ALL DEMOCRATS believe that the biggest failure to ever occupy the White House should be defeated in a 2012 primary. That’s how much Obama stinks.

    And, of course, you are just factually wrong. But people like you don’t give a damn about facts, do you?

    Barack Obama, far from being “the most moderate, compromising president”, is the most polarizing and divisive president ever, according to Gallup.

    I find it truly ironic that someone like you would assert that fascism and liberalism have nothing in common, and then turn around and tell me that a man who urged a racial group “to punish your enemies” is actually moderate and compromising. It just kind of goes to show that you’re a fascist who is too damn dumb to recognize that you are a fascist.

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