Scott Brown’s Victory Will Create Democrats’ Worst Nightmare: MORE Scott Browns

What’s worse than a Scott Brown if you’re a Democrat?  How about a tsunami of Scott Browns?

Democrats [in Hawaii] Shouldn’t Panic
Or maybe they should, too.
11:25 PM, Jan 19, 2010 ·
BY John McCormack

In 2008, Barack Obama won Massachusetts by 26 points. Tonight, Scott Brown won a Senate seat in Massachusetts by 5 points. That’s a 31-point swing. Obama won just one state by more than 31 points: Hawaii. So while Democrats should be panicking everywhere else in the country, at least they can relax in the Aloha state. Except, of course, Obama grew up in Hawaii, and now there’s an attractive Republican candidate, Charles Djou, running for Neil Abercrombie’s seat. So maybe Democrats really are endangered in every state in the country. As Scott Brown said during his victory speech: “When there’s trouble in Massachusetts, rest assured there’s trouble everywhere.”

Barney Frank said, “If Scott Brown wins, it’ll kill the health bill.”

As wonderful as dodging that nation-killing asteroid is, Scott Brown’s win might have an even bigger impact come next November.

I believe that a lot of good, well-qualified Republican candidates who otherwise wouldn’t have entered “unwinnable” races are going to believe that they CAN win thanks to Scott Brown’s stunning victory.

And I believe that Scott Brown has provided those candidates with a blueprint for victory even in Democrat “safe seats.”

Republicans are empowered by this incredible Brown victory, and any Democrat who isn’t frightened by it is simply a genuine fool.

One thing is for sure: Republicans no longer have to run away from George Bush; now it’s Democrats who have to run away from Barack Hussein.

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