Obama’s Train Wreck Town Hall In Ohio Reveals Angry Man Determined to Fight To The Last Democrat

Going back to Ohio had to be extremely awkward for Barack Obama.  And if it wasn’t, the man should literally be impeached.

Consider that

Obama’s last visit to Lorain County was during the presidential campaign in 2008. Then, he visited a drywall plant in an event where he promised that if elected he follow a “job-creation agenda.” Since his visit that plant has closed and unemployement for the area went from 6.9% under President Bush to around 10% under Obama.

That’s just bad.  Obama had to go to a different plant to pitch his bogus jobs bullcrap because the last plant he said he’d save had gone totally bust.

That said, Obama should be ashamed of talking about his record on jobs anywhere in the nation, given that he’s lost 4.1 million of them last year — the most any president has lost in any year since 1940.

So how did Barry Hussein do in Ohio this time?

Friday, January 22, 2010
Obama’s Train Wreck of a Town Hall in Ohio

Earlier this week, during a radio interview, I had said that Obama’s appearance for Martha Coakley on Sunday was one of the least effective stump appearances I had seen from a president. A lot of factors contributed to that – Coakley’s literally yawn-inducing speech, the decision to use the president as an attack dog in the race, the president (or his speechwriter’s) odd fixation on Scott Brown’s truck, and so on.

But perhaps Obama is in a “stump slump.” Maybe it’s me; maybe I can’t see any Obama speech as a good one these days. But today in Ohio, it seemed like the president was way off his game. I thought he was defensive, prickly, almost indignant that he’s found himself in the tough spot that he’s in.

He began by talking about how much he didn’t like being in Washington, and apparently said something about the job being stifling. Sir, you spent two years trying to get this job.

One of his rallying cries as, “This is not about me!” Yes, Mr. President, but it’s about the decisions you make and the policies you’re trying to enact.

He made a reference to bankers who “click their heels and watch their stocks skyrocket.” Was he going with a Dorothy in Oz metaphor? Do bankers click their heels?

“I won’t stop fighting to bring back jobs here,” worked as an applause line, but I wondered how it worked outside the venue. That insinuates he’s been doing it for the first year, as unemployment has steadily increased. He’s calling on Congress to “pass a jobs bill.” I thought the stimulus was supposed to do that.

As Caleb Howe noticed, he said “I won’t stop fighting to open up government” while breaking the promise about health care bill negotiations being on C-SPAN.

I realize he’s using it to justify a new tax on banks, but I think “we want our money back” is a dangerous chant for a man who so steadily expands government spending.

UPDATE: A very out-of-rhythm speech was followed by some of the most obscure and unhelpful questions ever uttered at a town-hall meeting. I was left with a bit of sympathy for President Obama, as questioner after questioner asked about their own specific concerns, often way out of the president’s duties, responsibilities, and  realm of expertise: One guy was an inventor who wanted to give him a sales pitch, one woman lamented the impatience of the American people before complaining about a slow response from the state environmental agency over her toddler’s lead poisoning, one guy wanted to read the president a poem; there was a woman who talked about the problem of finding students for her truck-driving school, an old lady who was upset that her Social Security didn’t have a cost-of-living increase, and a guy who had the patent for some wind-turbine issue that he was in a fight with some company about. One poor soul raised his hand and just wanted to shake Obama’s hand.

Obama was a visibly angry man throughout the extremely partisan speech he gave.  Rather than understand that the American people are simply not behind his fanatically liberal agenda and promise to finally show a little bipartisanship, Obama used the word “fight” 20 times.

He is going to fight to the last Democrat for his Marxist vision of “God damn Amerikkka”:

It appears that the only way America has a chance to win is if Obama loses, and loses big.

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4 Responses to “Obama’s Train Wreck Town Hall In Ohio Reveals Angry Man Determined to Fight To The Last Democrat”

  1. willnevergiveup Says:

    Unemployment for Ohio according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is
    August 2008 – 6.7%; September 2008 – 6.8%; October 2008 – 6.9%; November 2008 – 7.1%; December 2008 – 7.4%;
    January 2009 – 8.8%; February 2009 – 9.5%; March 2009 – 9.7%; April 2009 – 10.2%; May 2009 – 10.8%; June 2009 – 11.1%; July 2009 – 11.2%; August 2009 – 10.8%; September 2009 – 10.1%; October 2009 – 10.5%; November 2009 – 10.6%; December 2009 – 10.9%

    Or easier said the national unemployment rate was:
    2008 – 5.8%
    2009 – 9.3%

    There’s probably a low likelihood of the President announcing to the public that he’s just signed an Executive Order giving federal employees a raise effective on their first paycheck in January 2010.

    There probably wasn’t a word mentioned about the huge private to government job shift in 2009 either.



  2. Michael Eden Says:


    Hope you never do.

    Good statistics showing that Obama wasn’t too far off from DOUBLING Bush’s unemployment of 2008.

    And great point that Obama has massively increased government (and unionized) employment at the expense of the private sector. The government is like a leech that feeds off the blood of the private sector – and Obama is doing everything he can do to “feed the beast.”

    The “improvement” in the GDP was nearly completely due to the massive increase of government spending and government jobs. That is NOT the way to restore health to the overall economy.

  3. RA Says:

    Not sure how you can say that “Obama wasn’t too far off from DOUBLING Bush’s unemployment of 2008” given that unemployment at the end of 2008 was 7.4% and 7.7% by the time Bush left office…

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    You’re referring to my remark delivered on the second sentence here.

    You are making an error of assumption: you believe I was referring to the monthly unemployment rate at the end of Bush’s presidency, when in fact I was referring to the average unemployment rate throughout the entire YEAR of 2008.

    Refer to the comment I was responding to, in which “Willnevergiveup” pointed out this:

    Or easier said the national unemployment rate was:
    2008 – 5.8%
    2009 – 9.3%

    And while 9.3% – the average for 2009 under Obama – is clearly not quite double Bush’s 2008 number of 5.8%, it’s close enough to mention the “double” word. Particularly in light of what it is now.

    That is how I can say it.

    For what it’s worth, unemployment was at 6.7% as Obama became president-elect. And while he wasn’t technically president yet, people were making decisions in light of their confidence/lack of confidence in him. I cited how investors and CEO’s felt about Obama’s presidency and policies in an article I wrote last February.

    And now Obama is viewed by a whopping 77% of investors as “anti-business.”

    Obama has presided over the destruction of 4.1 million jobs – the most in one year by any president since the BLS started keeping statistics in 1940.

    And actual unemployment under Obama is actually far higher – 17.2% – as more and more Americans simply give up bothering to look for work in “the age of Obama.”

    Let me also say that Democrats in Congress have MORE than doubled unemployment. Unemployment was only 4.7% when Democrats took over total control of both branches of Congress in 2006.

    I’ve been pointing out how puzzling it was that Democrats – who had taken total control of Congress beginning in 2007 – when unemployment was 4.7% – were somehow in no way responsible for the economic meltdown during their very own 110th Congress.

    Bush warned that Congress 17 times in 2008 alone that it needed to reform the out-of-control Fannie/Freddie led housing mortgage market lest it blow up in our faces. The 110th Congress controlled by Democrats ignored him to the nation’s peril. And Bush had been trying to reform the housing finance/mortgage market since 2003 – and had been stopped by Democrats from doing so.

    For a quick read on how and why Democrats deserve the lion’s share of the blame for the economic collapse of 2008, read my comment here.

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