Most Snow Since 1886: Blame It On Global Warming

Just one of those little nuggets of reality that illustrate the sheer lunacy of liberalism and the religion of global warming.

We’ve had most snow since 1886
REGISTER STAFF REPORT • January 26, 2010

The National Weather Service says snowfall in Des Moines in December and January is now second on the list of snowiest for the period.

With 6.4 inches of new snow measured Monday at the Des Moines Airport, the total snowfall since Dec. 1, 2009 is now 41.4 inches. That tops 37.2 inches of snowfall in Des Moines during the period in 1897-1898.

The record remains 50.2 inches in 1885-1886.

Driving conditions are slowly improving as snowplow operators open roads and winds diminish, the Iowa Department of Transportation is reporting. The sun is beginning to warm the pavement.

Towing bans remain in effect where travel is not advised.

The Iowa Department of Transportation and Iowa State Patrol announced at 8:20 a.m. that the northbound and southbound lanes of Interstate 35 have reopened to traffic from Ames to Albert Lea, Minn.

Iowa officials advised Iowans with a vehicle that needs towing to first check the website or call 511 to make sure there are no towing restrictions in the area.

If there is not a towing restriction, vehicle owners must call a towing company of their choice to be placed on the list for removal.

What might be even funnier than this is the liberal decision to take something that was revealed to be a complete and utter fraud (‘global warming’), change the name of that fraud (to ‘climate change’), and then believe in the nonsensical fairy tale all over again.

You could paint string yellow and sell it to these people as gold chain.

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2 Responses to “Most Snow Since 1886: Blame It On Global Warming”

  1. Rob Anesly Says:

    One swallow doesn’t make a summer! and one bad winter doesn’t change the fact that the polar icecaps are melting…melting…melting…fast!
    God help us when they have….

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    What “one bad winter” changes is arguable. This is the coldest winter in 20-30 years all over the globe – and that fact should dispel the “global warming” narrative that the world is getting warmer and warmer due to man-caused activity. It clearly doesn’t seem to be.

    And to further point out just how utterly ridiculous your “one winter” excuse is, consider that we’re actually facing thirty years of global COOLING. It’s not just “one winter” at all.

    Furthermore, the ice caps most definitely AREN’T all melting. For example, the ice at Antarctica – which has 90% of the world’s ice and 80% of its fresh water – is INCREASING.

    The anthropogenic global warming argument is not just a load of hooey in the present, but it is a documented load of hooey looking back at the past, as well. Greenland used to be GREEN. And the period of the Roman Empire was considerably warmer than it is now. And what about the fact that most of the other planents in our solar system are experiencing the same “warming”? Are those damn Republicans driving their SUVs across Jupiter? Those are simply facts.

    Then we had the fictitious claim by the IPCC and the “global warming experts” that the Himalayas ice was melting. And they based their “research” not on science, but on a sports magazine and on a college student’s thesis! Why? Because those “sources” said what the global warming alarmists wanted to hear, that’s why. That should make you realize that too many of our “scientists” are ideologues and propagandists who want redistribution, not sound science.

    And of course this follows the ClimateGate emails that revealed just how full of crap the global warming crowd truly are – and have been all along.

    Maybe you could refer me to which chapter in Al Gore’s book dealt with paralyzing winters across the eastern seaboard? I mean, if THIS is global warming, and global warming is going to get worse, then I’d better go and buy myself an arctic parka to protect myself from all the “warming.”

    Finally, I’ll simply refer to a couple of articles that I wrote after reading, “Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1,500 Years.”

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