Conspiracy Theory Revisited: Obama Helped Oswald Kill The Kennedys

I remember watching those documentaries about how Lee Harvey Oswald could not possibly have assassinated John F. Kennedy all by himself.  I saw the “magic bullet” theory presented.  I watched a couple conspiracy movies about who allegedly took part in the conspiracy and cover-up to kill Kennedy and why.

I don’t know what’s true about Oswald and John F. Kennedy, but when it comes to killing Kennedys politically, I have to pose a rival theory: Obama did it.

First there was Massachusetts.  Amazingly, Barack Obama created a 31 point swing and brought about the stunning and literally unimaginable victory for Republican Scott Brown.  Obama turned Camelot Republican.  He pretty much pounded the nails into the coffin of the Kennedy legacy in Massachusetts.

But Ted Kennedy’s past legacy isn’t the only thing Obama murdered with his rabidly and ideologically leftist policies: the last Kennedy in politics is now dropping out:

Rhode Island Democratic Rep. Patrick Kennedy, the last member of his legendary family currently serving in Congress, will announce on Friday that he is retiring, according to Democratic insiders. […]

Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), the congressman’s father, passed away last year. Democrats unexpectedly lost his seat last month to Republican Scott Brown.

Patrick Kennedy is planning to run a two-minute TV ad on Saturday back home in Rhode Island to explain his decision, said a source close to the lawmaker. Democrats said Kennedy had reserved the air time in the last few days, which led some Democratic strategists to believe he was preparing to run a vigorous re-election campaign.

But several House insiders said, that over the last few days, Kennedy had privately informed Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other Democratic leaders that he intended to leave Congress.

Although Kennedy never faced a serious threat in his overwhelmingly Democratic district, he was looking ahead to what may have been his toughest race yet this fall. Republicans are poised to nominate John Loughlin, an Army veteran and member of the Rhode Island legislature who raised more than $246,000 last year, putting him on pace to out-raise Kennedy’s recent challengers.

And Kennedy’s approval numbers were sagging. According to a poll taken by a Providence TV station earlier this month, the incumbent was viewed unfavorably by 56 percent of voters in his district and his re-elect — those voters who said they would definitely vote to return him to office — was only at 35 percent. […]

Given the nature of the district — it’s the more liberal of the Ocean State’s two — Kennedy’s decision will surely set off a fierce competition for the Democratic nomination. The 1st District includes blue-collar Pawtucket and much of Providence, the state’s capital and largest city.

That’s two Kennedys for Obama to Oswald’s one.  And Oswald only killed Kennedy physically; his legacy lived on for a generation.  Ted Kennedy’s signature issue of health care was utterly repudiated by his state; Obama wiped his legacy out.  And Patrick Kennedy is just fading away into the breeze.

Obama doesn’t need a gun like communist assassin Lee Harvey Oswald to wipe out Kennedys.  All he needs is a collection of failed policies.

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2 Responses to “Conspiracy Theory Revisited: Obama Helped Oswald Kill The Kennedys”

  1. HL Says:

    Grest post, very clever. Obama and his stupid policies really do bring destruction and misery.
    As in the above mentioned case, here’s hoping more Liberals ‘see the light’ and withdraw from the coming smack-down getting ready to hit them in 2010-2012.

    WE THE PEOPLE will be heard!

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    I think I heard Rush Limbaugh describe Obama as “the last Kennedy” today. But I would add that that is because he destroyed the other Kennedys.

    Obama was like a liberal fairy tale who actually got elected. People gave his airy-fairy hopey changey a chance, but it kept failing to produce and he kept blaming his predecessor as the reason all the things he promised would happen weren’t happening.

    There is currently a war within the Democrat Party between the Pelosi-wing that wants to double down and ram their agenda through hell or high water, and the moderate-wing that wants to distance themselves from what they rightly see as the coming train-wreck.

    And, of course, the non-leader Obama is floating in midair above us all, adhering to nothing, having no substance, producing nothing but a combination of floaty and demagogic rhetoric.

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