Democrats Now Own Health Care: Blame EVERY Rate Increase Or Reduction In Benefits On THEM

Remember Anthem Blue Cross, and how Obama and Democrats blasted away at them for their rate increases?  Remember how they used that issue as the impetus to impose their health care solution?  From CBS:

The Obama administration is asking why Anthem Blue Cross is raising its health insurance rates by nearly 40 percent for some California customers while making handsome profits — and is pointing to the rate hike as evidence of why health care reform needs to pass.

Okay.  Barry Hussein got his ObamaCare passed.  So if there are any other rate increases from any other insurance companies, who should we blame now?

Blame Obama and blame the Democrats.  They wanted health care.  Now it’s all theirs.

Democrats demonized and demagogued their way to owning health care.  Well, now they own it.  So let the demonization and demagoguery fall entirely upon their heads from this day forward.

If your rates go up by as much as one penny, or if your benefits are reduced in any way, shape, or form from now on, you have one scapegoat: Democrats.  Make sure they wear it around their necks.

Cry out loud.  Scream about it.  Call the news.  Blog about it.  You opened your mail, and Barack Obama made your premiums go up.  Make sure everybody hears that Obama promised to fix your health care, and now it’s more expensive.

An unending crescendo of constant blame on ObamaCare and rising costs from any health care insurance provider from anywhere in the country would be music to my ears.

The era of blame Bush is over.  The era of blame Obama begins today.

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