The Democrat Party Is Different From The Communist Party How, Exactly???

I came across this article written from some brave soul who forced himself to look up the vomit-pail statement of the Communist Party USA, and was amazed at how utterly identical the communists’ statement was to the Democrats’.

Judge for yourself:

Communist Party Statement on “Health Care Victory”

The Communist Party USA has issued a statement on Obama’s “Health care victory”.

Its a classic piece of communist double-speak, but there is some truth and some very clear warnings buried in the propaganda.

Some extracts:

Almost every sector of American society greeted yesterday’s signing of a historic health care law as a major step toward guaranteeing affordable health insurance for all. Labor unions, health care professionals, small business owners, retirees, students, and ordinary people from throughout the country applauded President Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for having the tenacity to push through what’s being called the most sweeping health care legislation since the establishment of Medicare in the 1960s.

That means if you opposed Obamacare, you are in the minority and don’t count.

We join with those who hail this legislation both as a measure that will save lives now and begin curbing the insurance industry, and as a giant first step to further reforms that will provide quality, affordable health care for every person in the United States.

That means “single payer”.

Beyond that, its passage is a major defeat for the far right – the Republican Party, sections of Corporate America, and their fascist-like tea party shock troops. The enactment of this bill is an enormous victory for the broad progressive movement in our country. It will give energy and enthusiasm to that movement as it mobilizes and builds for the struggles ahead to advance a pro-worker, pro-people agenda.

That means socialism.

The far right has been left glaringly isolated but perhaps even more dangerously aggressive. These racist hate-mongers fought viciously to block the bill on behalf of the nation’s insurance companies and now say they will continue their dirty campaign by trying to repeal it. But it’s clear that an energized people’s movement will not let that happen.

That means physically confronting the “Tea Party” movement with union goons, thugs etc. Ordinary patriotic Americans are now “far right” and “racist hate-mongers” didn’t you know?

The fight isn’t over. The corporate-backed far right will continue to use racism, lies and anti-government conspiracy theories to try to scare and confuse people. We got some ugly glimpses of this just as Congress was on the eve of passing the health care bill.

Tea party protesters in Ohio yelled at and abused a man with Parkinson’s disease because he was courageous enough to show his support for health care reform. In Washington, others yelled racist and homophobic epithets at members of Congress.

Almost certainly both staged propaganda incidents. “Tea Partiers” will be smeared at every opportunity.

After almost a year of lobbying, demonstrations, petitions, rallies, health care story collections, town hall meetings, this is a moment to savor a hard-fought victory. And it’s a moment to celebrate the persistence and tenacity of the people’s movement for progressive change – a good thing since there are many more battles ahead.

Immigration “reform”, greater union power, “cap and trade”, running down the military……….

Get the picture?

I’ll just deal with one major correction: that the “fascists” are the conservatives.  Baloney.  Nazi stood for “National Socialist German Workers Party.” They were socialists, which is to say they were leftists.  Just like the the folks who ran the “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” were leftists.

The Nazis, by the way, had a national health care system that looks very much like the one that the Democrats, and of course the communists, are trying to create here.

As National Review points out:

“the health-care policies of Nazi Germany had far more in common with the health-care policies of the Democrats than with those of the conservative opposition, which wants health care kept private and reforms to be market-based.”

And one can look at the Nazi Party Platform and see some uncomfortable similarities.  The right to a job; the right to national health care; the right of the government to confiscate corporate profits, and the right to divide corporate profits; the right to a Social-Security-like welfare; the right of land reform and the right to confiscate land in the name of the people; the right to education that has been fundamentally reconstructed by the state; the right to a state-controlled media (i.e., a Nazi fairness doctrine); the right to suppress religious freedom in the name of advancing the agenda of the secular state; and, lastly, the right to have a strong central government be formed.

Gosh, but that sounds an awful lot like the Democrats, and an awful little like the Republicans.

I’ve been listening to the Democrats’ rhetoric, and now I come across this, and the communist rhetoric and the Democrat rhetoric is nearly word-for-word identical.

Just kind of shows you what Republicans are REALLY up against.

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2 Responses to “The Democrat Party Is Different From The Communist Party How, Exactly???”

  1. HL Says:

    Frightening reality. Lord help us to all we need to do, and deliver us from Obama’s agenda.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    I’m sure I’ll get a denunciation from a liberal from this. But I’m truly interested in knowing how the Communist Party USA’s screed for ObamaCare and against conservatives is different from what the Democrats have been saying.

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