ObamaCare Passes, Health Care Premiums Shoot Up

ObamaCare passed.  It’s the law of the land now.  Yay for the people!  Now we’ll finally get the health care we need at a price we can afford.

Or not.  Too bad, so sad; unlike the tragic ObamaCare vote, it turns out the “nots” have it.

Just got the letter from CalPERS announcing a big rate hike.  The premium went up from $1537 to $1768 – a 15% increase.

Then I read this in the Winter 2010 PERSpective:

“All policies issued prior to 2003 with either lifetime benefits and/or inflation coverage will receive a 22% increase.  All policies in this group that provide both lifetime benefits and inflation coverage will receive an additional annual increase of 5% per year beginning in July 2011.”

But, but, but… Obama said my health care cost would go DOWN.  And it’s going way,way UP instead.  Obama signed something titled “the Affordable Health Care for America Act.”  You mean that “Affordable” part was a lie?  It was all just a cynical oxymoron?

Sarah Palin’s voice echoes in my head in answer to my agonized questions: “You betcha!”

It isn’t just CalPERS retirees.  LOTS of people and businesses are waking up to health care costs that will SOAR under ObamaCare.

The Democrats now officially own health care: blame every rate increase or reduction in benefits on THEM.

If your health care goes up, raise a big, giant stink.  Obama lied, health care died.

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