Obama’s Casual Contempt For America Caught On Film

United States Code Title 4 Chapter 1 — The Flag; §8. Respect for flag:
The flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water, or merchandise.”

Those are just words, of course.  But those words have meant a great deal to patriots throughout American history.

One writer recounts his memories of an ancestor at the Battles of Chattanooga and Chicamauga while growing up:

I had heard the story often growing up. Men took the flag much more seriously during the Civil War era. To see one’s flag fall in battle was a demoralizing event, and therefore an act much desired by the opposing side. This resulted in many a Flag Bearer feeling as if he had a huge target painted on his chest. It was a dangerous occupation.

“He was in the war at Chattanooga, Chickamauga,” related my mother, “ … his flag bearer was running in front of him, and he got shot and he went down and the flag was falling … and in those days you would never let your flag touch the ground … and he grabbed the flag, pulled it off the [pole], and he shoved it in his tunic.” Charles then promptly got shot himself, and bayoneted, with the blades and musket balls ripping though the flag as well as the flesh.

This Civil War site records the words of William H. Carney, who received the Medal of Honor for his actions during the 54th Massachusetts Regiment’s legendary assault on Fort Wagner:

He was struck with one shot, but not being felled he continued, and then was struck with a second shot. On his struggle to cross the beach to the rear he met a member of the 100th New York Regiment who started to assist him, when Carney was struck with another shot in the head. The other soldier asked Carney to let him carrier the colors so he could more easily walk, but Carney refused, saying that no one other than a member of the 54th Massachusetts should carry the colors.

Finally, after an unlikely arrival alive at the rear guard hospital area, he saw his wounded and dying comrades who saw him carrying their colors and cheered him. He was able to tell them “Boys, the old flag never touched the ground.”

Now let me show you the casual contempt displayed toward the American flag by a man who is masquerading as the President of the United States of America:



I would love to be there to see William Carney greet Barack Obama with a hard punch in the mouth for his indifferent disgrace to the American flag.

And I can imagine that Carney would have administered a second, even harder shot in the mouth to Obama after finding out that Obama was the first African-American president.

One day we will look back at Barack Obama and call him a national disgrace.

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12 Responses to “Obama’s Casual Contempt For America Caught On Film”

  1. Ed Darrell Says:

    What makes you think that photo of President Obama and President Sarkozy is in the White House?

    Looks like a meeting in Europe, to me. Notice that there is an EU flag in back of them. And if you claim it’s the White House, can you tell me what room is quite that gaudy with the gold leaf?

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Ed Darrell,

    Um, I don’t think I SAID it was in the White House.

    And I frankly don’t CARE where it was.

    Perhaps you think it’s perfectly fine if a president says, “Well, I’m not in the White House, so there’s no reason I should be bothered by the American flag being treated with contempt”?????

    Is THAT your view? The American flag matters in the White House, piss on it anywhere else???

    YOUR president is fine with the American flag being treated with contempt; MY president would NOT be fine.

    So that’s what I think about your big deal about something I didn’t say and which frankly wouldn’t matter to you if you were any kind of a patriot at ALL.

    So it’s on you, dude.

  3. Ed Darrell Says:

    You said Obama was hosting, and it was Obama’s duty to check the flag. That doesn’t apply if Obama’s not hosting in the White House.

  4. Ed Darrell Says:

    What’s the proper remedy, Mr. Eden? You don’t answer.

    Should he have slapped President Sarkozy and demanded war? Stormed out of the meetings and left US D-Day veterans unhonored?

    If you’re going to try to make a mountain out of a non-existent molehill, shouldn’t it be a mountain that can be made, for a good reason, in a place that it’s not destructive to US relations?

    Simply because I point out that your pique is misdirected does not in any way mean I believe the flag should be dishonored, the way you dishonor our President, nation and Constitution. Do not project.

    It’s on you. There’s a minor violation of the non-enforceable Flag Code committed by France, America’s oldest ally in the fight for U.S. freedom and freedom of all peoples.

    Your pique is still misplaced, and unhelpful in any way.

    Here, perhaps you can pick up a few tips on proper flag use, so you can educate the French when you go to their nation at their invitation: https://timpanogos.wordpress.com/2007/01/14/congresss-flag-etiquette-book-our-flag/

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    Ed Darrell,

    re: your comment, “What’s the proper remedy, Mr. Eden? You don’t answer. Should he have slapped President Sarkozy and demanded war? Stormed out of the meetings and left US D-Day veterans unhonored?”

    I see my mistake now. I’m dealing with a hysterical melodramatic incapable of basic common sense.

    How about this one, Mr. Darrell: how about if Obama walked into the room, looked at his flag which I do EVERY time there is an American flag of ANY size, for the record, saw that his American flag on the floor, and said, “Hey, Mr. Sarkozy, that’s disrespectful of my flag and my nation that that flag represents. Would you mind showing some respect please?”

    And just for the record, THAT is my “harsh version” of what Obama should have done. The polite version would simply be to politely ask that the flag be repositioned.

    And you say I’M making a mountain out of a molehill when the ONLY freaking alternative you were actually capable of thinking of is World War III???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    I am a veteran and I believe I can speak for all veterans in this obvious instance: you actually think an event where the American flag is in the damn dust “HONORED” our D-Day veterans, do you???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Pardon me for being flabbergasted.

    It is beyond pathetically obvious that you have never once saw how veterans handle their flag. Especially elderly veterans. Politicians come and go and they invariably end up failing us; but the flag is our symbol and it ALWAYS represents the very best we are and the very best we can ever be.

    If you had any clue whatsoever, you would realize that this stunt with our flag in the dust is the kind of cheap crap that Russia plays every damn day. These are people who fly right next to our fighter jets just so they can stick their tongues out at us and give us the finger. This thing with the flag was a DELIBERATE provocation.

    And YOUR president just agreed with them that America and all it stands for is in the dust.

    Thankfully, we have a president who at least says he will “make America great again.”

    Because a picture is worth a thousand words, and the image of this picture – your inability to comprehend anything aside – is of America in the dust and Russia rising.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Ed Darrell,

    In reference to your comment, “You said Obama was hosting, and it was Obama’s duty to check the flag. That doesn’t apply if Obama’s not hosting in the White House.”

    Mr. Darrell, could you please stop smoking whatever it is you’re smoking? Go get help man. Because it is making you seriously and truly delusional.

    After establishing the sacred nature of the American flag and how heroes were willing to literally sacrifice their LIVES to keep that flag from touching the ground – and citing a report from the Civil War that doesn’t MENTION Obama because he didn’t exist yet – I said these words and ONLY these words when I mentioned the incident involving Obama:

    Now let me show you the casual contempt displayed toward the American flag by a man who is masquerading as the President of the United States of America:

    I point out Obama’s contempt for the American flag. I do NOT say anything else, such as “This was at the White House” or “Obama was hosting.” There is something rather wrong with your perception.

    NOWHERE do I say that the event in question took place at the White House or that Obama was hosting. Because it doesn’t even freaking MATTER: the American flag is the flag of the United States of America WHEREVER IT IS, and it deserves RESPECT AND HONOR. YES, it is Obama’s duty to check the flag. It is the flag that he represents.


    Russia is our enemy and they play these cheap games all the damn time. This was a deliberate provocation. And Obama showed he was FINE with it.

    You are literally delusional to keep insisting I said something that no, I didn’t say. And I didn’t say it because to anyone capable of common sense it DOESN’T EVEN MATTER. The American flag is something whose honor you protect wherever you are the way the honor of your WIFE is something you protect wherever you are. If somebody starts undressing my wife, I don’t say, “Well, it’s not in my living room, it’s not like I have to do anything about it.” Apparently you WOULD say that.

  7. Ed Darrell Says:

    Magic words from the Civil War do not give you license to lie about flag history or our President.

    Frankly, I find those who disrespect the Office of the President usually also disrespect the history of our flag, and the flag itself. Your comments add fuel to that fire of knowledge.

  8. Ed Darrell Says:

    Your cheap stunt is, indeed, what propagandists who mean ill towards the U.S. do every day.

    It wasn’t the White House. It was France. Correct your claim, and move on. Do not disrespect the flag, the President, or the U.S. any more.

  9. Michael Eden Says:

    Ed Darrell,

    You are no different from those butthurt liberals who are BURNING the American flag right now.

    Just as Obama sat there while the flag was desecrated.

    When a flag touches the ground, by American tradition that flag is to be BURNED because it was DESECRATED. That Civil War story illustrates the heroism of men who fought and died for that flag.

    Do you understand how WRONG it is for a president of the United States to sit there while his flag is casually desecrated right behind him????

    Today is Veterans Day. Please don’t pretend to honor us. You don’t deserve to.

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    Ed Darrell,

    I have tried to correct your misrepresentations several times now. At this point, it is beyond obvious that you are either a liar or a fool or a lying fool.


    I watch so much propaganda coming out of your side that it is beyond unreal. So get over being butthurt. The last I heard, I have the right to present FACTS and draw conclusions from those facts. I’m not sorry that your fascist forms of government didn’t win so you could have me thrown in jail.

    You, on the other hand, have nothing whatsoever to do with facts. You have repeatedly proven that by continuing to falsely claim that I said this happened at the White House. When I DIDN’T say that and I have responded twice to you already to point out it DOESN’T MATTER WHERE IT HAPPENED. Unless the American flag is only somehow the American flag at the White House.

    I am blocking you because you keep lying about what I wrote. I have actually QUOTED what I wrote and it still doesn’t matter. So get lost.

  11. Ed Darrell Says:

    So I’m banned from repeating your very own comments?


  12. Michael Eden Says:

    I brought you back when I saw something that you did that is absolutely DESPICABLE.

    I clicked on your link, which apparently goes straight to your blog. You do NOT link to any article I wrote where I said what you claim that I said: “The buck stops somewhere. I’m not saying that Obama put that flag in that stand. But it’s his flag in his office.” You do NOT link to any comment I made on my blog where I said what you claim I said.

    Instead, you go to YOUR OWN BLOG where you claim I said something that I did not say, you damn LIAR.

    I first went to the article itself and did a word search. Did I say the words you claim in the article? No, I most certainly didn’t. So then I went to Comments and did a search there. Neither I or anyone for that matter ever said what you claim on my blog. And so I then went to Google and did a search of your phrase, “The buck stops somewhere. I’m not saying that Obama put that flag in that stand. But it’s his flag in his office.”

    And the ONLY hit I received was on your worthless piece of lie blog. Because you are a truly depraved liar and you made up that crap and attributed it falsely to me.

    What a miserable piece of work you are.

    Now get lost again.

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