Note To George Lopez Re Sarah Palin: ‘Do You Mind If I Help You With A Good Hard Kick?’

Allow me to preamble by repeating Leopold Amery’s plea to disgraced prime minister Neville Chamberlain and redirecting it to George Lopez – “For God’s sake, go!”

George Lopez on Sarah Palin: “We Will Voluntarily Go Back To Mexico if She Becomes President of the United States”

George Lopez on Larry King takes his usual swipe at Palin:

He previously called her “la cabrona” on his show…

Lopez: “Everyone is trying to build a wall, they don’t know what the answer is to immigration is, I will give the answer Larry King to immigration. If Sarah Palin wins and runs for President in 2012, I have on a reliable source as head of all the Latinos, we will voluntarily go back to Mexico if she becomes President of the United States, there it is”

I’m all in favor of legal immigration, although I think we need to abandon the “chain migration” introduced by Ted Kennedy and Democrats that allowed unskilled laborers to come into this country and bring their unskilled families with them.  We need to welcome in immigrants from all over the world who have the skills that we need to continue to flourish as a nation.  And we should have an immigration policy that finally – after decades of total failure – accomplishes that end.

I’m not “anti-immigrant” or “anti-Mexican.”  I’m pro-intelligent immigration policy.  If legal Mexican immigrants offer the skills and training this country needs, then may God richly bless their lives in their new country.

As to Mexico – where the overwhelming majority of illegal immigration comes from – we should build a wall, build it high, and patrol the other side with either troops or agents (whichever it takes).

If we start working on that wall now, maybe we can get it done by November of 2012 – so that when George Lopez leads his minions back to Mexico, we can make sure they stay the hell out of our country for good.

The very fact that George Lopez is “threatening” to leave is proof that he doesn’t have any genuine loyalty to this country in the first place.  America doesn’t need those whose fundamental loyalties don’t include her.

There are way too many people living in this country who don’t love her – including a particularly despicable population whose ancestors were born here.

For the record, I will gladly volunteer my services to repeatedly kick George Lopez’s butt all the way from Hollywood until it’s over our border.  I’ve got some steel-toed boots that would be perfect for the occasion.

Sarah Palin, you go, girl.  Now there’s even better reason to support you.

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8 Responses to “Note To George Lopez Re Sarah Palin: ‘Do You Mind If I Help You With A Good Hard Kick?’”

  1. HL Says:

    The hatred for Sarah Palin by some of these Liberals is irrational and I think demonic.

    Sarah Palin is a true American Patriot. She LOVES America! She continues to speak out boldly against Obama and his policies which are flat our UN-AMERICAN!

    America would be BLESSED to have her as President. Her core beliefs are Constitutional, she is intelligent and if surrounded and counseled by wise, experienced experts in all matters pertaining to leading this great nation, she could lead honorably and well.

    She LED well as Governor of Alaska. She has a proven track record.

    Months ago my husband mentioned the possibility of a Gingrich/Palin ticket. Recently he even mentioned that a Palin/Bachmann ticket would be truly Conservative, though he doesn’t think the country would go fo it.

    I don’t know what she will decide to do, but this brave lady has my greatest respect and my prayers.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    You’ve got to figure that the left would not come unglued over her if she didn’t scare them. They feel they MUST demonize and destroy her at all costs. Why would they bother if she wasn’t effective?

    I saw that Bill Maher called Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman “MILFs.” I didn’t even know what that meant (wish I hadn’t found out); but he’s playing off the filthy label to say these two great women are “Morons I’d Like to Forget.” Kind of like calling tea party people “tea baggers.” I had no idea what that meant until I googled it. And boy is it nasty and shameful. I mean, geez. That’s really intelligent of YOU, Maher: “Look how smart I am; I can call someone else vicious, stupid names.”

    Maher isn’t halfway smart enough to debate or engage on the level of ideas. Rather, he engages in the tactic of a schoolyard bully, calling people hateful names and ridiculing them on a personal level. He’s frankly the one who is dumb.

    In any event, I really would love to see George Lopez slink across the border, never to return. So that’s got ME rooting for Sarah.

  3. Maribel Says:

    Jorge Lopez you gave a bigger reason to vote for Sarah. I am latina and your comments do not reflect the Latino community. Shame on you.

  4. Karen Says:

    Now that George Lopez has made that attractive offer to leave America and take all his followers with him, I am encouraged to vote for Sarah Palin! Adios, George.

  5. Michael Eden Says:


    I know many fine Hispanic men and women at my church. I admire their faith, their character, and their beautiful spirits.

    I think you would agree that this “issue” is NOT about “the Latino community”; but that rather it is about a leftist socialist movement trying to insinuate itself as REPRESENTING the Latino community. It’s similar to the demagoguery that if I oppose any of the Democrats’ policies, it can only mean that I am a racist.

    I believe in a) the Bible; b) the Constitution; and c) basic common sense. Those who share my beliefs and priorities will come to the same conclusions I have come to regardless of their skin color.

    Thanks for sharing your views on this, Maribel. It matters.

  6. Palinisajoke Says:

    If Sara Palin wins this country will burn to the ground. its like giving a retard control of our country.

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    I’ll take Forest Gump over your dumbass any day of the week.

    This just TODAY’S hell that your guy has given us:

    6 Million Benefits-Paying Jobs Have Vanished In One Year

    Obama’s Terror Trial Policy? Does it get any worse than this?

    I’d say your saying the other party’s candidate will burn this country to the ground after what your candidate has done pretty much sums up who the real retard around here is.

    Here’s a brief record of Sarah Palin’s accomplishments.

  8. Michael Eden Says:


    Oh my God.

    This is YOU, isn’t it?

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A Wisconsin man angry at the success of Bristol Palin on “Dancing with the Stars” blasted his TV with a shotgun as she waltzed her way into the program’s finals.

    Steven Cowan’s violent outburst came amid a heated debate over Palin’s survival on the TV dance competition show despite weeks of low scores.

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