Tea Party Crashers As A Particularly Nasty Species Of Vermin

It never would have occurred to me to seriously consider going to a pro-liberal rally to try to “blend in” while carrying some kind of obnoxious sign.

I guess that makes me too honest to be a liberal.

Tea Party movement people have been falsely and maliciously attacked up one side and down the other by the left from the get-go.  First they were mocked as historically ignorant because the first Tea Party was organized due to being taxed without representation, whereas everyone knows that limited government conservatives just have all sorts of “representation” under the current regime.

The thing is, Tea Party people aren’t ignorant of the past; liberals are ignorant of the present.  One of the reasons “Tea” was chosen is because it is an acronym for “Taxed Enough Already.”  Get it, liberals?  It’s an acronym that has a rough – though not exact – parallel to the real deal Tea Party in 1773.

One of the things that makes the Tea Party protesters angry is that a) there is massive and unsustainable spending going on that will one day very soon result in skyrocketing taxes; b) every single Republican voted against the now-proven stimulus boondoggle; and c) that money went to benefits for liberal pork-barrel projects and “too-big-to-fail” bailouts.

We’ve got taxation without representation, and we’ve got a population angry over all the bribes and corruption and sweetheart deals for connected corporations.  And that’s pretty much what happened in 1773, except then it was a lousy king, and now it is an even lousier messiah.

What the left does is kind of like me insulting A.C.O.R.N. because that organization is actually comprised of very different kinds of nuts from actual acorns.

I just wish liberals were so exactingly literalistic when it mattered; such as “interpreting” the Constitution.  But noooooo.  When it really matters, liberals throw the Constitution out the window and cast their gaze instead on “penumbras and emanations” – which amounts to torturing the clearly expressed ideas of the founding fathers until they mean whatever the hell liberals want them to mean.

Liberals have repeatedly demonized the Tea Party movement as a source for hate when all the actual demonstrated incidents of hate have come from THEIR SIDE.

But the left doesn’t have the moral compass possessed by others, and has no sense of shame or hypocrisy.

If one lie or deceitful tactic doesn’t work, they move on to another lie or deceitful tactic.

So we get to the Crashtheteaparty.org movement, from the left, to infiltrate tea party rallies in order to demonize them from within.

The idea is a false-flag style strategy, to bring signs that will make Tea Party rallyers look stupid or racist.

And of course the liberal (Jason Levin) who organized the “crash the tea party” movement is a loathsome turd who in all likelihood broke the law and used official government resources to create his hostile-to-truth movement.

But there will still be leftwing plants aplenty showing up to demonstrate that they don’t care one iota for truth or facts, only for lies and demagoguery.

Here’s a plant carrying a sign at a Tea Party in San Diego intended to make Tea Party people look like a bunch of dumbass conspiracy theorists:

The photographer’s caption reads:

This group of about 4-5 people all with arrow sign pointing to the guy that said either, “plant” or “Not Tea Party” followed this guy around for at least an hour…everywhere he stood.

Here’s another leftwing plant trying to demonize the Tea Party by infiltrating with a message of hate:

Notice the signs of people walking right behind this despicable plant and his message of leftwing hate: “Infiltrator: This person is not with us”; “This person is not part of our group.”

Here’s another picture of leftwing plants trying to undermine the Tea Party with messages of racism and anger.

As an update (on April 17), I initially posted a picture of a guy who turned out to be an actual tea party person who got TOSSED from a Tea Party event for a loathsome sign.  I acknowledged my mistake in the comments when a liberal pointed my mistake.  Having taking down that picture, let me post several more.

Here’s a plant wearing a “Nazi” T-shirt.  Tea Party participants followed with with their “fake” signs until a Tea Partier got in his face until he left.

Here’s another plant wearing a “Skinhead Army” hat and a brand spanking new Nazi shirt, just out of the package:

Here’s a leftwing loon plant carrying a message designed to portray the Tea Party (which is actually composed of people who are more educated and wealthier than the general population) as stupid, uneducated conspiracy theorists.  Again, note the Tea Partiers who have made sure that the mainstream media TV cameras have to work extra hard to isolate the plant for the evening news:

Here’s another particularly offensive message of a leftist plant who is clearly attempting to take a ridiculous slant on the Tea Party’s view of the wisdom of limited federal government.  Again, note the Tea Party’s peaceful response to these dishonest plants: a sign labeled “Provocateur”:

Here’s a plant who didn’t bother with a sign.  He just wore his Hezbollah terrorist outfit, to provide “evidence” that the Tea Party really is a terrorist organization:

Here’s a link to a video of a plant carrying a ridiculous sign calling for an end to military hospitals (which is clearly just such a logical corollary for anyone who opposes ObamaCare, isn’t it?).  He’s interviewed, and it increasingly becomes a real a “Dumber and Even Dumber Yet” moment.

These people may not have the moral intelligence to realize it, but they are genuinely evil.  They couldn’t care less about truth.  They believe only in false demonization and demagoguery as they seek to gain even more illegitimately obtained political power by falsely attacking their opposition.

Furthermore, let’s put it this way: shouldn’t we condemn the people who would hold such signs?  And whose holding these damn hateful signs, wearing these damn hateful clothes, and espousing such idiocy?  The left.

Everything about them is a lie.  They are slanderers, haters, and, yes, a particularly nasty species of vermin.

By contrast, look at the Tea Party attenders.  They’re honest people with an honest message.  And when these dishonest slanderers shows up, the decent Tea Party folk don’t confront them with angry shouts and violence.  They merely hold up signs of their own to confront the lying leftist demagogue.

Truth is encountering lies.  And as usual, all the truth is on the conservatives’ side, and all the lies are on the liberals’ side.  Which is to say, it’s pretty much just another day in America.

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29 Responses to “Tea Party Crashers As A Particularly Nasty Species Of Vermin”

  1. slamdunk Says:

    It is a sad display–makes me think that these folks have too much free time on their hands.

  2. Mel Says:

    The guy in the last photo is Dale Robertson, a Tea Party activist who operates TeaParty.org, taken at the Feb. 27, 2009 Tea Party in Houston. NOT an infiltrator as you CLAIM! LMFAO He’s a racist, and he’s ALL yours. Keep trying to blame the left for your own bigots. Not this time… NOT this time. Looks like you are the ones who can’t be trusted. Will you even be fair enough to admit this mistake? Or, will you continue to use this lie? Check the media, check the story, it predates this story, it’s ALL over the place. Fact check, fact check, fact check!

  3. Mel Says:

    Just in case my comment “got lost in the system” or something…

    The guy in the last photo is Dale Robertson, a Tea Party activist who operates TeaParty.org, taken at the Feb. 27, 2009 Tea Party in Houston. NOT an infiltrator as you CLAIM! LMFAO He’s a racist, and he’s ALL yours. Keep trying to blame the left for your own bigots. Not this time… NOT this time. Looks like you are the ones who can’t be trusted. Will you even be fair enough to admit this mistake? Or, will you continue to use this lie? Check the media, check the story, it predates this story, it’s ALL over the place. Fact check, fact check, fact check!

  4. HL Says:

    We just returned from our local Tea Party gathering. Last year there were 3000 Patriots, this year 6000! These are decent, hard working Americans who have had it with Obama’s attempts to re-make this country into his Socialistic fantasy.
    It was wonderful to be among these people. At one point they honored the Veterans by having them stand so we could thank them with our applause. They are the defenders of freedom who have made it possible to live in America where we can still gather to protest this takeover of our country. It was so encouraging. We owe it to all those before us who sacrificed so much for our freedom and prosperity to stand, resist and hopefully prevail.

    The reality is those who attend the Tea Parties are not asking for anything other than to get back to our Constitution, which is ‘The Blueprint’ for liberty.

    We are the ‘Guardians of liberty’ as President George Washington said, and may the history books prove that we resisted the destruction of America by Barack Obama and those who stand with him.
    What he is doing is UN-AMERICAN!!

  5. txlady706 Says:

    I was at the Austin tea party on tax day. At first, there were a lot of cops. As the event progressed they were all inside, because it was raining. One person was evil enough to share his umbrella with me and my fiance. Those viscous mean tea party people offering to share umbrellas! horror!

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Too much time, not enough honesty.

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    Well, you’ve got me, Mel. I did not know that. I saw the photo without any supporting content, and came to the wrong conclusion about the underlying facts. It’s hard to “fact check” a photo.

    I want you to note that unlike the left, I at least care enough about the truth to publicly stand corrected as the need arises. So I have no issue with publishing your rebuke. Heck, I care so much about the truth that I never went to a leftwing rally and tried to de-legitimize it from within.

    The fact that one of the pictures turns out to be from a disturbed rightwing nutjob rather than a disturbed leftwing nutjob does nothing to undermine the overall fact that leftwing nutjobs are out to do something you should agree with me is despicable.

    That said, you were right, but you’re also wrong. From an article on the subject:

    Dale Robertson, a Tea Party activist who operates TeaParty.org, is getting stung for an old photo — taken at the Feb. 27, 2009 Tea Party in Houston — in which he holds a sign reading “Congress = Slaveowner, Taxpayer = Niggar.”

    After the ResistNet listerv promoted “Liberty Concerts” to be held by TeaParty.org, a source passed on this photo of Robertson, after the jump.

    Update: Josh Parker of the Houston Tea Party Society tells me that Robertson was booted out of the event for this sign.

    Now, for all your justified rebuke about fact-checking, you don’t mention that Dale Robertson was booted out of the event in which he displayed this sign – which is also to say that that ugly sign does NOT reflect the attitude or view of the Tea Party movement.

    So, yeah, he’s probably a racist, but he most certainly is NOT all mine – or the Tea Party’s. They rightly threw his ass out.

    You didn’t say anything about that. Instead you left the deliberate impression that this guy was an accepted figure within the Tea Party movement, rather than some icky nutjob who created a web site. Did YOU fact check THAT?

    Bottom line: I have the character to stand corrected. Do YOU?

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    Sounds inspiring.

    America is the last best hope for the world. If we become like Europe (or to put it in biblical terms, like the nations), that will be all she wrote. Unlike World Wars I and II, there won’t be anyone to make things right when the fit hits the shan.

  9. Michael Eden Says:

    People who share umbrellas are nearly always racists.

    I’ll use liberal thought to prove it: “umbrellas” are a symbol of privilege. The rich have them, while the poor are just left to suffer “outside.” Oh, yes, someone offered to share their umbrella, but only if you submitted to their elitist oppressive rule over you. Sharing an umbrella is a power-trip by the privileged elite. Which sounds racist.

    Figures you’d have umbrella sharing racist insurrectionists at your Tea Party event. Good thing the cops were there to keep society safe from such frightening radicals.

  10. Mel Says:

    Yes, I did fact check, Michael. Point is, all I had to do was type the words on the sign, and the articles were everywhere. Then, I sent you the information. For you to fact check. You used that photo to show how VILE people from “the left”are. The vile was, no correct that, is HIM. And you are correct that he was tossed from AN event for a racist sign. But, the fact remains he is still the Founder and President of Teaparty.org. AKA the 1776 Tea Party. They have a California office and a Washington D.C. office coming soon. “Tossed from an event” is nice. And appreciated… a good first step. But, The Right keeps insisting something that is very existent in the fringes of the Tea Party, simply isn’t there. Until you stand up, and claim what you own and toss it from the PARTY, not just an event, the problem will only get worse.

    You see, I am a white woman. I was called a “n” lover, a baby killer, and I was spit on. Some of this while campaigning for Obama. So, I personally know these things happen. To keep stirring the pot is doing no one any good. It is in no way the “Christian” thing to do. I was a Republican, I was a Practicing Christian. These are the things that have driven me from both. The spite, the hate, the hypocrisy. I now vote the person, not the party. I would NEVER call myself a republican again, it would be too shameful. They are accepting the fringe, it will come back to them in the end. Casting you bread upon the water… it will come back. (Yes, I even went to a Baptist school.)

  11. j davis Says:

    How typical of the right to try to say that those with typical teabagger signs are ‘plants.’ Sorry it won’t work on educated rational people who are well aware of what the despicable teabaggers really stand for!!

  12. Michael Eden Says:

    What I notice is that I owned up to my mistake. But you responded, and refused to own up to your mistake.

    I’ve personally gone to several Tea Party events. None of them had anything whatsoever to do with either Dale Robertson or “Tea Party.org AKA the 1776 Tea Party.

    What you are doing is the equivalent of me saying that Bill Ayers, terrorist bomber, is the Democrat Party. He’s a sleazy pile of slime, and its a SHAME that such a rodent has been so involved in the life of a President of the United States. But to suggest that you can demonize an entire party because of one fool is beyond asinine.

    Furthermore, the “Tea Party” is nothing like even the Democrat or Republican Party. There is very little structure. There are basically no political candidates. It is not a whole lot more than a rapidly growing percentage of the population (25% of Americans are now identifying themselves as “Tea Party!“) who believe we need to reign in the size of our out-of-control government. You say, “and toss it from the PARTY, not just an event.” You are ignorant on this point: there IS no “party.” There’s just millions of people showing up at hundreds and hundreds of events, all of which are led by thousands of local event organizers. And the near unanimous majority of those organizers are great people. We can’t kick people out of the “party” because there isn’t a “party” to kick them out of.

    That said, when you tell me, “Yes, I was a practicing Christian,” and then go on to say that you’re not one anymore because a “Republican” did something mean to you pretty much screams out that you were never a Christian at all. You think you were abused? Spit? Hate? Hypocrisy? You don’t know a whole lot about what Jesus went through, do you? Someone, He took far worse than you can even imagine, and didn’t abandon His faith. Same goes for St. Paul, and virtually all the other apostles, who were murdered for their faith.

    But don’t believe me; just ask St. John:

    “They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us” (1 John 2:19).

    You don’t think that the side you chose to embrace instead of Jesus’ side isn’t full of the same things? And actually far worse? You claim to have been spit upon. Did you get your nose broken? Did you get beaten into a concussion? Did your leg get broken requiring surgery, and pins in four places? That’s what just happened to Allee Bautsch and her boyfriend, who were chased and beaten.

    I can add to that such incidents as a man getting his finger bitten off by a liberal Tea Party hater/protester, and a black Tea Party member who was physically assaulted and kicked on the ground by SEIU activists.

    Furthermore, I’ve been physically attacked by black people. One night, years back, I was in the parking lot going to my car outside a nightclub when I heard a woman scream for help. I ran to help, and got grabbed and then dragged down from behind with a belt around my neck. My nose was broken, and I was punched and kicked repeatedly. Five black guys. I only wish I’d just been spit on.

    And I wasn’t campaigning for a guy who has since become the most polarizing and radical president in history. I was just trying to help a woman in distress.

    Now, if I were anything like what you appear to be, I would hate black people. I would say they are evil, violent, hateful, etc. But you know what, Mel? I’m not like you. I understand the difference between what a few people might do, and all the people. I know that there are a lot of other black men who would have jumped to my aid had they been present.

    All that said, I will take down that particular picture, provide a correcting update, and then post MORE pictures of more “vile” leftists. Because, as I pointed out earlier, one incorrectly misidentified picture doesn’t mean a damn thing, in light of all the other evidence.

    And I will point out, as a concluding word, that you are dishonestly trying to make it appear that “the right” is trying to demonize “the left.” It’s the other way around, and you can’t be dumb enough to not realize that. Right from the very beginning, “the left” began to attack “the right” as being violent haters. “The right” is merely responding with evidence that “the left” need to confront the massive violence and hate on their own side before they demonize anybody else.

  13. Michael Eden Says:

    Keep up that hate, J Davis. It’s what you people are good for.

    YOU’RE the lunatic on the fringe. 24% of American voters are saying they are “Tea Party.” So you demonizers have more and more people to demonize.

    I provide ample evidence of “plants” in the article. Not that facts matter to you, I know.

  14. HL Says:

    Michael, it’s been interesting following the comments on this post. The SELECTIVE OUTRAGE of Liberals is consistent. I think it is due to their perverted worldview and faulty thinking. Truth and facts just flat out don’t matter to these people. It really is a mental disorder.

    THEY must really fear our growing numbers. Their false rhetoric is gettting louder.

    God willing, a SMACKDOWN is coming bigtime in the next two elections.

    The speaker at our Tea Party made the statement that we were part of a great movement and may the history books record that we stood up and resisted this ‘fundamental change’ Obama is forcing upon us.
    When we stand and contend to get back to our Constitution, we stand with a great company of Patriots who sacrificed so much for freedom. We stand with the truth.

    Liberals of course have to revise history, mis-interpret our Founding documents, lie and spin to accomplish their ANTI-AMERICAN crap.

    How they live with themselves is beyond me.

  15. HL Says:

    Just in case you missed this.


  16. J.W. Wartick Says:

    Such a string of ad hominem attacks! This is why politics never seems to get anything done. We can never move pass mud slinging.

  17. Michael Eden Says:

    I DID miss it, HL. Thanks for posting that.

    I’ll update my article with the link.

    Appreciate it greatly.

  18. Michael Eden Says:

    I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and a caller gave an analogy to the Tea Party movement: the Civil Rights movement under Martin Luther King.

    What we have is a targeted minority (the people who are called upon to pay the most taxes) being imposed upon by the people who DON’T pay those taxes to pay more and more to continue to give them a free ride. It really is analogous to slavery, where I the plantation owner can sit in my lawnchair and watch others forcibly do my labor for me.

    In any event, just as with Martin Luther King’s movement, people are showing up and demanding their freedom and equal treatment. Me paying a shockingly high tax rate while you pay nothing is hardly either one.

    The other thing that came out of that call is that this is the FIRST time ever that conservatives have gone to the streets and protested. The left have been doing it for sixty years – and repeatedly become violent doing it. But now the right is peacefully protesting (across the nation, parks and civic centers are left CLEANER after a Tea Party event than it was BEFORE the event!), and the left is becoming unglued.

  19. Michael Eden Says:

    Yeah, it’s funny. Most of what I get from liberals is ad hominems in lieu of any actual arguments.

    At least the one person pointed out something wrong (that TeaParty.org guy). But, of course, then she pushed it way too far and unleashed a ton of invective on me when it turned out she was every bit as guilty of false information as I was.

    I personally don’t mind “mud slinging” when it is warranted.

    For example, it’s right to “sling mud” at the Nazis. They were evil. They murdered millions of people.

    The problem is that the left doesn’t legitimately sling mud. They’ve called Republicans Nazis for decades when we haven’t done anything to warrant it. It’s just an unhinged label that shows THEY’RE the ones who are radidly intolerant and fanatically ideological.

    Now they’re doing it again with the Tea Party, when virtually all the actual violence is coming from THEIR side.

    On my view, we have to fight them on their terms until they quit employing the tactic. In years past, we’ve allowed them to “brand” us. Well, brand THEM.

  20. Todd Says:

    Michael, in your messages you try to claim some kind of moral high ground yet you ad hominens attack anybody who is not a conservative in attempt demonize them. It’s all liberals this, all liberals that. Yes, liberal are as monolithic as conservatives and they all think exactly the same way. It is also pathetic that you try and blame all racism and general douchebaggery on liberal plants. Yet it fits with your thought process that everything bad equals a liberal.

    We get it, you hate liberals because they don’t think like you.

    It is people like you that is the problem with America, no matter what their political spectrum is. So why don’t you kindly do America a favor and shut the hell up.

    Also, way to put yourself out there on a limb saying that Nazis are bad. Next you’ll get even bolder and say slavery was bad too.

  21. Michael Eden Says:

    I have to ask, who’s the “we” in your “we get it.” Are you speaking on behalf of a snake in your pocket or something?

    What is funny in that is that – immediately after attacking me for suggesting that all liberals or all conservatives are monolithic – you proceed to insinuate that all liberals ARE in fact monolithic. And that they all think what YOU think.

    So if I say something like, “You can ALWAYS count on a liberal to be a hypocrite,” it’s not really an ad hominem. It’s a statement of fact – as you yourself in your rhetoric demonstrate and document.

    That’s one.

    Two is how you do something that liberals invariably seem to do. When I write an article, I NEVER resort to ad hominem. I cite a body of facts, and then conclude from those facts that liberals are slime. You, however, don’t do that, do you? You never even TRY to point out specific facts/arguments from my article. No, you are a true purveyor of the ad hominem. You go right at me, and attack me personally, without offering a single fact beyond your subjective opinion of me.

    Three comes from an article I wrote after Obama was elected: “Do Unto Obama As Liberals Did Unto Bush.” In that article, I point out that it is long past time that we respond to liberals in kind. Which is to say that I and many other conservatives are starting to give you slimeballs a taste of your own hell. Don’t like it? Wah.

    Four: my “moral high ground” comes from belief in God, belief in the Bible, belief in the founding fathers, and belief in the Constitution. Unlike you liberals, I don’t get my “moral high ground” from a bunch of self-created penumbras and emanations. I don’t get my “moral high ground” from claiming that the Constitution (or the Bible) is a “living breathing document” that means you can say it means whatever the hell you want it to mean.

    I get my “moral high ground” from an authority above and outside of myself, which I am accountable to. Rather than re-creating God, the Constitution, or anything else in my own image, like the left does.

    Four, you give me your “It is people like you that [sic] is the problem with America.” I sure wish I could had heard you during the eight years of Bush derangement syndrome so I could document how truly filled to your pointy head with crap you are. I mock you hypocrite whiners who demonized Bush every day he was president, and demonized Republicans every day they ran Congress (which was last in 2006, before Democrats brought us down to collapse). Who now say, “How DARE you do to us what we did to you, and will surely do again the moment after we lose our power.”

    Five, I DO think that Nazism is bad. That’s why I’m a conservative, rather than a socialist (Nazi = National SOCIALIST German Workers Party). For the record, I also think that communism is bad (e.g., USSR = Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics”).

    And it’s BECAUSE I think that slavery is bad that I am opposed to big government socialism, which has led to inhuman totalitarian slavery time and time and time again.

    P.S. Are you speaking for all the millions of monolithic liberals who hate free speech when you tell me – in the name of “America” – to shut the hell up??? It sure seems to be that you are doing the VERY SAME thing you accuse me of doing. Did I mention that liberals are hypocrites???

  22. Anonymous Says:


  23. Michael Eden Says:

    Anonymous (i.e., irritating little coward who doesn’t have the courage to put his own name on his hateful rants),

    I can only presume you were looking in the mirror when you wrote this, because “baby killer” is a label that applies only to the left, now to the tuine of fifty million babies murdered in abortion mills.

    As for “vile” and “nasty,” they pretty much describe the left, too.

  24. shyday Says:

    see nastey stuff

  25. shyday Says:

    you are nasey.

  26. Michael Eden Says:


    I can honestly say so one has ever said I was ‘nasey’ before.

    Nor have I ever once in my life laid eyes on ‘nastey stuff.’

    But thank you for your comments.

  27. gus key Says:

    This is fantastic. Im sending this to all my group co-ordinators

  28. Ryan Bragdon Says:

    Clearly, these photographed people are plants, but I find it adorable how 1) the Republican Party is so anti-black president, they band together and call themselves a Tea Party. And 2) when the Tea Party (republicans) throws all their support behind a republican figurehead, who later screws up publicly, the party denies that figurehead, saying they were really a plant by the dems. The tea party spent the last year supporting Donald Trump, and now that he’s dropping f bombs, he’s really a plant by the Democratic Party to make the Tea Party Republicans look like buffoons.

    Classic and classy as always Republicans. Classic and classy.

  29. Michael Eden Says:


    You are opposed to Clarence Thomas. That proves that you, sir, are a racist.

    Herman Cain is saying he will run for president. Given your racism against Clarence Thomas, you will not vote for him. Even though he is TWICE as black as Obama.

    You racist, racist, racist racist, you.

    I couldn’t be more sick of people like you.

    Donald Trump is topping the polls for one reason and one reason only: he is famous. Most of the top Republicans haven’t even said they would run, much less started campaigns.

    Last election at this time Rudy Guliani was the Republican leader. And he was the very first guy to fizzle out.

    So feel free to cite Trump as proving something, but it’s meaningless.

    I do not support Trump simply because the guy HAS been far more Democrat than he has ever been Republican (to the extent he even bothered to vote at all). He publicly supported Nancy Pelosi and called her “the best” at her swearing-in as Speaker. Trump’s top political guru is a lifelong Democrat who used to praise Obama. He has been pro-abortion and pro-other nasty things for most of his life. And I’m not supposed to be able to point out that this guy is no Republican???

    Do you got any other mindless stupid garbage to throw up against the fact that your side was caught red-handed being the nastiest kind of vermin???

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