Vote Democrat: Vote To Enrich Government Class, Impoverish Private Sector Workers

Democrats love to play Marxist class warfare: the rich against the poor.

But there’s another division of “class” that Democrats don’t want you to know about: the elitist government class against the lowly private sector working class.  Democrats love the former, and to hell with the latter.

State Employee Pay Grows 25 Percent Above Inflation Since 1999
Total Payroll Up $1.5 Billion Despite Fewer Workers
By James M. Hohman | April 23, 2010

The average state employee compensation package costs approximately $93,039. Inflation-adjusted wages and benefits have increased 25 percent since fiscal 1999. The figures include the value of all benefits from state-paid retirement contributions to dry cleaning allowances.

The largest cost increases came from retirement benefits (which increased from $309 million in fiscal 1999 to $772 million in fiscal 2008) and health insurance (which increased from $273 million in fiscal 1999 to $554 million in fiscal 1999).

The wages and benefits of Michigan’s over 50,000 state employees cost taxpayers $4.7 billion in fiscal 2008. This is up from $3.2 billion in fiscal 1999, despite the state now employing 15 percent fewer workers.

This isn’t just going on in Michigan.  It’s going on all over the country.  But in particular, it’s going on in states that have had Democrat super-majorities for a generation.  Places like Michigan and California:

Public employee pensions under pressure
State and local leaders see the growing cost as a threat to California’s fiscal well-being. Efforts to reduce benefits are setting up a collision course with public employee unions.

Evan Halper and Marc Lifsher, Los Angeles Times
April 23, 2010

Reporting from Sacramento
— Across California, state and local leaders are moving to confront the cost of public employee retirement packages — an escalating financial burden that threatens to choke off funding for other government services.

Legislation now being debated in Sacramento would curtail pension benefits to future state employees. Elsewhere, city and county governments are looking at a variety of measures, including raising property taxes to cover shortfalls and reducing payments to retirement funds.

On Thursday, pension consultant Girard Miller told California’s Little Hoover Commission that state and local governments have $325 billion in unfunded pension liabilities, which he said amounts to $22,000 for every working adult in the Golden State.

“In California we had the Internet bubble, we had the housing bubble, and I see in the very near future the public pension bubble,” Gov. Schwarzenegger said this week. Confronting the pension crisis, he said, should be the state’s No. 1 policy priority.

If the problem is not addressed, the burden for funding government employee pensions would fall to the state’s taxpayers. Many elected officials are advocating a reduction in benefits mostly for new hires to stave off tax hikes — setting up a collision course with the state’s powerful public employee unions.

That’s right, private sector California workers.  Government union employees have amassed benefits that will cost $22,000 EACH to pay for them.  Let me just put a slave collar on each of you and say, “From now on, your name is Toby… Toby1… Toby2… Toby3…”

Now worry.  Let’s just raise Californian’s taxes by $325 billion to pay for those government worker pensions which dwarf everybody else’s.  That’s what prolls are for, right?  We have to toil and labor to support our commissar betters.  That’s what communists and Democrats want, right?

You’re damn right that’s right.

How are the government union employees handling this revolt of the prolls?

Not very well.  The loathsome little demon who has replaced their souls is angry:

“Raise my taxes!… Give up the bucks!”
23 April 2010 at 3:54 pm

Earlier this week, labor leaders bused in supporters to protest for higher taxes in Springfield, Illinois.

Of course, by “bused in supporters,” I literally meant bused in supporters! Grassroots, baby!

Thousands of protesters bused down by labor unions and social service advocates rallied at the Capitol today in an attempt to pressure state lawmakers into raising the income tax to avoid more budget cuts.

A spokesman for Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White estimated the rally crowd at 15,000, with more than 12,000 marching around the building. That would appear to make it the largest Capitol protest since the Equal Rights Amendment crowds a quarter-century ago.

Bus after bus pulled up on streets surrounding the Capitol complex and dumped sign-waving protesters clad in purple, green, red and blue shirts that represented a show of strength from a variety of public employee unions and dozens of groups that formed what they named the “Responsible Budget Coalition.”

“Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes!” they chanted, lined up shoulder to shoulder for a few hundred yards stretching a street in front of the Capitol.
She said she hopped on a charter bus this morning to Springfield “to raise hell, basically.”

These people don’t want THEIR taxes raised.  They want to “raise the hell” out of YOUR taxes to keep the benefits that are WAAAAAAAAYYYY dramatically superior to the private sector prolls going.

Democrat government union employees deserve better.  You and your children deserve to suck it up and pay for their massive wage-and-benefit packages that dwarf anything private sector employees are getting for similar work.  And if you don’t like it, they will bus in union headbusters from all over the country to get Democrat politicians to do their bidding.

It’s time to vote the Democrats out, put conservatives in charge, and let them go to work on the REAL “class warfare” of liberal Democrat special interests.

When the rich get rich, at least they have the basic decency to pay for themselves.  The liberal Democrat union government sector employee have you pay for absolutely everything – and continues to demand that you keep paying massive benefits to him or her until the day he or she dies.

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6 Responses to “Vote Democrat: Vote To Enrich Government Class, Impoverish Private Sector Workers”

  1. HL Says:

    Michael, don’t these union workers who have to be bused in to protest understand that their bosses and the ruling elite class of pols are only using them?
    Don’t they have any self-respect?
    Don’t they want to achieve more in life than being a ‘useful idiot’ for some politician or union leaders wacked out vision?

    Their thinking and behavior is foreign to me.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    It’s foreign to me, also.

    Politically active unions are a culture all to themselves; and the term “useful idiot” very much applies.

    There used to be good unions out there. They took care of themselves, and didn’t use their dues to try to purchase politicians at the expense of everyone else. But those days are gone.

  3. Michael Ehline Says:

    What a disgrace. We should not have public sector unions to begin with. The tail is wagging the dog. The dog being the tax payer.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Sounds like you’d be in agreement with my “Liberal Unions Are Profoundly UnAmerican. Just Ask FDR” article.

  5. Michael Ehline Says:

    @Michael. I agree public employee unions are wicked. Taxpayers should decide public employee pay not a union. Collective bargaining guarantees EVERYONE a raise, even if they do not DESERVE it. Pay should be based upon merit, not on being a “loyal party member”, which is all unions are. Unfortunately unions are a de facto wing of the democratic party. It is unfair to force union members to pay dues to support immoral agendas of the DNC.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    Michaels must all be smart or something :)

    Everything you say is “amen” correct. And add to that that even FDR condemned and denounced government employee unions – the HEART of both the unions AND of the Democrat Party – as unAmerican.


    In California alone, “public employee unions” have created a $500 BILLION black hole in unfunded liabilites:

    Unions are composed of inherently greedy and self-serving people who say they’re giving themselves wages and benefits they don’t deserve “for you.”

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