Obama’s Katrina: Gasoline FAR More Expensive Under Obama – And Price About To Skyrocket

I remember the Democrats demagoguing President Bush when the price of gas when up, because that’s pretty much all that Democrats know how to do.

Well, let’s see: the price of gas was $1.84 cents for regular and $2.27 for diesel the week after Bush left office.

And what is it now?

OH MY GAWD!!! It is now $2.85 for regular, and $3.08 for diesel as of April 26th.

Let’s see.  Math, math, carry the 1…  OH MY GAWD!!! That’s a 55% increase in the price of gasoline from George W. Bush.

Where’s Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to demonize the president over the price of gas???  Where are the congressional investigations???

Oh, that’s right.  Democrats are great at demagoguing, as long as they’re blaming everybody else.  Not so good at taking any kind of responsibility for themselves and what happens under their sordid misrule.

Boy, does hope and change crap ever suck when you stop and think about the actual world.

And expect it to go up.  And maybe up and up and up.

“Solidly above $3 a gallon” anyway (quote also cited here).  Maybe as much as $5 a gallon, if this drags on as long as some experts are now saying.

Now, let’s say a little more about Barack Obama’s “Hurricane Katrina.”

George Bush was demonized from one side to the other, and then up and down as well.  Why?  Because, according to the Democrat demagoguery, George Bush waited two whole days before he brought all the resources of the federal government to bear on Katrina.

Here’s a typical liberal salvo from Bill Maher:

“Finally today convoys of troops and aid started to arrive along the Gulf Coast. Five days after the hurricane hit. Kind of makes you miss the innocent days when Bush only sat on his ass for seven minutes. It only took him four days to make a plan, but finally today he said he had a plan. Unfortunately it’s a faith-based plan that involves getting two of every animal onto a big boat.”

Well, this BP drilling site went “boom” nine days ago.  And Barack Obama dithered for an entire week before doing a damn thing.  And now we’re facing an ecological disaster.  And the weather – which was quite nice while Obama was doing nothing – is now a huge hindrance to clean-up efforts.

Which is to say, not only is this all Obama’s fault, but further, that Barack Obama is actually at least three-and-a-half times more to blame for his dithering than Bush was to blame for his.

And, now, as a result of all that Obama dithering, we’ve got a massive crisis that is going to cost Americans billions more at the pump.

Do unto Obama as liberals did unto Bush.  Blame Obama.  Treat him the way he treated Bush.  Judge him by his own standard, and find him sorely lacking in competence or compassion.  It’s his fault that gas has gone up 55% – so far.  It’s his fault that we have a massive crisis.  And it’s his fault that gas prices are going to skyrocket even more than they already have under his misrule.

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2 Responses to “Obama’s Katrina: Gasoline FAR More Expensive Under Obama – And Price About To Skyrocket”

  1. noino Says:

    You really need to take a step back and form a cohesive argument…some of the statements simply aren’t true and its pretty obvious that your political and idealogical leanings are skewing the points you are trying to make…think for yourself, not a political party. Band-standing like this does not bring anything to the table.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Oh, come ON, Noino. “some of the statements simply aren’t true”????? But you just don’t feel in any way constrained to say which ones, or why they’re untrue??? You’d rather just make a “Band-standing” statement “skewing the points” toward your “idealogical leanings”???? Easier for an ignorant demagogue to do, I suppose.

    By the way there, genius. You misspelled “ideological.” And a naked ideologue like you should be able to spell that word.

    Well, at least you can’t claim that you couldn’t be any more personally dishonest. Because you can’t.

    You hypocrites disgust me. You people teed off on Bush every single day, and now you’re just so full of the brand of cockroach feces also known as self-righteous indignation that conservatives would rise up and criticize you the way you demonized us.

    I responded to some other creature who was lower than an amphipod’s a-hole by offering some things called FACTS. You go ahead and prove that these statements of facts aren’t true, genius:

    1) Why aren’t liberals responsible for the Gulf of Mexico disaster when it is their policies preventing drilling on the coastal shelf that led to this huge disaster???

    From Time:

    The Coast Guard and the energy giant BP, which operated the sunken rig and is responsible for the cleanup, have launched a massive operation to contain the spill — an unusual challenge, considering the complexity of underwater drilling. First, remote-controlled robot submarines have been deployed to try to seal off the oil well altogether by activating a massive device called a blowout preventer. If the 450-ton valve at the wellhead can be turned on, the oil flow should stop, and the spill could be ended quickly. But the outcome is far from guaranteed; robots have never been used in an operation of this magnitude nor at this depth — some 5,000 ft. below the surface of the ocean.

    The difference in degree of risk from drilling in the coastal shelf at 500 feet (225 psig) to 5000 feet (2250 psig) is so massive it is positively unreal. Liberals who refuse to allow coastal drilling and require offshore drilling in mile deep water who then shrilly claim that an accident in deep water means we shouldn’t drill at all are unhinged.

    If this accident had occurred in the shallow waters of the continental/coastal shelf, the accident would have been fixed within 24 hours. As it is, in mile deep water, it might well take months. Why is it Bush’s fault that Obama and Democrats won’t allow drilling in the safe waters of the coastal shelf???

    2) Why is it Bush-Cheney’s fault that Barack Obama took more campaign contributions from BP than ANYBODY???

    3) Why is it Bush-Cheney’s fault that Barack Obama approved this project??? It was OBAMA – not Bush – who approved of this disaster-project in March 2009 (after BP helped him get elected thanks to #2 above).

    4) Why is it Bush-Cheney’s fault that Barack Obama took NINE DAYS to respond to this disaster???

    5) Why is it Bush-Cheney’s fault that Barack Obama naively believed everything that his huge campaign contributor told him?

    And let me add one:
    6) Why is it Bush-Cheney’s fault that Obama himself suddenly personally proposed more drilling???

    I certainly also didn’t misstate any facts when I pointed out that gasoline has increased more than 55% under Obama’s watch, for what it’s worth. Heck, it’s gone up nearly ten cents a gallon since I wrote this.

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