Forget The Free World; Forget America: Barack Obama Can’t Even Govern His Own DOG

There are metaphors, and then there are metaphors.  This is definitely a defining statement of the Obama presidency:

“I’m going to kill that fucking dog.”

-Another gem from Emanuel who was pissed that Obama’s dog, Bo, was dropping turds in the White House, taking up presidential time in cleanups.

Does this tell us that Barry Hussein’s chief of staff is a loathsome, vile turd who should have been the very first piece of crap picked up off the carpet and flushed down the toilet?  Of course he is.  But there’s more to say about this sad saga.

Forget about Iran going nuclear; forget about our shockingly high unemployment; forget about dealing with the fact that the entire Gulf of Mexico is starting to look like the White House carpet after Bo crapped all over it: Barack Obama can’t even successfully preside over the house-training of his own dog.

And, yes.  What Bo is doing to the White House carpeting, his master is doing to the country.

Maybe I should be the president.  I had my Rottweiler puppy housebroken in under a week, and I have no doubt that he had more backtalk and sass attitude in him than Ahmadinejad (another loathsome little turd, by the way) can ever hope to have.

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4 Responses to “Forget The Free World; Forget America: Barack Obama Can’t Even Govern His Own DOG”

  1. HL Says:

    I laughed out loud at this post. Michael I’ve read your blog daily or nigh to daily for almost two years now and I KNOW you would govern this country better than this FAILURE-in-CHIEF we are enduring.
    I commented to my husband that Obama is continuing to be a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER, implementing his Alinsky tactics and Marxists ideas. That is all he knows how to do. He is utterly inept to lead and govern this great country. He is UN-AMERICAN!!!!
    If we survive this group of DESTROYERS and get America back I will be eternally grateful!

    Loved the pic of your dog:)

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    I said of my dog as a puppy that he was “too cute to kill.” Sometimes BARELY too cute to kill. That dog has been a handful and a half. But I love him dearly.

    Obama IS a community organizer. That’s all he knows, so it’s all he does. He’s never led anything; he’s never ran anything. So the idea of genuinely leading is out the window. Rather, Obama plays the politics of community organization – which means the politics of demonization and divisiveness, of pitting one group against another.

    He never has been and never will be the president of all Americans. And the majority of Americans understand that now.

    Thanks for being a dedicated reader and participant in this blog, HL. You’ve certainly made a big difference to me.

  3. hoboduke Says:

    Your puppy looks awesome! Vladimir Putin is beating us in the dog race and the leadership race. He got a country run down and ready to tank. He didn’t complain about past problems, but he got to work. His dog Koni he loves most of all, and I don’t think Bo is lacking executive training. Enjoyed the post.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    I didn’t realize that Putin was a dog lover. Here’s a pic of his Labrador:
    Putin's dog
    Very little question, based on what I saw, that Putin loves that dog.

    And I imagine that Putin was able to harness his vastly superior leadership abilities toward potty training Koni, too.

    Who would have ever thought that a guy whose only “leadership” came from community organizing would be a failed leader???

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