How Can We Be Rid Of Obama? The Answer Can Be Found In Arizona…

The story told in the form of three images:




And the wicked witch was never heard from again…

Eight states – Utah, Oklahoma, Ohio, Missouri, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas and Maryland – are considering joining Arizona in similar immigration legislation.  If that happens, by Obama’s map and math, he would only be able to visit the remaining 48 states.

Of course, knowing how many states there are in America should have been akin to American troops at the Battle of the Bulge asking American-uniform-wearing German impostors the name of Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend to weed out the bad apples.

2 Responses to “How Can We Be Rid Of Obama? The Answer Can Be Found In Arizona…”

  1. ruth cushman Says:

    why is certifiace number blacked out on obama birth in hawaii,
    bottom of document states any alterations make it invalid?
    Why are we allowing him to destory our country.? We didnt let
    England get way with it.

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    I finally joined the game and wrote an article on Obama’s birth certificate (see here).

    After writing that article, I saw a flurry of new developments with the mainstream media reporting that Obama’s birth certificate is safely on file in Hawaii, but there is a law that it can’t be released – that NO ONE’S Hawaiian birth certificate can be released. That almost made sense. But then I remembered that the Democrat Governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie, had earlier loudly announced that he would find Obama’s birth certificate, BUT HAD NOT BEEN ABLE TO DO SO.

    So the media is lying to us. That birth certificate is NOT on file in some book that you could look at if you could just get permission. It is not there. A DEMOCRAT GOVERNOR had already confirmed that.

    This is beyond bizarre.

    As for your point, “We didn’t let England get away with it,” the only thing I could say is that we were a far, FAR better people back then. We were, as John Adams put it, “a moral and religious people.” And as a result we were a free people who wouldn’t put up with the kind of tyranny that we routinely put up with on all fronts today.

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