Mainstream Media Wishes Times Square Terrorist Had Been Hated ‘Tea Bagger’ Rather Than Muslim

When you listen to this video and actually pay attention to what the journalist is trying to say, you realize it is an incredibly stupid piece of ideological tripe:

Let’s see.  She starts off by wishing that the Islamic terrorist who tried to bomb Times Square didn’t have Muslim ties.  Well, that sort of begs the question: what ties DOES she wish the bomber had had?  Then she proceeds to answer that unstated question by dragging in a militia group that is so vicious, hateful and dangerous they were all released on bail in order to tie the right wing (which didn’t do anything) to the bombing rather than the Muslim terrorist (who did).  The Hutaree militia Brewer damns alongside Muslim terrorists is guilty of talk, and basically nothing but talk.

In the guise of “news,” Contessa Brewer in effect says, “I wish the guilty party wasn’t guilty, so what I’ll do is tie this act of terrorism to the people whom I WISH were guilty.

Brewer is a “bigot,” too.  The difference is that Brewer likes Muslim terrorists and despises conservatives, whereas conservatives like tea partyers and despise terrorists.

I am much different than Contessa Brewer: I would rather the person who tried to bomb Times Square and murder Americans be a Pakistani-born Muslim than a born-and-bred American who had come to be filled with hate for the country of his birth.  Unlike Brewer, I don’t wish my fellow Americans (even Democrats) be terrorists.  But that’s just me, I guess.

Meanwhile the mainstream media is out in force trying to tell us that the Pakistani terror camp graduate was really just a victim of an American dream that had steamrolled over him:

From the LA Times: “Car bomb suspect struggled to find a place

From the AP: “Times Square bombing suspect’s life had unraveled

Cry me a river.

At the same time, the same mainstream media propagandists who have been “humanizing” terrorist Faisal Shahzad have routinely demonized millions of Tea Party supporters who haven’t done anything wrong whatsoever.

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