Will Mainstream Media Be Consistent And Give Obama ‘The Palin Treatment’?

Came across this.  What do you think are the odds the mainstream media will actually bother to be fair or consistent???

Maybe this is why Obama’s nickname is “Zero.”  Because there’s a “zero” chance that the mainstream media will ever actually hold him accountable for his failures?

Will Obama Get the Palin Treatment for Calling Europe a Country?

Hold on to your inhalators, kids! Did President Hope&Change really say, “countries like Europe”?

Now, of course I believe it’s a misstatement; I don’t honestly believe Obama thinks Europe is a country. But this embarrassing gaffe begs the question: What’s the difference between this and when Sarah Palin thought Africa was a country instead of a continent?

Answer: There’s actually proof of Obama’s misstatement. Read on:

To be honest, even though I did hear about Sarah Palin’s Africa gaffe, I dismissed the story as a vicious rumor. My hunch was correct. First of all, while doing this evening’s research I was shocked to learn that the story originated on Fox News; it was broken by the liberal reporter Carl Cameron to liberal anchor Shep Smith.

But then I learned something else: There is neither a defined source nor recorded footage of Palin’s gaffe! Note Cameron simply said “sources within the McCain campaign.” When CNN, MSNBC, the networks, and the lefty websites picked it up, they all cite unspecified “sources” as well. No one was ever cited by name and no one ever stepped forth to corroborate the story. For all we know, Carl Cameron made the whole damn thing up. We’ll never know.

Moreover, there is evidently no audio or video footage of Palin’s supposed ignorance, otherwise it would’ve gone viral on the internet the second it was recorded. (If anyone out there knows differently, please let me know.)

In other words, that Sarah Palin didn’t know that Africa was a continent is hearsay which was reported and spread as hard news, ostensibly because it paints a conservative woman in a negative light and because it fits the liberal template that conservatives/Republicans are stupid. And the rumor is considered cold hard fact to this day.

By stark contrast, you have President Hope&Change, with his fancy Harvard and Columbia degrees, on camera claiming the U.S. has 57 states, calling an inhaler an “inhalator,” pronouncing corps as “corpse,” and other faux pas that his ubiquitous TelePrompter couldn’t rescue him from.

And now, here is video proof of Barack Hussein Obama, the most intelligent man ever to occupy the Oval Office according to the leftocracy, calling Europe a country!

I’m sure Carl Cameron will jump on this story right away. And he won’t even need to get the juicy scoop from unnamed “sources within the administration.”

For the record, I have heard Sarah Palin deny that she ever said that Africa was a country.  And since no one has ever produced the source/occasion that she did, Palin should be believed.  In a fair world, anyway.

So Sarah Palin is mocked and demonized as dumber than Rahm Emanuel’s “retard” for something she never even actually ever said, whereas Barack “57 States” Obama actually says the equivalent of the same exact thing on video for all to see and still gets treated as “he who must be called ‘brilliant’?

There’s your mainstream media propaganda machine, in a nutshell.

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