Racist Murderer Laments He Didn’t Kill More White People

We’ve got the New Black Panthers and their leaders urging a race war and the killing of white babies:

“I hate white people.  All of them!  Every last iota of a cracker, I hate him!  You want freedom? You’re going to have to kill some crackers! You’re going to have kill some of their babies.”

We’ve got the Obama Administration dismissing charges of voter intimidation against men who brought weapons and issued racist threats against voters.  We’ve got the Obama Administration demanding, “Never bring a lawsuit against a black.” We’ve got We’ve got the New York Slimes’ pathetic retraction admitting that there was absolutely no evidence whatsoever that black congressmen were racially insulted or spat upon (see also here, and then take a look at the retraction here).  Which of course begs the question why these congressmen lied and maliciously and despicably claimed that they were the victims of a racist incident that in fact never occurred.

And now we’ve got a racist black thief becoming a racist murderer.

One wonders when the NAACP and the surrounding liberal establishment will quit calling the Tea Party racist and actually deal with the actual racists.

Probably never, but one wonders.

From the AP:

By STEPHEN SINGER and MARK SCOLFORO, Associated Press Thu Aug 5, 7:58 pm ET

HARTFORD, Conn. – A black man who went on a shooting rampage at a beer distributor calmly told a 911 operator that it was “a racist place” and that he “handled the problem” but wished he had shot more people.

Omar Thornton called 911 after shooting 10 co-workers — eight fatally — on Tuesday morning at Hartford Distributors Inc. He introduced himself as “the shooter over in Manchester” and said he was hiding in the building, but he would not say where.

“You probably want to know the reason why I shot this place up,” he said, his voice steady. “This place is a racist place. They’re treating me bad over here. And treat all other black employees bad over here, too. So I took it to my own hands and handled the problem. I wish I could have got more of the people.”

Connecticut State Police released the audio of the four-minute 911 call on Thursday, the day company and union officials rebutted suggestions that the company had ignored Thornton’s complaints of racism.

Thornton, 34, went on his rampage moments after he was forced to resign when confronted with video evidence that he had been stealing and reselling beer.

The 911 call confirmed suggestions from his relatives and girlfriend that he believed he was avenging racist treatment in the workplace.

Hartford Distributors president Ross Hollander said there was no record to support claims of “racial insensitivity” made through the company’s anti-harassment policy, the union grievance process or state and federal agencies.

“Nonetheless, these ugly allegations have been raised and the company will cooperate with any investigation,” Hollander said.

The union said 14 of 69 dock workers, or 20 percent, were racial minorities — four black, nine Hispanic, one Asian.

The idea that Thornton’s motive may not have been retaliation for losing his job has not sat well with many of the people who knew the victims and have firsthand knowledge of the environment inside the enormous distribution center in Manchester.

“Everybody just thinks this race card is such a wrong thing,” said Michael Cirigliano, whose slain brother, Bryan, was Thornton’s union representative at the disciplinary meeting and the president of the local union.

Michael Cirigliano also spent three decades working at the warehouse before he retired two years ago.

“The Hispanics and the blacks were telling me they’ve never seen anything they’re accusing the company of in the bathrooms or anywhere else at HDI,” he said. “It’s never been separated white, black, Asian. It’s never been like that.”

He said the company had increased its hiring of minorities in recent years.

“They’ve been bringing in more and more minority people to fill the positions,” Cirigliano said. “You could almost go as far as that’s reverse discrimination. They were hiring the groups to balance the workplace, because that’s what we are in America, there’s a balance.”

Anthony Napolitano, the son-in-law of victim Victor James, 60, of Windsor, said James treated everyone equally, regardless of race or religion.

Truck driver David Zylberman, a 34-year employee of the company, said that the racism claims “pissed me off because they were good people.”

I suppose you could argue that the three lying Black Caucus congressmen were actually virtuous.  I mean, sure they lied and maliciously tried to manufacture a race incident.  But at least they didn’t follow up their lies with homicides.

Slimeball murderer Omar Thornton – who manufactured claims of racism to conceal the fact that he was a thief who was literally caught on video stealing – wasn’t so “virtuous.”

After his shooting spree, he said, “I killed the five racists.”

We have had a rash of mainstream media propagandists and Democrat politicians demonizing the Tea Party for inciting violence.  Even though all the actual violence has been committed by the left.

Barack Obama promised he would be the post-racial president who would heal the divide.  Instead he has fanned racist flames that this country hasn’t seen in fifty years.  Which shouldn’t surprise anyone who is aware of the racist church that he was a member of for more than twenty years.  Obama has played the race card against Bill Clinton.  He has played the race card against a white police officer.  He has played the race card against an entire state of the union (Arizona).

Who is actually inciting racist violence?  And which race is responding with violence?

“You’re going to have to kill some crackers!  You’re going to have to kill some of their babies!”

“I killed the five racists!”

And, of course, Hispanic violence is now pretty much a matter of routine.

And here’s a DIFFERENT violent protest:

A Hispanic protester threatened the murder of white Americans with axes and shovels.  Because apparently the out-of-control Arizona border is not out-of-control enough for her.

Meanwhile, at event after event, Tea Parties rally peacefully and then pick up their own garbage.

This is where our society had degenerated into: if we try to prevent illegal immigrants from taking root and taking over our country, we’re racist.  If we try to fire a black man caught red-handed on video tape stealing from us, we’re racist.  If we try to refute race-baiting black congressmen from falsely accusing us of spitting on them, we’re racist.

It’s long past time we exposed the actual racists for who and what they are.

If you want racists; if you want incitements to violence; if you want ACTUAL violence; you turn your head and look at the Democrat Party.

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8 Responses to “Racist Murderer Laments He Didn’t Kill More White People”

  1. kip Says:

    I had no idea the Democratic Party supported Omar Thornton.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Well, since you’re being sarcastic, Mr. Hollywood celebrity worshiper, I’ll stay in the same vein.

    We’ve got Democrat extraordinaire Harry Reid saying, “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, OK? Do I need to say more?”

    And the fact that Reid still has his job is proof that this is an acceptable Democrat position.

    So given the Democrat racial totalitarianism applied to Hispanics, it is even MORE true of blacks, who are statistically even more likely to be Democrats than Hispanics. Ergo sum, Omar Thorton is a Democrat by virtue of the fact that no one of African-American heritage could reasonably be anything else.

    A major point I was making is the fact that Democrats as a matter of routine have demonized Tea Party members and falsely and maliciously accused them of things they haven’t said and haven’t done. We’ve got the New York Times on the record retracting it’s false charge that Tea Party people spit on a black congressman; and now we’ve got a Democrat posing as a racist Rand Paul supporter (mind you, he IS a racist; he’s posing as a Rand Paul supporter). Democrats haven’t bothered to associate actual events with Republicans and Tea Party members in order to demonize them; they’ve just created those events themselves.

    The biggest Democrat charge is that conservatives are inciting violence with their violent rhetoric. Even as Democrats tell us they wish Sarah Palin could have been in the airplane crash that killed Republican Ted Stevens.

    There’s plenty of vile and violent Democrat rhetoric. And lo and behold we’ve got black people Democrats claim as theirs (that doesn’t sound racist, does it?) killing white people.

    Democrats demagogically attacked Sarah Palin as inciting violence when she used surveyors’ symbols to map vulnerable Democrat districts, just as they attacked Michelle Bachmann as inciting violence for using the term “gangster government.” I pointed out at the time that if anyone was inciting violence, it was Barry Hussein for talking about guns and knives. What was it Obama said to incite Democrats to violence? Ah, yes:
    If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”
    And here we are.

  3. red blade Says:

    Obama called “nigger” at event co-organized by NAACP official

  4. Taco Grande Says:

    What bothers me about politics is that it turns intelligent, decent people into liars and sociopaths. Well, that’s just one of the many things that bother me about it, but it’s the one most relevant to the train-wreck that is your comments section, Michael.

    Your interest in politics has long-since overridden your interest in addressing our toxic culture in the hope of curing it, and I for one think that’s a damned shame. You’ve got so much potential to do some real good, and yet you waste it on such intellectually dishonest pursuits such as this one. It’s a damned shame indeed.

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    People like you make me morally nauseated, Taco.

    Personally, I could not go to a liberal site and spew hateful accusations like you do without bothering to show why the author is wrong and I’m right. I’d have to point out where the article was wrong. I’d have to show how he was a “liar” and a “sociopath.” Not you, though. All have to do is drive by and say something vile. No proof or argument necessary.

    If I said one single thing that was a lie, what was it? How, specifically, am I dishonest? Hell, you don’t care. And what is the corrective truth that I should believe in place of whatever the hell it is that you insinuate I’m lying about? You don’t say a single word of substance. Because facts and the truth are utterly irrelevant to you. All you have and all you care about is labels and hateful, amorphous accusations.

    There’s no point having an argument or discussion with someone who does what you do. Which is why I’m going to block you.

    Buh bye.

    If any liberal wants to tell me I’m a liar, please have the basic decency to actually tell me what you claim I’m lying about.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    It happens at an event called “Black is Back.”

    What would liberals say if conservatives had events called “White is Might” or something like that?

    The left lives in a world of total hypocrisy. Hypocrisy defines their very essence.

    If the word “nigger” is bad, don’t use it. And the people who should MOST refuse to use it are those who don’t want everyone to use the term.

  7. africanblackmilitant Says:

    As a black man. To be honest I can understand this black man’s anger and rage. I walk round with it everyday. I’m suprised this does not happen more often.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    According to the words of Jesus, it most certainly WILL happen more and more.

    Jesus said, “For race shall rise against race” (Matthew 24:7).

    And that time is surely coming. And may well be in our midst now.

    I have had the privilege of knowing two elderly black men. One was over 100, and the other is in his mid 90s and hopes to make it to the age of 100. Both of these men almost certainly saw racism like you have never dealt with. And both men are filled with peace and grace in spite of a lot of years with separate drinking fountains and separate bathrooms.

    Me, I was set upon several years back by a gang of black men, who shouted racist epithets at me as they assaulted me. And guess what: I have never blamed “black people” because I was raised to hold individual people accountable for their individual actions. I blamed that specific group of people. They were never apprehended; but I hope they’re different people now.

    Your anger and rage have nothing to do with the “blackness” of your skin; it doesn’t even have anything to do with how you’ve been treated; it has everything to do with the blackness in your soul.

    Even if you’ve been persecuted with racism, you don’t have to hate. That hate is your choice. And rage is like a drug that makes you lose track of reality. It makes you feel powerful when it really makes you a weak person (the easiest thing in the world to do is get angry; it takes effort to take control of yourself).

    I hope your mother didn’t dream of you carrying around rage. I hope she dreamed something better for you.

    You don’t need to carry that rage around with you. You can be like my friends John and Bill. All you have to do is give your heart to Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

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