Lying Liberal Cockroach Out To Falsely Demonize Tea Party Bites The Dust

Children are still in danger from lousy liberal ideologue teachers, but at least they don’t have to listen to the deceitful harangues of of Jason Levin.

Liberals, as we know, are the “tolerant ones.”  They are so tolerant, in fact, that they will go to any lengths – including infiltrating groups with whom they disagree in order to create a facade of lies with which to demonize them – for the sake of advancing “tolerance.”

Beaverton’s “Crash the Tea Party” teacher resigns as his dismissal loomed
Published: Friday, August 20, 2010
Wendy Owen, The Oregonian Wendy Owen, The Oregonian

Beaverton middle school teacher Jason Levin, who founded the now notorious “Crash the Tea Party” website, is no longer a teacher.

Levin resigned Wednesday in lieu of termination, said Beaverton School District Legal Counsel Camellia Osterink.

District officials would not say why Levin was facing dismissal, but that it followed an internal investigation into his use of public resources and time spent at school.

“There was some question whether that conduct occurred during the work day,” Osterink said of Levin’s work on the website.

Reached today, Levin said, “My attorney has advised me not to comment.”

His attorney, Adam Arms of Portland, could not be immediately reached.

Levin, a media lab technology teacher at Conestoga Middle School, drew international attention last spring after creating The now defunct site had said it was part of a national movement to “dismantle and demolish the tea party by any nonviolent means necessary.”

The site encouraged people to infiltrate the tea party, then misspell protest signs, make wild claims during interviews and perform other public actions that would damage the public’s opinion of the tea party.

Hundreds of e-mails and calls streamed into the district in April from as far away as Chile, some calling for Levin’s removal and questioning his fitness to teach. District spokeswoman Maureen Wheeler said at the time that Levin’s political views were not part of the investigation.

District officials placed Levin on paid administrative leave in mid-April but returned him to the classroom about two weeks later after determining he was not a threat to students, said Sue Robertson, chief human resources officer.

But the investigation continued and concluded the week before school let out for the summer with a recommendation to dismiss Levin, Robertson said. He was placed on paid administrative leave for the final week of classes.

The school board planned to consider his dismissal on Wednesday when they received word that he had resigned. Levin, who has a master’s degree in instructional technology education, had just finished his third year with the district.

It’s not over for Levin yet. The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission, which oversees teacher licensing, is continuing its investigation into possible neglect of duty, said Melody Hanson, director of professional practices.

Despite his resignation, the agency can revoke or suspend his license, issue a public reprimand or keep him from reapplying for a license in the future.

I didn’t start out to bash government sector union teachers, but I can’t help myself.

We’re to the point where, “What do you call a million attorneys on the bottom of the ocean?  A good start” fully applies to public school teachers.

Between the overwhelming majority of public school teachers with outspoken liberal biases and the incredibly dangerous and corrupt public sector unions which steadfastly represent those teachers while buying Democrats’ elections, the teaching industry has become the enemy of American families.  Even as they have utterly failed to actually teach our children.

But at least one liberal ideologue teacher has finally sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

And what is even better, there is building evidence that all the Democrats who have been demonizing the tea party conservatives are well on the way to getting fired from their jobs, too.

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