Labor Unions: A Century Of Genuine Evil

If you’re like me, you never heard of this evil event that was reported in an Los Angeles Times editorial below.  It has been hidden from you, just as the truth about so much history has been hidden by the teachers and historians who were supposed to teach the truth, but instead have fed us on propaganda and lies.

As terrible, and as evil, as the following event was, which has been deliberately omitted from virtually everyone’s history books, it represents only one of many evil and ugly incidents in the history of labor unions.

The blast that rocked labor: The bombing of the Times Building 100 years ago set off a chain of events that devastated America’s unions.
by Lew Irwin
Sunday, October 3, 2010
Page A27, Los Angeles Times

Shortly after 1 A.M. on Oct. 1, 1910, 100 years ago Friday, a time bomb constructed of 16 sticks of 80% dynamite connected to a cheap windup alarm clock exploded in an alley next to the Los Angeles Times.  It detonated with such violence that for blocks around, people ran panic-stricken into the streets, believing that an intense earthquake had hit the city.

The explosion destroyed the Times building, taking the lives of 20 employees, including the night editor and the principle telegraph operator, and maiming dozens of others.  Two other time bombs – intended to kill Gen. Harrison Gray Otis, the publisher of the newspaper, and Felix J. Zeehandelaar, the head of a Los Angeles business organization – were discovered later that morning hidden in the bushes next to their homes.  Their mechanisms had jammed.

Eventually two brothers, J.B. McNamara, who planted the bombs, and J.J. McNamara, an official of the International Assn. of Bridge and Structural Iron Workers union who ordered the attacks, were arrested, convicted, and imprisoned.

In it’s day, The Times bombing was equivalent to the 2001 destruction of the World Trade Center.  It was called “the crime of the century,” and it remains the deadliest crime to go to trial in California history.  It would lead to investigations, arrests and trials of union leaders across the country who, it turned out, funded hundreds of terrorist bombings at mostly nonunion construction projects between 1907 and 1911.  They included officials of the California Building Trades Council in San Fransisco, the ironworkers union and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters in Indianapolis, the Machinists Union in Syracuse, N.Y., and the Building Trades Council in Detroit.  Hirelings of the union involved in executing the bombings were also brought to trial – 46 members of the ironworkers union alone.  In addition to the McNamaras, who were sentenced in 1911, 39 men were convicted and sent to prison in 1912; five others received suspended sentences.

The testimony during their trials and their convictions devastated the American labor movement, virtually paralyzing it until the New Deal. […]

The terrorism that gripped America 100 years ago is barely mentioned in California history books today…. The bombing is now regarded as an embarrassment to organized labor, which has never gotten around to an unequivocal denunciation of it.

A 1996 history of the Ironworkers Union says that … “The international officers stretched the limits of zeal in a righteous cause.” […]

Former President Theodore Roosevelt reacted against those “foolish sentimentalists” who urged that the McNamaras be regarded with sympathy because they were struggling in a war on behalf of their class, pointed out that all of their victims had been “laboring people.”  “Murder,” Roosevelt said succinctly, “is murder.”

“Bomb.”  “Violence.”  “Murder.”  “The equivalent to the 2001 destruction of the World Trade Center.”  The “the crime of the century.”  “The deadliest crime to go to trial in California history” to this very day.  Labor unions.  All of those words and phrases go hand in hand together.

A century of evil.  That’s the legacy of labor unions.

Interestingly, the article points out that the American labor movement was virtually paralyzed until the New Deal.  So let’s pick up with the New Deal.  From “Why Did FDR’s New Deal Harm Blacks?“:

By giving labor unions the monopoly power to exclusively represent employees in a workplace, the Wagner Act had the effect of excluding blacks, since the dominant unions discriminated against blacks. The Wagner Act had originally been drafted with a provision prohibiting racial discrimination. But the American Federation of Labor successfully lobbied against it, and it was dropped. AFL unions used their new power, granted by the Wagner Act, to exclude blacks on a large scale. Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. DuBois, and Marcus Garvey were all critical of compulsory unionism.

From violent terrorist bomber murders who committed the crime of the century equivalent of the 9/11 terrorist attack to racists who hurt poor blacks.

Thirty years later, the unions got a second chance.  And they were still genuinely evil.

Let’s also point out that while labor unions were being violent racists in America, they were in the process of being the source of the greatest evil in human history in Europe.  It was the labor unions that formed the core of Lenin’s violent communist movement.  The Marxists started out in 1898 by forming the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party.  Just as labor unions formed the core of Hitler’s National Socialist German WORKERS Party.

From a 1935 German magazine:

A Socialist Workers’ Government has achieved a workers revolution in Germany without resorting to, tho in some respects it approximates, CommunismAdolf Hitler has done it by wiping out all class privileges and class distinction, but the economics foundation of property rights and private capital has been left almost intact – for the present time.”

“The Third Reich, under Hitler, has wiped out corporate trade-unionism by forcing all workers to join one great government union, the National Socialist Union of Employers and Workers…”

While American labor unions were basking in the light of FDR’s pork barrel political favoritism and doing everything they could to keep poor blacks down, their European counterparts were at work preparing to set the world on fire.

So far, I can’t say I’d be proud to be a member of a labor union.

AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka recently appeared before an audience of fellow socialist travelers and said:

“…we need to fundamentally restructure our economy and re-establish popular control over the private corporations which have distorted our economy and hijacked our government. That’s a long-term job, but one we should start now.

I Hate the Media points out the scary parallels to the ugly history of the past:

“Re-establish”? Wouldn’t that imply that there had once been popular control over private corporations?

Richard. Mr. Trumka. Sir. Pardon our impertinence, but we believe that what you’re talking about here is National Socialism.

As in Adolf Trumka.

Meanwhile, while AFL-CIO head Trumka was flirting with National Socialism, recently retired SEIU president Andy Stern was kissing up to socialism’s more famous sister, communism, saying:

“Workers of the world unite – it’s not just a slogan anymore.  It’s the way we’re gonna have to do our work.”

But let’s get back to Richard Trumka.

Of course, Richard Trumka isn’t just our next budding fuhrer; he’s an incredibly violent and evil man.  Here’s the short version of one story about Trumka:

On the orders of the United Mine Workers (UMW), 16,000 miners went on strike in 1993. One subcontractor, Eddie York (who was not a UMW member), decided it was important to support his wife and three children and crossed picket lines to get to his job. He was shot in the head as he left the job site to go home. UMW President Richard Trumka (now Secretary-Treasurer at the AFL-CIO) told The Washington Times that “if you strike a match and put your finger in, common sense tells you you’re going to burn your finger.” UMW strike captain Jerry Dale Lowe was found guilty of weapons charges and conspiracy in York’s death, and York’s widow Wanda sued the union for her husband’s wrongful death. The UMW fought the lawsuit for four years, but settled with Wanda York only two days after federal prosecutors announced that they would share evidence from the criminal trial with York’s attorneys.

The short version doesn’t include the fact that Richad Trumka’s union thugs – in addition to shooting a good family man in the head and murdering him – threw rocks at the rescue workers who showed up to try to save Eddie York’s life as he lay dying.

As head of the United Mine Workers, Trumka ordered a nationwide strike against Peabody Coal in 1993. On July 22, a non-union worker, Eddie York, was shot in the back of the head and killed as he attempted to pass striking coal workers. Picketers continued to throw rocks after York was shot, preventing his would be rescuers from assisting him.[14]. Trumka and other United Mine Workers officials settled a wrongful death lawsuit with Mr. York’s widow out of court in 1997.

And it was following that vicious display of supremely ugly violence that Richard Trumka delivered his “he got just what he deserved” remark.

The executive summary of a 31-page report titled, “Freedom From Union Violence” states that:

The National Institute for Labor Relations Research (NILRR) has recorded 8,799 incidents of violence from news reports since 1975.

And that report was dated 1998, meaning that we’ve very likely witnessed a lot of violence since.

That report is filled with separate accounts of violence.

I could go on and on and on reporting incidents of union violence.  But I want an article, not a 10-part collection of books.

So let’s move on to the newest form of labor union violence: economic violence.

How does an unfunded gap of $3.23 TRILLION in public sector union pensions sound to you?

From The Hill:

Businesses and unions planning to meet on possible $3 trillion pension disaster
By Jay Heflin – 09/05/10 09:04 PM ET

Labor groups will be invited to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to talk about an alarming shortfall in state employee pension plans that some believe could lead to a new government bailout.

Randy Johnson, the Chamber’s senior vice president for Labor, Immigration and Employee Benefits, told The Hill the total shortfall for state pension funds could run as high as $3 trillion.

That doesn’t count the private sector unions, which are so deep in unfunded pension debt it’s unreal.  SEIU’s unfunded liabilities represent more than 80% of the union’s total assets, for just one example.  And that is just part of a bailout movement that could – gulp – top $100 trillion.

And when the system can’t pay the unions, there will be blood.  We’ll see the kind of violence and outright anarchy that has been gripping Europe in recent months.  Only we’ve got a lot more guns in America.

Labor unions have destroyed every single industry they have ever been allowed to contaminate.  From manufacturing (airline, auto, steel, textile, etc.) to teaching.  And Superman aint coming, because labor unions are the strength-sapping, lethal Kryptonite.

Labor unions have represented genuine evil for more than a century.  And if we don’t vote out the Democrats who use public money to keep their voter-turnout apparatus going in a sick game of political patronage, they will murder this country.

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32 Responses to “Labor Unions: A Century Of Genuine Evil”

  1. sophia Says:

    Too bad you don’t have a clue.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    You’re right, Sophia, I DON’T have a clue.

    I don’t have a clue how you can be so stupid and mindless of the truth.

    I don’t have a clue how someone like me can present a giant collection of facts, and someone like you can dismiss documented history with an idiotic drive-by remark.

    Maybe one day I’ll get a clue, and be able to fathom true ontological and pathological stupid in people like you. But until then I shall continue to remain clueless to the depths of sheer human asininity that you embody.

  3. horizon3 Says:

    Great Post Micheal,

    Unions are not just evil in their actions, but their entire concept is tragically flawed.
    They either can’t grasp the simple economics, or intentionally choose to do so, in order to inflict maximum damage to our system.

    They just can’t understand that with them demanding higher wages and benefits, causes the entity they are holding hostage to increase their prices.
    The increase in prices from said entity directly or indirectly causes what the union “worker” has to pay for a product or service, which renders their “raise” moot, they gained nothing.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    I just published another article in which I speak more about this same thing. I quoted FDR again in that, and pointed out that FDR said that government workers essentially bargained AGAINST THE PEOPLE. And I wrote:

    “But liberals don’t give a damn about the whole people. They have split America apart one racial group at another’s throats, one income level at another’s throats, and privileged union employees at the throats of fed-up taxpayers. Unions have been feeding off taxpayers – who get a fraction of the wages and benefits the privileged union pigs get – for decades. Government employees earn TWICE the wages and benefits of their counterparts in the private sector. But Democrats don’t care: they view the private sector and everyone who works in it as evil cash cows who are to be exploited and impoverished.”

    Their cash cow is now a skeletonized wreck. And they are still consuming it.

  5. deborah Davidson Says:

    Your right- and it’s very frightening how some people TOO MANY PEOPLE either refuse to see the facts as they are- or ARE AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT-
    My husband was a hardworking honest loyal and good man- his family heritage was the union (steel workers) When he became a husband father and taxpaying citizen he looked at the union he was in and felt shame and anger at the waste and the sloth like men it created. the union ate his soul. It was all he ever knew, of course they tell stories less true and of great struggle and pride etc. One has to search for the truth- and sometimes the truth really does hurt.
    Now it’s eating the soul of AMERICA and the members are spoon feeding it.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    I’m sorry your husband was hurt like that. It’s always the hardest to live a life of conflicted loyalties; especially when one is a basically good person.

    If there were a good union out there, I’d say it was the Steelworkers. At least that was my own personal experience when I worked for State Compensation Insurance Fund and went to sites to investigate workers comp claims. The USW seemed head and shoulders above the other union shops. They seemed to self-police, whereas others were almost singlemindedly focused on abusing the system as much as possible.

    I suppose what I’m saying is that, as bad as it was, it could have been even WORSE.

    But then again, your husband probably would have seen the truth more quickly, and had less of his soul eaten.

    One of the problems with unions is that the quickly become just another vehicle to take advantage of workers. They have three priorities: 1) the top brass of the union; 2) political ideology; 3) the workers who have seniority in the system. They don’t care about creating more jobs. And a lot of the time, unions when threatened will vote in lockl step to hold on to their pay and benefits for the seniority class even though it decimates the bottom half of the union. Even if it means giving up just a few bucks to save hundreds of jobs.

    If the workers were the most important, then why did unions give a billion dollars to Democrats? Someone could say, “Because the Republicans are the enemy; look what they’re doing in Wisconsin!” But then I would ask: WHY ARE REPUBLICANS DOING IT? DON’T YOU THINK THE FACT THAT 99% OF UNION MONEY GOING TO DEMOCRATS PAINTS A BIG TARGET ON YOUR BACKS???” If unions actually just cared about workers, they wouldn’t be controversial. But they don’t give a damn about workers; they are in fact the most powerful special interest in America, and that money doesn’t go to workers. It goes to buy influence from Democrats for the union agenda.

    And the union workers that get wise to that suddenly realize that even though they’re workers, the union will drive them under and crush them.

  7. deborah Davidson Says:

    I’m not so sure about which unions are better or worse- I believe that there was once a very significant need to protect workers i.e.. child labor. But like anything that finds it’s way into the pockets of evil (people) woman have also been making strides in being able to “do the job as good as any man) greed does not discriminate however slower the power is gained. BUT once upon a time in America we struggled to know ourselves as a people and the fear of bringing together so many different cultures forced us to try many different things- just to understand our humanity as I said protecting children was honorable even protecting any people overworked mistreated and underpaid BUT NOW that stuff goes on on a HUGE and GRAND scale in opposition to the horrific labor unions causing insane options for profit in this country and so– the cycle continues – move to another country to survive and see how quickly the greed kicks in and the abuse begins. The truth I think may lay in basic human weaknesses as if the natural course in any situation where the seduction is there slowly -slowly- the temptation wins.
    Right now what scares me most is the fact that what has made us a GREAT NATION was that we as people chose a system which holds precious the sanctity of freedom of speech which is what ENCOURAGES debate and as a civilized society we take our debating serious and to the halls of CONGRESS and the SENATE which used to end maybe not in agreement ,maybe not in compromise- maybe not even changing anything- but we left those halls wishing each other well- RESPECTING each other, sending greetings to our opponents families and wishing them continued blessing under the Highest Governing belief that
    By the gift of a greater giver of HUMAN RIGHTS We have created and been left to keep The Greatest of Nations WE ARE EXCEPTIONAL. But to see the horrific violence the names the threats and the instigated civil discourse . We are Becoming a third world mentality.

    and that is what the little people – the hard working people have succumbed to
    They have little understanding (I Think) of the LARGES of the driving reality that it is ONE GIANT POLITICAL MONEY RAISING DEMOCRATIC PARTY MACHINE
    So yes I n answer to the one question you posed. And yes in agreement to the fact that they care nothing for the workers. But it starts with the mentality that someone NEEDS to watch out for me- protect me and make sure I have what I DESERVE- responsibility is lost- honor is lost- charity hard-work family values– must I go on??? This is now on a GLOBAL SCALE and as one who fascinates on the idea that people LIKE socialism and communism- I’m one of the whackos who sees the unions as a force that is wanton for that kind of a system– (not the average working Joe– But THE TRUMPKA’s who have manipulated them)
    PROVIDED THEY ARE IN POWER- after all none of those systems are good for anyone except those in control- HAS HISTORY TAUGHT US NOTHING??
    and my voice is slighted and condemned as folly and fear mongering.
    I believe in TRUST but VERIFY even if only what I see and hear on the news.
    And NO-ONE IS SPEAKING OUT IN TRUTH for fear of being labeled what I willingly concede from that side- call me anything you like- no person who rejects suspects or elects those who oppose them can measure up intellectually, else the truth will be revealed.

    Well- thanks for the free rant space– I really needed that– I live in a severely liberal area and am not free to speak without repercussion IF YOU COULD IMAGINE THAT– Sad Thing– This place is steeped in History from Red Coats marching down my towns streets to the rise of William F.Buckley and The Greatest of Republican Thinkers( IMAGINE BEING IN THE ROOM!!!!!) who’s family still has properties here- I drive by and think How could it have come to this when only decades ago common minds spoke for hours and hours in the opposite of what breeds here now. I wish I were here then.

    Thanks Again I will stop ranting and get to work.

  8. deborah Davidson Says:

    I’m sorry -But I have the news on and lets cut straight to the SIMPLE TRUTH

    The Unions of today are doing to the Private sector of today What The Unions themselves claim they NEED TO BE PROTECTED FROM AGREED?
    What is the intellectual limitation that those who speak the loudest in protest –

    Any reforms made by Walker (or any other Governor) are UNENFORCEABLE

    unless collective bargaining is cut away. Collective Bargaining is INTENDED to PREVENT what Walker needs (which is correct)
    But no one in the media when speaking will explain WHY he is asking for the end of this practice
    And the media offends intelligent people and creates protestors out of the ignorant people.

    Collective Bargaining is to sword that keeps guard over the bennies- if it’s not dulled it will cut the wrong way DUH!!!!
    Someone explain to me why no one explains the logic which defies the claim that it is simply Union Busting??????

  9. Michael Eden Says:

    “Free rant space.” Maybe I should advertise. Who wouldn’t want free rant space???

    You mentioned a few key things:

    1) human depravity. It’s right out of the Bible. Liberals think that they are “good people” and that educated people are even more good. But that isn’t true. ANY group or institution – yes, even evangelical churches – can have people with their own agendas serving on boards or serving as pastors. And it simply goes without saying that even WORSE is true of other organizations. Unions have largely all become corrupted by corrupt people who have corrupted the process.

    2) religion and the belief in a Creator God. John Adams, “the father of the Constitution,” said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” When liberals say we have to be more secular and pay less attention to morality, they couldn’t be more wrong. Because it turns out that a free society only works if people are capable of governing themselves. We need to restrain our passions; but liberals say we have a RIGHT to our passions and how dare anyone not celebrate whatever we do? And the country either plunges into anarchy or morphs into a police state. Adams was right; liberals are wrong.

    3) American exceptionalism. We ARE exceptional. But it is ONLY because of our Constitution; it is nothing special about us. If we are unable of living up to our Constitution (see above), then we will quickly degenerate into the same crap we see all around us. And living up to and according to our Constitution means AS THE FOUNDING FATHERS INTENDED. Liberals think they can reinterpret it according to their atheistic presuppositions (again see above) and the result is that we have strayed wildly from what made us the greatest nation in the history of the planet. Meanwhile, the same liberals who deny our Constitution as our fathers wrote it also deny the expectionalism that resulted from that Constitution.

    Yale and Connecticut, huh? At least, that’s where I’d THINK Buckley rose.

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    Personally, I’m fine with union busting.

    Just like I’m fine with rapist busting and child molester busting.

    “Union busting” is only a bad thing if unions are a good thing. But unions AREN’T a good thing. Certainly not anymore.

    One significant point is the difference between private sector unions and government unions. We can show by the very words of top liberals such as FDR that government unions should NEVER have been allowed to have collective bargaining. We can show that government unions got collective bargaining by executive fiat and NEVER by vote of the people through their representatives. And we can show how un-American government unions have been in amassing obscene benefits for themselves at the expense of the taxpayers.

    To wit, we can show that government unions SHOULD be busted.

  11. Horizon3 Says:

    Union busting is a very good thing.
    There is no such thing as a good union, they have since their inception in this country been part of the crime syndicates.
    They were illegal when they were first formed here, and remained in the dark until FDR allowed them as part of the “New Deal” and were it not for his bullying of The Supreme Court by threatening to add more justices, they would still be illegal.

    The big lies that they like to promote are “We stopped child labor” not true, child labor laws were enacted before there were any viable unions.
    Another “We got you a 5 day work week” Big Lie, the federal government brought in 5 day weeks in order to a save energy during WW1 and efficiency experts in the War dept. determined that people produced more in 5 days than they do in 6, because they were more rested and less depressed.
    I can go on and on, but you get the point.
    Busting unions is going to require busting their trusts, that is their financial anchor and as long as they are intact the unions will never go away.

    Today the liberal/progressive mindset is incapable of grasping economics, they only want to spend what is not theirs and have no plan whatsoever how to deal without other peoples money, and when that money is cut off they will die away. But will get violent before they do.

    Their predominant mindset thinks that the companies or the government whichever they “work” for owe them a living, and that the companies sole reason for being is to provide them with all the profits a company makes shared equally among the “workers”. In other words they have no concept of “Employee”, which works for a fair wage in exchange for a fair days work. this concept flies right over their heads.

  12. Horizon3 Says:

    Just ran across this tidbit from a twitter friend. Did you know the AFL-CIO gave us an 8 hour work week?
    That is what the Wisconsin Dept. of Public instruction says.

    you have to pardon the spelling as well, seems they are too smart for a spell check.

  13. Michael Eden Says:

    Well, they ARE awfully smart, after all.

  14. Michael Eden Says:

    There were actually labor unions prior to FDR (the one that blew up the LA Times did so in 1910, for instance). But you are certainly correct in saying that labor unions had little to do with child labor laws. Christians who wanted children to learn about God had far more to do with the laws that came about than unions. The Children’s Aid Society, founded by a Christian minister, was one of the key catalysts.

    “Crime syndicates” is a pretty good description of what these shakedown organizations truly are.

    “Today the liberal/progressive mindset is incapable of grasping economics.”

    Oh, oh. I hope that doesn’t mean that we can’t tax the country into prosperity. Because I sure know how much richer I am after I get taxed…

  15. deborah Davidson Says:

    I did not wish to offend –RANT SPACE– Around here it is exactly what any right leaning thoughts spoken aloud are called.

    It’s very extreme and unfortunately Liberals have no problem discriminating against Politics not their own- I have lost clients and employees found myself uninvited and no longer suitable for the local social scene.
    No worries though -that I do not mind- it’s the LUMP IN MY THROAT that comes from being silenced thats all.
    So no more rants – I stumbled onto this site quite serendipitously and so reacted knee jerk to finding reason and sanity and intelligent speech in one place well researched and so far as I can tell-spoken from conviction- it’s refreshing and I hope to continue reading my way around the sight now that I have found it. I’m wondering how long it will take for someone to e-mail me because my name is clearly revealed- I didn’t think of that when I commented-
    One would think it would not be so offensive and so damned consequential –
    ON THE OTHER HAND perhaps someone will seek to try and grasp what it is that ails me and sucks me into the world of NEO-CONS as I have been described among other titles.
    Let me end this with expressing my complete disappointment in breaking ranks with my ever negative and wholly disappointing opinion of Jimmy Carter
    as ONE of the worst Presidents WAY TO GO Kim Strassel and the Wall Street Journal piece because I must tell you The Man Obama is no mystery to me– But the President Obama – very much a mystery and I now understand his silence in Wisconsin (after his slip up) I was perplexed but Kim unwrapped a real gem today revealing Carters Law on Federal Unions and their LACK OF COLLECTIVE BARGAINING I mean after all how can he speak to union workers rights when je provides none to his own IT’s TOO PRECIOUS. And When Carter imposed his law it was ALL DEMS all THE TIME in both houses . Didn’t someone say -“Liberals usually end up eating their own?”
    Republicans are not UNION BUSTING -That baby was busted or self imploded on the Dems watch I just wish Walker and the Other Gov’s had independent knowledge of the HISTORY OF THE SUBJECT MATTER they are working with. I really wish they would research all their efforts all the time KNOWLEDGE IS POWER–
    Much more than force. Single handedly solved that one. Ignorance is NO excuse for failure– it’s just the REASON FOR IT.

    Oh- and if I haven’t thanked you yet——for your commitment here——I WILL

  16. deborah Davidson Says:

    BTW-You mentioned John Adams–Shortly after 911-my mother revealed to me that I am a descendant on her side. Wonder how that may have influenced me in High school when I HATED AMERICAN HISTORY!
    I no longer hate American History- but I don’t often mention that family tie since the Founding Fathers are considered such evil selfish right winged capitalist old white men!
    Hell bent on destroying progressive government with that damned constitution thing liberals find so obstructive.

  17. Horizon3 Says:

    Thanks Micheal :)

    Another little item I gleaned from the WDPI we site, you really have to read this to believe it.
    I am a combat vet, I served in Viet Nam and did some stints elsewhere that I am not at liberty to mention. And I was well trained in indoctrination tactics and dogma.

    And that IS what the WDPI is doing to the kids that live there, This IS KGB style “education”, brought to you by progressive communist unions.

    Take a look at it and see what you think, download a few of their pdf files and read them, it will scare the crap out of you.

    K-12 Service Learning Standards for Quality Practice

    Deborah, I can’t speak for Micheal, but you have said nothing that offends me.
    DO NOT keep silent, that is their goal, to intimidate you into silence and submission, I will never be silent ever.

  18. Michael Eden Says:


    I hope you didn’t get the sense that I was in any way upset by “rant space” or ranting.

    We’re on the same page. Liberals have been angry and bitter for my entire lifetime. And it is long past time that conservatives woke up and got mad.

    Conservatives need to all get that “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!” moment. And I for one am glad you are having yours – and pleased that you’re doing it here. I want to hear conservatives get fed up and decide to get involved and DO something to make America better and fight its enemies.

    We are in a war that we can very well lose if we don’t match the left in its fury and determination. And even its cold bloodedness.

    If your enemy firebombs your cities, you have a choice: you either firebomb THEIR cities or you surrender. You say, I just don’t want to fight. I’d rather be a slave.

    So you get it. You understand the stakes because living in a liberal area you’ve personally experienced what happens when liberals get to run things and conservatives become second-class citizens.

  19. Michael Eden Says:

    You should read the book “The 5,000 Year Leap.” It will make you feel a lot more proud of the contribution of your great ancestor.

    Thomas Jefferson (there’s another one) said, “With all the defects in our Constitution, whether general or particular, the comparison of our government with those of Europe, is like a comparison of Heaven with Hell.”

    And just who do the liberals who demonize our founding fathers look to? They look to Europe. They look to the horrors of the vicious French Revolution, they look at the tyranny of Napolean, they look to evil Marxism and they look to demonic Nazism and they see good things.

    The prophet Isaiah said, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter” (Isaiah 5:20).

    And that is exactly what the left has done. That and “Professing themselves to be wise, they have become fools” (Romans 1:22).

    That’s who and what we’re up against.

    The left has warped and depraved the message of the founding fathers and turned their wisdom on its head. They have insulted and demonized and demeaned these men even as they say THEIR hateful view of our founding fathers is the correct one. And of course they proceeded to decide that what the founding fathers actually meant in the Constitution has no meaning; but only the meaning THEY give it matters.

    These people have to be destroyed. Not just beaten, but demolished. And what is going on in Wisconsin has everything to do whether we succeed, or whether the America the fathers created finally collapses.

  20. Michael Eden Says:

    I had to look up “WDPI”; it means Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

    What Horizon is undoubtedly referring to is such policies as legally requiring public students to learn about everything that is good and wonderful about the intricasies of union labor policy – from a biased union perspective, of course.

    These people don’t care if your kids learn to read and write. And they DON’T want them to think for themselves. It’s a matter of indoctrinating them while they’re the youngest and most ignorant. While momma and daddy ask, “Did you have a good day at school today, sweetie?”

    I’ve written about this stuff before:

    Liberals want to brainwash children. Yes, just like Stalin and just like Hitler. The only thing keeping them from diving fully in to brainwashing in public schools is power. But they want that power.

    I already said how I felt about Deborah – and agree with you that it is absolutely vital that conservatives as a whole catch whatever she’s got.

  21. deborah Davidson Says:

    — RANT APPRECIATION- is much appreciated

    I also checked out that link WDPI-None of it surprises me- WHAT SURPRISES ME
    is that it is so acceptable-unchalllanged and that to bring attention to it from our point of view would be ridiculed- like we see things that aren’t there- conspiracy theories-etc.

    The information I have seen on this sight- the research required to gather it all and respond to such a multitude of topics and the obvious conservative foundation it’s being built on and brought forth from is rather impressive and I don’t say that because I want to make anyone feel good or make friends or gain favor- I’m saying it because I am hoping to find some answers to something that I just can’t explain- AND IT”S THE ONE THING THAT IF IT COULD BE STOPPED- so could this Hijacking of American Value and all that goes with it. I think it’s why I don’t bother discussing politics at all unless I know I’m talking with conservatives. AND YES it’s great to be able to speak but preaching to the choir does not MOVE A COUNTRY it JUST GETS THE CHOIR EXCITED.

    I want to know -or at least be able to construct a reasonable and thoughtful explanation for WHY and HOW progressives can manipulate conversation YET HAD. Because thats what they do!! Does that make any sense- does anyone know what I mean???
    Because I have sat in front of the television watching c-span listening to the people who are supposedly running this country and I am absolutely floored and bewildered at what I hear. I mean to say that the absence of rational thought- recognition of fact-acceptance of truth when presented-etc. sometimes begs the question IS THERE SOME KIND OF DRUG OR BRAINWASHING BEING used on our politicians??? I know that sounds crazy and I know it is not true- BUT that is why I know something is wrong something has been slowly but absolutely diminishing or contaminating the thinking processes of some of these individuals.It simply can not be true that some of the things they even believe themselves.

    It is MUCH MUCH bigger than what I will use as an example but heres ONE. Remember when Potus went on his ANTI AMERICAN IMPERIALISM APOLOGY TOUR ??
    Remember the flap about wether or not he bough down to the Saudi King????
    OKAY – WELL -how is it possible that I saw it and the person sitting right next to me saw it at the same time —- the same exact clip- AND SHE SAID-“He didn’t “- Oh no he didn’t you just hate him so much you wanted to see it but he did not”

    This has stuck with me as a simple example but the repercussions of minds able to lie to themselves in such HUGE numbers does NOT SEEM NATURAL OR NORMAL. There is a very deep mind influencing underpinning to how progressives have been able to manipulate the minds of (DARE I SAY IT ) the less intellectually endowed. But it’s not so cut and dry either I don’t believe for one minute that there are a whole lot of liberals in power or as activists who know that smarter people see exactly what I am struggling to explain — BUT they don’t have to be concerned because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to wrap it up in any presentable and solid way as to then be able to deconstruct it- It’s like a weapon you can’t see- or grasp or stop.IT SOUNDS INSANE– I feel crazy trying to explain it. But the history of the progressive movement includes a lot psychological manipulation , I believe it’s the highest priority actually.

    How do you combat that stuff. When you can not ask a liberal a question unless you understand that your being offensive to ask or stupid that you needed to ask!!!! `That a politician would say something so absurd- When Nancy Pelosi says “you have to pass the bill to find out whats in the bill !” And responds to a question about it’s constitutionality by say “are you kidding” and anyone who you express your shock and disbelief to, looks at you slanted and accuses you of beating up on her. Well then,-

    The larger part of the game is over– the kind of people who except these things or don’t see them as wrong IF THEY EVEN SEE THEM at all. The people I describe are already lost- you can’t reason with them-they’ve been lobotomized somehow and they are numerous and VOTE!!!!
    How do you fight that ? If they have such power over how people assimilate information-then the information becomes less and less important. It needs no ideology – no facts-no purpose-all it needs is consensus -once that is achieved they unionize them and
    POOF we have christmas balls with Maui Sa Tung painted on them hanging in the White house!!!!! AND THERE ARE THEN 3 KINDS OF PEOPLE=FEDRAL EMPLOYEES-PUBLIC EMPLOYEES AND the rest of us.It’s not hard to figure that people vote their JOBS and no longer their conscience.


    If absolutes are no longer absolute-if personal knowledge is now relying on second and third hand information-if words somehow no longer necessarily need to mean what the dictionary defines them to mean, If your honor means so little to you o r power SO MUCH that you are willing to say and do things that you know are filmed tapped and recorded and can be argued against you and show you to be a LIAR – yet you say and do them in the heat of a champaign or the rush of a vote on the floor being FILMED ON C-SPAN
    When our Government ACTUALLY MADE A LAW- that you can not call someone (among themselves ) a LIAR.
    There can be very limited reasons why this is the NEW NORM.

    One being A CONFIDENCE IN THE ABSOLUTE STUPIDITY OF THE PEOPLE YOU WANT TO INFLUENCE-disregarding completely those you know won’t support you.
    The other is the onset of that sickness you see when those in power surround themselves only with those who agree with them or fear to disagree and you no longer communicate and socialize with people on the other side of the isle. It’s a real affect and the longer you live inside that tiny world the sicker you get-“and the bolder your comments in the framework of what you want vs what you can do or should do.”

    Is that not what happens to people like Saddam and Quadaffi and would it have been as extreme if a REPUBLIC- Could our very own politicians be JUST ONE STEP AWAY from the effects of power SIMPLY BECAUSE of our system??
    Human Beings are just that! Human- Just think about it for ONE MINUTE–Imagine Nancy Pelosi having the power situation of either one of those men-she may not be violent BUT SELF DELUSIONAL ABSOLUTELY- We need TERM LIMITS. but I digress .

    I understand that it’s politics- I understand that it’s manipulation I understand that probably only 2% of the population get it BUT HOW DID THEY SET IT UP?????

    I have something to say about that– besides I don’t believe it should be enforced,

    I don’t know about everyone else BUT I DO KNOW that it is NOT good to surround yourself with only those who you agree with or listen and read and watch ONLY what you agree with. I DO NOT THINK IT SHOULD BE MANDATED OR CONTROLLED AT ALL please don’t misunderstand BUT as much as it works me up I MAKE SURE I seek out other media It’s all B.S. and never fails to disappoint However it serves to keep me on guard-confirm my belief-prepare my strategies for confrontation-and protect my rights by seeing what the left is up to. I can frame my arguments much better when I know what kind of candy my opponent has been eating. My goal is not to destroy them
    NOT AT ALL– I WANT TO CONVERT THEM— WE SHOULD THINK IN TERMS OF CONVERSION – not destruction we need numbers and we need support. Destroying them will happen when there are MORE OF US THAN THERE ARE OF THEM BECAUSE WE WON THE ARGUMENT.
    I know and agree some are not convertible– BUT WHAT PLEASURE will it be that those like Trumpka LOSE TO REASON -NOT TREASON
    or by force NO MANIPULATION ( well maybe a little bit) — Reason and Truth– that would be a pain worse than death to those who think like him.
    That kind of genius has so little to do with being intellectually empowered it’s just ” BIG HEAD MUSCLES” and thats why they need to destroy it’s why they fear. It’s also WHY- they can be defeated- Anyone who rises to POWER through force and propaganda lives in a constant state of defense and fear. It makes you very tired and paranoid,ultimately forcing you to remain surrounded by only those who think like yourself and eventually your out of touch and start sounding like a dictator. Success can only be sustained when it comes by way of absolute clarity in the absolute truth that those who support you are doing just that SUPPORTING YOU– not following you, not depending on you, not holding you up or believing it’s you that hold them up– It Can’t work it never does History shows us none of the lefts ideas EVER work it always ends up in some form of destruction= either of the Governed or the Governing-



    Purge over :)

  22. Bob Nelson IW772 Says:

    @Mike Eden: I am a Union Ironworker & have to tell you that your article is worthy of FOX News or some far right wing outfit. You don’t mention that all the unions in the USA in 1910 were literally at war with the companies,EVIL companies that reduced the working class to a position that amounted to slavery. Union Ironworkers respond to aggression with Greater aggression. Then & now. In any war there will be innocent casulties & the LA Times Bombing was no exception because we were at war with a selfstyled ‘ General’ that drove around in an armored car with a machine gun mounted on it who was willing to kill to prevent child labor laws, the 8 hour day & the weekend. Those things that you enjoy that Union Ironworkers brought to you. Tell the whole story if you wanna give people a history lesson.

  23. Says:

    @Mike: Pretty cowardly of you to delete my comment because I expose you for the scum that you are in doing the exact same thing that you accuse Unions of doing!
    @Mike Eden: I am a Union Ironworker & have to tell you that your article is worthy of FOX News or some far right wing outfit. You don’t mention that all the unions in the USA in 1910 were literally at war with the companies,EVIL companies that reduced the working class to a position that amounted to slavery. Union Ironworkers respond to aggression with Greater aggression. Then & now. In any war there will be innocent casulties & the LA Times Bombing was no exception because we were at war with a selfstyled ‘ General’ that drove around in an armored car with a machine gun mounted on it who was willing to kill to prevent child labor laws, the 8 hour day & the weekend. Those things that you enjoy that Union Ironworkers brought to you. Tell the whole story if you wanna give people a history lesson.

    If your enemy firebombs your cities, you have a choice: you either firebomb THEIR cities or you surrender. You say, I just don’t want to fight. I’d rather be a slave.

    Sounds familiar Coward? You dont even have the balls to post an oppossing view that exposes you for the gutless wonder that you are. I just don’t see you out in the street with a firebomb!

  24. Horizon3 Says:

    Ironworker/mike eden

    Some facts on the Iron Workers Criminal Activities

    Top 10 International BSOIW Leaders & Staff (by Salary)
    Name Title Total Compensation
    Joseph Hunt General President $ 352,953
    Michael Fitzpatrick General Secretary $ 267,277
    Walter Wise General Treasurer $ 232,828
    Fred Marr 6th Vice President $ 201,572
    Albert Mincey General Organizer $ 196,317
    Eric Waterman Ceo Of Impact $ 194,852
    George Kratzer 4th Vice President $ 189,988
    Tadas Kicielinski, Sr Exec Asst To Gen Pres $ 189,569
    Michael Coyne Exec Asst To Gen Sec $ 188,437
    Robert Schiebli General Organizer $ 188,356

    Iron Workers (BSOIW)

    The National Labor Relations Board investigates instances of union violations of the National Labor Relations Act and other labor laws. Unfair Labor Practices include instances of bad faith bargaining, excessive dues, violence, threats and many other violations.
    Please note: We have observed some irregularities in the National Labor Relations Board’s assignment of ULPs to a specific union.

    Alleged Charge Allegations Filed
    Other Allegations 112
    Duty of Fair Representation 85
    Actions of Picketers 62
    Hiring Halls 57
    Hiring Hall Related 47
    Statements 40
    Reserved Gate Issues 19
    Picketing/Strike Actions 16
    Time/Place of Picketing 14
    Coercive Statements 14
    Threatening Statements 14
    Violence/Assaults 9
    Harassment 6
    All Allegations against a Labor Organization 5
    Union Security Related 5
    Bad Faith/Surface Bargaining (Succeeding Contract) 4
    Refusal to Furnish Information 4
    Union Security Related (including Beck) 4
    Lawsuits/Grievances 3
    Unknown 2
    Handbilling 2
    Denial of Access 1
    Discharge 1
    Bad Faith/Surface Bargaining (Initial Contract) 1
    Language on Picket Sign/Handbill 1
    Repudiation/Modification of Contract 1
    Disparagement of Employee 1
    Discipline (including charges/fines) 1
    All Allegations 1
    Coercive Statements, including Threats 1
    Surveillance 1
    Failure to Sign Agreement 1
    Promise of Benefits 1
    Rules: Coercive 1
    Notification requirements [Sec. 8(d)] 1
    Statements/Threats 1
    Violence 1
    Bad Faith Bargaining (Succeeding Contract) 1
    Fund Contribution Related 1

    Source: Department of Labor, Office of Labor Managements Standards LM filings

    Embezzlement, False Reports, Violence, And More
    Most people don’t know just how many crimes are committed every year through which union officials hurt their own members. The number of reputed and verified crimes is staggering. Nothing illustrates this more clearly than the hundreds of indictments of union officials for violations of the Labor Management and Reporting Disclosure Act. According to the Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS), those crimes include “embezzlement, filing false reports, keeping false records, destruction of records, extortionate picketing and deprivation of rights by violence.” The OLMS notes:

    In fiscal year 2005, OLMS completed 325 criminal cases. Indictments increased to 114, a 16 percent increase from FY 2001. The number of convictions dropped to 97. In addition, in FY 2005 court-ordered restitution amounted to $23,244,979.

    That’s $23 million in restitution ordered for victimizing union members and others.

    Finiancial Disbursements

    Representational Activities ( 5.3%) $ 5,162,566
    Political Activities & Lobbying ( 0.7%) $ 705,862
    Contributions, Gifts & Grants ( 0.5%) $ 531,407
    General Overhead ( 6.8%) $ 6,676,982
    Union Administration ( 9.8%) $ 9,590,744
    Total Compensation ( 7.5%) $ 7,361,768
    Per Capita Tax ( 1.6%) $ 1,573,834
    Other ( 67.7%) $ 66,280,367

    OLMS Enforcement Statistics Financial Integrity
    FY 2001 FY 2002 FY 2003 FY 2004 FY 2005
    Indictments 98 166 132 109 114
    Convictions 102 90 152 111 97

    Labor Racketeering Investigations
    FY 2001 FY 2002 FY 2003 FY 2004 FY 2005
    Cases Opened 105 125 124 135 103
    Cases Closed 109 130 144 115 107
    Cases referred
    for prosecution 57 74 66 87 88
    Indictments 161 218 181 260 322
    Convictions 92 154 120 143 196
    Fines, restitution’s,
    forfeitures, & civil
    monetary actions $42.5 $105.9 $27.9 $36.5 $187.9
    million million million million million

    Source: Office of Labor-Management Standards

    Your precious union is so good it shed 20,000 members in the last 3 yrs alone
    It’s now down to fewer than 125,000 members, Not exactly a powerhouse, in fact it’s pretty laughable to think that your union represents anyone in this country, the Mickey Mouse Club has more members.

  25. deborah Davidson Says:

    To my cowardly neighbors – who won’t or can’t defend your your ideology-

    YOUR SO PREDICTABLE-But I’m disappointed

    Thats all you have to say- is I spelled BOUGH wrong- I didn’t SPELL BOUGH WRONG
    I used it wrong JUSY FOR YOU and just like the little brainwashed creature that you are—
    You followed that little playbook that tells you to deflect by pointing out ANYTHING but the truth and FOR GODS SAKE DON”T GET INTO A RATIONAL CONVERSATION
    Just deflect distract and be-little.
    How else could I weed you out – but to throw you a bone to slobber over- unlike your

    NOT LEAVE ANONYMOUS MESSAGES ON MY PHONE-like I can’t figure out who you are anyway= Why are you afraid to let anyone know you read conservative blogs?

    Will you never consider substance – NO you have NONE ! YOU FEAR THE TRUTH.

    It’s so stupid that even the idea of reading what we have to say NEVER MIND CONSIDERING IT is so far beyond you people your suppose to be THE LIBERAL OPEN
    MINDED ONES!!!!!

    If you really had a point YOU WOULD HAVE MADE ONE,

    The President didn’t BOUGH – your so right–HE WENT DOWN ON,,?


  26. deborah Davidson Says:


    NOW- Thats what a response should look like –
    A fist full of facts that hits so hard it leaves them SPEECHLESS-

    If they do speak back it’s never with FACTS- only insults and misinformation
    spoon-fed by the machine!


  27. Horizon3 Says:

    The TRUTH always prevails in the end.

    Thank You :-)

  28. deborah Davidson Says:

    Absolutely –
    because the TRUTH – has NO AGENDA ; )

  29. Michael Eden Says:


    This in response to your 2/27 comment.

    I have always tried to provide links to what I claim. And even give at least a good chunk of articles for posterity – given that papers like the New York Times have a strange way of purging stories that lead to conclusions liberals don’t like.

    But I don’t write to persuade liberals. Frankly, I don’t think liberals can be reasoned with; they live in their own little self-constructed realities.

    On my view, those who do not truly believe in God cannot even possibly see or understand reality as it is. Such people fabricate their own theories of the world (such as Marxism), and literally use their intelligence to rationalize away the truth in order to “explain” their distorted view of reality. Only God understands reality as it really is. And only those who see the world and understand reality through the prism of God’s Word to us can possibly understand the world both as it is and as it ought to be.

    J. Vernon McGee put it thus: “Now, you might have a better plan than God. But what you DON’T have is your own universe.” Romans 1 is a great chapter that explains that there is a giant group of people who don’t see the truth because they don’t WANT to see the truth. And so they exchange the truth for a lie.

    G.K. Chesterton said, “When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing — they believe in anything.” Once you rule out the truth, you open yourself up to increasingly ridiculous lies. It’s as simple as that. Self-deception becomes like a cancer that eats away more and more of what little truth you ever had to begin with.

    Liberals become idiots by sheer brute force of will. They won’t see the world God’s way. So they construct alternate realities for themselves, and buy each others’ garbage views of the world.

    The Bible, as usual, gets it right. Look up Romans 1:18, 1:22, Psalm 52:3, Proverbs 8:36, Micah 3:2, 2 Corinthians 4:4, 1 Timothy 4:2 and 2 Timothy 4:3-4 to see the self-imposed blindness of these people.

    I want to reach those who are capable of being reached – the independents who haven’t committed their minds to oppose God and His ways. I want to reach those people who CAN be persuaded with facts. And just as important, I want to help arm people like YOU with the facts to engage minds that can be persuaded. I also want to help people like you better understand WHY your right in understanding the world as you do.

    I have been blessed to know some greatly educated people who were profound believers in Jesus Christ. But so many buy into a system the Scriptures call “the world.” And as intolerant as the left say conservatives are, no one is in fact more intolerant than they. The fact of the matter is that Evangelical Christians established the American university system; 106 of the first 108 universities in America (including ALL of the ‘Ivy League’ schools) were began by Christians for the purpose of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. And “By the close of 1860 there were 246 colleges in America. Seventeen of these were state institutions; almost every other one was founded by Christian denominations or by individuals who avowed a religious purpose.” Here’s an example just for Harvard. That said, once the left got in, they used their intolerance to shut – even literally scream out – out any competing voice.

    Meanwhile, while Christians funded missionaries and their churches and denominations, liberals put all their money into secular universities and secular humanist agendas and organizations. They put their money into schools of education that produced teachers with a liberal secular humanist agenda and schools of law that produced lawyers and judges who set aside the Constitution and made law all about “case law” so they could chip away at the Constitution one piece at a time.

    And, of course, they put their money into schools of journalism.

    So we get crap like this:

    “The common interests very largely elude public opinion entirely and can be managed only by a specialized class whose personal interests reach beyond the locality.” — Walter Lippmann

    “It was, of course, the astounding success of propaganda during the war that opened the eyes of the intelligent few in all departments of life to the possibilities of regimenting the public mind. It was only natural, after the war ended, that intelligent persons should ask themselves whether it was not possible to apply a similar technique to the problems of peace.” — Edward Bernays

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” — Edward Bernays, (in a book fittingly called) “Propaganda.”

    Ann Bernays (daughter) 28:30“Democracy to my father was a wonderful concept, but I don’t think he felt that all those publics out there had reliable judgment.. that they very easily might vote for the wrong man, or want the wrong thing. So that they had to be guided from above. It’s enlightened despotism in a sense. You appeal to their desires and their unrecognized longings that sort of thing. That you can tap into their deepest desires or deepest fears and use that to your own purposes.” And at 32:30, “Anyone who disagreed with him, used the word dope and stupid over and over.”

    Understand, these two men practically CREATED journalism. And they were as biased as as determined to propagandize as, well, hell.

    And, of course, there’s something the left started called “political correctness.” Being PC is not just an attempt to make people feel better about their racial groups, etc., as the left suggests. Rather, it is a large, powerful, coordinated attempt to “fundamentally transform” Western culture as it was created by Christendom by redefining it to mean something it never meant. Political correctness is a game plan that was designed by Marxists during the Russian revolution, and American liberals continue to execute that same game plan today: to control the argument by controlling the language, by controlling what is “acceptable.” And the left is able to impose radical agendas using this game plan by taking advantage of an oversensitive and gullible public.

    Another way liberals have won the argument is by their sheer, visceral anger. In my extended family, we have liberals. And I’ve got conservative family members who beg me not to say anything – even when a liberal uncle or aunt starts a fire – because they don’t want to hear that liberal melt down into a tirade. And they win by being the most angry.

    Conservatives have more important things in their lives. They have God, for instance. But liberals god IS government. And so liberal politics is their religion. And the people and the party who take most after Stalin let their Stalinist come out.

    And I’m saying, “We’re to a point where we can’t be polite anymore. We’ve got to understand that they want to impose their religion on us, by making our religion politically incorrect and then legislating against it. We’ve got to be willing to get as angry as they get, and as willing to stand up and fight as they have been since the 1960s.”

    And, btw, as I close, there’s a reason why we can’t trust a lot of Republicans. Most of these people are not genuine ideological conservatives. They say what they say in order to get elected. And if they need to say something else to get elected, then they say something else. Which is to say, conservatism is not their core at all. And so they look at a media poll (i.e., at liberal propaganda) or hear a bunch of anger from the left (i.e., because up to now the right hasn’t went out in public and GOT angry), and they cave. Which is to say, there’s a need to go out there and get mad, and show up at events (make phone calls and write letters) and say, “You better vote the way we tell you to vote or we’ll vote you out!”

    That’s my take on it, Deborah.

  30. Michael Eden Says:


    Thanks for that list. It helps to have the facts on your side.

    I blocked Mister Ironworker. When someone literally says that bombing newspapers is okay because the bastards had it coming, I think it’s time to say goodbye.

  31. Horizon3 Says:


    It is fortunate that wackos like Mr. Ironworker are a very small minority, it’s way passed time we put them back in their place as a fringe, and never let them see daylight again.

    One of the most important things Obama has done for us, albeit it’s probably beyond his thought process, he has hired all the top radicals to work in his cabinet.
    We now know who they are where they live and what they do. And I know where they are going if it gets nasty for them here, Bermuda.
    Obama didn’t send Bill Clinton down there in 2009 to negotiate a peace treaty, he was clearing the way for a hide out for the “Elite” that is beyond extradition. Coincidental with this was Congress, pushing through a fleet of 10 C-17 transports that the Air Force said they do not need, nor want. Bet you can’t guess what those puppies are for.

    They cannot simply disappear from public view again, they are exposed and ripe to be sucked into the legal system they seem to think they own.
    Many of these radical nuts are going to see the inside of a court room and jail, even if I have to swear out the warrants on them myself.

    Unlike treason, sedition against the United States does not have to involve a declared war, it is the primary statute used to go after spies and whatnot, during peace time.

  32. Michael Eden Says:


    I’ve said this in an article somewhere….

    Obama has embraced the Cloward-Piven strategy of deliberately creating a collapse and unrest in order to advance a liberal agenda.

    If Obama’s reckless and radical tactics actually work (extremely doubtful at this point), Obama takes credit and gets reelected for a second term before America collapses.

    If America continues to fall apart and collapses faster than expected (more likely), Obama will leave town – and possibly the country – knowing that when America collapses into depression and anarchy, desperate and starving Americans will demand the goverment save them from the crisis that the government actually created.

    And, of course, Obama will get the Marxist America he always dreamed of.

    Obama is in a win-win situation. Millions of Americans may end up starving to death due to his reckless policies, and I bet he’ll sleep like a baby.

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