Where Are The Death Panels In ObamaCare? Where AREN’T They???

This isn’t like playing “Where’s Waldo?”

Because the death panels are EVERYWHERE in this picture:

First Chart

An article from National Review points out:

Staff members at the Congressional Joint Economic Committee “spent four months, night and day, and weekends” assembling this amazing graphic, Rep. Kevin Brady (R., Texas) tells me by phone. “They vetted it based on all 2,801 pages of the Obamacare legislation. They captured this new law’s stunningly complexity.”

Can you SEE all the damn bureaucracies?

The passage of ObamaCare triggered the creation of more than 160 new boards, bureaucracies, programs, and commissions – or shall I call them death panels, given what we’re already starting to see?

D. James Kennedy once prophetically said:

“Watch out, grandpa!  Because the generation that survived abortion will one day come after you!”

That day is coming quickly.  Unless we elect Republicans to repeal and replace this despicable monstrosity.

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