Obama Exempts Some Union Employees From Having 4th Amendment Rights Violated; Other Citizens Can Kiss Off

The hypocrisy of the liberals is, as always, beyond belief.

Remember how they bitched about every Bush national security program, no matter how obviously necessary each program clearly was? The Patriot Act was a despicable and un-American violation of our freedoms.  Domestic Eavesdropping of telephone calls to or from people on terrorist watch lists was a despicable and un-American violation of our freedoms.  Even though there was absolutely no evidence whatsoever than a single American citizen had his or her rights deprived.  Now they rabidly defend treating every single American who flies like a terrorist, in obvious violation of their 4th Amendment rights.

We have this frank admission from the TSA:

“No one likes their Fourth Amendment violated going through a security line. But the truth of the matter is we are going to have to do it.”

Well, for the record, no we don’t.  We could be like the Israelis – who have the safest record in the world – and profile.

But look at this: the TSA has now exempted the pilots and the flight attendants (union employees, both) from a clearly despicable and un-American violation of their rights and freedoms. The Obama administration is going to exempt union workers from having their 4th Amendment rights violated, but will go ahead and keep violating every other citizen’s 4th Amendment rights.

Why the exemption? Because:

TSA spokesman Nicholas Kimball said, “Flight attendants, like pilots, are a known and trusted group.”

Now, that’s common sense, on one hand. But it’s also clearly “profiling.”

For example, aren’t elderly nuns ALSO a “known and trusted group”??? What evidence can the government provide that elderly nuns should be less trusted than pilots and flight attendants?

I can show you a documented instance in which an airline pilot deliberately crashed a passenger jet aircraft.  I can show you documented bizarre and disruptive behavior from a flight attendant.  Heck, I can show you documented bizarre behavior from both an airline pilot AND a flight attendant at the same time.

Now show me the elderly nun who has crashed a passenger jet aircraft.

Now that we’ve established the “known and trusted” character of elderly nuns in relation to the considerably less “known and trusted” status of pilots and flight attendants, can’t we also easily come up with a long, long, long list of people who are in a “known and trusted group”???

As an example, not only have I never committed a terrorist act, but no one LIKE ME ever has, either. Unlike, say, airline pilots.  Which is to say I’M part of a “known and trusted group,” too.   Dammit.

But, no. Because liberals are jackasses and fools, I have to be treated just like the groups that clearly are NOT to be trusted. Because for liberals, to treat the group that is responsible for 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999% of all terrorist attacks differently than my group that has never attacked anybody is somehow wrong.

What can I say, but, “I know why the caged bird sings…”

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4 Responses to “Obama Exempts Some Union Employees From Having 4th Amendment Rights Violated; Other Citizens Can Kiss Off”

  1. HL Says:

    You nailed it in identifying the preferencial treatment ‘union’ members are getting. We have got to face this issue head on and stop it. I read over at Gateway Pundit that is was the nurses union who brought Meg Whitman’s former housekeeper to the national platform. We were right again, unions vote for Liberals who keep their goodies coming.
    HOW in the name of what is good, decent and just can these rank and file union members go along with this demonization, persecution and destruction of private citizens and businesses etc.?
    Where do they have the right to demand the rest of us pay for their healthcare and pensions (military and vets excluded, they need and deserve it)???
    I have had it with these unions. ENOUGH ALREADY!!! THIS has GOT to change. PRIVATE CITIZENS CAN’T AFFORD IT!

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    In this particular case, I can’t blame the pilot and flight attendant unions; they’re just wanting what EVERYONE wants – and end to these intrusive violations of their personal rights and freedoms. And, additionally, since they literally fly for a living, they’d be subjected to a ton of totally unnecessary radiation.

    That said, I agree with your overall sentiment: unions are evil, and airlines are only one of 100% of the unionized industries that unions have driven into bankruptcy.

    Marxism began in the labor unions. And while the Nazis abolished labor unions (actually what they did was create one mega-giant union under the Nazi Party), it was the same labor movement that HAD been in the labor unions who formed the backbone of the Nazi Party.

    And my biggest problem of all is government workers being unionized. Why on EARTH should people being paid with the taxpayers’ dime get to “organize” and drive up their salaries and benefits? Is the Obama administration oppressing government workers, who now earn double what the people who pay their salaries are earning? In the case of the TSA, which just voted to unionize, the very concept of unions is criminal.

    You are speaking like a founding father just before the Revolution (and speaking like founding fathers is a good thing).

    I remember hearing Rush Limbaugh say that the founding fathers shook off the shackles of tyranny from Great Britain over a tiny fraction of the tyrannies are own government are imposing upon us now. Which is to say, if Washington, Jefferson, and co. were here today to see what Obama is doing, they’d be PISSED!!!

  3. Penumbra Says:

    Well, equal treatment of all is one of many liberal ideas that are driven far beyond common sense. The problem is not only the fact that trusted people are treated in the same manner as potential murderers. The problem is that the system becomes vary expensive and less efficient when you have to spread your attention to all passengers instead of concentrating on the “fishy” kind. The Israeli security is a good example of doing it the right way.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Obama has treated decent people one way and lousy people a different way from the start of his presidency.

    Remember the GM and Chrysler bailouts? The people who actually BOUGHT and OWNED the preferred stock that were supposed to be paid first got screwed by Obama. And the unions who should have received nothing got huge payouts.

    Now he’s treating 300 million Americans like terrorists rather than treat actual terrorists like terrorists.

    It’s the same slimeball, different situation.

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