Obama Maims Tax Cut Extension: When Will Democrats Realize They Have A Failed President On Their Hands?

So Barack Obama decides to cave in to Republicans, thinking if he keeps using his demagogic rhetoric his base won’t realize he’s abandoning them for his own political future.

Obama gave a televised session (you know, to go along with the million billion other televised sessions the media whore has done by now), and likened Republicans to terrorist-hostage-takers for voting according to their basic principles.

Only Democrats should be able to vote according to their principles; anyone else doing it is evil.

Republican leaders have largely ignored the fact that, if they are “hostage takers” for “holding tax cuts for the middle class hostage” to tax cuts for the rich, then Democrats are every single iota as much “hostage takers” for “holding tax cuts for the middle class hostage” to Marxist class warfare ideology.  Republicans seem to think that that fact is so obvious only a moron wouldn’t understand it.

What they don’t realize is that approximately half the country are morons.

But Obama’s “Rhetoric for Dummies” didn’t work for him; because while Obama was demonizing the Republicans who were willing to strike a deal (that they also weren’t particularly thrilled with), Democrats were screaming themselves into the mother of all hissy fits.

So Obama – ever the demagogue – went back to demagogy in yet a second media session.  This time against his very own party as he labeled them as “sanctimonious.”  Which I don’t doubt drove the sanctimonious Democrats absolutely crazy (well, beyond crazy, anyway; they were already crazy).

So Obama demonized the people in the rival party who were willing to accept his deal; and then he demonized the people in his own party who weren’t willing to accept his deal.

You’d think that kind of approach would work every time, wouldn’t you?

Unfortunately, for those who don’t live in plastic bubbles, it didn’t:

House, Senate on Collision Course After Dems Reject Tax Cut Bill
Published December 09, 2010

The House and Senate appear to be on a collision course over President Obama’s controversial tax plan, after House Democrats voted to block the package from coming to the floor in its current form.

Though the vote was not binding, the House Democratic caucus on Thursday approved a measure by Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., effectively rejecting the GOP-negotiated deal unless and until a majority of Democrats support it. One Democratic leadership aide said the vote “shows how much the White House screwed this up.”

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, meanwhile, told Fox News he expects the Senate to take up the bill anyway without any substantive changes Thursday afternoon. He predicted the measure would pass, a belief echoed by a number of Senate Democratic aides interviewed by Fox News. But that would send the bill straight to the House, where some members are mounting a rebellion.

“If it’s take it or leave it, we’ll leave it,” said Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, after the caucus vote Thursday, adding that he thinks House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will take her cue from the caucus.

Pelosi, releasing a statement shortly after the vote, said only that the party would “continue discussions” with Republicans and the president to “improve the proposal” before a floor vote.

“Democratic priorities remain clear: to provide a tax cut for working families, to create jobs and economic growth, to assist millions of our fellow Americans who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, and to do this in a fiscally sound way,” she said. The White House said that Congress was working through the “normal process” of debating legislation.

The Democrats’ resolution specifically stated that the tax package in its current form “should not come to the House floor for consideration.”

Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., said “it’s a pretty clear message. We don’t like the bill.”

The vote came after 54 Democrats, led by Rep. Peter Welch of Vermont, signed a letter in opposition to the tax cut deal. The 54 Democrats, by themselves, would not be enough to block the package in the House, depending on how much support it gets from Republicans. But the caucus vote could shake things up.

Rep. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, the House’s No. 3 Democrat, said when asked what comes next, “I don’t know. We’ll wait and see.”

The White House continues to face an uphill climb in convincing his party to get on board with the package. The administration appeared to be breaking through after Vice President Biden visited the Hill on Wednesday, and some Democrats left acknowledging that the package could have enough support to pass.

As of Thursday, Democrats were all over the map. Most Republicans seemed to be standing by the negotiated package, but a few prominent conservatives were peeling off and criticizing it as too expensive.

Speaking Thursday at a White House event promoting American exports, President Obama said the vote will determine whether the economy “moves forward or backward.”

The president again pressed Congress to pass the agreement, saying it has the potential to create millions of jobs. He said if it fails, Americans would see smaller paychecks and would result in fewer jobs.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

So, let’s sum up: Republicans, who are willing to support the bill by giving some of what they don’t want to get some of what they want, are “hostage takers.”  And Obama is vilifying the party who in his own words are trying to create millions of jobs and prevent Americans from seeing smaller paychecks and fewer jobs.  Because that’s just the kind of turd he is.  Meanwhile, Democrats, who refuse to support the bill unless they get everything they want, are NOT hostage takers.

And that’s the operating narrative, because, yes, half the country is actually that stupid.

But let’s take a moment to consider something else: just how shockingly terribly the guy who has refused to show us his birth certificate has butchered this negotiation.

And the beauty of it is that you don’t have to listen to conservatives like me to hear that anymore; just pay a little attention to what DEMOCRATS are now saying about Obama.

How about this little gem of class?  From ABC:

An unidentified Democratic lawmaker let slip his frustration at President Obama’s proposed tax compromise, apparently muttering “f**k the president,” during a heated debate this morning.

I don’t know, maybe they’re pissed off because Obama basically didn’t even bother to consult them before undermining their agenda.  Because Obama is an abject failure as a leader and as a president.  He’s already “led” the Democrat Party to it’s worst “shellacking” since 1938, and now he hasn’t even gotten out of the lame duck session before he’s warming up to lead them to an even BIGGER shellacking in 2012.

What’s great about this is that it is shaping up to be a win-win for Republicans.  By being the first to agree to Obama’s offer, they have the upper hand if Democrats refuse it.  I mean, idiotic morons I mean Democrats aside, WHO’S responsible for making every American pay more in taxes if this deal falls through???  And then add to that the fact that if the deal doesn’t go through now, Republicans will be in an even STRONGER position when they take over the House of Representatives in January.

It’s shaping up to be funny, it its own twisted way: as terrible as Obama is for America, he’s even worse for the Democrat Party.




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2 Responses to “Obama Maims Tax Cut Extension: When Will Democrats Realize They Have A Failed President On Their Hands?”

  1. James Candelmo Says:


    I ran across your blog about a week ago and have enjoyed reading your daily post along with many of your archived articles. I just want to say thank you for bringing reason and truthfulness to these political discussions. I really appreciate your “call it like it is” approach along with your ability to point out the obvious contradictions. I can’t understand why the leaders in the Republican Party and Hosts on the conservative shows such as O’reilly and others don’t make the similar arguments to help the American public better understand the value of these ideals? They keep trumpeting the same old “class warfare” for the current tax fight and similar talking points on other issues instead of spending a little time to explain the issue like you have done again and again.

    On an additional note, I often will flip to MSNBC just to see what kind of crap they are shoveling and I caught Keith Olberman making the statement last night “…ok Republicans, you’ve had the house for 37 days now, where are the jobs?”. This statement was so erroneous and idiotic on so many levels and for so many reasons, I just couldn’t hold it in and wanted to share it with someone. Any comment you may have would be enjoyed.

    Once again, thank you for fighting the good fight and know that I am one more person you can add to the “right” side of the fight.

    James Candelmo

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Thanks for your gracious compliments, James.

    I think some of the Republicans’ inability to explain derives from two things: 1) their own inability to think through issues from a Judeo-Christian worldview as informed by a bibilical perspective. They’re not stupid people; but when you try to look at the world through various humanistic theories, you cannot see the world as it is. You become stupid. And too many politicians – Republicans included – do precisely that; they aren’t committed to a divine “God’s-eye” point of view. 2) Their inability to realize – given how many people DON’T see the world through The divine lens of the Bible – just how dumb people can be, and how incapable a majority of people can be at understanding Truth. So when the Democrats use demagogic rhetoric (e.g., Obama’s “hostage takers” comparison), they think, “I don’t have to respond to this crap.” But yes they DO have to respond to it. Because there are a lot of people who have been dumbed down by the worldview culture has handed them who will readily believe it unless a better explanation is offered.

    So many Republicans thus fail to have a good explanation for an issue or an attack, or just refuse to even bother to respond in the first place.

    Conservatives (who see the world through the divine lens of Judeo-Christianity) have the arguments on their side. They just have to learn to harness them and trust them.

    I’m glad there are people who are willing to go to channels like MSNBC and see what the other side is thinking. I myself don’t do it, but I’m glad for you who do. Because you can then tip off the rest of us, so we can point out the stupidity that you caught.

    Keith Oldermann saying “…ok Republicans, you’ve had the house for 37 days now, where are the jobs?” – as you point out – is fallacious on numerous levels. But here we can stick with the facts: Keith Olbermann is an ingorant fool, and in reality the Republicans have yet to have control of the House for even a single day. They don’t assume control until sometime in January.

    But there’s something else implicit in Olbermann’s deceitful rhetoric that has to be responded to, as well. Namely, that somehow when the Republicans take over the House that THEY will be held accountable for creating jobs, and if they don’t create jobs they failed.

    I have heard repeatedly in the media the comment that “By having the Bush tax cuts extended, Republicans are now on the hook for the economy.” As a similar example of the same sort of thing.

    Well, Republicans will be in control of one of the three bodies of our political system. Does being one-third in power make them alone responsible? Particularly when the presidency is FAR more powerful??? How does that work?

    Yes, Republicans will be in charge of the House. But a moron is still our president. And a moral idiot is still the Senate Majority leader. If Obama and Reid do absolutely everything the Republican majority says, THEN maybe you could hold Republicans responsible.

    Otherwise, it’s Obama’s show. Obama is the guy who started with 7.6% unemployment and turned it into 9.8% unemployment. Just as it was Democrats who took over the Congress in 2006 and took $161 billion in budget deficits and turned it into $451 billion the very next year, and then turned that deficit into $1.6 trillion, and now don’t even bother to pass budgets anymore.

    I go through those numbers complete with links here: https://startthinkingright.wordpress.com/2010/07/17/obama-turns-to-clinton-to-advance-the-democrats-as-party-of-success-myth-as-his-economy-turns-to-crap/

    Lastly, of course, is the fallacy that government creates jobs in the first place. The private sector creates jobs. And the sooner the government learns that the necessary conditions for a healthy economy is created when the government gets the hell out of the way, the better. Not that a buffoon like Olbermann will be able to understand such a simple truth.

    Thanks for being on the right side with me!

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