The Gay Military Witchhunts Commence

I wrote this post two weeks ago.  And I was hardly the first conservative to do so.  There were questions raised, such as:

Do you expect the military system or the civilian courts to deal with the influx of phony sexual harassment cases to follow?


Will a career Marine’s personal opinion on homosexuality become an impediment to promotion or assignment to key billets?

Let the wreckage of the formerly great US military machine commence:

Aircraft Carrier Commander Relieved of Duty After Airing Explicit Videos
Published January 04, 2011

Capt. Owen Honors was relieved of duty Tuesday as commander of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise after he broadcast sexually charged videos taken aboard the ship, the Navy announced.

The videos, distributed on closed-circuit television during 2006 and 2007 deployments of the USS Enterprise, the Navy’s oldest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, showed simulated masturbation, suggestive shower scenes with multiple women and gay slurs.

The Virginian-Pilot newspaper broke the story, publishing edited versions of the lewd videos on its website. The Navy Times released two additional lewd videos on its website Tuesday.

Adm. John C. Harvey Jr., commander of United States Fleet Forces Command, said Honors’ performance as commanding officer has been without incident but his “poor judgment” while serving as executive officer of the ship was inexcusable.

“After personally reviewing the videos created while serving as executive officer, I have lost confidence in Capt. Honors’ ability to lead effectively, and he is being held accountable for poor judgment and the inappropriate actions demonstrated in the videos that were created while he served as executive officer on Enterprise,” said Harvey.

“His profound lack of good judgment and professionalism while previously serving as executive officer on Enterprise calls into question his character and completely undermines his credibility to continue to serve effectively in command,” Harvey added.

Capt. Dee Mewbourne will be permanently assigned as the commanding officer of the Enterprise.

Navy officials said Honors will not be kicked out of the service, though it is possible later on, pending results of a longer investigation, that he could be asked to leave the Navy.

Honors attended the Naval Academy and taught at the Navy’s Top Gun flight school.

The military is looking for a few good men.  You know, so it can destroy them and purge them and replace them with guys like Pvt. Bradley Manning.

One of the interesting things about this is that the Navy was well-aware of these videos for years – and only acted when they were leaked.  Which is to say that Captain Honors was an excellent theater commander until political correctness turned him into a liability.  Because it’s more important today that a military officer be politically correct than competent in battle.  Another interesting thing is that these videos were leaked so soon after the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  Almost as though open season of the hunting down of the military had just started.

Here’s another way of putting it:

Pentagon officials admit that overcoming anti-gay attitudes — or at least punishing them when they surface — has become more urgent since Congress last month repealed the 17-year-old law that bars homosexuals from serving openly.

I can’t begin to defend what Capt. Owen Honors did to anyone who did not serve and did not live in the military culture.  I alluded to that culture in my statement:

In my “day” in the Army, soldiers in the infantry that I served in just would not have tolerated openly homosexual soldiers.  There would have been blanket parties galore, until the gay-berets got the message that they were most definitely not wanted.  I don’t know that that will happen today, but I just can’t imagine the mindset has changed that much in the years I’ve been out…

The military – and in particular the front-line combat units – is composed of young men.  And these young men are of a particular sort: they are aggressive; they are black-and-white as regards right and wrong; they are highly sexualized as a result of their long tours and incredibly hard physical work mostly away from women and dating.  And they constantly joke about homosexuality in a manner that clearly and forcefully disdains homosexuality.

Here’s another way of putting it:

“Most U.S. military units, especially those in combat, are kind of hyper-macho,” said a former Army infantry officer who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan. “In that environment, it’s not uncommon to hear homophobic slurs that would be unacceptable in larger societal discourse.”

And like it or hate it, those young, aggressive, black-and-white-thinking, sexualized and anti-homosexual men who fight and die for America are the kind of men who want – even need – the kind of tension-busters that Captain Honors provided to his sailors.

Here’s another way of putting it:

A Facebook fan page set up for supporters of the Enterprise was abuzz today with talk of the story, with many people commenting that they support Honors and appreciated his movies and humor.

One post read: “The XO movie night was one of the few things we looked forward to during deployment in ’06. It is a shame that this distraction has been stirred up now years later.”

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many times my NCOs and officers made insulting references to homosexuality in front of the units they led and commanded.  Other than that it was literally in the thousands of times.  Heck, it was probably pretty near a thousand times in boot camp and advanced infantry training alone.

When DADT was repealed, some military veterans immediately began asking how long before the persecutions of combat leaders who didn’t want to see their military destroyed began.

The answer is about two weeks.

I’m sorry your career was destroyed, Captain Honors.  I’m even more sorry that you will merely be the first of tens of thousands whose careers will be destroyed over this vile policy.

The liberals in power will not stop until the American military is as weak and useless as the European Unions.  Call it the redistribution of strength, away from us and toward our enemies.

The only thing that is more immoral than the imposing of a gay military is when it was imposed – in the middle of a long and difficult war.

I tell you what: if Roosevelt had pulled this crap during World War II, we would be speaking German and slowly starving in Nazi death camps right now.

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2 Responses to “The Gay Military Witchhunts Commence”

  1. HL Says:

    ‘The liberals in power will not stop until the American military is as weak and useless as the European Unions. Call it the redistribution of strength, away from us and toward our enemies.’

    Michael, do you think this can be reversed by Conservatives if enough of them get into power?

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    Yes, if enough conservatives get into office, and if we have a conservative president who is able to pick conservative judges, we could turn it around. And actually turn it around fairly quickly.

    That is one of the beauties of our system of government. When we screw something up, we can fix it.

    And man, do I ever hope that happens beginning in 2012!

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