Gabrielle Giffords Shooting: Don’t Blame Sarah Palin, Blame Jerod Loughner (Who If Anything Is A Leftist)

There was an early report (which I myself saw on CNN) that the shooter was an Afghan War veteran.

We now know that this is not the case.  Jared Loughner had previously attempted to join the Army but was rejected.  And that false report makes me remember a certain Obama DHS memo which warned us to keep our eyes peeled on those distrusted rightwing war veterans.

We can also report that shooter Jared Loughner was certainly not a conservative.  In his own words, his favorite books included The Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf.  Communism is obviously as left wing as it gets, and see here about Nazism, which for what it’s worth means “National Socialism.”  In that article, I point out that:

Marxism simply redefined fascism as its polar opposite in order to create a bogeyman: If Marxism was progressive, fascism became conservative.  If Marxism was left wing, fascism had to be right wing.  If Marxism championed the proletariat, then fascism had to champion the bourgeoisie.  If Marxism was socialist, fascism needed to be capitalist.

I further offered that:

“The influence of Marxist scholarship has severely distorted our understanding of fascism.  Communism and fascism were rival brands of socialism.  Whereas Marxist socialism is predicated on an international class struggle, fascist national socialism promoted a socialism centered in national unity.   Both communists and fascists opposed the bourgeoisie.  Both attacked the conservatives.  Both were mass movements, which had special appeal for the intelligentsia, students, and artists, as well as workers.  Both favored strong centralized governments and rejected the free economy and the ideals of individual liberty.” [Gene Edward Veith, Jr., Modern Fascism: Liquidating the Judeo-Christian Worldview, p. 26].

And I rightly concluded:

And if the Nazis didn’t represent the far left, they were at best the right wing of the extreme left wing.

I mean, seriously: the difference between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, and their respective oppressive, paranoid and murderous totalitarian regimes, is what, exactly???

Pathetically, the last and strongest bastion of Marxism in America today reside in our universities and are allowed to wear the title “professor.”  And then you find out that THE most leftist and THE most intolerant, “thought-controlling” field in America is that of university professors.  And they get to influence and shape minds just like Jared Lougher’s.

I would at this point mention another fact about Loughner that the AP brought out, how he  was “obsessed with how words create reality.”  And, like the atheism, that is a telltale of liberalism.  It is deconstructionism, it is existentialism, it is nihilism, it is postmodern.

Jonah Goldberg said it better than I could:

For more than sixty years, liberals have insisted that the bacillus of fascism lies semi-dormant in the bloodstream of the political right.  And yet with the notable and complicated exceptions of Leo Strauss and Allan Bloom, no top-tier American conservative intellectual was a devotee of Nietzsche or a serious admirer of Heidegger.  All major conservative schools of thought trace themselves back to the champions of the Enlightenment–John Locke, Adam Smith, Montesquieu, Burke–and none of them have any direct intellectual link to Nazism or Nietzsche, to existentialism, nihilism, or even, for the most part, Pragmatism.  Meanwhile, the ranks of the leftwing intellectuals are infested with ideas and thinkers squarely in the fascist tradition.  And yet all it takes is the abracadabra word “Marxist” to absolve most of them of any affinity with these currents.  The rest get off the hook merely by attacking bourgeois morality and American values–even though such attacks are themselves little better than a reprise of fascist arguments.” — Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism, p. 175.

Jared Loughner is also profoundly unAmerican.  His claimed favorite video at his Youtube account is of the US flag being torched.  Which clearly makes him a very different critter the left has characterized the “flag-worshiping” Republicans who read the Constitutions “like a sacred text.”

He is also profoundly anti-religious.  One of his statements – made in a blog rant about currency – is “No!  I won’t trust in God.”  He also wrote, “I’m a Nihilist, not someone who place who place trust in god!” And let’s see… which party was pro-God, and which one was “separation of church and state” again???

The Associated Press reports:

Loughner, an ardent atheist, began to characterize people as sheep whose free will was being sapped by the monotony of modern life.

Surveys clearly demonstrate that the less religious – or more atheistic – a person is, the more likely they are to be politically liberal.  Which is to say we’re not just saying Jared Loughner is a liberal based on rhetoric, but rather that he is probably a liberal based on the laws of statistics and probability.

In the words of several who knew him, “he was left wing,” he was “quite liberal,” he was a “political radical.” Oh, oh.  That doesn’t sound very Sarah Palinish of him.

The leftwing journalists and bloggers who are trying to make him a conservative are lying.  And blaming Sarah Palin for this despicable event is immoral.

You’ve got leftwing journalists writing stuff like this:

the tragedy wouldn’t change this basic fact: for the past two years, many conservative leaders, activists, and media figures have made a habit of trying to delegitimize their political opponents

But isn’t the New Yorker merely trying to delegitimize their political opponents, the conservatives?  I mean, how can the people who do what the left are claiming conservatives do possibly be legitimate?

Which means their argument and all their claims and stories become pure ad hominem.

The lying, deceitful left is failing to point out that Sarah Palin used “surveyor symbols,” not target symbols, to identify vulnerable districts.  And if you want to know which side used “target symbols,” please turn your ire to the Democrats which did precisely that.

Both sides “target” vulnerable seats.  Any Democrat who “targets” Sarah Palin is a vile piece of slime.  Because your party does the exact same thing [please see my update at the bottom of this article].

The only thing they can point to in demonizing Republicans is the fact that Rep. Gifford is a Democrat.  And that is clearly true.  However, she is a blue dog Democrat who has described herself as “conservative.”  And one of the murdered victims was a very conservative federal judge (Judge John Roll) who was appointed by George Bush.  Judge Roll was there to thank Rep. Giffords for trying to get more judges to deal with the massive illegal immigration crisis.

Another fact that should be pointed out is that conservative judge John Roll had more than 200 death threats in just one afternoon as a result of a legal ruling.  Tragically, the man had only recently stopped protecting himself and his family from these threats.

If anything, Jared Loughner is merely another of a long list of violent leftwing extremists (see also here, among many documented examples I can provide from my own blog).

This event ought to be something that transcends the political arguments and the debate over which party should run America that constantly goes on.  Because ANY act of violence which accompanies a political statement of any kind undermines ALL of us by eroding our freedom and liberty.

You cannot have a democratic republic in a police state.  And the more politically violent any group or individuals become, the more police powers become necessary to impose order.

I don’t care what your politics are; if you are an American, this is a terrible, tragic day and a genuinely evil event.

Update, January 9:  I would like liberals who blame the “toxic rightwing rhetoric” for the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords to respond to this little factoid:

The website Daily Kos has also deleted a diary about Rep. Gabrielle Giffords entitled “My Congresswoman Voted Against Pelosi, Now She’s Dead To Me,” but so far has not deleted a post by founder Markos Moulitsas that lists Giffords’ district among those on their “target list,” and noted that “Not all of these people will get or even deserve primaries, but this vote certainly puts a bulls eye on their district.” (emphasis ours).

Please explain to me why Sarah Palin’s use of surveyor symbols or whichever angry conservative comments resulted in Gabrielle Giffords being shot rather than leftwingers putting her on their “bulls eye” “target list,” or influential liberals like Moulitsas saying that Giffords is “dead to me.” Because I’d really like to know.

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15 Responses to “Gabrielle Giffords Shooting: Don’t Blame Sarah Palin, Blame Jerod Loughner (Who If Anything Is A Leftist)”

  1. HL Says:

    Thank you Michael for reporting the facts in this terrible event.
    I was unable to sleep during the night and watched Megyn Kelly interview a doctor on Fox News. He explained where the bullet entered Congresswoman Gifford’s temple and exited her forehead. He stated that it was a miracle beyond the scope of medical science that she is responding verbally, and that with rehabilitation, her doctors are optimistic about her recovery. He said God helped her and Megyn highlighted that this was a man of science stating this. It was very powerful to hear them give God glory in this matter.
    Congresswoman Gifford is the first Jewish woman to be elected to the house from AZ, though I do not know if the evil killer knew this fact.
    The leftists, media and elected officials who are blaming ANYONE but the man who fired the gun is beyond despicable.
    SHAME SHAME SHAME on them for spewing lies about the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, the military, Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh.
    Truly a sad day for America that evil such as this act and those who blame the innocent do these wicked acts.
    May the One True Living Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us and deliver us from evil.

  2. Robbie Says:

    noticed the lame stream media has not mentioned the dialy kos writer with the column directed at this congress woman.

    i caught part of the sheriffs press conference it was – unprofessional – jumping to conclusions – amatuer.

    also cantor has delayed the vote on the repeal of health care


    the shooter is mentally unstable and/or a leftist marxist assassin

    so our republic is either yielding to the mentally unfit and/or to a marxist terrorist.

  3. Michael Eden Says:


    I had the same initial reaction as you re: the delaying of the health care repeal vote. But just today I found out that the House leaders simply suspended ALL the votes this week in honor of the shooting of their colleague.

    And when it’s put that way, it’s harder to criticize – although they clearly need to get to work.

    Thank you for pointing that Daily Kos crap out (at least I think this is what you’re talking about):

    The website Daily Kos has also deleted a diary about Rep. Gabrielle Giffords entitled “My Congresswoman Voted Against Pelosi, Now She’s Dead To Me,” but so far has not deleted a post by founder Markos Moulitsas that lists Giffords’ district among those on their “target list,” and noted that “Not all of these people will get or even deserve primaries, but this vote certainly puts a bulls eye on their district.” (emphasis ours).

    Remarkable that Democrats demonize Sarah Palin when the founder of the Daily Kos – a liberal organization so powerful that it hosted a Democrat primary presidential debate in 2008 – said that shooting victim Rep. Giffords “is dead to me.”

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    I didn’t hear that interview re: “the miracle” (and it clearly was). Thank you for blessing my day with that.

    I also didn’t know that Rep. Giffords was a Jew.

    It truly is amazing that the Democrats are brazenly demonizing Republicans for their rhetoric even as Democrats ratchet up their rhetoric.

    Speaking of Jews, it reminds one of the Jewish word “chutzpah.”

  5. Robbie Says:

    i didnt know they had suspended all votes – that makes more sense- cantor intially said specifically health reform repeal on wed would be delayed.

    the sheriffs interview – i was referring to one of the first he did – he jumped right in with the liberal terms like “heated political rhetoric of today yada yada ….” essentially blaming this assassination – we now know by a mentally sick follower of marxism on todays politics – before facts were out or he simply chose to ignore them.

    funny we conservatives revere the rule of law and constitution and wish only for our elected reps to uphold the oath they take with regards to the constitution –

    so to anyone with a room temperature iq can see – the rhetoric – politics -outright infuriating lies – agitation – criminal behavior etc (as usual) are coming from the left.

    as 99.9 times out of 100 these assassins are leftists.

    remember a leftist – oswald murdered jfk – weakening America – what did we get lbj and the $7 trillion failure in the “great society.”

    or what about siran siran murdering r kennedy who bill ayers – obamas buddy and coauther/author of dreams from my father – paid homage to sirhan in the forward of one of his books.

    stay frosty America.

  6. Robbie Says:

    as for the victims of this horrid act –

    i will keep them in my prayers and hope for a full recovery for giffords.

    caught part of a docs interview and said it was a miracle she is still with us!

    God bless her!

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    The “sheriff” who ran as a Democrat has said crap like – and this is an exact quote – “One party is trying to block another party from trying to make this a better country” even as he demonizes the right for it’s “hate.”

    So let’s break that down: according to Sheriff Dupnik, “The Republican Party is trying to block the Democrat Party from trying to make this a better country.” Okay. What should I as an ordinary citizen do armed with this knowledge from our law enforcement expert?

    Well, if one party is trying to make the country better, and the other party is trying to stop that from happening, shouldn’t we be ready to take whatever action is necessary – including violent action – to prevent Republicans from ruining the country?

    Well, apparently THAT violence would be okay to this lamebrain.

    Btw, you didn’t mention the last group who shot a congressman prior to Mr. “Communist Manifesto”: a leftwing Puerto-Rican group.

  8. Robbie Says:

    heres one

    there is another one at breitbarttv where he blames talk radio.

    re btw there are too many to keep tract of – i mean think of the virginia tech and niu campus shootings both killers were obssessed with social justice – not the old school definition of social justice – ie benevolet charity rather the new social justice ie wealth – justice redistribution aka a psuedo marxism.

    was that the group eric holder help get a pardon for?

  9. HL Says:

    Michael, M Malkin has a great post this morning, “The Progressive Climate of Hate: An Illustrated Primer”. I wanted to bring it to your attention.

    What the Left is doing with the AZ shootings is evil. They never want a ‘crisis’ to go to waste. They are despicable beyond words. SHAME on them.

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    I’ll look for it, HL. And probably link to it as well.

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    When I heard about this shooting, one of the very first thoughts that entered into my head was that ugly demonic liberals would use it whether they had to lie about it or not. And I’ve STILL been astounded on the exploitation.

  11. Michael Eden Says:

    I watched that interview with Megyn Kelly. I was all dressed up in warm clothes for my walk, but had to stay for that one.

    Part of what the “sheriff” said is available here:

    The sheriff was forced to admit that he didn’t have a shred of evidence linking anything whatsoever that conservatives said to the shooting. But as a professional sworn law enforcement officer he felt he had a duty to demonize the right anyway.

  12. HL Says:

    I had similar thoughts and also am also astounded by the exploitation of this tragedy by the Left. What is being done by them is frightening. I hope that more Americans wake up and see what they are doing. I hope our out cry and push back restrains these wicked people.

    My heart and prayers have gone out for Sarah Palin and the others falsely blamed, it is beyond belief what they say about them. May our Lord protect them and their families.

  13. Michael Eden Says:


    The polls are making it pretty clear: at least 57% of Americans say that “rightwing rhetoric” had absolutely nothing to do with the tragedy. Fewer than a third (that’s the group that would vote for Kim Jong Il if he ran for president as a Democrat) said it did.

    It’s sad. When I turned on my TV and saw this horrible event, my first thought was to say a prayer for the victims – and particularly for Rep. Giffords. But even as I prayed, I had the idea enter my head that the left would demonize this.

    And the reason it occurred to me so quickly is because they ALWAYS demonize events like this. It is simply who and what they are. Okaloham City? Clinton led the Democrats in demonizing – even though Timothy McVeigh had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich. But the truth is irrelevant to those whose souls swim in lies and deceit. Democrats were in true rabid mouth-frothing form during the Virginia Tech shooting. And here they are now.

    Interestingly, Glen Beck has been saying that it’s not just conservatives like Sarah Palin who are in danger from the left. He has been saying that Obama is in danger – from the left. That these people have the worldview to do anything and they play for keeps. And if they feel betrayed by Obama’s political pragmatism, assassination is very much within their approved sphere of action.

    On that note, it is interesting that the Daily Kos “targeted” Gabrielle Giffords, and the founder of the Kos said Giffords “is dead to me.” But no one in the mainstream media – not a single hack propagandist – has pointed out that the left “targeted” Rep. Giffords even more than the right.

  14. V Says:

    If Glenn Beck shot up a bunch of people, you Freepers would immediately say that Beck is a closet leftist. You right-wingers…always on about “personal responsibility” until it’s blood on your hands.

  15. Michael Eden Says:

    Here’s the thing, you contemptible fool. Glenn Beck hasn’t shot up anybody, has he? You literally have to dive into a bizarre fantasy to pretend to have a point.

    Why don’t we look at the DEMOCRAT (J. Eric Fuller) who issued a death threat against a REPUBLICAN just after Jared Loughner (who if anything was a Bush-hating raving leftist) shot Gabrielle Giffords?

    Why don’t we consider the fact that these same radical leftists who immediately demonized Sarah Palin for “targeting” Gabrielle Giffords not only “targeted” her the same way but ALSO said of Giffords, “she’s dead…”

    Why don’t we consider – in the aftermath of leftists demonizing peaceful tea party protests that left each area after each event cleaner than it had been before the event – what the rabid, violent leftist protest in Madison Wisconsin looked like? Why don’t we also consider that the death threats came from the left and targeted Republicans????

    Why don’t we consider that the actual record of actual violence is almost entirely a record of the vile left???

    I’ve got union thugs on video beating and kicking a black man who is helplessly lying on the ground. I’ve got a rabid (literally) liberal biting the finger off a man he thought had attended a tea party. I’ve got a radio tower torn down by leftist vermin.

    Here’s a story that the mainstream media managed to not bother to report:

    There was plenty of violence last year. Guess which side was behind virtually ALL of it? Look here. There has been quite a big of violence this year, too. Guess who has been behind that? Look here.

    Recently Bobby Jindal’s campaign finance manager and her boyfriend were severely beaten by protesters outside a Republican leadership dinner for being conservative.

    Here’s an account of the attack, along with an account by a photographer along with pictures and video of an ugly liberal protest outside the dinner:

    Bautch’s leg was broken and Brown incurred a broken jaw and nose as well as a concussion.

    The Hayride reports that a source who visited Bautsch at the hospital the day after the attack says they were told the couple was attacked for wearing Palin buttons:

    Two people at the Brennan’s event have now confirmed that the protest had largely broken up by the time it ended, but we also understand from someone who visited Allee Bautsch in the hospital Saturday morning that she and Brown were followed and attacked expressly because they had Palin pins on (she heard one of the attackers say “Let’s get them, they have Palin pins on” – so the attack WAS politically motivated as its victims understood it. It was not a mugging, it was not an argument gone wrong and it was not a bar fight.

    The organizer of the event himself was targeted and pursued, but managed to elude the beating that befell Bautsch and her boyfriend.

    In an interview this afternoon, Louisiana GOP Chair Roger Villere, Jr. told Lincoln Parish News Online he and several others were pursued by protesters last Friday night after a political fundraiser, but managed to get into a cab and avoid the mob. “We started to leave out the front door after the event, but the protesters had us blocked – there were six of us in our group – so we went out through the kitchen,” Villere said. Once they got outside, the protesters spotted them and began to pursue them, but they managed to get into a cab and avoid confrontation.

    Later in the evening Allee Bautsch and Joe Brown were brutally beaten on the sidewalk outside the Louisiana State Supreme Court building, mere steps away from where protests had taken place.

    All the actual violence and racism is coming out of the left, but the mainstream media is dutifully concealing those facts and instead reporting on innuendo that the Tea Parties are “rightwing” and therefore “dangerous.”

    Oh, and this just in to show what Washington D.C. (i.e., liberals) residents are like.

    But, hey, you keep telling me what Republicans do if something that will never happen were to happen, you know, while ignoring what your side is doing virtually every day.

    You’d be ashamed of yourself, V, if people like you were capable of that perception.

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