Why I Blame Democrats For Gun Laws That Allow Crazies To Kill

This is in response to the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the nineteen shooting victims, and the six murdered citizens, in Tuscon, Arizona on Saturday at the hands of someone who is clearly mentally ill.

It sounds rather crazy to have such a title to many, I’m sure.  After all, isn’t it Democrats who are constantly trying to criminalize gun ownership?  And isn’t it Republicans who are constantly trying to keep guns legal?

Yes.  Which is exactly why I blame Democrats every single iota as much as the most liberal Democrat blames Republicans for criminals or crazies with guns.

First of all, we have a constitutional RIGHT to keep and bear arms.  The 2nd Amendment:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Now, Democrats for years and years have argued that the 2nd Amendment essentially contains a typo, that “militia” should have appeared twice, but somehow the phrase “the people” got stuck in.

But “the people” really means “militia.”

So when you see “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances,” it really doesn’t apply to citizens.  It only really applies to militias.  Militias have the right to assemble and redress the government.  You “people” just stay shut in your homes and leave the government alone.

And go through your Constitution and make the necessary corrections.  Replace every occurrence of the phrase “the people” with “militia.”  And see how many freedoms you would lose and just what an absurdly laughable interpretation the Democrats have for the 2nd Amendment.

The 2nd Amendment clearly and obviously provides militias AND the people (i.e., the citizens of the United States, you and me) with the right to keep and bear arms.  And then it all but tells the Democrats to keep their paws off our guns (“… shall not be infringed”).

But the Democrats DO infringe.  And infringe, and infringe some more.

So we run into a problem: every time Republicans – who actually care about their Constitution – do anything to restrict gun rights or gun ownership, it ends up being a net-loss for guns and for the 2nd Amendment.  And every significant act involving a gun becomes the next cause to take away guns, as the following Newsweek article exudes:

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” Rahm Emanuel famously said in 2008. The same goes for a shooting spree that gravely wounds a beloved congresswoman. Congress won’t enact gun control, as it did in the wake of the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, but perhaps something positive can come from this.

If Republicans try to make it tougher for criminals or crazies to get their hands on guns, Democrats will use that measure to shut the door all the tighter on every single law-abiding citizen to exercise their constitutional guarantees.  As I will show later in this article.

So because of Democrat refusal to recognize the clear and obvious meaning of the 2nd Amendment, we have an impasse.  We have an impasse which prevents common-sense laws from being passed.

This is what should happen: Democrats should now and for all time recognize that every single law-abiding American in every single state and in every single town has the right to keep and bear arms.  And Republicans should in response begin to help make it tougher to get guns, so that criminals and the mentally ill do not fall through the gaping holes that the intransigence has imposed.

Unless and until that day happens, Republicans will have no choice but to fight every gun law, because they will continue to correctly see that Democrats and liberal judicial activists will continue to use every law passed to prevent “the people” from possessing guns.

Here’s the bottom line: liberals often repeat the principle stated by William Blackstone, “Better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.”  Benjamin Franklin took it even further, and stated “that it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer.”

And here here.  Even though it creates a system in which the innocent too often are denied justice as the guilty go free.

But lets ALSO acknowledge that the same Constitution also clearly affirms that it is better that ten, or a hundred criminals and psychos get their hands on guns than that just one innocent Person should be deprived.

If you liberals like the first principle, quit being a hypocrite and like the second one, too.

For me, I do not want to be forced to wait helplessly for the police to maybe never show up as vicious criminals terrorize – or do worse – to my family.  Rather, if you try to enter my home, scumbags, I’ve got something for you.

It is every bit as evil for any society to deny a person (the singular form of “the people”, by the way) to be able to defend himself, or herself, or his or her family, from violence, as it would be to convict innocent people to make sure the guilty don’t go free.

Nor let me fail to mention that the founding fathers clearly intended an armed citizenry to be a powerful obstacle against government tyranny.  That the founding fathers would want a tyrannous American government overthrown as much as they would want a tyrannous British government overthrown.

Any good gun law that truly has a chance of preventing criminals or crazies like Jared Loughner from obtaining guns necessarily would depend on a strict registration and licensing of every single gun.  And Republicans will RIGHTLY refuse any such registration and licensing until Democrats codify it into the law of the land that such a registry can NEVER EVER be used to take away our guns.

What we need to see is this: a powerful understanding of the 2nd Amendment guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms such that, if any elected official, officer of the court, sworn law enforcement officer, or government employee undermines that law, they will immediately be recognized to have violated their constitutional oath and thereby disqualify themselves for their duties as politicians, judges, lawyers, law enforcement officers, or bureaucrats.  And let the anti-gun policies which include heavy taxation and burdensome regulation be expunged.

And when that occurs, then let every gun be registered.  Let there be a listing of every individual who owns a gun(s), with every serial number and even with every ballistic sample from every gun, be taken.

If someone is convicted of a felony, or if someone’s mental condition deteriorates beyond a legal threshhold, then immediately the list is checked: ‘does this individual have a gun?’  And if so that gun is removed.

That’s the kind of system we need.  And it is the system we cannot have as long as the future question of the constitutional guarantee of gun ownership is in any way, shape or form an open question.

We’ve seen the sorts of laws Democrats have proposed being used against “the people” before in many other parts of the world.  We have seen it in tyrannous, totalitarian regimes throughout history.  First they demanded the registration of weapons; then they came and confiscated those weapons.  And no one could stand up against them, because only they had the guns.

The other thing it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out is that if we pass laws taking away the right to keep guns, only the law-abiding would follow the law.  Criminals would not follow the law;  I mean, dang, just look up the definition of “criminal.”

Therefore, until our law is clearly and completely understood to guarantee the right of gun ownership by every single law-abiding and mentally sane citizen, you will never see the kind of gun control laws that our society obviously needs.

Which is why I rightly blame Democrats for the lack of gun control laws that would prevent crazies like Jared Loughner from getting their hands on guns.

Democrats, the “living, breathing document, open to interpretation” theory of the Constitution needs to go down the drain once and for all in order for meaningful gun regulations to ever succeed.

Because this is America.

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2 Responses to “Why I Blame Democrats For Gun Laws That Allow Crazies To Kill”

  1. James Candelmo Says:


    I read this article the day you posted it as I do with almost all your posts since I found your website/blog about a month ago. You really do help me start my day out with a smile and a bit of comfort knowing that there are still people out there fighting the good fight. In reading this article I couldn’t help but think just how clueless the left really is. The fact that only law-abiding citizens follow laws (to their own detriment at times) should be enough that the least intelligent politician could conclude the opposite would be correct for a criminal. As you stated “… just look up the definition of criminal…”.

    The liberal left will rarely if ever conduct themselves with honor and they lack any moral courage whatsoever. They are also very ignorant as to specifics about anything other than spending money so they almost always botch any attempt at describing guns, ammo or events relating to guns. I don’t know if they are truly that ignorant or they are hyping it up for their next gun grabbing law attempt. It is for these reasons that unfortunately, we could never assume that if we on the right allowed full gun registration in exchange for the left dropping all gun restricting laws, that the left would honor the deal. I agree with and think your resolution for a type of open database shared by all law enforcement for cross checking any and all individuals would be great but when you have no honor or morals such as the left, your word or even signature means nothing, especially if you are of the Ivy league, Juris Doctorate, political elite (or should I say ilk). You would just agree to the terms and then a year or so later you would start to back door legislation much like Obama back trying to back door the death panels in his pile of crap health care bill.

    Gun owners have been criminalized for so long by the liberal left it has become acceptable for regular citizens to think of a homeowner that owns a single handgun for protection as a “Crazy Gun Nut”. This is what the left is very good at, they keep beating that drum until the right concedes a little ground in the spirit of compromise and then everyone looks around and says, they (the left) must have been correct as the right agreed to some of their points. The left continues to push gun restriction laws here in CA and we lose ground every day. In CA you can either try your luck at a CCW permit, which you have about a 5% change of approval, carry open unloaded and suffer a possible arrest by Police or just succumb to possible victimization. I find it almost laughable that a two hour drive to the border of AZ I can strap my loaded gun to my side in the open, unconcealed, which is the way I would prefer it to be across the US. I would say that since criminals lack any type of courage, this nut Jared would have most certainly not had the balls to start firing at these poor people had they been visually carrying a sidearm. It’s the same old political, knee jerk reaction to any type of shooting that gets another bullet or weapon on the list of “can’t own” and puts them in the hands of criminals to use against us good guys and the liberal left still doesn’t see it.

    Being a Police Officer you must have experienced the frustration of due process and “rights” for dirt bags that you knew where guilty as hell. I still remember the L.A. Rampart Gang Division being prosecuted for planting evidence on known gang members and drug dealers. It was a hard pill to swallow when they received prison sentences as their previously successful arrests were allowed to be set free because of so-called wrongful prosecutions and planted evidence. I mention this because I believe the misinformed, lenient Judges, deal cutting lawyers and criminal justice system that seems to protect the perps to be at the heart of the gun related criminal problems we have today. If prison where a place much like hell (Like Joe Arpio’s Jail in AZ) and not the country club, library, gym and rehabilitation centers they are, especially in CA, and sentences were really harsh along with an aggressive approach to ending the lives of these monsters on death row, we might start to send a message to the criminal dirt bags out there and would have very little use to un-holster our weapons.

    Additionally, as you have stated before and it has been well documented many times, that where they remove guns from law-abiding citizens, crime rates soar. It really frustrates me that our warriors on the right in the news don’t emphasize these points to exhaustion much like the left does with their absurd points of how dangerous guns are and how ownership should be more restrictive. Thank GOD for our founders and that pesky little thing called the Constitution !!!

    God Bless,

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    I spent over three years as a reserve police officer in Springfield, Oregon during the 80s. I was a sworn officer, and carried a weapon, but did not have “academy training.” My military training, along with ride-alongs and basically a couple of college courses, was my OJT. I worked only night shifts (not graveyard) Thursday through Saturday. It was the busiest shift and the busiest nights, and I was that “extra unit.” It was nice for me, because I was able to go to college and could earn pretty good money doing security at events which actually paid better than my city salary.

    I enjoyed the job a great deal for the most part. There’s a tendency toward burn-out and alcoholism over time, and being a cop puts a LOT of stress on a marriage, but none of that affected me in my short time and my reduced schedule. And outside of the military, you don’t get more camaraderie than being a cop. You know if anything ever happens to you, you’ve got guys who’ve got your back.

    And while I had to draw my weapon a couple times, I never fired a shot on duty that didn’t involve the qualifying range.

    I had a bad knee from the Army (I’m service-connected disabled). And that ultimately meant that the city was never going to pick me up beyond the reserve duty. And who was the first guy who was going to be cut??? So when I got my degree I reluctantly moved on.

    To this day, I constantly get asked if I’m a cop. I keep my hair short, but I don’t know what else gives me “the cop vibe.” I just smile and laugh; let them think I am, since the only people who ask invariably look like perps.

    Of course, I had to testify in court fairly frequently. Most of my arrests and citations resulted in convictions, but there were plenty of times during defense cross-examinations that I thought to myself, “Why did I bother to pull this clown over, again?”

    You’ve got a very good point about the left being deceitful, and that they can merely use their “leaving breathing document” “interpretation” to negate any agreement they make. That’s a bigtime practical obstacle. For my part, it’s simply my way of stating that I am not rigidly opposed to gun registration as a matter of ideology – but rather only as a means of protecting a principle our founding fathers in their wisdom made such an important principle.

    If Democrats would for once and for all time recognize the right to own and carry guns in verifiable, accountable way, I would be willing to approve of measures that would make it much more difficult for criminals and crazies to get guns, and yet protect the rights of the rest of us.

    The founding fathers didn’t merely “allow” an armed citizenry; they actively wanted such. Because the men who created the greatest system of government in the history of the world – in their own words – did not trust government and wanted to create a bulwark against tyranny. In their words, better that the government fear the people than the people fear their government.

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