Need Proof Democrats Are Un-American? Just Look At Wisconsin And Count The Ways

You should be calling them “fascists”; but you probably always hear them described as “Democrats.”

These Democrats and the big unions that dwarf any other special interests (most definitely including the “evil” Republican special interests you always hear about in the news) are as un-American as Marxist pie.  But you won’t ever hear how or why unless you go outside the mainstream media propaganda.

Let’s count the ways.  Just in Wisconsin, and just over the last few days:

1) Even liberal FDR said that the public-sector labor unions that now dominate the Democrat Party are essentially un-American.  Why?  Because – and this according to FDR – the very actions that unionized public employees are right now performing in Wisconsin are “unthinkable and intolerable.”

Government unions should not exist.  It is immoral and un-American.  When someone takes government employment, they have – and this again according to FDR – “the obligation to serve the whole people, whose interests and welfare require orderliness and continuity in the conduct of Government activities.”  What are these liberal Democrat public sector union employees doing instead?  Again, allow me to quote FDR:  they seek ” to prevent or obstruct the operations of Government until their demands are satisfied.”  Which FDR said, again, was “unthinkable and intolerable.”

The employer of the government employee, again according to FDR, is “the whole people.”

But liberals don’t give a damn about the whole people.  They have split America apart one racial group at another’s throats, one income level at another’s throats, and privileged union employees at the throats of fed-up taxpayers.  Unions have been feeding off taxpayers – who get a fraction of the wages and benefits the privileged union pigs get – for decades.  Government employees earn TWICE the wages and benefits of their counterparts in the private sector.  But Democrats don’t care: they view the private sector and everyone who works in it as evil cash cows who are to be exploited and impoverished.

The eyeball-deep-in-red-ink state of Wisconsin is trying to get public union pigs to accept a benefit system that is still TWICE as good as virtually any privat sector employee.  And at the same time begin to brind under control the out-of-control collective bargaining agreement to bring it more in line with other state government and federal government workers’ bargaining powers.

Labor unions are an inherently socialist project.  Consider the words of the Marxist author who makes the one identical to the other:

“The object of the labor movement is to increase the strength of the proletariat to the point at which it can conquer the organized force of the bourgeoisie and thus establish its own supremacy.”

And, of course, that is EXACTLY the object of the labor movement.  Which is EXACTLY un-American.

Obama has come out and made a statement about how wonderful government unionized workers are.  But he’s a liberal ideologue and an evil man.  If you asked Democrats like FDR or John F. Kennedy – who famously said the opposite of what these rabid government unions are doing: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” – and you learn the truth.

The Democrat Party of today is a depraved and un-American entity.  And if you support it and/or vote for it, you are un-American.

2) Consider the people who are out on the streets rioting against the representatives of the people instead of at their jobs serving the people:

February 17, 2011
Thousands of Union Protesters Storm WI State Capitol; Target Homes of GOP Lawmakers

As four game wardens awkwardly stood guard, protesters, scores deep, crushed into a corridor leading to the governor’s office here on Wednesday, their screams echoing through the Capitol: “Come out, come out, wherever you are!”

Behind closed doors, Scott Walker, the Republican who has been governor for about six weeks, calmly described his intent to forge ahead with the plans that had set off the uprising: He wants to require public workers to pay more for their health insurance and pensions, effectively cutting the take-home pay of many by around 7 percent.

“Target homes”???  How would you like it if me and a few thousand of my thuggish rightwing friends “targeted” your home?  You know, while the people who were supposed to protect you stood by and did nothing because they happened to be rightwingers too?

This kind of vile crap happens more often than you’d think, and it is nearly always vile leftwing slime doing it.  Here’s the story of 14 busloads of “AstroTurf” SEIU mobsters screaming around the home of a bank officer while his terrorized son locks himself in a bathroom and calls his helpless father in tears of terror.  Good old unions.

Don’t forget this fact for a nanosecond: there is a century of genuine evil in the labor union movement.  These are truly bad people with a truly bad agenda.

I’m looking at the screaming mobs of liberal Democrats in Wisconsin and it is impossible to tell them apart from the screaming mobs in Egypt and Yemen and Tunisia.  You know, the “peaceful,” “democracy-loving” Muslims who have repeatedly beaten reporters and in fact gang-raped a CBS correspondent while shouting “Jew!  Jew!”

Oh, are you a liberal who wants to argue with me that there’s no connection between this gang rape and liberals?  Think again.  And don’t tell me that nothing would make you happier than hearing that Sarah Palin got the same treatment.  Because that’s just the kind of moral filth you people are.

3) Consider the activities of elected Democrats.  Suffice it to say by way of introduction that Democrats are fine with the Amerian political process, as long as they can win by any means possible:

Wis. lawmakers flee state to block anti-union bill
By SCOTT BAUER Associated Press © 2011 The Associated Press
Feb. 17, 2011, 9:48PM

MADISON, Wis. — Faced with a near-certain Republican victory that would end a half-century of collective bargaining for public workers, Wisconsin Democrats retaliated with the only weapon they had left: They fled.

Fourteen Democratic lawmakers disappeared from the Capitol on Thursday, just as the Senate was about to begin debating the measure aimed at easing the state’s budget crunch.

By refusing to show up for a vote, the group brought the debate to a swift halt and hoped to pressure Republicans to the negotiating table.

“The plan is to try and slow this down because it’s an extreme piece of legislation that’s tearing this state apart,” Sen. Jon Erpenbach said.


With 19 seats, Republicans hold a majority in the 33-member Senate, but they are one vote short of the number necessary to conduct business. So the GOP needs at least one Democrat to be present before any voting can take place. Once the measure is brought to the floor, it needs 17 votes to pass.


The sergeant-at-arms immediately began looking for the missing lawmakers. If authorized, he can seek help from police.

Senate rules and the state constitution say absent members can be compelled to appear, but it does not say how.

“Today they checked out, and I’m not sure where they’re at,” Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said. “This is the ultimate shutdown, what we’re seeing today.”

And, yes, the police are looking for these criminals – which is an excellent way to describe “Democrats.”  But these un-American cowards who want to warp the democratic process are likely in another state.  Because they don’t give a damn about the state they were foolishly elected to serve.

There may have been a time when one could have been an honorable Democrat.  But those days are just long gone.

There was an election in November.  The citizens of Wisconsin voted for a Republican governor and a Republican legislature precisely to protect them against vile union pigs.  Unions have despicably taken advantage of their “collective bargaining” to give themselves wages and benefits that are bankrupting most of the states in the union.  There is a democratic process; it involves showing up, saying your piece and voting.  Democrats – like the Nazi fascists of the past and the Islamofascists of today – love democracy as long as they win.  Islamists who want to impose a big-government sharia state say of democracy, “You ride it to your destination, and then you step off.”  And that’s exactly what Democrats have done here.  There’s no place in American democracy for elected officials to flee the state so that the state can’t pass legislation that the people elected them to at least vote on.  There’s no place in American democracy for employees of the government, the public teachers and the state prison guards as just a couple of examples, to refuse to show up for work.  Democrats have jumped off the democracy bus and now they are riding on the fascist train.

If you are a Democrat, you are on the wrong side.  It’s a failure of moral reasoning that you can reverse at any time.

Dare I say it?  Please start thinking right.

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4 Responses to “Need Proof Democrats Are Un-American? Just Look At Wisconsin And Count The Ways”

  1. HL Says:

    Thank you, Michael for writing the truth about the evil of labor union movements. I have been praying that the righteous would stand firm, be faithful and prevail in Wisconsin.
    Obama, Trumka and his minions, SEIU and the deceived people I see demonstrating in Wisconsin are scary BUT our Lord Jesus never leaves us and helps us, we are not alone in these battles.
    I am so proud of Gov Walker for his stand and for his being able to articulate it clearly in front of a camera!
    I am grateful to be part of the righteous remnant on earth at this time in history. I know books are being kept in heaven and at the Judgment Seat of Christ, believers will be rewarded for our righteous acts.
    What you are doing has eternal significance, Michael, keep up the noble work.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, HL.

    We know that ultimtely the antichrist will show up and the whole world will worship him. God will rapture His people out and allow the world to choose the hell that it falsely believes to be their false Utopia.

    We also know that God’s ways and His people will ultimately be vindicated. And we know that God wants His people to strive to be salt and light while they are on this earth.

  3. LauradaG Says:

    Thank you from a conservative Christian republican here in the very liberal Washington state. the evil behind politics in general comes straight out of Rome, the most powerful, wickedest man sitting in his blood stained fake royal golden pulpit, the pope, the position of the pope is behind these anti-American political sabotuers and crusades against American freedoms. this war we are fighting isn’t just against democrats, democrats are still just attack dogs for the roman catholic lucifer pope. it serves him well to watch us get slaughtered for rejecting him back in the 1700’s.

    Ephesians 6:12 for we struggle, not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in high places and in the heavenly realms.

    Edmund Berke once said ” All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men (and women) to do nothing”

    George Santayana said ” those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it” as we have been witnessing again for the umpteenth time this century.

    and finally, General Douglas MacArthur said ” In War, there is no substitute for victory”.

    this is a softer war than the one we expect on foreign shores but this is a war none the less and it IS a WORLD war. the third world war, the last war between heaven and hell with earth in the middle. the war to end all wars. rebuke the lying jealous Jezebel false accusing witch spirit when you recognize her and rebuke the children of the devil, the criminal, violent, savage, unevolved, spoiled brat demonic army when you know they are coming and do not fear death. flee the devil by rejecting it/rebuking and as Jesus said in Matthew 24 ” AND LET NO MAN (or woman) DECEIVE YOU…….” God bless you for being awake, aware and ahead of the all the crime and evil going on these days.

    I end this comment with two other biblical reminders, “and when you see standing in the holy place (called authority), the Abomination of desolation -let the reader understand, from Daniel 12, – flee to the mountains (be ready to abandon everything and run) and do not go back to the feild to get your cloak, do not go back into the house to get anything out of it…..”

    “blessed is he (or she) who has ears to hear” and eyes to observe, and a mind to understand. these “rioters”, no, that name doesn’t quite accurately describe them the way the bible described them. the “children of disobedience” or “children of the devil” is a much more fitting, accurate way to describe these anti-Christs anti-American anti-freedom out-of-control demonrat democrats amd their spoiled roman liberal political brats. anyhow. God bless you and I pray for your continued safety.

    Satan/Lucifer/the devil/Apollo has four faces, one is as a very handsome man, three of them are half animals/beasts, one is a bull head on a human body (Molech) the child burning ritual is his trade mark, the were wolf or lycan/half human half dog, and the last face or form is known very well in occult circles as the Goat of Mendez. the planned parenthood fat pagan cow fertility occult of Hathor, the public education sex education teenage single mommy club is easily compared to the “Lord of the rings” movie where Sarumon the white wizard was breeding the demonic “orc” criminal spoiled brat army under Isengard. anyhow. when you know they are coming, try to be out of town on purpose before hand. take only those that will go willingly take only what you need to survive.

    as mafia mob bosses say “the technology has bugs” or “ears” in it, listening devices, tracking devices, even gps locaters. the demonic “cattle branding” day is approaching. the mark of the beast. the islamic moon goddess flag symbol with the upright pentagram turned 90 degrees to the left is the mark of the satanic hoof with the inverted goat of mendez pentagram star on it. THAT will be in the form of a tattoo on the hand or the forehead with a bar code IN the tattoo reflectively. it may be invisible to the naked eye but readable by any technology. DO NOT ACCEPT IT.

    politics won’t stop this evil. it IS the evil. God bless you.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    Well, I certainly agree with you about your very last paragraph: politics – and the politicians who run that racket – have become truly evil. But I actually think it goes even deeper: our system is now so broken that there IS no fixing it. And it is a wicked people who have elected those politicians and who would NEVER allow GOOD politicians (if we were blessed enough to get one) to make the changes that would be necessary to right what is very clearly a sinking ship. And a ship God TOLD us would sink in the last days because our God knows the end from the beginning.

    I have been teaching recently about the amazing connections between Islam and its coming al Mahdi and Christianity and the Antichrist who we were told is to come. Some VERY AMAZING similarities. And yet I stop short of telling people that the messiah of Islam is the Antichrist of the Bible because I just can’t know that with certainty yet. The believers that witness the Antichrist will be able to look at their Bible and see very clearly who this evil dictator is when he comes, that I know. But in the same manner, I don’t tell people that the pope is going to be the Antichrist. I am seeing this pope saying a HOST of things that I would say are a) evil and b) setting up the last days. But I don’t presume to know that the beast of Revelation will be this pope or a pope at all.

    Right after I taught on the connections between Islam’s end times and biblical prophecies, I began to teach on THE hallmark of the Antichrist and the end-times in general: DECEPTION. “Watch out that no one deceive you,” Jesus told His disciples to begin His Olivet Discourse on the last days when the disciples asked Jesus what would be the sign of the end of the age.

    We have the Word of Truth, and MOST people in the world today, and MOST AMERICANS, have nothing whatsoever to do with it and frankly literally demonize God’s Word and declare it evil and intolerant and hateful. And they choose to embrace the ways of man, and they therefore choose darkness rather than light. THAT’s what we’re seeing now.

    I keep telling people about the last days because after I’m gone in the Rapture – or at this point just after I’m hauled off to prison for being faithful to what my LORD taught me instead of bowing down to political correctness and the fascism that is being used to impose it – I want people to see that they are in the last days and make the right choice for Christ rather than the wrong choice for the beast.

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